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Yellow And Grey Living Room Decor

Choose A Color Palette

Grey with Yellow Living Room Plush Shag Area rug with Dimensional Design By Rug Addiction

As the main room used often by the family, the living room should represent a personality that can encompass the characters of its inhabitants. Updating your walls will be a difficult option that is why it will be very helpful to research some relevant wall ideas for living rooms. You can always use the internet when doing this, home magazines might be an outdated option but they can come in handy too. If you cant fully commit to a particular color palette yet, using bright colors like a yellow accent wall might help you get the right mix of color tones.

The color scheme that you will be having for your living room will stick around because of the multiple uses that we can put this room into. Experimenting on different color tones can be done but you will need to pick the perfect color to nail that interior remodeling project. Toning down your living room into the shades of white, gray, beige and other neutral colors usually appears to homeowners who want minimalist interiors. While red, pink, and yellow living rooms are just some of the options for more adventurous ones.

Go For A Coastal Vibe With A Light Grey Living Room

You might live nowhere near the beach but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of those coastal vibes into your living room. Coastal interiors aren’t all about blue stripes and miniature ships in bottles.

You can create a beach house-inspired interior using light greys and lots of layers of different fabrics and materials.

Rugs, cushions, baskets, wall hangings can all be incorporated into your current space to create that relaxed, laid back feel that the coastal look is all about.

Free Feeling Grey And Yellow Living Room

Bright and free. Who doesnt get tempted upon seeing this roomy living room? Hectic hours at the office and traffic jam will melt away once you arrive in this living room. Thinner portions of yellow can still grab our attention despite grey that mostly colors the space.

Grey appears in the rooms major elements, like the couch, the large carpet, and the lamp. Break the strong plain-looking with yellowish hue as seen in the throw pillows, chairs on the dining set and ceramics on the hanging storage.

Yellow and grey work together in the painting. The fresh flowers wrap our admiration.

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Eclectic Grey And Yellow Living Room With Yellow Floral Wall

A floral pattern is also suitable to apply on the wall of your grey and yellow living area for building summer atmosphere. For an even unique result, choose a yellow floral pattern for the wall as exemplified in the picture below.

When you combine the yellow floral pattern with mid-century style furniture as shown in the picture above, you can build a unique, eclectic atmosphere in the living room.

The uniqueness gets even better when you choose an odd tone of yellow such as corn-yellow for the wall.

In building an eclectic style in your interior like this, you should not forget adding some neutral tones. In the picture example above, some neutral tones like pure white and warm white become the compatible mates of the grey and yellow tones in the living room.

Grey And Yellow Living Room With Mustard Chairs

34+ Remarkable Photos Of Grey And Yellow Living Room Ideas ...

The first idea to try is the combo between grey and mustard yellow in living room area. This combination is the one you can see in the picture above.

This contemporary living room has grey color as the most dominant tone. It also has mustard yellow as the secondary tone as shown in the upholstered chairs, pillows, and wall painting.

In a grey-dominated room like this, mustard yellow color can liven up the summer mood without being too much or too bright. It can even still manage the calm atmosphere in the room properly.

With this shade of yellow, you do not need too many decorations since the room becomes livelier with the secondary color addition only.

If you want to add some adornments, you can keep it simple such as by placing decorative mustard pillows on the couch or chairs in the room or by hanging a wall painting with a touch of mustard shade in it as exemplified in the picture.

Mustard yellow tone like this is not too bright. Combining this tone with a less-bright shade of grey is excellent. In the picture above, the grey tones meant earlier come from the couch, the armchair, the window shade, and the patterned area rug.

The wall is actually in a grey shade too, but it has a somewhat bright tone. However, as you can see in the pic, it still looks good when paired with the mustard yellow tone. Probably, the reason is that grey itself is a neutral shade.

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Best 15 Gray And Yellow Living Room Design Ideas

Mixing two colors and creating a bold color scheme is beneficial for creating a perfect balance and bold appearance in the living room. Combination of dark color as a foundation with a pops of soothing shade as a complementary is the best idea for attaining a charming, tranquil and modern living room. Gray and yellow work magnificently together in the interior, and are well known as a partners in crime when it comes to creating a bold and chic appearance. Gray ads a dark and bold foundation and strikes with contemporary and modern charm, while the yellow tone soothes the heaviness and brights up the interior. If you are in the process of choosing a color scheme for the living room interior, check out the below showcase of?Best 15 Gray and Yellow Living Room Design Ideas, and see what you think.

Introduce Warmth With Touchable Textures

Adding woolen soft furnishings to an understated grey living room will transform it from cold to calming in an instant.

The abundance of texture and pattern in the wool, plus the burst of bright yellow living room accents, prevent this room from looking too gloomy. Everything in the room is very tactile, from the pendant light cover to the footstool. Plus the wall-mounted sculptures add a certain je ne sais quoi.

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Charming Blue And Yellow Living Room Design Ideas

You sure know how a specific combination of two colors with completely different natures can act as a one merged energy and provide the living room interior with superb ambiance. For instance, blue and yellow is a powerful mix of primary cold and warm colors which act as a super dynamic duo in providing the living room with refreshing ambiance and exclusively modern appearance. Regardless of the shade of blue and yellow, this is a perfect combination for achieving both vibrant and relaxing ambiance in the living room. The secret of this two colors that work so good as a team is that they complement each other, blue brings the freshness and vibrant note , while the yellow soothes the excessive dynamic, add warmth and cozy feel in the interior. Weve gathered a showcase of 20 Super Refreshing Blue and Yellow Living Room Design Ideas which could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Choose A Simple Grey Sofa

24 Grey and Yellow Living Room Ideas

We all love on-trend colorful sofas but sometimes we want to keep it simple and uncomplicated. Thats where a grey sofa really comes into its own. It suits all styles of living room, from country cottage to industrial to contemporary, and anything in between.

Give it some life and add a few strong accent colors or simply layer your greys for a more monotone feel.

Need some help finding your perfect sofa, grey or otherwise? We’ve put together the ultimate guide to choosing a sofa.

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Classic Blue And Yellow Living Room

Image Source: enmerit

The sunny yellow walls are so bright and powerful, right? The combination of bright yellow walls and bright blue motifs create a super lively and ecstatic ambiance in the overly spacious and cozy family living room. This two shades has merged perfectly and formed an amazing balance and lively vibe in the place.

Create The Illusion Of A Large Space With Striped Carpet

Fashion has been responsible for teaching us the power that lines and stripes have to make us look slimmer or elongate our silhouette and the same discipline can be practiced in a grey living room.

Here, Carpetright’s Westmoreland Twist Carpet in Misty Zig-Zag will help to stretch out that floor plan to maximize the space you have. What’s more, a busy pattern like this will help to disguise spills and stains which is perfect for whatever modern life throws at us.

Carpet is also one of the cheapest living room flooring options, so shop around to make sure you bag yourself a bargain.

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Pick A Dramatic Grey Wallpaper

Wallpaper is such an easy grey living room idea, potentially the quickest way to add a dose of this stylish hue.

Most of the time you will be able to find a shade of grey that will work with your current scheme, so it can be the simplest way to update your space.

We love the dramatic mountain motif of the Midnatt wallpaper from Sandberg, but there are tonnes of other grey wallpaper ideas that will pique your interest.

Grey And Yellow Living Room Ideas When Looking For Brightness

living room decor yellow and grey

GREY AND YELLOW LIVING ROOM IDEAS Grey and yellow mixture provides a casual and cheerful ambiance for a living room. The positive traits stem from natural characteristics from grey and yellow, respectively.

Sometimes, you need vibrant and neutral colors, like yellow and grey, for your living space. You hope the color pairing can bring you a relaxed mode. At the same time, the yellowish hue can cheer you up.

We provide 10 ways to decorate your living room with grey and yellow. Check them out.


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Temper A Patterned Wallpaper With Mellow Yellow

Image credit: Future PLC/ Jeremy Phillips

Creating a feature wall of bold wallpaper in your yellow and grey living room? The room will benefit from a softer approach to using colour pairings for the wall. Using a mellow, creamy lemon shade will inject the brightening quality of yellow without overpowering the statement wallpaper. A mellow undertone is cheerful without being too in-your-face.

Add Darker Hues To A Light Grey Living Room

Who doesn’t love a really light and airy grey living room? The palest of greys on the walls gives a space such a loft elegant feel, especially if you contrast it with a really deep grey or a black.

It just grounds all those light colors and gives the room a bit of focus. Bring in those darker colors with cushions, throws rugs or even an accent armchair.

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Allow The Shades To Take On A Scandi Vibe

Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

In their palest forms grey and yellow can be used in harmony to create a tranquil space. This Scandi scheme has turned the tables and used yellow as the primary colour and grey to accent. Soft lemon walls highlight a curved and comfortable sofa upholstered in the coolest shade of grey while crisp white storage keeps the look bright and fresh.

Now all you need are characterful details to make this living room space stylish and interesting a yellow geometric rug is cheerful and modern, pale wood furniture adds subtle warmth feel and finally floral cushions with just a hint of plum is pretty and sophisticated.

Charming Gray And Yellow Living Room

[Daily Decor] Grey Black and Yellow Living Room

Image Credit: AD

This is a rare design when yellow is the dominant shade in this color duo, and you must admit that it looks just adorable. The multitude of damask and floral pattern creates a lively noise in the interior, while the dove gray sofa brings soothing and balanced ambiance in the living room.

Fresh Grey And Yellow Living Room Ideas

A lighter shade of grey and grey-whitish tone accommodates for a fresh, mini living room. For the fresh tone, we suggest you selecting a yellow-lemonade color as this living space suggests.

For cute ambiance, bring in yellow-lemonade hue through small jars sitting on the floating storage. Fresh, yellow flowers on grey vases look so lovely.

Yellow-lemonade throw pillows, the green blanket, and the yellow chair are major yellow-lemonade bringers. Grey element comes from the cushy couch and the paintings, among others. The apples and lemon on the glass jar, of course, natural refreshments.

Go Dark For A Rich And Dramatic Look

Navy, grey and red is a harmonious color combination. Dark living room ideas, such as the deep, almost blue-black charcoal walls here, create an intimate environment for lounging. This dark rich tone also works brilliantly as a canvas against which to allow statement pieces to sing out.

Here the sculptural white hanging pendant light stands out against the dark background. And the vibrant pops of red from the coffee table, rug and cushions are made all the more vivid when seen in contrast to the dark, dense walls.

Pick Pink For A Warm On

Use the gentlest of greys as a springboard for blush pink, plum and buff tones. Mid century-style furniture rubs shoulders here with contemporary pieces in brilliant hi-gloss white.

The floor-to-ceiling drape adds a lovely touch of dip-dyed pink, while cushions and floral displays channel rich plum tones. Grey and pink is a winning combination, particularly suited to contemporary schemes.

Wonderful Grey And Yellow Living Room

41 Stylish Grey And Yellow Living Room Décor Ideas

We really adore tasteful patterns as seen in the carpet, the throw pillows, the lamps leg, and the painting. They dont necessarily cost you so much money. No high-end furniture is seen from this living space, as well.

A soft shade of yellow and that of grey bring in the casual and restful ambiance for the whole area. You can make use of the room as a formal site for receiving guests or entertaining friends and relatives.

With large windows in front of the seating center, this living room looks wide, as well.

Add In Some Black Magic

Decorating with gray and yellow does not mean that you need to stick to just these two colors alone. Often, white is a natural part of the living room and combines well with the color duo, but you will be surprised to see how well black works with gray and yellow. Use decor in bold black to define the space visually and give it a sense of excitement. Since black works brilliantly with both yellow and gray individually, you will have no problem in blending the three in a sensible fashion. But make sure that the tone of gray employed is light and pleasant when the living room is filled with both black and yellow accents to maintain a visual balance.

by Highmark Builders

Add Grey At The Windows

If you want to add some more grey tones to your living room, this is a really easy and effective way to do so. Rather than go all out painting a grey accent wall, instead learn how to paint window frames. See how in this space the two tones of grey help bring out the cooler tones of the blue and complements the pale wood of the floors and ceiling also.

Brighten Up Grey Paint With Metallic Accessories

Theres nothing more glamorous than some beautiful gold accessories which, of course, pair well with a base palette of greys. Use different grey shades layered throughout a grey living room for your neutral backdrop, retaining the focus on the metallics and any other color you choose to introduce.

Keep it soft or add bold, bright accents just ensure they dont detract from the shine and sparkle of your metals.

Olivia, blogger at Lust Living, has the most stunning living room pairing a really pale grey on the walls with some beautiful gold metallics.

Make A Grey Living Room Cozy With Plenty Of Soft Furnishings

Decorate Open Plan Kitchen Living Room with Dulux Yellow & Grey Paint Colours

What we love about grey living rooms, is they can be both fresh and chic but really cozy and inviting at the same time.

In this space, the pale grey walls work perfectly as this room isn’t huge to great for making it feel lighter and bigger, and the darker grey sofa is a nice contrast.

Then it’s just a case of making the space softer with plenty of cushions, throws and even house plants can help add a kind of cocooning feel.

If you want more inspiring home decor ideas, make sure you take a tour of this first time buyer’s Scandi-style house renovation.

Yellow Living Room Ideas

Discover various yellow living room photo gallery showcasing different ideas. Filter by style, size, and many features.

Thanks for visiting our yellow living room photo gallery where you can search lots of yellow living room design ideas. We hope you find your inspiration here. We add new designs every week.

Types of Living Rooms:Family Rooms | Formal Living Rooms | Great Rooms | Libraries | Sunrooms | Bars | Man Caves | Game Rooms | Home Theaters

Yellow living room with a display cabinet and beige seats complementing with the area rug that lays on the hardwood flooring. It includes a fireplace topped with red flower vases.

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This living room is decorated with wooden framed artworks and inset shelves flanking the white fireplace. It is illuminated by a floor lamp and matching table lamps that sit on glass top side and console tables.

A lovely wall art hangs above the brick fireplace framed with black surround and white mantel. This room has a floral sofa and patterned armchairs paired with a modular side table.

pillows surround an oval ottoman that faces the fireplace with a black framed mirror on top lighted by wall sconces. width=1000 height=667 /> Patterned armchairs and a curved sofa filled with fluffy and furry pillows surround an oval ottoman that faces the fireplace with a black framed mirror on top lighted by wall sconces.

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