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Where The Wild Things Are Room Decor

Pulling Together Where The Wild Things Are Nursery Decor


I definitely want to honor the book and the theme, but I also wanted to keep things classy and fairly minimal. Two major ideas came to mind: Look at Etsy Where the Wild Things Are and see what others have created, and look into purchasing a copy of the book and having some pages framed. I was so thrilled to find some of the cutest printable designs that fit the color scheme Id already selected.

You can find these Where the Wild Things Are printables here.

I also fell head over heels in love with the crib mobile I found on Etsy. Those felt characters, those perfectly crafted details, and those colors had me at hello. I was about to pull the trigger on this pricey item when a family member suggested she could likely make a version and was up for the challenge! Was she ever! It was a true labor of love and its something Ive cherished as the greatest nursery gift!

If you arent so lucky to have a crafty friend or family member, Id still really consider ordering it off Etsy. It was the piece that brought it all together! We found a tree branch to hang as the mobile to add some nature and rustic charm to the Where the Wild Things Are nursery. I loved this piece, and so did my son!

Free Printable Nursery Wall Decor

Youre decorating the nursery! What better way to freshen your babys nursery, than with nursery wall decor.

Nursery wall decor is special because it is meant to brighten up the room and be cute. It can also be inspirational or educational.

Below are tons of nursery art for you to choose from. For your convenience, they have been sorted into themes as below. Feel free to look through the entire collection, or just pick through the themes that speak to you. Then, right at the bottom, we also offer helpful tips on how to choose nursery wall art.

  • Animal Alphabet
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme
  • ABC Nursery Ideas/ Alphabet Wall Art
  • Animal Nursery Art
  • Where the wild things are nursery decor
  • Tree themed nursery
  • Where The Wild Things Are Wall Mural

    by Tracey Bellion | Oct 31, 2019

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    Where the Wild Things Are.are you familiar?

    Its a picture book that is older than I am.which is just plain OLD! Lol! Just kidding!

    It was written in 1963.and has since been adapted to the movie screen as well as a Broadway production!

    What does this have to do with painting???

    EVERYTHINGas I was asked to create a feature wall for a boys bedroom that is themed around this childrens tale.

    Wait until you see my Where the Wild Things Are wall mural

    I began with a large solid wall painted in Sherwin Williams Poppy Seedwhich is a lovely charcoal graywhich is about to change! However, having a dark background does help the overall look by adding natural depth and shadows.

    I highly recommend taping down plastic sheeting to protect your floors and carpets! There is a lot of water runoff with this technique. You also need a large number of rags or even old large towels to catch the water as it makes its way down the wall. I suggest a painting catch the water below. I have never done this project alone and never intend to. Its a lot of work controlling the runoff.

    I worked from left to right.and top to bottomin sections about 2.5-3 feet wide.

    I then began creating the birch trees.

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    Letting The Nursery Grow With Your Baby

    I have loved that my son has always loved the Where the Wild Things Are book since the first read. He has it memorized and can recite it! He points to the monsters on his wall and tells us about them. Best of all, now that were ready to move him rooms hes requested he keep his wild thing friends.

    I think that request speaks for itself. We plan to take some of the elements and include them in his big boy room. Hes learned to love a classic childrens book and reading even more. We have adored this nursery so, and Im so grateful we will always have the memories of our baby and our becoming parents tied to this amazing nursery.

    Where The Wild Things Are

    Where the wild things are

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    Helpful Tips For Choosing Nursery Wall Art

    • It is always a great idea to pick baby nursery wall art that will grow with your baby.
    • Every child is unique and therefore you would want to have kids wall art that speaks to their individuality. If you are pregnant, you dont know your babys personality yet, but you can pick wall art for nurseries that inspire you, and what you envision for your child.
    • Pick nursery prints that are versatile. You may initially be thinking of the baby nursery, but if you choose wisely, you could also use it in a playroom or later in a kids room. Also, if you choose prints that are interesting and that matches the familys tastes, your baby wall decor might later be useful in other areas around your house.
    • Themes are cool but dont feel like you have to decorate with only one theme. Instead of being fixated on one theme, you could pick art that coordinates well together. The goal is to have nursery art that looks cohesive if you were to place them all on the wall together. If you choose one particular theme, the design can get old quickly. As long as your nursery prints coordinate well with one another, youre good to go.
    • Dont limit wall art for nurseries to the walls. Book racks and closet shelves are also great for displaying nursery prints.

    Nursery wall decor is great as baby shower gifts or mothers day gifts.


    Baby Shower Planning

    ‘where The Wild Things Are’ Book Quotes

    Here are inspirational quotes, ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ quotes that are heartwarming and quotes from the book with great meaning.

    1. The night Max wore his Wolf suit and made mischief of one kind, and another. His mother called him ‘WILD THING’ and Max said ‘I’LL EAT YOU UP!’ so he was sent to bed without eating anything.

    – ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

    2. And Max, the king of all wild things, was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him best of all.

    – ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

    3. And the wild things roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws.

    – ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

    4. Then from far away across the world he smelled good things to eat, so he gave up being king of the wild things.

    – ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

    5. Hes just a boy, pretending to be a wolf, pretending to be king.

    – ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

    6. Max stepped into his private boat and waved goodbye and sailed back over a year and in and out of weeks and through a day and into the night of his very own room where he found his supper waiting for himand it was still hot.

    – ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

    This is the last line of the beautiful book.

    7. There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen.

    – ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

    8. Let the wild rumpus start!

    – ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.

    9. Inside all of us is Hope.

    Inside all of us is Fear.

    Inside all of us is Adventure.

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    Now For My Main Table

    I was so proud of how well this was set up < 3

    For Decor for the main table I placed my main monster there and my little max I found on Amazon. He comes with stickers and a little book

    I purchased wood cuts from Michaels and made a cupcake stand for my little King Cupcakes by gluing a used masking tape ring to the side of one of the wood cuts and then gluing the other wood cut to the ring. I found the cupcake cups at Michaels too .

    One of my most used purchases was this pack of Stickers. I used them everywhere! I glued them to picks and used them as Cupcake Toppers. A green table-cloth from the dollar tree was used to cover the table and the Tropical Leaves from Amazon to add more forest to the look.

    For the artwork decor here is a free PDF file with all three Images inside for your Where the Wild things Are Party < 3

    Where The Wild Things Are Bedroom

    wall decoration ideas / living room wall decorating ideas / unique wall decor design/ diy home decor

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    Where The Wild Thing Are Pallet Sign

    • Pin

    I have the best news in the world! One of my close friends is having triplets! YES TRIPLETS! Talk about instant family and I am so excited for her. So when she asked me to help her make a pallet sign for the nursery how could I refuse? And this happened at the perfect time because the Silhouette Challenge Theme this month is Word Art, how perfect. Make sure you stick around the end for 22 additional work art projects.

    She came to me with a picture from Pinterest of a Where the Wild Things Are sign, this is the theme for the nursery. How cute. Now I dont usually post ideas that arent completely mine but there are just so many of these signs out there Im not sure who to credit first. So here is one of the pins she showed me.

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    What You Will Need

    • Paint Brushes
    • Monster Stencil .

    Cut four pieces of the pallet to equal lengths. I made this sign roughly 14 x 18.

    Cut two more pieces of the pallet to secure the back of the sign the backing should overlap all four pieces. Using a nail gun choose nails that are about 3/4 the thickness of the sign and the backing. Nail each at varying angles this will help keep the board secure. If you nail all in straight it would be easy to pull to backing from the sign.

    Normally I keep the signs rough but since this if for a nursery we decided to lightly hand sand the front of the sign.

    We chose to only use two colors for this sign white for the background and lettering and grey for the monster. For more of a matte look we painted the sign using Americana Decor Chalk paint. One coat should be enough to cover the board and will dry rather quickly since the wood is so porous.

    Using my Silhouette Cameo we traced the monster image in Adobe Illustrator and used Silhouette Connect to send the monster to the Silhouette. I choose to cut the stencil on vinyl that I had bought on clearance at Joann fabric. I choose a color I didnt necessarily like because I am using it as a stencil. To cut the vinyl we used the preset for vinyl on the Silhouette.

    Using the scrapper or a credit card rub the air out from under the vinyl creating a tight seal so the paint wont bleed.

    We painted one coat and left the monster a little rough and uneven on purpose to give that textured shabby chic look.

    Where The Wild Things Are Wall Art

    Where the Wild Things Are Nursery
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    Memorable Where The Wild Things Are Quotes By Maurice Sendak

    ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak is regarded as one of the best picture books for children.

    The book ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ follows the journey of little Max as he makes his way through an imaginary land of Wild Things as he becomes their king and goes on all sorts of adventures. Here are some of the best ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ quotes.

    The book was critically acclaimed and has sold 20 million copies worldwide in 32 languages. ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ has also seen adaptations in other media including an Animated Short in 1973, an Opera in 1980 and a Live-Action Adaptation in 2009 directed and produced respectively by Spike Jonze and Maurice Sendak.

    Maurice Sendak came under scrutiny from psychologists around the world who deemed his work “too dark” for children because of the image of witchcraft and supernatural elements. This scrutiny caused ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ to be banned in the Southern part of the United States. With all that said, the message of the book comes off as how people are in control of their own destiny in their own imaginations, and can be whoever or whatever they want to be.

    Find the best ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ quotes right here! You may also like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ quotes and ‘Zootopia’ quotes.

    Where The Wild Things Are Baby Nursery Theme

    Where the Wild Things Are Baby Nursery Theme Wall Decorations

    Here is the story of how my baby boy’s “Where the Wild Things are Baby Nursery Theme” came about. At the beginning of my pregnancy I determined that if I learned that we were going to have a son, I wanted to decorate his room in a theme from one of my favorite childhood storybooks, “Where the Wild Things Are.” My baby boy, Kieran, is now 4 months old, and with the movie coming out next month I figured there will be even more merchandise and movie memorabilia I will be able to add to his nursery’s decorations.

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    Where the Wild Things Are Baby Nursery Wall Ideas

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    Where The Wild Things Are Toddler Room Decor

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