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Who Can I Hire To Decorate My Wedding Venue

Vintage Vibes Are A Cheap Wedding Decoration Option


Similarly to a rustic theme, opting for a vintage-inspired wedding day will make wedding decor cheaper. Vintage is meant to look old, and tired too.

This means that your wedding decor neednt look perfect. However, you can pick up loads of cheap vintage wedding decor from charity shops and car boot sales, which certainly wont break the bank.

Stunning Ideas To Decorate The Ceiling Of Your Wedding Venue

Be it a barn, hall, blank canvas wedding venue or an industrial warehouse, depending on your venue you may wish to get creative and decorate your venue ceiling.

Many venues will already have some form of decoration and lighting installed, older venues such as barns may not require it with the beautifully natural beams running across and lighting already in place.

How Do You Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Decorator

When youve found a decorator you can work with, its important that you maximise its services by letting them do their thing!

Wedding decorators are experts at what they do. They have worked with hundreds of couples and these experiences gave them advanced skills and creativity in wedding decoration.

So, make sure to solicit as many ideas as you can from your chosen decorator. Even if you already have a good picture of what you want to achieve, it is the decorators expertise that will make it come to life.

Make sure to inform them of your expectations, budget, and timeline so they can give you a more realistic insight about your decoration goals.

If you have limited time and budget, give the wedding decorators some flexibility to defer from your expectations. This way, they can produce the best wedding decorations based on the available resources and close enough to your original idea.

Most importantly, trust the artistic instinct of the wedding decorators, whether youre getting married in a garden, a barn, or a church. With their experience and knowledge in working with different wedding venues, you can trust that your wedding decorations will look great on your special day.

Read our helpful article on how to decorate you wedding right:

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Wedding Decorator

If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the events of planning your wedding you may want to hire a decorator for your wedding. If so, you may wonder how much it will cost. Continue reading to find out how much hiring a decorator for your ceremony or reception will cost.

Most wedding decorators will charge you by an hourly rate. Most US couples will end up spending $25/hr to $100/hr all depending on the size of your ceremony or reception area. Most wedding planners will include this in their services but if you only want a decorator then this is a much cheaper option.

Whats The Next Step In Finding Your Wedding Decor

Wedding Venue Decorations Decorative Hire Add A Little ...

Would a champagne tower look amazing in your wedding decor pictures? Are you looking for a luxury table linen company that has an array of items available in spring wedding colors, or wedding colors for winter? Do you have endless wedding ideas, dont know where to start sourcing your wedding decorations rentals? You can find every type of vendor who can help with all of these needs in our wedding vendor directory. Once you find the wedding decor vendor of your dreams, you can get in touch with them directly through our website. With beautiful pictures of over 10,000 real weddings, our library of weddings will help you find wedding decor vendors who can make all of your wedding ideas and wishes come true. You can take a look at how couples personalized everything from their wedding table numbers to their wedding rental decorations and beyond. Finding the vendors that can turn your wedding ideas and wedding theme into something tangible has never been so simple.

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When To Use A Vendor For Wedding Rentals

Most traditional wedding venues like hotels, banquet halls, country clubs and others offer wedding packages that include everything you need for your ceremony and reception. However, if you are eyeing a non-traditional venue, you may have to find your own furnishings.

For example, if you dream of having a beach wedding, park wedding or garden wedding in a public space, you will likely need to bring your own supplies. The same goes if you want to transform your parents backyard or your uncles barn into the site of a fairytale wedding.

As long as you dont mind rolling up your sleeves and doing a little extra work, bringing in your own supplies is completely doable. In fact, this way youll get more say over the look and feel of your wedding.

Table Setting Decoration Services

It can be overwhelming to think about the small details that go into setting up each wedding reception table. The wedding decorator can work with your venue managers to set up table linens, candles, table numbers, place cards, glassware, and serviettes. Dont worry about which fork or knife goes next to the other – your professional wedding decorator can make sure every detail is organised, down to the last utensil.

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Prepare A List Of Questions For Your Venue

As illustrated above, the venue itself is a major factor in deciding who decorates the wedding venue. Thus, you need to be thorough in asking questions regarding their policies. Here are some questions you can ask the management:

  • When will we be given access to the venue for setup?
  • Is there a specific area where we can bring our decorations?
  • Do you have a team who can help us set up the decorations? If that is the case, how can we communicate with them?
  • When will the tables and other fixtures be ready for us to decorate?
  • Is it possible to hang lights and decorations on the ceiling and walls?
  • What are the rules regarding cleanup?
  • Do you work with other wedding vendors, such as decorators, florists, and rental companies?
  • Are there other weddings or events that will take place near our wedding?
  • Are there additional fees we should know about?

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Decorators

WEDDING SERIES: destination wedding, visiting our venue, decor planning! | Maria Bethany

As excited as couples are for their wedding day, preparation for that special occasion can also be stressful.

The bride and groom can be overwhelmed with the endless list of things to do, including the styling of the wedding venue.

Thats why there are wedding decorators to help on this specific aspect of the nuptials.

Engaging the services of a good wedding decorator should take away some of the couples stresses. If you arent familiar with wedding decorators and what they do, heres everything that you need to know.

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All Events And A Wide Range Of Weddings

We are an all-inclusive event and wedding planning service and this is what makes us unique. Our customers love that they dont have to speak to 10 different wedding or event suppliers throughout their event planning. From the very beginning of your journey we can help with weddingvenue/wedding reception hunting, venuedecor hire, wedding flowers, finishing touches, catering companies and so much more to ensure your big day is stress-free. You can choose if you would like us to help you with every aspect, or just decor hire alone!

Your Friends And Family Members

People often say that marriage is not just between two people but between two communities. They can come together to help the couple prepare for their special day. One way they show their love and support is by offering to decorate the venue.

However, you must also be considerate of their time. Asking them to help decorate the venue on the day of the ceremony might leave them with no time to get ready.

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Go Rustic For A Lovely But Low

One of the first steps in planning a wedding is deciding on a theme. If youre tight on budget, a cost-friendly option is a rustic look.

Rustic translates as sophisticatedly shabby. It means things dont have to be perfect they can look a bit basic, natural and DIY. Often, the less refined, the better.

Far from looking worn or cheap, when done well, its a beautifully simplistic look. So keep reading on for some exciting ideas to enhance your rustic theme.

The Number Of Wedding Guests

Limewash Camelot Chairs are an ever

The number of guests attending your wedding impacts every aspect of your big day, includingyou guessed itwedding decoration costs. More guests means more tables, chairs, wedding table settings, glassware, backdrops, and even welcome bags and favors. You might even need to include wedding tent rentals in your budget if youre having a significant number of guests and need to expand your venues space. The result may be a higher wedding decor bill, but being able to spend your big day with you and your partners loved ones is priceless.

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The Wedding Venue Location

Last, the wedding location you choose will play a part in your wedding decor costs, just as it will affect every other aspect of your wedding budget. States like New York and California with a higher cost of living will naturally mean higher costs for your wedding decor. In addition, if youre working with a wedding designer or planner who will need to travel to reach your venue, youll want to be sure to allocate money for their accommodations, transportation, and meals. The price will increase if youre working with a team of wedding designers, production hands, and lighting technicians who are traveling to your venue to install your wedding decor for the big day.

Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas


Light-up letters are still a hugely popular choice for weddings, but you can also get wooden or acrylic ones. They come in giant and mini versions: choose the classiclove or your initials.

Balloon installations are amazing to bring a simple space to life. You can also incorporate balloons into centrepieces or top table decoration or just have two huge balloons like these above.

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Dont Be Afraid To Diy

Theres no doubt about it being willing to DIY will slash your wedding decor costs.

When you buy something outright, youre paying a high price for labour. By doing the work yourself, this cost is removed.

Paying extra for convenience may be tempting, but I encourage you to consider crafting yourself.

You can make so many cheap wedding decorations yourself DIY doesnt have to be complicated.

It can be as simple as blowing up balloons at home instead of paying for them to be filled. Alternatively, you could decide to go all out with paints and glitter the choice is yours.

Boho Wedding With Pampas Grass And Edison Bulbs

ROMANTIC WEDDING VENUE | No CC | Sims 4 Speed Build (Stop Motion)

Wedding Planning: HauteFêtes Weddings and Events

A traditional ballroom isn’t the only place you can host a classic, elegant wedding. As this backyard wedding is proof, a timeless event can take place just about anywhere.

The Knot Expert Tip: Event planner and wedding expert Caitlin Kuchemba of Clover Event Co. encourages to-be-weds to “think not only about how you want your wedding to look like, but more importantly how you want it to feel. What do you want guests to walk away feeling? How do you want them to feel in the space?”

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Leave More Time Than You Think

We cannot stress this enough: however long you might think it will take to set up your venue and style your wedding, double it, triple it, heck, maybe even quadruple it if you’re planning to do it yourself!

Finicky things like hanging festoon lights, blowing up balloons, or tying lots of bows, in particular, can end up taking forever.

When I got married, I had grand notions of getting to the venue at 8am for the set-up then heading off at 10am for hair and make-up. Luckily, we got into the venue the day before, and due to a problem with the rental tables, setting up actually took most of the day, and we had lots of helpers. In short, don’t be as naive as I was!

Photo by Dasha Caffrey via One Fab Day

Should I Hire A Wedding Decorator Even If I Want To Diy My Wedding

Its ideal to hire a wedding decorator to bounce off creative ideas with you and your partner. They can also help you source materials you may need and help design and execute more prominent fixtures, like drapes, backdrops, and arches. Most importantly, remember that wedding duties tend to pile up as the months go by. Hiring a wedding decorator can help lessen the stress and workload that you will end up taking on.

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Woodland Forest Secret Garden Midsummer Nights Dream

Dress It Yourself | Event Styling Hertfordshire | Bedfordshire | Buckinghamshire | London | Supplier | Hire

At Dress It Yourself we specialise in providing everything you need to create a fabulous themed party or corporate event. We are located in Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG13 7NT.

No matter what your Themed Event is, we offer hire for hundreds of different genres. We can theme any event from Baby Showers, Christenings and Kids Birthdays to Large Corporate Events, Prize Givings and Award Ceremonies. We also do Adult Themed Birthday Parties, Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. We even do Christmas Tables to make your Christmas celebrations easier.

Dress It Yourself has thousands of items available to hire from furniture , linen and table cloths, charger plates, centrepieces and table accessories. We also provide full room decorations, backdrops and props to complete the look.

With such a large range of themed props available to rent, we aim to make your event preparation process less stressful. We can provide everything you need to create your perfect themed party or wedding as a one stop shop not only offering you a service that requires no fuss but also a simple click and hire service on our website.

At Dress It Yourself you can choose the level of service you require. | 1 | Self Collect & Return | 2 | We Deliver & Collect | 3 | We Deliver, Set Up & Remove Please email or call us for a quote for options 2 & 3.

Boring Stuff!

Create A Plan For The Following Day

Potential Wedding Venue. Tracy Village

After the wedding, you need to clean the venue and gather the decorations you used. You might get lazy and too tipsy to plan the clean-up after your reception, so make sure to create a plan before the wedding.

You and your partner can do it yourself with the help of your wedding party. However, you can also coordinate with your planner or decorator. Their services might already include clean-up.

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What Are Wedding Decorators

They are responsible for putting up the decorative items you or your planner purchased according to the wedding theme, except for the flowers. These items include, but are not limited to centrepieces, linens, signages, drapes, lightings, and wall hangings.

Wedding decorators are in-charge of styling the venues and make the decorations look pleasing to the eye. They have the experience of a home interior designer and will ensure that all decorative pieces are in the right place.

With a wedding decorator on your team, you can rest assured that your wedding will be nothing short of picture-perfect.

Have a look at Cedar Creeks for some decor inspo!

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Wedding Decor

The cost of hiring your wedding decor will vary depending on what you need – you could just hire a couple of decorative pieces for your wedding, like large light up letters that spell out your initials, or you could go all out and hire all of your wedding reception decor. Browse through the hundreds of wedding decor businesses on Hitched to get an idea of what you like, and talk to the different businesses that hire out wedding decor to get an idea of how much it will cost for the items you like.

Even if you only have a small budget, you can still find cheap wedding decor to hire – some small details such as neon lighting or some garden games will still totally transform your wedding and will save you stress as you dont have to store it or try and sell it afterwards.

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Call In The Professionals

You might not think you need to hire a wedding planner simply to hang a few decorations on the day and dress the tables, but there are lots of professionals who specialise in just that.

Wedding stylists, day-of planners and florists can all work on venue set-up and decoration on the day of your wedding. Not only is this service often more affordable than you might think, but the execution will be fast and flawless, you’ll have use of the professionals props and set-up tools, and most importantly, you’ll have zero stress about the venue set-up on the morning of your wedding. Professionals tend to liaise directly with the venue too, so you don’t have to do a thing.

We’d definitely recommend hiring a stylist, or a florist or planner who styles, if you have a tight turn-around with your venue, want to change up the room a lot between the ceremony and reception, or are planning décor that’s in any way ambitious. Find out more about the roles of different professionals on your wedding day here.

Photo by Heart and Colour via One Fab Day

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