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Wholesale Giftware And Home Decor

Choose The Correct Type Of Home Decor Items

Exclusive access to the wholesale gift market!

Home decor can include many different items, from heavy furniture like tables and chairs to lighter pieces like baskets, candles, lampshades, and gift items.

There are also some more fragile items like mirror wall decor and vases that can add a touch of elegance to any room.

So, choose a product group that fits your business model.

One Hundred 80 Degrees

A New Direction in Giftware! One Hundred 80 Degrees is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of giftware offering both traditional and contemporary Christmas, Halloween, Harvest, and Birthday. In addition to their holiday offerings, they have a wide range of innovative everyday products.

Should I Order Items From Domestic Or Overseas Suppliers

There are a few things to consider when ordering items from domestic or overseas suppliers. One is lead time: it can take longer to receive goods overseas, which may not be ideal if you need them quickly.

Additionally, overseas shipping can be more expensive, so you’ll need to factor that into your budget. There can also be issues with quality control when ordering from overseas, so do your research and choose a reputable supplier.

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Where To Find The Cheapest Wholesale Home Decor For Retailers

Most decorative accessories with meager prices are manufactured in China or Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.

You can visit big sites like for home collection or include the country name in your search keywords to find these products. For example: “home decor wholesalers in Vietnam” Hundreds of online shops will show up at perfect sale prices.

Once you’ve found some potential sources, compare the products and prices to choose the best option.

+ Best Wholesale Suppliers Of Home Decor & Accessories

Home Decor Giftware, Homeware, Woodware, Homeware &  Giftware Suppliers ...

The home decor market is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing. From gothic ornaments to wall art and soft furnishings, millions of home decor products are sold globally each year.

Here you will find a list of the 25+ best home decor wholesalers in the UK, USA and China.

Whether you own a physical retail store or an online ecommerce website, you can be sure to find a trusted home decor supplier to suit your individual needs and budget,

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Sullivans Family Of Home Decor Brands

Sullivans Brands and its trusted companies are an important part of life for people creating their definition of “home”. Driven by innovation, creativity, and an understanding of people’s needs, we create products that make people happy to be home.

Our companies are trusted in millions of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and gardens. For a combined 125 years, we have created special things that make rooms and homes feel special. We know that surrounding yourself with things you love is what home is all about.Our ever-growing family of lifestyle brands includes Sullivans, Woodstock Chimes, the Darren Gygi Home Collection, Vance Kitira Candles, Candle Impressions, and Mirage Flameless LED Candles. Expertly made with premium materials, our products are the result of decades spent dreaming up, testing, and producing only the very best in home décor for every style, season, and occasion.

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