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Wizard Of Oz Office Decorations

Get Your Imaginations Ready

Texas elementary school gets “Wizard of Oz” themed decor

The showstopper will be the Wizard of Oz dress-up box. You could turn it into a fun relay race game , or you can just let them use their imagination teach them the famous lines: “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog, too!”/”Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”/”There’s no place like home.” and watch as they reenact the movie or make up their own storylines.

Wizard Of Oz Flying Monkeys Costumes

Everyone has their favorite characters from this wild adventure. Maybe your kiddo loves the Cowardly Lion while you cant seem to get enough of Toto. But we have to say, Wizard of Oz monkey costumes are really something else. Theyre overlooked way too often. Cute and frightful at the same time, whats more fun than pretending to be one of the mischievous flying monkeys? Lucky, anyone can jump around in style. We have a Wizard of Oz flying monkey costume in kids sizes for the mischief-making little ones in your life. And if you want to put together a family group, the flying monkey adult costume size is quite comfortable as well!

Setting Fit For A Wizard

The menu isn’t fussy: Emerald City punch , Lollipop Guild lollipops, Bugles chips , Yellow Brick Road cereal bars and chocolate kisses for Tin Man hats. You could even do animal crackers and frosting “dip” or cheddar cheese cubes whichever you choose, finger foods reign supreme for a quick and easy setup/cleanup.

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Wizard Of Oz Halloween Costumes

Let’s start at the beginning … how do you want to follow the yellow brick road? Are you a free spirit with a loyal uprising like Dorothy? Or perhaps you’re a brainiac with a penchant for ironic humor and Scarecrow is more up your alley. For us, it’s the slightly exaggerated, often over-the-top idiosyncratic routines that make these characters so enjoyable. Take a peek at some of the movie’s fun facts to decide which alter ego you’ll take on this Halloween.

Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Costumes

Hallmark Keepsake Wizard of Oz Munchkinland Mayor and Coroner Ornament ...

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Not all stories remain popular and relevant 100 years after they’re published, so when a tale comes along that beats the odds you know it’s something special. Whether you’ve read L. Frank Baum’s novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz or have seen the famous 1939 film, you are no doubt familiar with the iconic characters and the whimsical adventure they took us on. This tale continues to entertain and delight decades later and has been the inspiration for fun costumes for generations.

Wizard of Oz costumes are no less popular today than they were years ago. People still want to enjoy the thrill of walking down their own street while pretending it is the yellow brick road! When you dress up as Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, the Scarecrow or any of the many other characters you can do just that. Get ready to enjoy what life is like somewhere over the rainbow!

You’ve come to the right spot! We have Wonderful Wizard of Oz costumes for adults to help you remember the magic. You could also dress up your child. We have the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Halloween costumes for all the characters including the Tin man, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and of course Dorothy.

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Wizard Of Oz Collectibles

From the shining towers of the Emerald City to the drowsy plains of poppies, Oz has some fantastic sights to see. If you could visit the land over the rainbow, where would you go? Would you skip straight to Oz to meet the wizard? Maybe youd want to spend more time with the munchkins. Now that we think about it, theres probably a lot more to explore outside of the yellow brick road route. Dorothy stayed on the path. Wouldnt it be great to get a traveling guide to Oz? Until Oz gets its own tourism department, Wizard of Oz collectibles are the closest way to get to somewhere over the rainbow. And you know what, until we dont have to travel via tornado, well take it!

If your imagination is drawn to this far away land, then these Wizard of Oz gifts and collectibles might be right up your alley. Are you looking for the perfect present for your puzzle master parent? We got you! Want to make your Oz-loving nephew feel better when hes getting his tonsils out in the hospital? Hand him the cowardly lion toy and hes sure to feel extra brave when hes eating that cold lime Jell-O. No matter what your friends and family are up to, everyone is sure to love getting a little reminder of this colorful, musical land!

Wizard Of Oz Group Costume

The Follow-the-Yellow-Brick-Road-Arm-Link is a must-have in your posing arsenal. Skipping together in time is going to take some work, and Scarecrow’s supple joints are enviable, but this is still THE way to enter the party together… and to make sure you’ll be going up on stage to collect your prize!

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Wizard Of Oz Theme & Classroom Decor Ideas

For ideas and inspiration on creating a wizard of oz themed classroom, check out our blog post: WIZARD OF OZ THEME CLASSROOM DECORATING IDEAS

If you want ideas for bulletin board and door decor titles along with other inspirational ideas for putting together a themed classroom be sure to also check out out our blog post: How to Decorate a Classroom

The entire Clutter-Free Classroom Decor Team is excited for you to create your most organized, beautiful and welcoming classroom yet. You are going to be so proud to call it your home away from home.


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Follow The Yellow Brick Road To Fun With Wow

DIY ‘Wizard of Oz’ Wicked Witch Legs Halloween Decoration

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. Well, spoiler alert, you’re not! In fact, you’ve stumbled upon the land of perfectly priced party decor and Wizard of Oz costumes. With so many fun finds at can’t-beat prices all in one place, this onsite shop gives the Land of Oz a run for its money. Plus, here you won’t have to worry about houses falling from overhead. Bonus!

Even with those pesky flying monkeys and scary forests filled with lions and tigers and bears , the Land of Oz and its glimmering Emerald City remains at the top of moviegoers’ lists of favorite fantasy places. In fact, we’re still trying to figure out what Dorothy was complaining about because we’d ride a twister for a chance to waltz the yellow brick road and meet a real life munchkin any ole day. Even though this land of make-believe can’t be found on any map, you can still bring L. Frank Baum’s visionary world to life with our huge selection of Wizard of Oz party decor. From stand-ups that are must-haves for DIY photo booth backdrops to props to wall decals, we’ve got the goodies you need to fill movie-themed birthday bashes with glee. All you’ll need to do is grab your favorite friends – whether they are of the human variety or made of tin or straw – and get ready to celebrate like you’ve just found out the Wicked Witch of the West is dead .

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Dorothy Wizard Of Oz Costume

Its hard to imagine a costume thats more classic than this Dorothy costume. Bright white lace, a skirt that yells out for a spin in an open field, and gorgeous, old-fashioned puffed sleeves. Since the white and blue gingham dress was one of the first outfits filmed in full color, its no wonder that its still one of the most picturesque costumes out there. Pair your Dorothy dress with plaited braids and a pair of ruby red slippers and youll be ready to break into the classic yellow brick road skip. While we have plenty of Wizard of Oz costumes for adults, there are a range of sizes for Dorothy kids costumes as well! Anyone can have their very own Oz adventure. All you need to do is explore the page and youll find options for everyone in your family!

Glinda The Good Witch Costume

Glinda, the Good Witch from the North wins best-dressed AND the Miss Congeniality award, if there is such a thing in Oz. She has everything pink, poofy layers, sparkly embellishments, a ginormous crown and a star-topped wand/staff. Oh, and shoulder wings. Because this witch can fly without the broom. When it comes to embodying the word, “magical,” Glinda really nails it!

When the queen’s away, the witch will play! Billie Burke, the actress who played the role of Glinda in the film, made the Wicked Witch green with envy over her princess-perfect dressing room. Pink and blue powder puffs and peppermints lured Ms. Hamilton to the off set “castle” to eat lunch whenever possible. You can have a luxurious lunch or enjoy whatever kind of Halloween treats you’d like when you go in our authentic Glinda costume!

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Wizard Of Oz Picture Perfect Framed Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle With Easel

  • SOUNDLESS introductory video
  • Puzzle pieces are made from precision laser-cut 1/4″ -thick Baltic Birch Wood
  • The Picture Perfect Jigsaw Puzzle’s artwork is a high-quality Giclée print
  • Puzzle dimensions inside frame: 11″ x 8.5″ x 3/8″
  • Jigsaw puzzle comes assembled inside a frame
  • Masonite easel included

Wizard Of Oz Wall Decor

Pin on All Themes Possible

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Vynl Dorothy Toto And Scarecrow Figures

These Wizard of Oz collectibles are oh-so-adorable! The vinyl figures come in a pack of three and are the perfect way to add a little Oz to your office set up. Set them by your computer and youll find your mind floating to the far side of the rainbow. In our opinion, we could all use a little imagination break occasionally.

The Wizard Of Oz Trunk

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There’s No Plate Like Home

The best part of a Wizard of Oz party is that it blends with so many occasions. Make this event your own with exciting details, like a photo booth , playing the soundtrack in the background , dressing up and reading the story, decorating UNDER your house with the Wicked Witch of the East’s “legs” near the entrance, adding a broomstick race or even stuffing take-home scarecrows to the activities the sky’s the limit in the land of Oz!

Masterpieces Emerald City Puzzle

The Wizard of OZ Inspired Halloween Front Porch Decor 2014 {decor}

Move aside, boring puzzle boxes! This puzzle is exciting from the very moment you see its packaging. The thousand-piece puzzle looks like its stored in a storybook so you can display it on a bookshelf. The Wizard of Oz puzzle shows Dorothy looking dreamily into the distance. Her yellow brick road crew is behind her, standing in front of the Emerald City. Its interesting enough to keep kids entertained, while also challenging enough to take up time on a rainy day. This puzzle is an excellent addition to anyones game collection.

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Wizard Of Oz Family Costumes

Winning a costume contest is no longer just about what you wear it’s also about how you act. A couple of choreographed group poses could be the determining factor in taking first place in the contest. Or it could be even be the key to making sure you get the most likes when you share online!

For the groups who are into obscure facts, you could belt out songs from Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ album, or for those who are more apt to a comedy routine you may want to get the gang into a simple, unified yoga position. Just leave Tin Man standing up in the middle . No matter what poses you choose to do, you can guarantee you’ll be Instagram-famous by checking out these timeless poses.

Wizard Of Oz Costumes For Women

There are very few witches that are as good at being wicked as the Witch of the West. Then again, there are very few witches that are as good at being good as Glinda! They both really know how to make an entrance. Come on, the wicked witch appears in a ball of fire. Thats the most epic entrance we can think of! Then theres Glinda, gliding in on a bubble. It makes us wonder if a dramatic entrance is a pre-requisite to becoming a magical being. Come to think of it, the wizard of Oz floated into what became the Emerald City and he was given…well, the Emerald City! Want to conquer the dramatic entrance? Youre going to need the right Wizard of Oz costume to make it work. Just be sure to leave the ball of fire for the silver screen, we care about your safety!

The Wicked Witch of the West and the Good Witch Glinda are amazing characters. The iconic pair of witches makes an awesome look for a group costume. All you need to do is hash out what kind of witch you are before you bring this idea to your friend. You dont want them to make a move for Glinda when youve been dreaming about pink sparkles. Make sure your Wicked Witch of the West costume is complete with green makeup and an awesome cackle. Or perhaps you prefer to be Glinda the good witch. Maybe youre not able to travel via bubble, but were sure this Glinda costume will make an awesome entrance at any event!

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Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow Costume

You might be singing If I only had a brain but youll feel pretty smart once youre rocking this look. When you purchase this scarecrow wizard of Oz costume, youll realize that the scarecrow had brains all along! The man behind the curtain was right. After all, if the scarecrow hadnt had brains, how could he have come up with such a catchy tune or dress in a way thats both shabby and chic? This loose-fitting scarecrow costume is perfect for doing the scarecrows hilarious loping, clumsy dance. Were still trying to understand how a character thats supposed to be so dopey is also so charming. In the end, we think youll do a great job of pulling off this character with classic silver screen ease!

Wizard Of Oz Costumes

Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch Character Home Business Office Sign

Somewhere over the rainbow theres a harmonious, picturesque group costume that everyone will love. Looking for Wizard of Oz costume ideas for you or your family? Skip down the yellow brick road and youll find we have a range of sizes for kids and adults alike. From a baby Wizard of Oz costume to a plus size Glinda, weve got you covered. Play your cards right and your next costumed event can be filled with wonder. We think of Oz as a land thats rich with blue skies, bright flowers, and unpredictable twists and turns. This makes sure that any Wizard of Oz costume will spur a grand adventure!

These costumes are ripe for photogenic, Instagram-friendly moments. Take family photos in a field of red flowers or pose in an apple orchard to recreate the moment before the wicked trees woke up and threw apples at the travelers. Combine Dorothy with all her brand-new friends along with a couple of monkey-like villains for photos that youll treasure for decades to come!

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