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When Will Biltmore Be Decorated For Christmas

Things To Do At Biltmore + A Biltmore Estate Christmas In Asheville North Carolina

Biltmore estate is decorating for Christmas

1. Self Guided Tour of the Biltmore House

The Biltmore House is the main attraction of the visit. It was completed in 1895, and currently, this 250-room home is the largest home in America. There are 65 fireplaces, an indoor pool, and a bowling alley. Whats amazing is almost all of the items you see in the house are from the Vanderbilts original collection. On top of that, its still family-owned by the original family that built the house. The self-guided tour takes you through a one-way route inside Biltmore House, but you can stroll at your own pace. If for some reason you wanted to go back to see something, you can always exit and re-enter at the front. Typically, guests spend 1.5-2 hours.

  • Audio Guides are available too. The 90-minute tour allows you to select the corresponding number in each room and then tells you more about the surrounding architecture, design, and decor. It also tells you more about the lives of the Vanderbilts, their guests, and servants. Our parents loved using the audio guides, while we preferred to look things up on our phones.
  • 90-minute guided tour is also available if you prefer interacting with someone.

2. Behind-the-Scenes Guided Tours & Speciality Tours

3. Explore the Biltmore Gardens and Conservatory

There are 2.5 miles of paths that take you through differently-themed gardens around the house.

4. Wine Tasting at the Biltmore Winery

5. Biltmore Estate at Christmas

Gate Entrance

The Inn on Biltmore Estates

Stroll Through The Biltmore Estate Gardens

I had to hurry through the colorful gardens planned by Americas foremost landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmstedthe man who designed Central Park in NYC. George Vanderbilt also studied horticulture and felt the gardens and forest were essential to the property. You can explore 2.5 miles of paths in the manicured gardens alone or stroll along the French Broad River if time permits.

Christmas At The Biltmore Estate

Dreamy any time of year, the estates fabulous mansion and welcoming hotels are adorned in all manner of Victorian Christmas décor for the holidays.

Agiant Norway spruce by the fountain on the front lawn welcomes you to Americas largest privately owned home.

Inside the House, every room showcases individually decorated trees and classic Christmas decorations thatll make you think youve stumbled onto the set of Downton Abbey.

The House kitchens feature a gingerbread house model of the mansion, complete with rock candy trees and a gumdrop roofline!

Complete your House tour and turn left into the Stable Courtyard for a hot chocolate or spiced cider. Step inside the Christmas Shop for your own Biltmore Christmas ornament, and visit the toy shop, book shop, and Biltmore shops to start your Christmas shopping!

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How Biltmore Decorates For Christmas

Transforming Biltmore into a Christmas wonderland takes thousands of lights, miles of ribbon and greenery, and gallons of hot glue. But it all begins with one simple question: What would George Vanderbilt do?

On shelves stacked to the workshops high ceiling, boxes affixed with a sample sprig of their contents are hand-lettered: golden pear stems and leaves, holly variegated, red pepper berry. One designer, her supplies unpacked and ready, covers poultry netting with quilt batting to create hills and dales of snow. Another designer finishes a dollhouse by adding stepping stones cut from cereal box cardboard. Someone else rolls out lengths of Volara, an archival-quality protective foam impervious to water. Electrical cords dangle overhead, keeping pans of adhesive liquefied. When you smell hot glue, Christmas is coming! Cathy Barnhardt, Biltmores floral displays manager, says cheerfully.

Pull! Pull! yell members of the engineering services team as they position the 35-foot Fraser fir in the Banquet Hall. Once again, the chandelier is spared. photograph by Charles Harris

The two-story library holds 10,296 books and yards of holiday garland thats replaced weekly. photograph by Charles Harris

Cathy Barnhardt oversaw decorating details at Biltmore for 40 years. photograph by Jack Sorokin

Imagine the challenge: The headache of getting your own tree to stand up straight in its rusty stand doesnt seem so daunting now, does it?

Take A Biltmore Candlelight Christmas Evenings Tour

Biltmore, Christmas 2016

As locals, what do we think is the best way to experience a Biltmore Christmas?

If you are a passholder and/or debating between a daytime or evening visit, we highly suggest choosing Biltmore Candlelight Christmas Evenings tickets.

Enjoy a magical nighttime experience with the lights dimmed and candles situated throughout the house. Biltmore Estate fires up many of the 65 fireplaces, keeping you warm and cozy.

Sometimes, we think Biltmore is a tad creepy during the day. In fact, rumor has it that the Estate is one of Ashevilles haunted houses. Blame the tapestries.

At night, with Biltmores Christmas decorations and lights, though, the home is stunning. Hand us a glass of wine, and lets go settle in a chair in George Vanderbilts library.

How long does the Biltmore Candlelight tour take? If you are touring on your own and with an audio guide, plan for one hour to one and a half hours.

You may encounter crowd congestion in certain areas, and budget a little time for non-flash pictures.

Please dont forget to use the restroom before entering the house. There are no restrooms along the way.

Biltmore also asks that you arrive at the house 15 minutes before your allotted tour time. They warn that you should budget for about 45 minutes to park and get to the house.

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Stop By The Gift Shop And Winery

The extensive group of Biltmore gift shops sit near the main house. They are always worth a stop, but especially at Christmastime. I found a few unusual gifts for special people there. The Biltmore Winery, included with a house admission is another worthwhile inclusion.

Boomer Travel Tip

Read another take on a visit to Biltmore House, including the estates connection to the birth of forestry.

Sip Seasonal Cocktails & Enjoy A Meal

Spending Christmas at Biltmore also means eating at their delicious restaurants.

Even as locals and Asheville is known as Foodtopia we enjoy dining at Biltmore Estate throughout the year.

To dine at any of Biltmores restaurants, you will need a daytime ticket, annual pass, or room booked on the property.

We highly encourage making online reservations for any of your Biltmore meals as well as booking them as far out in advance as possible.

We occasionally manage to sneak in without reservations, but you may get turned away or have long wait times.

Stable Cafe traditionally offers a Candlelight Christmas Evenings dinner. This is a ritzy, 3-course Biltmore Christmas dinner menu with an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Its not the friendliest menu for food intolerances and preferences , but gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan items are labeled.

There usually is a vegan soup, and they are able to lightly modify dishes if you are lactose intolerant. The food is delicious, and those seasonal cocktails are fabulous.

Plus, after a night of sparkling lights, the ambiance is perfectly romantic.

For lunch in Asheville and if you are attending Biltmores Daytime Celebrations we devour Stable Cafes chicken salad sandwiches, Southern samplers, and classic burgers.

And, during the day, Stable Cafe is a great kid-friendly restaurant. For littles, choose from chicken tenders, burgers, grilled cheese, and BLTs.

Think fish and chips, bangers and mash, burgers, and Shepherds pie.

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A Magical Christmas Destination: Biltmore Estate

We all dream of the picture-perfect holiday season. A time full of family togetherness, Christmas lights, warm hot chocolate, nostalgic movies and all things merry-and-bright. But often times the reality is a month of endless to-do lists and busyness, causing us to barely catch a glimpse of the holiday magic were striving to create. Sometimes to fully appreciate the wonder of the season, we have to step away from the day-to-day and see it in another light. If youre looking to add some timeless tradition to your Christmas season, I have two words for you: Biltmore Estate!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we packed the car and road-tripped four hours east to Asheville, North Carolina, the backdrop of George Vanderbilts famous estate, which shines brightest during the holidays. From the start of November to right after New Years, Biltmore Estate is decked to the nines! More than 60 Christmas trees, 13,000 ornaments, and countless lights, ribbons and poinsettias adorn the majestic home. Outside, a towering Norway spruce sets the stage on the front lawn, while inside, a jaw-dropping 34-foot-tall Frasier Fir weighing 2,000 lbs is the centerpiece of the banquet hall. While the main attraction is the evening candlelight tour of the home, the entire 8,000 acre property is brimming with holiday festivities for the whole family, from visits with Santa to gingerbread house decorating. Heres everything you need to know about a Christmas at Biltmore visit:

Hike Or Bike Biltmores Fabulous Trails

Biltmore Estate puts up Christmas tree

One of the biggest reasons we are Biltmore annual passholders includes the 22 miles of hiking and biking trails across the Estate.

This is also a great activity for families traveling with children.

Of course, all outdoor activities are weather-dependent, and snow and ice may kibosh your plans. Asheville will see snow and freezing temperatures in the winter.

However, no Christmas at Biltmore would be complete without fully exploring the grounds and terrific winter hikes, including enjoying the same spots as the Vanderbilts.

Since we are locals, we bring our own mountain bikes. However, Biltmores Bike Barn rents out bikes seasonally typically matching Estate hours.

Biking trails range in level, length, and difficulty, and be sure to download Biltmores trail map to help you decide.

Or, just enjoy a casual on-property stroll or hike. We frequent the Westover Trails or walk from Antler Hill Village to the Lagoon.

Continue on from or park at the Lagoon catch a great view of Biltmore over the water and hike up to the side of Biltmore House and gardens via the Deer Park Trail, which is our personal favorite trek.

Near Bass Pond, be sure to catch Biltmores waterfall damn. Its not as awe-inspiring as Ashevilles larger waterfalls, but it is easy to access in the winter.

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Extras To Enjoy During Your Visit

Not every Biltmore Estate experience is for everyone. But match up your Christmas dreams with Biltmores offerings, and youll be in for some unforgettable memories! These are a few of our favorite Biltmore experiences that most guests dont get to experience.

The Spa: Few spa experiences feel quite this indulgent and exclusive. With decor inspired by the Biltmore main house and massage therapists and estheticians whore veritable rock stars in their field, its impossible to go wrong with a spa day at the Biltmore. Whether you opt for a facial, a massage, or a nail treatment during your visit you might just walk away feeling like youve indulged in the best spa experience of your life. A spa day at Biltmore might be the best Christmas gift you give yourself during your time in Asheville.

Overnight Stays: Biltmore was established to welcome overnight guests in extreme warmth and style book an overnight stay at one of the estates overnight stay options, and youll be able to enjoy the best of the evenings on the incomparable Biltmore grounds, take in the light displays on Antler Hill, and dine at Biltmore Houses top restaurantsall without having to leave the property in the evening.

Covid-19 Health and Safety Standards

Exploring other options for your Asheville visit this Christmas season? Whether you love to hike, dine, shop, or adventure, youll find insight into the areas best destinations here.

Christmas Decorating Tips From The Pros Who Deck The Halls Of The Biltmore

Christmas at North Carolinas famed Biltmore Estate is something to behold. Theres the 35-foot tall Frasier fir tree in the banquet hall, boughs of holly, candles and pine cones, gleaming ornaments, flickering lights, and enough glorious baubles to make the estate merry and bright. This year marks the 125th anniversary of the Asheville landmark and, pandemic or not, they are celebrating the season in style. The Biltmore has a few ways to enjoy the holiday magic: a daytime house tour, Christmas at Biltmore Daytime Celebration, an evening tour, Candlelight Christmas Evenings, as well as virtual tours, a Christmas pop-up shop, and an online look at their massive Christmas tree set up operation.

If you are hunkering down at home this year, Lizzie Borchers, the Biltmores floral manager, shared a few Christmas decorating tips with Virginia Brown of The Washington Post that will help capture some of the Biltmores Christmas magic.

Borchers is also a fan of using family heirlooms and ornaments, but recommends taking precautions to keep them safe like photocopying old photos and then stringing them up as a garland. And if an heirloom ornament does break during some yuletide fun? Borchers suggests preserving the broken pieces in a frame or inside a glass ornament that can be hung on the tree. Cute, right?

WATCH: Its Here! Watch the Biltmores 35-Foot Christmas Tree Come to Life

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How Long Is The Biltmore Decorated For Christmas

Welcome the holiday season in style with Christmas at Biltmore a two-month holiday celebration featuring incredible decorations, live music and special candlelight evening experiences. More than 100 hand-decorated Christmas trees adorn the home and the estate, the centerpiece being a 35-foot Fraser fir.

Is Christmas At Biltmore Worth It An Honest Review

Biltmore at Christmas

Christmas at Biltmore is a magical time, especially at sundown

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Im not what youd call an upper-crust kind of guy.

Ive never owned a whole suit and prefer tennis shoes for all situations. I briefly studied international business in college but couldnt stay awake in class and had to run with my tail between my legs back to the liberal arts.

Its OK. I come to my place in society naturally.

My family is filled with successful, intelligent and thoughtful people, some of whom have done quite well. But we are, at heart, members of the hoi polloi.

We are proud to come from farmers and laborers, although if you climb far enough back in my Papaws family tree youll find George Washingtons grandfather, the bad guy from Braveheart, Pepin the Short, Charlemagne and St. Arnulf, the patron saint of beer.

We are, however, long since removed from any royal pretensions.

The few times Ive tried to make entrée into the more structured world of the elite, I didnt like it.

But what I do like? I like the trappings.

The grand churches and magnificent grounds. And the art and the literature and the vast libraries with winding staircases and hidden rooms. I love the tapestries and giant fireplaces and everything that came with being insanely wealthy in old Europe or the new world.

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How Much Does It Cost To Visit For Christmas At Biltmore

A trip to the Biltmore is no more expensive than attending a theme park. Christmas is one of the busiest times to visit the Biltmore Estate, so prices are higher than if you were to visit in the spring or summer.

The mountains get snow, which is promptly cleared from estate roadways and sidewalks, and I cant imagine the increase in the electricity bill when they turn on the thousands of Christmas lights for two months

Weekdays are always cheaper than weekends and holidays. Day time tickets start at $106 per adult. Candlelight Christmas Evenings tickets start at $119 per adult . Discounts are available for children and seniors. Check the website for most current pricing.

Tickets include:

  • Access to the Estates 8,000 acres, including all gardens, the Bass Pond, and the Lagoon
  • Note: for Candlelight Christmas Evening Tickets, you may access the grounds either the day of your evening visit or the day after your evening visit.
  • Self-guided tour of the Biltmore House
  • Access to Antler Hill Village: more shops & restaurants & family activities
  • Complimentary tasting at the Biltmore Winery
  • There is no grounds-only admission price. Regardless if you want to tour the Biltmore House or not, a day time entry ticket is the lowest price available.

    Thats still a bit pricey for those of you on a budget. No shame been there! It is possible to visit Biltmore on a budget when you set priorities.

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    Is The Biltmore Estate Good For Taking Photos

    Absolutely! Youll see some of my favorite photos in this post, but I took hundreds of photos in the house and gardens. As I said before, it was a rainy day when I visited, so many of my photos inside the house were dark. They also do not allow flash photography inside the house.

    The Music Room

    However, some of the rooms are very well lit, such as the Winter Garden Room seen when you first enter the house.

    The woodwork of the Winter Garden ceiling was amazing!

    My favorite spot to take photos was the balcony.

    Although the weather was extremely foggy when we first arrived, it soon cleared up revealing the beautiful view of the grounds.

    It made me feel like a princess to look over the grounds from the balcony of this castle-like home! The view was breathtaking even with the bad weather.

    Even if you dont get any good photos inside the house, the gardens and the exterior of the house are gorgeous. Keep reading to see my garden and Conservatory photos!

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    When Should You Visit

    The Biltmore Estate is beautiful year-round. They have many different events besides just Christmas, such as Biltmore Blooms in the spring. I visited in the fall, specifically mid-November. The weather was not too cold, and the fall leaves were still around.

    The Biltmore has all the Christmas decorations up by early November, and they stay up til January. Of course, you should check their website to find the exact dates for each year.

    Since it was my first visit to the Biltmore estate, I wondered if the Christmas decorations would take away from the regular experience of seeing the Biltmore for the first time. I was wrong about that! If anything, the decorations enhanced the beauty of the estate.

    I highly recommend visiting during the Christmas season. The tickets do cost a bit more, but its worth a few extra dollars in my opinion.

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