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Wholesale Home Decor Made In Usa

How To Find Home Decor Suppliers

Best Inexpensive Discount Home Decorations Catalog Luxury Free Online USA UK Wholesale

Finding home decor suppliers is all about strategy and looking at different channels. Ideally, youre looking for sellers with a large selection of products and styles and constantly adding new products to their catalogs. By working with a few different sellers, you will have more options to explore and offer to customers.

To find home decor suppliers, you can start with Google searches and online marketplaces. You can evaluate them based on the range of products offered, pricing, and shipping options to your destination as a start to find the best option for you.

Most websites will offer some kind of free shipping or discounted shipping based on the order size, but its always good to double-check before placing an order.

Ethically Crafted Home Decorfor The Modern Home

There is nothing that makes a house feel more like a home than filling it with the people we love and the simple things that tell a story of thoughtful craftsmanship. These brands are pioneering what it means to make globally inspired, expertly designed home goods. They are handmade by artisans around the world.

Each of these companies is committed to ethical sourcing and production of its products, and to giving back to artisan communities. If you’re outfitting your home, check out our guides to ethically made furniture brands and organic mattresses too, all of which are focused on ethical labor standards and sustainable practices. Happy home decorating to all!

Explore Wholesale Home Decor For Retailers

Our collection of home decor reflects the passions and pastimes of your customers, from Connecticut to California. By partnering with us, you can fill your store with the wholesale decor your customers are clamoring for! Do they love camping and the great outdoors? Explore our wholesale camper decor. Do they flock to spiritual messaging? Check out our selection of wholesale Christian decor. Or maybe they want to remember their vacation with wholesale beach decor. We can supply you with products that touch on all these themes and so much more!

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These Sites Are Not Open To The Public

Fancy That Gift: Fancy That Gift & Decor, Inc will celebrate its 17th anniversary in August 2018. Owners, Steve and Carmen Mendelson, have used their experience in gift and home decor to build a company that takes pride in providing quality Coastal Decor products and service with the highest levels of integrity always at the forefront.

JTP Wholesale: Fun and practical gifts like monogrammed bathroom tissue, monogrammed coasters and X-Jocks tee-shirts.

Freeheart: Founded in 2011, Freeheart is based in Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida. Freeheart is committed to delivering the absolute best quality and innovation on the market. Freeheart thermal insulated drinkware is Made in the USA and keeps drinks cold & hot, has reduced sweating, and is dishwasher safe.

Get Sassys: has fun, colorful, cool, hip gifts that are sure to bring a smile to everyones face! From flour sack towels to baby and toddler t-shirts, koozies, wooden signs and linens, Get Sassys designs make shopping fun!

Drew DeRose: Specialize in home decor and accent merchandise. Our focus is on designing functional merchandise that is fun, bright and sometimes quirky. We design a large variety of quality products that appeal to a multitude of lifestyles. Wholesale home decor at its finest.

Whimsy Me: Purveyors of Southern Sass Tea Towels and Vintage Hand Stamped Silver Plated Flatware

Tangico: Tangico manufactures award-winning customizable gifts. We design tangible products to express intangible feelings.

Determining If A Product Is Made In The Usa

Wholesale Gifts And Home Decor Uk : Home Decor Shops Uk / In addition ...

Consumers and manufacturers rely on a Made in USA label to indicate which products are American made. For a product to comply with the Made in USA standard, it must follow the requirements set by the Ferderal Trade Comission. Basically, the FTC requires that a significant percentage of the parts and processing of the products, including final assembly, must be of United States origin.

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Wholesale Buyer Contact Form

NOTE: After clicking “SEND”, you will be able to attach any additional information to your e-mail, as well as expand your answers.

If this contact form does not work for you, you may fill out the basic form at the bottom of this page. Please include all information about your product needs and company information in the Comments/Questions section.

Do you have an already established store or business and would like Made In America Store‘s logos and branding to be with your wholesale products?

To fast-track the availability of 100% American Made Products in gift shops, retail outlets, and hospitality venues, a Made In America “Store-in-Store” is the ideal solution, with a dedicated space for our exclusive inventory at your location.

Instead of costly franchise fees, we protect the integrity and trusted reputation of our Made In America Store brand through a licensing agreement.

Made In America Store‘s World Distribution Center supplies our “Store-in-Store” clients with only the amount of merchandise they need on the sales floor, saving valuable storage space and improving cash flow.

We even help design and set up the store displays, racks, and shelving to achieve the quality appearance our customers have come to expect wherever our products are sold.

Do you have a product that is 100% American Made?

You will need to provide a certificate of authenticity stating that the product is 100% American Made to be considered.

Firestone Firelighter Kit From Uncrate

If the person you are on a gift hunt for has a fireplace, or a wood stove, than the Firestone Firelighter Kit available at uncratemakes a unique home decor gift that is also practical. The classic stoneware crock is handcrafted in the USA and would look beautiful on any hearth. This kit includes two bottles of lamp oil and a steel rod firestone for lighting.

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Become A Dealer Of Barnett Home Decor

If you own or operate an independent furniture store, home decor boutique, department store, gift shop, or similar store, you can apply to become a registered dealer of Barnett Home Decor.

  • Dealers purchase large quantities of merchandise for resale in their own store or on their own website.
  • Dealers maintain stock of our products in their warehouse and reorder when stock is low.
  • Dealers fulfill their own customer’s orders, Barnett does not drop ship.
  • Our dealers order from a wholesale price schedule. Prices are scheduled by product style and fabric price group.
  • If you anticipate ordering less than 400 units of merchandise per year, please ask about our affiliate program.

Wholesale Kitchen Decor That Sizzles

Made in the USA 12oz White Preshrunk Bull Denim

Many of us gather in the kitchen with family and friends to chat, sample the cooking or share a cup of joe. It’s a great place to show off wholesale kitchen decor. Your customers will love our assortment of kitchen art that expresses heartfelt sentiments . There are tea towels, tumblers, coasters and aprons that are fun and functional. Explore our entire selection of wholesale decor and stock up for your customers today!

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Lanternland Made In Arizona Lighting

Lanternland has been manufacturing artisan copper lanterns and brass indoor & outdoor lights in Arizona since 1978. The solid brass and copper construction of every light will never rust or corrode and is guaranteed for life. This durability makes Lanternland light fixtures ideal for outdoor use, as they will withstand all types of weather. In fact, all lights are UL listed for wet locations . Each Lanternland light is handcrafted in the USA and made to order with a choice of finish and glass. Lanternland lighting fixtures will add character and beauty to the inside and/or outside decor of any home.

Find Create Dwellin America


We are part of the on-shoring resurgence among U.S. manufacturers. While conventional wisdom suggests manufacturing companies will save money by off-shoring, we find that is no longer always the case. Much of the cost benefit previously associated with off-shoring is offset by changing financial conditions in the U.S. and developing countries. And while the vast majority of larger manufacturers still operate overseas, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain quality, remain innovative, attract talent and keep costs low.

We understand what it takes to make things in America — and make them well. By leveraging over 75 years of experience and advanced manufacturing techniques, we help wholesalers, artisans and small businesses source and create viable, U.S. made products, grow and position their businesses for rapid innovations, overcome common and uncommon barriers and manage costs. We do this by connecting U.S. textile manufacturers, U.S. cut and sew facilities and U.S. distributors in innovative ways that create efficiencies, maximize operations, facilitate logistics and foster sustainable relationships required to thrive and succeed in today’s domestic manufacturing environment.

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All Your Customers’ Favorite Home Decor Wholesale Priced

Many people are spending more time at home. A lot of us are paying more attention to our surroundings and realizing that our furnishings could use a boost. With our wholesale home decor, your customers can turn their abodes from sad to fab in minutes. No extensive remodeling needed!

We have plenty of ways to dress up every room in the house. Create a cozier bedroom with throw pillows and photo frames filled with pictures of loved ones. Add a trinket tray and punny sign to freshen up the bathroom. We even have wholesale decor, like signs, that can make the laundry room a lot less dreary. With our exclusive collection of up-to-the-minute styles, your boutique can be your customers’ one-stop shop for all their home decor needs.

Treasuredcountrygiftscom Country Living Inspired Decor

Free List of 16 USA Wholesale Home Decor Drop Suppliers is an online retailer of American made home decor and gifts, based in Pennsylvania. This family operated business features unique, high quality country living inspired decor items which include but are not limited to rustic metal work, pillows, candles, decorative art, wooden accents, and decorative gourds. All of the American made products available at are made by skilled craftsmen and are heirloom quality.

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Where To Find The Cheapest Wholesale Home Decor For Retailers

Most decorative accessories with meager prices are manufactured in China or Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.

You can visit big sites like for home collection or include the country name in your search keywords to find these products. For example: “home decor wholesalers in Vietnam” Hundreds of online shops will show up at perfect sale prices.

Once you’ve found some potential sources, compare the products and prices to choose the best option.

Should I Order Items From Domestic Or Overseas Suppliers

There are a few things to consider when ordering items from domestic or overseas suppliers. One is lead time: it can take longer to receive goods overseas, which may not be ideal if you need them quickly.

Additionally, overseas shipping can be more expensive, so you’ll need to factor that into your budget. There can also be issues with quality control when ordering from overseas, so do your research and choose a reputable supplier.

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Wholesale Home & Kitchen Decor

We pride ourselves on having the best selection of wholesale home decor for every style, from farmhouse to boho. You’ll find home decor at wholesale prices to get exactly what your shop needs to stand out from the crowd. Our inventory includes signs, photo frames, throw pillows and other popular items that will be great additions to your product mix. Browse our extensive assortment of wholesale kitchen decor and more.

When I Try To Check Out I Receive A Message That The Wholesale Home Goods Are No Longer Available What Happened

Home Decor Items | Wholesale price | Attractive items | Affordable rates | with Address details

We are sorry that you cannot complete your home decor wholesale order as expected. Our shopping cart and inventory systems are “live” and reflect what is in stock at any given moment. Placing wholesale home decor in your cart does not guarantee your right to purchase the items. Until you have fully completed the checkout process, someone else may buy the products you want, even if they are in your cart. If that happens, you will receive a message on the Shopping Cart page informing you that the wholesale decor is no longer available and that you should remove it from your cart.

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Home And Garden Wholesale Distributors Usa

January 11, 2022 by Wholesalers

List of Wholesale American Home & Garden Product Distributors based in the North American country of the United States of America. Includes all categories of homewares and gardening wholesale companies in the USA selling products and merchandise to retailers and in some cases selling directly to the public. It includes house product manufacturers, importers, exporters, dropshipping suppliers and wholesale distributors of home accessories, decor gifts, landscaping services and furniture to business customers in the American house & garden industry.

AmerichAmerican bathroom products supplier with offices in North Hollywood, California on the West Coast and Charlotte, North Carolina on the East Coast of the United States. Provides a range of wholesale bathtubs, including freestanding, corner baths, oval, rectangular, round and square shaped bath tubs. Also offers a range of shower bases, washbasins, sinks, spa baths and related bathroom accessories.

Carolina Wholesale FloorsSouth Carolina wholesalers of flooring products with locations in Columbia, SC, USA. Suppliers of wooden floors, hard wood flooring, laminate, area rugs, vinyl tiles, solid surfaces, carpet, cork, bamboo floors, green flooring and other flooring products for the home or office.

Free List Of 16 Usa Wholesale Home Decor Drop Suppliers

January 17, 2021 by Watchman Advisors

The wholesale home decor industry is one of the popular USA dropshipping niches with trustworthy dropshipping suppliers. Everyone with a place to live wants to have something inside their house, apartment, cabin, etc. Retailing home decor as a dropship retailer gives you a broad variety of choices to source like wood furniture, metal furniture, ceramics, beds, wall sconces, dinner tables, chairs, armchairs, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, closets, furniture for apparel, and the list goes on.

If you are looking to choose a profitable & sustainable evergreen dropship niche, or even expand your already existing drop ship business then the wholesale home decor industry is a great option. Home decor will always be in demand and styles continue to change to satisfy peoples desires, making the potential increasing sales volume highly likely for you as a dropship business owner.

To help you get started in this evergreen dropship niche, following is a free list of wholesale home decor dropship suppliers you can get started with. You can call them directly to inquire about their wholesale/drop shipping program. Ask them to send you their dealer pricing list and their application.

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Welcome To Decorwholesalecom Your Source For Real Wholesale Suppliers For Your Store

If your store carries home decor or interior decorating supplies, you will find wholesale products here that will enhance your offerings.

This site is part of a family of online portals to wholesale vendors where retail stores can view home decor products and order inventory. See links above to visit each of the portal sites. is a service of OmegaNet Inc., which has been helping wholesalers market their lines on the web since 1997. Tens of thousands of retail stores have registered on OmegaNet sites and become members of the .

Choose The Correct Type Of Home Decor Items

Farmhouse Decor Wholesale Usa â Idalias Salon

Home decor can include many different items, from heavy furniture like tables and chairs to lighter pieces like baskets, candles, lampshades, and gift items.

There are also some more fragile items like mirror wall decor and vases that can add a touch of elegance to any room.

So, choose a product group that fits your business model.

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Can I Place A Special Order For Wholesale Home Goods

Many items can be special-ordered. If you are searching for wholesale decor but can’t find what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Special Order Department is available to assist you when you buy home decor wholesale, and they will make every effort to obtain the merchandise you are looking for.

There are several requirements for special orders of wholesale home goods:

  • The minimum order is 50 pieces of the same wholesale home decor for retailers.
  • Special orders must total at least $250.
  • Payment must be received in full before WAM will place a wholesale decor special order with our manufacturer.

These Gift & Decor Manufacturers Are Still Made In The Usa

Manufacturing jobs have been on the minds of political candidates as well as voters during this election year. Every year in October, Gift and Home Retailer News surveys the landscape for manufacturers still producing goods in the USA. While a lot of heavy manufacturing has left our shores in search of cheaper labor, there are quite a number who continue to make things locally, and that usually translates to better quality, safety and environmental friendliness.

Channel Craft began as a one-man operation back in 1983 from the back of a step van / traveling wood shop, when president and founder Dean Helfer, Jr. drove from craft shows to folk festivals peddling his hand-crafted Boomerangs and other wooden products. As the years went on, Dean and his crew looked for a permanent spot to set up a manufacturing plant. In 1991, Dean and Channel Craft settled into an old Army Corps of Engineers building south of Pittsburgh on the banks of the Monongahela River in Charleroi, PA.

Heart Gifts by Teresa is proud to say that all its ornaments are proudly hand-made in the USA Kanapolis, North Carolina, to be exact. Each ornament is inspected and placed in its own gift box. Not all the ornaments are just about Christmas. For example, Just Married Car, #2006, is just one of 28 new designs in Heart Gifts Crystal Collection. Each ornament in this collection is designed to put sparkle in someones life, with hand-applied swarovski crystals.

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