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Where To Shop For Apartment Decor

Mix And Match Textures

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Layer multiple soft textiles like rugs, blankets, and bedding in shades of white to blur the lines and create a coherent whole. In this bedroom by Milk and Honey Life, a mixture of linen, plush blankets, and natural wood grains combine for a dreamy farmhouse vibe. White walls match the dominant bedding, while unique bedside tables bring out colors from accessories and the bed’s frame.

A Perfect Place For Sun And Plants

These simply beautiful shelves offer a place for your favorite plants to thrive. Three wooden shelves hang from simple cotton ropes which hang from hooks above. The minimalist design of this shelving system makes it a perfect choice for any decor, plus it would work well not only in front of windows but on any wall where you need a bit of storage.

Let Your Space Flow By Using The Same Flooring Throughout

While you might subtly vary paint tones or patterns room-by-room, add one flooring type throughout to your list of apartment decor ideas.

‘Apartments work best from an interior design point of view when they flow visually. Choosing the same flooring will help this no end especially if you have an open plan layout. Keep walls light in color, a lovely off white will keep give the space an airy feel and if you team it with wooden floorboards that will add warmth,’ says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living.

That said, adding large area rugs beneath furniture to unite the color schemes and help define the different spaces will be a useful extra design tool to have up your sleeve.

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Apartment Decorating Ideas For The Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Focus on keeping the space uncluttered, inviting and restful. Dont fall into the trap of purchasing an entire bedroom set its better to have a sublime bed and one or two nightstands than an overloaded, six-piece bedroom set.

New apartment shopping list for the bedroom:

  • Mattress
  • Closet organization items


Invest in the best and most comfortable mattress you can afford. After all, youll spend more time on your mattress than anywhere else in your new apartment. Save your creative budgeting for the rest of the room.


A headboard is cool, modern and perfect for small bedrooms. Even if you dont have the space or budget for a bedframe, never skip the headboard it completes the look of your bedroom like nothing else. If cash is tight, check out these headboard ideas.


Depending on the size of your new bedroom, you may choose a small side table or a traditional nightstand. Dont feel like you have to get a matching pair, either mixing and matching nightstands is a fun design choice.

Closet organization

If you dont use your closet efficiently, clothes, shoes and miscellaneous items will inevitably end up in your bedroom space. A few closet organization items to consider are:

Apartment Bathroom Storage Ideas

Adored Vintage Showroom in Long Beach

Using the storage your apartment comes withâsuch as a bathroom vanityâto your full advantage is a smart small-apartment idea for saving space. By maximizing what you already have, you eliminate the need for add-on storage units that make a room feel cramped. Stackable or pull-out storage in a bathroom vanity fills the vertical space and tidies up bathroom necessities. Utilize behind-the-door storage to further maximize bathroom cabinets.

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Where To Buy Trendy Apartment Decor On A Tight Budget

How do you decorate luxury apartments in Washington DC? If youre like most residents, you want apartment décor thats unique, personal, and affordable. You want items you wont find in every other apartment in the city for prices that wont throw you into debt. Years ago, that might have been a challenge, but, these days, there are countless online retailers and artisan communities that cater to modern needs. Here are some of the best.


Probably the most well-known destination for discount home goods, Wayfair still leads the pack when it comes to bargains. The site, which sells everything from furniture and appliances to rugs and pillows, caters to those who prefer a one-stop shopping experience. If you want to give your apartment a makeover without dipping too far into your savings, then you would do well to start here.

For unique décor, head over to Fab, which carries distinctive yet affordable items from up-and-coming artists and designers from around the world. Looking for apartment ideas on a budget? Their eclectic assortment includes everything you could want for a stylish apartment. They even have an entire section devoted to Faux Taxidermy, which includes T. Rex heads and Flannel Bucks.

Shop Fab.

Gilt Home

Shop Gilt.

H& M Home

Yes, theyre known for fast fashion apparel, but H& M has also taken a stab at the home goods market. Shop by room, category, or concept to find nifty items that will look superb in your luxury apartment in DC.


Lighten Up With Linens


Keep all your linens white to make your bathroom feel like a five-star hotel. It’s also helpful to mix different textures for visual effect when working with white rooms, like pairing fluffy rugs with sleek towels and sheer curtains. In this bathroom by Charlie Interior Design, built-in cabinets create the perfect place to display white linens alongside a hanging towel rack.

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Taking Your Work To The Closet

Finding a dedicated workspace can be challenging for those who live in small apartments. This closet desk makeover started with shelving and a desktop. The desk is deep enough for a laptop, yet curved to allow the chair to rest inside when the door is closed. Paint, baskets, and desk accessories give it the finishing touches that make it functional and beautiful.

If You Love Antiques Keep The Walls Neutral

shopping for decor plants for my new NYC apartment! | MOVING ALONE AT 19 ep.9

Sometimes the best apartment decor ideas are subtle, which can mean painting walls a muted or soft neutral, and allowing the shapes, materials and textures of the furniture do the talking. This works particularly well if you are looking for apartment entryway ideas for busy spaces.

‘You cant go wrong with a neutral wall, as it complements other colors well and creates a crisp, versatile backdrop. For this dining room, Mylands warm off-white shade Clerkenwell No. 21 provides the neutrality of a bright white, which quietly offsets the soft grey of Hoxton Grey No.72 woodwork, providing an understated backdrop to showcase the beautiful antique and vintage furniture and artworks,’ says Dominic Myland, Mylands CEO.

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Update An Apartment Bathroom

Finding non-permanent ways to update your apartment is key to making a rental feel like home. You might want to add patterned tile to your bathroom, for example, but your rental agreement makes it a no-go. Instead, use peel-and-stick tiles that are easy to apply and remove when needed. Choose a small area, such as the wall above the sink, to keep costs low.

Consider Apartment Furniture Placement

Picture your apartment’s living space without any furniture to help you think beyond your current furniture arrangement. Decide if the room is large enough to divide into zones that will make the space more functional. Then get creative with how you start to arrange furniture. It might make the most sense to “float” the sofa in the middle of the room and place your TV on the wall facing it. You can then use the space on the other side of the sofa for an office or dining area. Place a console behind the couch to use for storage to serve both zones.

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Graphics Visually Expand A Small Bedroom

Vinyl wall graphics often get overlooked when it comes to small apartment design and decor ideas. This picture of an ocean waterfront with crashing waves visually expands the room beyond the physical walls, while the soft grey tones of the graphic also set the color scheme for the rest of the room.

Make Your Entryway Work For You

The 17 Best Online Retailers to Shop for Home Decor

Having a small entryway can be a challenge, especially if you have younger children. Where do you put the stroller? How about on the back of the door? This small entryway has been decorated and organized with the familys needs in mind. Hooks, bins, and shelves keep things off the floor, while the clock and calendar keep things in order.

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Where To Shop For Your New Apartment

  • is your one-stop-shop for furnishing, cleaning, or decorating your apartment. Need some shelves for your living room? Check. Hoping to order paper towels in bulk? Check. Want to order a reasonably priced mattress? Dont worry, Amazons got you covered.
  • You can pick upall the basics like towels, sheets, bath mats, and kitchen suppliesduring a quick trip to Target in between unpacking. They also have a wide selection of throw pillows and inexpensive decorations.
  • Did you know H& M has an affordable home line? H& M Home has everything from cute bedding and storage supplies to kitchen must-haves, candles, and more.
  • Although Dormify is a site for dorm room decor, its also a good resource for apartment livingespecially if youre living in a studio! Shop for bedding, rugs, and cute accent pieces like neon signs and candles.
  • The home section on T.J.Maxxs website is a gold mine for inexpensive home decor pieces. You can order discounted throw pillows, fake plants, and more.
  • Keep The Bathroom Design Simple

    Apartment bathrooms are often small to combat limited space, keep it light, airy and clutter free, a simple toning down of the decor can be transformative.

    ‘We have been advocating a less is more design approach for years and we think it’s a movement that is becoming global. Today, we are moving away from ephemeral trends to focus on creating unique and timeless places lasting spaces that reflect ourselves,’ say interior designers Raphaël Le Berre and Thomas Vevaud from Le Berre Vevaud .

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    A Living Room In Perfect Scale

    Trying to stuff oversized furniture into a small living room might give you seating, but it wont give you style. This petite sofa with chaise fits into this tiny living area. It brings seating for at least four without overwhelming the rest of the room. The tall shelf next to it offers a place for mementos, pictures, and storage baskets.

    Living Room Shopping List:

    online shop with me for my DREAM ROOM! *room decor unboxing haul*

    Shop These Products Now: SofaBookcaseThrow Pillow

    The sofa is the star of the living room, so invest carefully. Its wise to choose the largest one you can fit in the space. Dont fret if youre dealing with a small living room there are plenty of small apartment sofas that are just as stylish and comfortable as larger ones. If your budget is limited, go secondhand shopping for your sofa. Older or vintage sofas are well-made, and you can always throw a slipcover on one to freshen it up.

    Coffee table

    The next piece to consider should serve double-duty: the coffee table. Dont feel limited by the word table, either an ottoman is a great substitute. If space allows, select a narrow, rectangular ottoman that works as a bench or table. You can add a tray on top to set drinks on. In addition, many ottomans come with inner storage for blankets and magazines.

    Wall art

    You probably have a large white wall behind your sofa space to deal with. If youre renting, painting or wallpapering may not be possible. However, strategically placing a collection of objects or framed photos, gallery-style, may be all you need. Alternatively, hang a rug or tapestry on the wall to add some color and texture to your living room.

    TV cabinet

    Shop These Products Now: TvsTV CabinetTable Lamp

    Shop These Products Now: Dining ChairsFruit BowlDining Table

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    Get Comfy With New Furniture

    Upgrade or revitalize your living room features with a new coffee table or dining table or even create a beautiful new focal point with a modern TV stand. Add room for guests with a sofa bed, couch or ottoman. Create a new look in your entertaining space with cool new accent chairs. Sleep in style with a great new bed frame or bedroom set or make some room in your kids space with fun new bunk beds and bean bags. Add a work space with a functional new desk and office chair complete with a bookshelf to make room for all of your books.

    How Do I Make My Apartment Feel Larger

    There are many ways to make an apartment feel larger, but these are the most effective:

    • Stick to one flooring throughout. If this isn’t practical, try to pick flooring that matches in tone consistently room-to-room. You can add interest with area rugs.
    • Invest in great lighting: uplighters will make ceilings feel taller, table lamps will create zoned pools of light and promote coziness, a must at night, while practical LED downlights in spaces like kitchens will make it feel bright, even if windowless. Layering lighting is the best way to enhance space, so ditch the overhead pendant-only approach and use a combination of ideas.
    • Keep windows uncluttered. This means simple but stylish window dresses, low-slung furniture that doesn’t rob daylight and a minimum of knick knacks on windowsills.
    • Choose low-slung furniture on legs. Specific, we know, but furniture that you can easily see over and/or under is visually less bulky. Glass or reflective or light finishes are all useful too.
    • Don’t over-crowd the space. This is where great storage is useful.
    • Pick a pale color scheme to reflect light.
    • Hang mirrors adjacent to windows this is the best way to reflect light and create an impression of space.

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    Utilize Textures To Create A Layered Look

    ‘Textures are key to making any space work and in an apartment you can use them to add depth. Remember that you need to use smooth textures too for contrast like this sectional couch which looks fabulous against the exposed brick walls, add in the tactile velvet pillows and use of wood and the space is full of character and style,’ says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens

    Home Office Apartment Decor Ideas

    48 Apartment Decorating Living Room On A Budget Thrift Stores ...

    Get started right when you move in or give your apartments home office a refresh with some of our fantastic decor and custom desk accessories. One of our specialties is custom photo printing. We can provide the best quality photo prints and the most options, including many sizes, framed prints, and desktop frames. Starting with photo prints of your pets or family members, you can create unique office decor that reminds you of whats important. Or get started with some desktop plaques for your work desk and shelves. Our plaques come in several styles, including have easel-back desk plaques, wooden plaques for rustic apartment decor, and slate plaques. Finally, stay organized with one of our custom photo wooden desk caddies and a wood pencil holder.

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    Modern Apartment Bedroom Decor Ideas For Perfect Nights

    A bedroom is more than a pretty place. It must also be your one-stop rejuvenation center. Whether you take on the task by yourself or make use of online interior design services, you need calming apartment decorating ideas. Be mindful that a busy bedroom could make your mind feel cluttered. So keep it simple and stick with the necessities instead. A bed, two nightstands, closet, headboard, and pendant lights are all you need.

    Make the most of the space by opting for sleek and minimal modern apartment decor. Too much artwork can also inadvertently distract you from your main goal peaceful sleep. For an arty feel, an unusual headboard can double as wall art. The same applies to nightstands. They can be as unique as you want them to be mix-and-matched modern or traditional symmetry. Just be sure to choose tables that have the same visual weight and size.

    Inspiring Modern Apartment Interiors

    1. Mid-Century Modern

    WHAT WE LOVE: A nostalgic look paired with clean lines and function-first furniture makes for a timeless modern apartment interior.

    2. Scandinavian

    Modern apartment design with Scandinavian elements by interior designer, Julian Francisco A.

    WHAT WE LOVE: The neutral tones and minimal decor of this design trend work well for apartments with strict decorating limitations.

    3. Transitional

    Transitional luxury apartment design by interior designer, Wanda P.

    WHAT WE LOVE: The perfect harmony between modern and traditional elements allows you to explore two popular interior design styles at once.

    4. Contemporary

    WHAT WE LOVE: The constant evolution of contemporary interior design and borrowing of elements from other styles gives way to endless decorating freedom to express yourself.

    Feeling inspired to spruce up your space with modern apartment decor ideas, but not sure where to begin? Then schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation for expert assistance with getting started today!

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    Modern Apartment Decor And Design Tips

    Pick a Base Style

    Colorful modern apartment decorating ideas by interior designer, Sonia C.

    A home is often a blend of two or more styles. Its unlikely that youll stick to one trend, but choosing a grounding style is important. It can act as a guide for making tough design decisions, and it will help you stay on track with the look you want to achieve.

    Work With Apartment Features

    decorating my apartment!! decor shopping lots of hauls

    Vintage buildings have plenty of charm, but some original elements can pose roadblocks for your best apartment decorating ideas. Rather than cringe at something you don’t like, embrace it and find a work-around. If the bathroom tile is a shade you can’t stand, for example, pick a color you do like to serve as the room’s main hue. The tone of green used in this bathroom has just a twinge of yellow, which helps the accents to stand out and the yellow tile to recede. Try a blue-green with powder blue tile or sherbet orange with salmon-color tile.

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