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Where To Sell Used Home Decor

Poshmark Is Best For Fashion Brands And Starbucks Tumblers

How to Sell Home Decor Products Online

Poshmark is the ideal selling destination for those vending designer apparel, accessories, and even certain home goods.

Makaela Premont, a lifestyle blogger at Uniquely Mickie, has been selling on Poshmark for nearly five years, and finds that well-known or more expensive brands sell the quickest including Nike, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Express sell best.

A spokesperson for Poshmark cites the following brands as most profitable right now, from a sellers perspective:

  • For Women: Louis Vuitton bags, Adidas sneakers, Madewell jeans
  • For Men: NFL jerseys, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Jordan sneakers
  • For Home: Starbucks tumblers, Anthropologie bedding, Pottery Barn decor

There are three simple steps to start selling on Poshmark: take a picture of the clothing item, insert relevant details and price, and share with the community the more you share, the more you sell, says Kate Franco, VP, customer engagement at Poshmark who recommends new users check out the apps getting started guide and an overview of its community guidelines here.

Add The Finishing Touches With Home Decor From Cort Furniture Outlet

CORT Furniture Outlet has the home décor items you need to fill up a blank wall or table top, add comfort underfoot and light up a room.

Now that youve had time to buy the larger pieces of furniture for your home, like a sofa, chair and coffee table , its time to accessorize with CORT Furniture Outlet. Think faux plants to bring nature inside, mirrors to reflect light and pillows to add a pop of color and coziness. Do you have a blank wall thats craving a beautiful piece of artwork or maybe a gallery wall of art? We have a wide selection of wall art in different sizes, styles and color palettes to add flair to any room. Light up your rooms with floor and table lamps sure to brighten any space. Visually anchor a room and add underfoot comfort with an area rug. Check the available inventory at CORT Furniture Outlet where you can explore and get more.

What Organization Will Pick Up Used Furniture

Thrift stores often offer a used furniture pick up service as long as you donate the furniture to the thrift store for it to sell.

It could well be that local resale or consignment furniture stores may come by and pick up your furniture. This is unlikely but it never hurts to ask especially if you have a very good opportunity for them..

Alternatively, you can sell used furniture on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and specify that the buyer must come and pick up the furniture.

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List Items For A Fair Price

Yes, the solid oak furniture from your childhood bedroom is sturdy and holds plenty of sentimental value. But oak isnt popular anymore, so listing it for $2,000 probably wont work in your favor. Instead, price your items from a buyers standpoint. Look at what others are paying for this type of furniture right now and set your rates accordingly.

Figure Out Shipping Logistics And Provide Excellent Customer Service

Atlanta Consignment Stores: How to Sell Furniture and Home Decor Items ...

The need to provide a smooth shipping experiencewith fast shipping, easy returns, and low delivery chargesis indisputable today. Why? Its one of the biggest deal-breakers for consumers. 49% of consumers cite extra costs of shipping, taxes, and fees as the primary reason for cart abandonment.

Source: Baymard Institute

But figuring out shipping, making a smooth return process, and keeping your customer in the loop throughout can be a nerve-wracking process.

You might be fulfilling orders yourself in the beginning. But as you scale, it makes more sense to hire a shipping company to be your warehouse partner. Make sure your chosen fulfillment partner has good reviews and has worked with similar companies in your industry. Determine what they charge beforehand so you can factor it in while pricing your product.

Gain consumers trust by elevating product reviews, highlighting quality assurance seals, and making returns and trials easy. Snowes transparent return policy and their detailed FAQ page is a great example.

But theres more to customer service today than just seamless shipping.

Enter: Multichannel and omnichannel retailing.

The pandemic forced many retailers to adapt to multi-channel retailingthe practice of selling merchandise on many different sales channels.

According to a report by Global Data, retailers employing multichannel services achieved the best online channel growth ratesincluding many traditional retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

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Why Should I Use An App To Sell My Stuff

Using an app to sell your unwanted items is an easy, inexpensive way to both declutter and make some extra cash. It’s simple to take a picture, upload it, answer a few questions about the item, and prep it for sale. Plus, when you use an app, a lot of the transaction pieces, like settling disputes, creating shipping labels, or collecting money, are handled for you. You’ll still have to put it in the mail and answer questions that potential buyers may have, but you don’t have to do it all one day like you would at a yard sale. An app allows you to sell your items on your schedule.

Where To Sell Furniture Online

Theres no shortage of platforms where you can list your furniture for sale. Some offer local pick-up or drop-off, while others will require items to be shipped across the country. The resale furniture market is huge and filled with buyers who run the gamut from needing a couch for their first apartment to designers looking to source antique pieces.

Some of the top places to sell furniture online include:

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Other Great Resources For Selling Your Stuff

There are LOADS of options to choose from, so I thought Id add in more here with a little info on each, in case there are some options you prefer. Hope it helps.

  • Vinted a great place to sell second hand clothes and accessories online. Easy to use.
  • Shpock great to sell most unwanted items use the app and get it sold!
  • The perfect choice for you guessed it! selling your inwanted books.

What Items Can You Sell On These Apps

Selling Online | See What I Sell in My Home Decor Etsy Store

What you can sell on some of these apps varies, but you can generally sell items including:

  • Designer clothes, shoes, and purses
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Used cars
  • Baby clothes and gadgets

Make sure you’re adhering to the app’s policy regarding prohibited items . Also be sure to read the fine print for seller protections, listing fees, shipping requirements, and anything else that directly affects your ability to see items on these apps.

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Designed With Seo In Mind To Get You Ahead Of The Competition

Entire Store is Search Engine Optimized

From the home page to category, product, blog, and content pages every facet of your site has been optimized for search engines.

Google Analytics

Universal with eCommerce Tracking is built right in! Simply enter your account ID and youre good to go.

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Includes a fully functional blogging content management system with which you can publish your own articles right from your store!

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Sitemap builder, Canonical URLs, 301 redirects, Custom File Names, Robots.txt editor, Dynamic Meta tags Everything you need to make your store search engine optimized!

Advanced Store Statistics

Quickly see which items sell the most, your stores most active categories, best customers, best days of the week, and more!

How Home Decor Brands Can Sell Online: Everything You Need To Know

Opportunities for home decor brands to enter the home are abundant. The barrier to entry is minimal, and no company holds a monopolySemisuperviseds 2021 study of 1,111 DTC brands placed home and garden in the least saturated category.

If youve ever thought about starting a home decor business or taking your existing one online, now is the time. Heres your step-by-step guide to getting started:

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Cds Dvds And Video Games

Selling our used our old movies, music, and video game collections are a popular way to make money fast. Theres always a demand and shipping is cheap because the packages are small and lightweight.

While you might try selling some items locally or in a bundle to fetch a higher profit, these sites can also be worth checking out.

The Old School Game Vault

If you own retro games from video game systems from your childhood, you can also consider selling them on a boutique site such as The Old School Game Vault.

To avoid the shipping charges, you will need to sell at least $50 worth of games at once. All payments are made via PayPal or check to U.S. residents.


As the video game world goes digital, networks like Steam host games that are entirely cloud-based. That means you cant mail a physical game disc or cartridge because there isnt one.

PlayerAuctions connects you with other buyers to sell your gaming account. Once you beat a game, you can have more than bragging rights amongst your friends because you get paid for your hobby.


GameStop is the most extensive national retailer of new and used video games you might even have a store in your city!

You can sell your old games to GameStop and maximize your profit by receiving store credit that can be redeemed online or in-store.

Although the payment is smaller, you can also opt for a cash payment that can be spent anywhere.

About Contact And Faq Pages For Furniture Brands

We asked our experts to share their tips for preparing a home to sell ...

Richmond Lam/GOODEE

We found ourselves unwillingly all at home over the past 15 months, says Byron. The investment in GOODEEs story that finds balance between design and positive impact resonated with shifting customer perspective during the lockdown.

Your story can set you apart from massive competitors. In this arena, small and human-backed businesses always win. Your About page can tell your origin story, highlight your brand values, share some of the faces of those on your team, and find common ground with your customers.

For furniture designers and builders, this is also the place where you can invite your customers behind the scenes to take a peek at your process and inspiration.

Your contact information and FAQs are also important pages. FAQ pages are useful for furniture businesses, especially for shipping and returns information. Due to the large size and weight of many furniture pieces, shipping may be more complicated and returns may not be possible. Clearly communicate your shipping and return policies here. And allow customers to easily contact you with follow-up questions. Bigger purchases often require additional support.

When building all pages and navigations on your site, consider search engine optimizationor SEOwhich helps search engines like Google rank your site. Learning SEO will require an upfront time investment but, if done right, will pay off in the end in the form of organic traffic to your website.

Learn more:

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How Much Does It Cost To List An Item For Sale

In general, it’s free to list your items for sale, but sellers may have the option to pay a nominal fee to “boost” the profile of their items, making them show up first in search results or other listings. There are a few, like eBay, which charge fees for listing an item for sale. Make sure to read the fine print before choosing to sell on an app.

Other fees may include commissions or sales fees paid to the app, which can range from a flat fee to a percentage of each sale, or

Price The Item With A Goal In Mind

Before you decide on a price, do your research to determine the value of the piece and what buyers might be willing to pay for it. Consider what you originally paid for the item, but remember that most shoppers won’t be willing to pay full retail price for a secondhand piece. According to the Mercari report, secondhand shoppers on average expect a discount of at least 25% off retail prices, even if the item is new with the tags still on. When deciding on a fair price, consider the item’s age, level of wear, and brand. “A good rule of thumb for gently used items is to price at 40% off the original retail price,” Mings says.

If your primary goal is to make some extra cash, search for listings of similar items to determine what other sellers are asking. In anticipation of haggling, consider setting the price slightly higher than the lowest you’re willing to go. However, if you’re looking to get rid of an item fast, Angelillo suggests listing the piece at a lower price than similar listings so that it sells more quickly.

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What Is The Best Site To Sell Furniture On

The site you choose will depend on what sort of selling process you are looking for. If you want to list locally and have buyers pick up items from your porch or garage, try Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. If you want to outsource the listing, transaction and shipping, opt for a full-service platform in your area, such as Remoov.

Building Your Online Furniture Brand

Vintage Market Projects that Sell | Holiday Crafts 2021| CottageCore Decor & Farmhouse

Richmond Lam/GOODEE

Its important that you define your brand at this early stage. Answering a few questions will help you tell your brand story, carve out your visual aesthetic, capture your mission, and more clearly envision your ideal customer.

Now that youve decided whether you will make or resell furniture, pick a lane for your furniture business. Will you only sell sofas and go deep on one product? Are you interested in jumping on a hot trend? Do you plan to focus on well-built minimalist pieces for small spaces? What about tapping into the growing number of people working at home and selling unique office furniture?

Consider the following when picking a niche :

  • Category/use: office furniture, outdoor living, home accents
  • Product: sofa beds, dining tables, nursery
  • Style: midcentury modern, minimal, rustic
  • Customer: students, apartment dwellers, cottage owners
  • Niche: smart furniture, modular pieces, furniture made from recycled materials
  • Cause: fair trade, handmade locally, sustainable

When Chris launched Timberware, the possibilities in woodworking were infinite. We hadnt found our niche yet, so we just built a bit of everything, he says. Chris found that trade shows really helped him to hone his offering. Trucking heavy furniture back and forth from these shows wasnt easy, but the exercise helped him understand the market and find his focus.

Learn more:

How you source suppliers or manufacturers depends on your business model and niche.

Learn more:

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Dont Want The Hassle Get Someone To Sell Your Stuff For You Instead

Did you know that you can use an eBay reseller to sell things on your behalf? Well, you can!

Places such as are worth considering for higher value items as they do all the work for you. It should be noted though that this comes at a price 1/3 of the final sales price to be exact. If you dont mind this, and are happy to make 2/3 profit to save time and hassle, then it may be worth a look

Places To Sell Your Stuff And Make Money From It Now


& FILED IN Home Decluttering

** this post may contain affiliate links, which don’t cost you a penny, but pay a commission to this site – LEARN MORE

If youre ready to sell your stuff and make money by doing so, then this list of places to get cash for your clutter will help you do just that. Find out the best places to sell your unwanted items, both online AND offline. Make some extra cash right now.

So youve decluttered well done! Pat yourself on the back but please dont stop now.

Youve got to get rid of that clutter ASAP or it may well creep back into your home which is the LAST thing you want to happen!

Usually I recommend taking items to a local charity shop, or asking friends and family if they want specific items from the piles but there is another way to get rid of that stuff AND make a little cash as a result.

Before I get started on this Id like you to read this post I wrote a while back on things to consider before you start to sell your stuff because they are really important and will help you decide firstly whether you even want to go down that road at all.

Ill wait.

Still want to sell your stuff?

Fantastic Lets get started on the options.

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Interested In A Home Decor Business These Are Well Known

When it comes to home-based business, it is often a great idea to start researching direct sales businesses. There are many benefits to becoming a direct sales consultant, the biggest of which is that you can choose what you want to sell and you also get the freedom to set your own hours while you work from home. The choices are almost endless when it comes to products you can sell from home. One option that you may not have heard of before is selling home décor through direct sales. Here is a list of some of the most popular home décor direct sales businesses with a tried and true record of success.

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