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Who Sets Up Wedding Decor

What Process Do You Use For Selecting Our Dcor

Wedding Table Decorations – Do It Yourself Table Decor Set Up

Every company has a different process, you want to understand it. Some companies like you to bring in inspiration pictures and they will create a wedding look based on that. Others prefer to discuss your ideas, so they can create a visual for you highlighting what they can design for you. Finally, some prefer that you make your selections from their inventory items or pictures of previous events.

A Geometric Retro Altar

Looking for a cool, retro altar? We found your mid-century modern dream. This gold, geometric structure is perfect for making a simple, fun statement. And if you’re not into gold, it can easily be changed to white, or maybe even black. We just love the simple floral display on one of the top corners, rounding out this sweet look.

Are You The Point Of Contact On Event Day Or Will It Be Someone Else

This is such an important question to ask a decorator. Ideally, your sales consultant will be your main point of contact on event day. They have been involved throughout the entire process and helped select all your décor elements. Ultimately, they will have the best understanding of what you want on event day. If someone else will be handling event day execution, be sure to ask how the detailed conversations you have had will be transferred to that person. Be sure to review the final contract notes to ensure your most important décor elements are listed.

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Local Artisanal Wedding Favors

Source: Lindsey Hahn Photography

Having a location wedding? Research what artisanal products the region is known for and consider for your wedding favors. It can be vegetable soap in relaxing scents like lavender and verbena or locally produced honey or olive oil. Makes the perfect wedding favor with personalized packaging!

Leading Berkshire Wedding And Event Decor Hire


Forever & a Day Events is one of the leading bespoke events planners & venue stylist based in Berkshire. Known for our high-quality decor and wedding/ event services, we offer full-serviceEvent Planning + Decor Services, as well as a wide selection of luxury for all kinds of events. Serving the areas of Berkshire, London, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and more. In our three years of business, we have only ever had 5-star reviews.

Have you recently got engaged but arent sure where to start with weddingdecor? Or maybe youre looking to plan a draw-dropping milestone birthday? We know how much goes into planning and executing a beautifully styled wedding or event. It can quickly become overwhelming. Our venue styling experts are fully trained to take this responsibility off you, and create something unique, beautiful and personal to you.

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Your Wedding Coordinator Will Not Return Rented Clothing Items For You

So, we have no problem returning a cake stand to the baker for you, or the votives that the florist used in the tablescapes, but we won’t save your friends and family the hassle of returning tuxes? What gives?!? Late fees & damages, that’s what.

The baker and the florist typically don’t have late fees in place that designate a specific return time for their items or super stiff penalties into the hundreds and hundreds of dollars for damaged items–suit rental groups do. Since your fiance, father, groomsmen etc. rented their suits, they are financially responsible for returning them at the correct time and in the proper condition. Transferring responsibility to your coordinator can lead to problems if any of the suits is returned in less than pristine condition or if we are unable to get them back to the rental group until later in the week. It’s simply a duty best left to the individuals who rented the items in the first place.

How Much Does Indian Wedding Decor Cost In Texas

Indian wedding decor is usually 20-30% of your overall wedding budget. As an example, for a $150,000 wedding in Dallas, your wedding decor may cost $30,000 – $50,000 . Notice how there can be a large range in the cost of decor. There really is no cap – the more fresh flowers and customization you add, the higher your bill will go.

Youll find other frequently asked questions and answers if you scroll to the bottom of the Wedding Decor page on The Desi Bride.

Image via Altair

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Venue Set Up And Clean Up For Diy Decor

Are you planning on hiring a coordinator? Our coordinator handled set up and take down of our diy decor.

If not, Id see if you can hire someone to take care of that for you. You and your family are going to be busy the morning of and youll appreciate having one less thing to worry about and schedule for whats already going to be a busy day.

How Many Paper Lanterns Do Your Need To Decorate Your Wedding Venue

My Bridal Shower Setup & Decor

Most important for a great wedding set-up is accumulation. According to your budget and your vision, you can decide to decorate the entire space or just selected parts of your venue .

To decorate the entire venue ceiling using some lanterns here and there as touches of color, we recommend 9 paper lanterns or other decorations for every 18 square meters of space . You can of course adjust to what you feel is right for your wedding and your budget. For a fuller look, go ahead for 9 paper lanterns or other decoration for 8 square meters .Check out our paper lantern sets for turnkey venue decorations!

You can also draw your event space with its main features like tables or dance floor, and draw a circle wherever you want a lantern. This will give you an idea of how many lanterns you would like to have.

For a specific and more limited space to decorate, you should concentrate the lanterns a bit more so that the final effect is quite dense. For 1 square meter of ceiling, use approx. 3 paper lanterns 35cm, 2 accordion paper lanterns 30cm, 3 accordion paper lanterns 20cm, 1 pompom 40cm, 2 pompoms 20cm.

Another solution is to string a very fine twine along the centerfold of your wedding tent and mix and match color forms that suit your wedding best. Each piece has a small hook for paper lanterns or a small string attaching the honeycomb ball and paper fan. That way it’s super easy to hang them from the central twine.

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The Main Elements Of Indian Wedding Decor

While we included a more detailed wedding decor checklist of decor items at the end of this article, according to both Bilen and Ketan, there are four main components you will want to think about:

  • Mandap: Your mandap will set the tone for your Hindu wedding ceremony. You can choose from a traditional gold mandap to a minimalistic floral mandap to rustic wooden mandaps and even modern mirror or metal mandaps. While there are so many options to choose from, one key decision is determining how many flowers youd like. You can go for a heavy floral vibe or a more minimalistic mandap with only flowers on corners or certain spots. Also note that for all floral decor, you can opt for a mix of silk and fresh flowers. Doing a mix allows you to redirect funds to other parts of the wedding and if you wish, be sustainable, given that silk flowers can be reused.
  • Stage and dance floor: Whether you plan for a swing at the sangeet or a monogrammed or a printed designer stage at the reception, the last element is your stage decor and dance floor. Sometimes DJs will be able to supply your dance floor, so check with both the decorator and the DJ on their options. As a tip, make sure you include uplighting and larger pieces of decor, given how large the banquet hall or wedding venue in Houston might be. For luxury wedding decor, lighting really elevates aesthetics and can transform a banquet hall into a nightclub or a venue to get people on the dance floor.
  • Decor by Prashe

    You Can Expect Your Coordinator And Their Team To Be Responsible For The Placement Of Limited Decorative Pieces

    Items like your guest book, escort cards, favors, unity ceremony elements, menus and programs are all items that we can easily manage to get into place while orchestrating the rest of your set up, answering questions, and putting on our super capes to avert crisis if needed. These are all things that can be accomplished without pulling our primary focus from the execution of the event itself, and it’s our pleasure to do them for you and put the finishing touches on your vision for your day. Putting tiny details in place and seeing everything come together seamlessly thrills us and most of us kind of geek out over it inside…because we love what we do.

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    Embracing An Organic Backdrop

    Everyone loves an organic-looking backdrop in a natural setting, but we’re especially into this iron arch covered in magnolia leaves. This was the most beautiful way to incorporate natural elements from the ceremony location. And with just the arch, without any other bright, bold pops of color, it still truly brings the eye to the natural elements being celebrated in this location.

    What Needs To Be Done To Start A Wedding Decor Company

    A gorgeous wedding table setting in The K Club. The ...

    If you are artistic, creative, have a background in decorating and love weddings, you might find a lucrative and rewarding career as wedding decorator. An average of 2.4 million weddings take place in the United States each year, according to the National Mail Order Association. However, an eye for decor and liking for weddings isn’t enough for a small business to flourish. It takes intense planning to launch a successful wedding decor start-up.

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    Doggie Themed Drink Menu

    Source: Red Boat Photography

    Beloved four-legged family members cannot always make it to the wedding reception, if this is the case then including them in some way is a beautiful gesture. Think of naming wedding signature cocktails after your furry friends. Make a sign with their likeness and drink names to display by the bar.

    You Can Expect Your Coordinator To Work With You To Assign Different Tasks Associated With Event Break Down And Decor Disposal To Individuals Or Groups

    They will help you designate someone to check over the bride and groom’s suites to be sure that they are cleared out and nothing is left behind. Chances are they will also facilitate and pitch in, alongside your family and friends, or your florist, packing up small decor pieces they set out or emptying vases and generally making sure that event tear down is organized and that nothing is forgotten. Keep in mind that if you do want them to do more than organize and oversee the breakdown and disposal of your decor you can always inquire about additional services but expect that there will likely be a fee involved.

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    Mason Jar Photo Display

    Source: Jessamyn Harris

    Mason jars are great containers but they also make for charming wedding accents. Use them as holders for vintage pictures of family members to be displayed on the welcome table. Add a few floral arrangements around the pictures to nicely bridge the wedding decor to this idea.

    Congratulations On Getting Married Here Are Our Best Tips To Create A Gorgeous Wedding Setup With Our Paper Lanterns

    DIY Event Decoration Set up – Wedding Decoration Ideas

    With paper lanterns, paper pompoms and other paper decorations, you will create a dreamy decoration for your big day! And we have so many one-of-a-kind colors that you can be sure to create a unique piece of décor for a memorable event. All our products are really easy to hang and to mix and match to fit your wedding theme and specific venue. Last but not least, many of our future brides reuse their lanterns after their wedding to decorate their first child’s birthday or their home!

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    A Note On Diy Decorations

    Were also a big proponent of using Cricut to further personalize your decor. Something as plain as a chalkboard purchased from Michaels or a piece of scrap wood can end up looking beautiful with a bit of Cricut-ing. Check out some of the Cricut projects weve created in the past.

    Lastly, labels can be easily created and printed via your home computer and printer. I personally recommend the brand Avery for labels and this fantabulous all-in-one Canon inkjet printer for your home printing needs.

    One important thing to remember: signs can be inexpensive and easy to make, but these little touches can really make an impact on your big day!

    Heres our list of some potential signs, labels, and printables you may need for your wedding, depending on your venue and setup:

    • road signs
    • direction markers for within venue
    • welcome sign
    • Choose a Seat, Not a Side sign
    • banners and buntings
    • Here Comes the Bride sign
    • no cell phones sign
    • gift table sign

    About Bilen Walga Designer At Prashe

    Originally from Ethiopia, Bilen grew up exposed to both American and Ethiopian cultures. His dad ran one of the largest souvenir shops in Ethiopia, which inspired Bilens creativity at an early age. Bilen was approached by a floral shop owner and started working there during school. For the next 12 years, he enjoyed creating and designing different flower arrangements and centerpieces. He would bring home fresh flowers every Friday and design for his home. He fell in love with the colors and the ability to create something beautiful. The designs just came to him.

    About 12 years later, Prashe, the top luxury and bespoke decorator in Dallas, approached Bilen, and the rest is history. He very quickly learned about the extravagance, colors, and vibrancy of South Asian weddings, and the cultural nuances. Today, he is one of the lead designers on Prashes team and has become one of the most sought after designers to work with.

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    Use Terrariums As Centerpieces

    Kayla Barker Fine Art Photogrpahy

    Not a flower person? There’s no need to splurge on floral centerpieces if they don’t fit your taste. Create a rustic tablescape with a cluster of succulents and leafy green garlands in an earthy wood basket. Consult your florist to learn about greenery options that can replace traditional floral arrangements.

    Fragrant Candle For Scentscaping

    #Wedding #Decoration Options and Set Up @ The # ...

    Samantha James Photography

    Pillar and votive candles will help visually set the scene at the reception but think about scentscaping your event by sprinkling candles in your favorite scent throughout the day. Scent is closely tied to memory so anytime your smell your chosen scent in the future, memories of the big day will come flooding back.

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    How To Get Inspired And Figure Out The Vision For The Different Wedding Events From The Sangeet To The Wedding Reception

    • Given the amount you will invest in Indian wedding decor, we recommend that each event have a very different vibe or theme. Even if you end up having your grah shanti and pithi at home on the same day, you can work with the wedding designer to make each room or backyard feel completely different. The change in Indian decor and aesthetics will help guests feel the change in tone between events, and of course, youll appreciate seeing your vision come through in pictures and videos after the wedding. Bilen Walga, a Lead Event Designer at Prashe, often uses color to create different looks. Different monochromatic colors can immediately change the whole look and feel.
    • If you are positive about color themes you like, one way to get Indian wedding decor inspiration is by searching for Indian weddings with those color themes on Google.

    How To Hang Paper Lanterns In Your Wedding Venue

    All our paper lanterns and accordion paper lanterns have a small metallic insert or hook that you can use to hang the lanterns from fishing line or thread. Our other products have a small string you can use for hanging. Once youve checked the hanging possibilities for your wedding venue, you can go ahead and decide the best way to proceed.

    Creating a paper lantern sky for your wedding receptionThe easiest way to go is to string fishing line or thread to create a « net » over your party venue, on which you will be able to hang your paper lanterns and at different heights.In a wedding tent, you can also use the metallic structure of the ceiling for an easy hanging solution.

    If you want to decorate only specific spaces in your venue , you use the same technique in the smaller area.

    Hanging paper lantern groupingsIf you choose to create paper lantern clusters to hang at different points of your venue, here’s the easiest way to proceed: you can create these on the floor or at your height, using a common string loop that you will be able to easily hang once the cluster is ready. You could totally use tree branches if your celebration is outdoors!

    Some of our clients also use specific features of their venue to hang paper lanterns: a staircase, balcony etc. Concentrating paper decorations around these features will create a great dramatic effect.

    You can tape small sized paper lanterns on a big piece of cardboard for a modern and super festive backdrop.

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