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When To Start Decorating For Halloween

When To Take Down Halloween Decorations

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Nonetheless, you can always extend the decorations period for one or two weeks, depending on how attached you are to the holiday. Halloween is one of my best holidays therefore, I always ensure my decorations are up at least for a week. You can try it this year!

There are two factors you must consider before pulling down those beautiful and scary decors the scale of your indoor and outdoor decorations.

If you have many outdoor decorations, it might take you a while before cleaning up the place. In this case, it is appropriate you start taking down the decoration as soon as the night is over. But, if you dont have many outdoor decorations, there is no need for a hurry.

On the other hand, if your indoor decorations are a bit too many, you might want to do an immediate take-down. But, if the decors fascinate you, wait until one week elapses.

Sometimes we have kids or grandkids running around even after the special day. In this case, you can wait until the grandkids leave.

Remember, the earlier you take the Halloween decorations down, the earlier it will create a welcoming and fresh environment for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Below are simple tips to help you transit your home décor from Halloween to Thanksgiving

Remove spooky Halloween decorations: Take the decorations down since not all of those decorations will blend in with a turkey day theme.

When Should You Start Decorating For Halloween

We asked the holiday experts for their perspectives on pumpkins, ghosts, and winged bat wreaths.

As soon as September rolls in, it’s tempting to redecorate your homeinside and outto welcome the autumnal season. Think: harvest motifs, pumpkins and gourds, and the burnished color of fallen leaves. For the truly “Martha” motivated among us, the planning starts even earlieras early as August and the end of summer. And that includes Martha’s favorite holiday of them all: Halloween.

The most popular time to start decorating for Halloween is within the first two weeks of October. However, you can start putting up decorations as early as late September. That’s because most people are inspired by the very real change in the air, and that includes Etsy‘s trend expert and judge on NBC’s series Making It Dayna Isom Johnson. “There is no right or wrong time to start decorating for Halloween,” says Johnson. “but I personally like to bust out the cobwebs and pumpkins when the air starts to feel a little cooler and crisper.”

Calendar aside, your local area’s general climate can delay the transition from summer to fall. For this, Lilly has a tip: “If you live in a warm climate like me, start your Halloween decorating with faux pumpkins and get the real pumpkins mid-month when it is a little cooler outside. Nothing is worse than a sunburned, stinky pumpkin.”

Diy Garland And Mantle Decorations

A fireplace adds architectural interest to any space.

Embellishing with the right mantle decor and your fireplace will stand out as the prominent focal point in the room!

Try one of these ghoulish DIY garland ideas for the perfect ghastly touch!

Although there isnt a tutorial for this DIY Halloween decoration, its so simple anyone can recreate it!

For less than $5 this bunting came to life with Dollar Tree skeleton bats, a can of black spray paint and a wooden bead garland we already had on hand.

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Popular Halloween Decor Themes

There are so many different Halloween themes to choose from that include a variety of different elements and characters. Whether you want to combine themes or go all out on one theme, you can easily get the look you want with the help of unique decorations. Check out some popular Halloween decor themes below remember that this list isnt all inclusive and there are an endless amount of ideas you can create.

Timeline Of Previous Halloween Decorations

31 Cozy &  Simple Rustic Halloween Decorations Ideas &  Pictures

Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party always occurs earlier on, so they put up the decorations starting in mid-August. For instance, in 2020, you could see all the decorations on the street by August 15. Strangely, they put up the decorations so early on. But this is because there arent any holidays close to Halloween.

So, if you go through records, youll see that this has been happening for several years. The big event takes up most of the decorations, which are put up months before Halloween. And then the other ones, such as the Main Street Pumpkin Festival, get their decorations overnight.

But when does the rest of America start decorating for Halloween? There was a poll conducted by where it was shown that 71% of households put up their wonderful Halloween decorations in the 2nd week of October. And 17% of them put up theirs in September, and the remaining 12% did nothing for Halloween decorations.

And its not just households youll also see that other Disney Parks times for putting up Halloween decorations do not align with each other. That brings us back to the point that there is no fixed time for any of the parks Halloween decorations.

Even businesses tend to stock up on decorations according to their convenience. You cant expect all your department stores to stock up on Halloween decorations months before the actual event. At the same time, youll find Target and Wal-Mart stocking Halloween decorations months in advance.

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Festive Home Entrance Abundant With Halloween Decorations

This home entrance offers an engaging festive display abundant with pumpkins and lighted jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Charming yet ghoulish carved pumpkin faces seem to gleam from everywhere in this effective holiday setting. On and above the black door, two scowling skulls announce the spooky nights atmosphere.

Candles and dried autumn leaves add more decorative effects to the homes entrance walkway, and a long garland of multi-hued leaves borders the doorway. An eerie soft light shines through small pane-windows on either side of the black door. On both sides of the doorway are black-cloaked figures supported by tree branches with candle-lit and widely grinning jack-o-lantern heads.

When Should You Start Decorating For Halloween Each Year

Party planners suggest starting to decorate for your Halloween celebration at home, school or the office within the first two weeks of October. If, however, your decorations are large scale or difficult to handle and install, you may want to begin in late September.

Since everyone enjoys seeing bright, colorful holiday displays well in advance of October 31, feel free to follow your own decorating preferences for Halloween. By doing so, you will get your friends, neighbors and coworkers as well as casual passersby into the spooky, prankish and fun-filled mood to celebrate.

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When Do You Start Decorating For Halloween


Bobbiejo said:I’ve been decorating the inside of the house for two weeks now and am basically done. I’ll do a final tweak this weekend to add things I bought over the last few days before putting away the things I decided not to use this year. The outside won’t be started on until mid-October. There’s a couple of crafts I’ll work on over the next couple of weeks, so I’ll stay busy until the actual holiday.

The Big Kahuna of Fright

How Can I Decorate For Halloween Cheap

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When it comes to decorating your home for Halloween, chances are youre looking at DIY options to save money.

And thats exactly what each of these DIY Halloween decorations have in common!

In addition to being cost effective, many of these DIY ideas are also easy to make with simple household supplies.

With 50+ ideas in this post youre sure to find several decorations youll want to make this year!

Shopping for clearance decorations after Halloween is another great way to snatch some spooky decor on the cheap!

In fact, by adding a few new Halloween decorations each year whether they are DIY or purchased, your collection is sure to be so large its scary!

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Dollar Tree Wreath made from a boa. Sunny Side Design

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When To Decorate For Halloween

Halloween is always the perfect moment to get creative and creepy with those ghosts, goblins, pumpkins, and spider webs decorations. Often, as the days of summer fun come to an end, most people are always in a hurry to make their home look spectacular for Halloween. But how early is too early to decorate for Halloween?

You can start with Halloween decorations anytime from the beginning of October. As soon as October 1st hits, you are good to go with Halloween decorations. However, most people start decorating for Halloween as early as late September.

Nonetheless, deciding on a timeline for this traditional holiday will largely depend on several factors, including the scale of your Halloween decorations.

When to Decorate for Halloween?

This article will shed more light on the best times to decorate for Halloween and fall holidays. Also, you will discover whether August is too early to decorate for Halloween or not. As you come to the end of the article, you will also know when to take down the Halloween decorations. Read on.

Inviting Living Room Interior With Festive Halloween Display

This appealing living room décor features a soft suede couch in mocha tones decorated with two bright orange pillows and a black coverlet. The glass-topped coffee table displays two jaunty jack-o-lanterns, one orange and another in black and perched on a larger orange pumpkin. Two more pumpkins and a potted flowering plant complete this engaging Halloween display.

Behind the couch, tall open black-framed shelves exhibit a colorful array that includes another pumpkin, books, pottery, famed pictures, a lamp and other decorative items. Beside the couch, a green plant and a tall basket with a white pillow add pleasing accents. On the wall beside the couch, two strands of orange and black banners display the cheerful greeting, Happy Halloween.

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Free Seasonal Decor Calendar Download

Get yourself organized and start enjoying the seasons!

Its easy to know when to change seasonal decor once you have a plan.

To get your free copy of the seasonal decor schedule, leave your email in the form below:

One more quick thing

There are no dates on the holiday decorating schedule so you can print it out year after year.

Its an easy thing to add to a household binder or holiday planner each year too so you know when to change seasonal decor.

When Can I Put Up Halloween Decorations

Cute Halloween Front Porch Decorations to Greet Your Guests

So, when can I put up Halloween decorations? The best time to start decorating for Halloween depends on your personal preference. Most people start hanging their Halloween decorations within the first two weeks of October. However, some people start decorating their houses as early as before Labor Day.

When trying to decide on how soon you should start hanging your Halloween decorations, you should also consider the scale of your Halloween decorations.

If you are planning something major this Halloween, then you should probably start decorating much earlier. If you are transforming your home into a house of unimaginable horrors, then youll want to start decorating in mid-September to get a head start. By starting early, youll have enough time to execute the intricate Halloween set-ups.

However, if you plan to keep it simple this Halloween, then theres no need to start decorating early. You can wait till early October before putting up your Halloween decorations. Some people usually wait until the second half of October before they start hanging their decorations, with some even waiting until the actual day before putting out the decorations.

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Find The Perfect Scary Halloween Decorations And Halloween Party Decorations Here

Create the best haunt on the block with Halloween decorations from Oriental Trading! We’ve got everything you need to haunt your home, inside and out, plus Halloween party decorations and supplies. Looking for haunted house ideas? You’ll find all the scary Halloween decorations needed to create the neighborhood’s best Halloween haunted house right here and at prices that won’t make you run away in fright.

Get ready to scare up some screams! You’ll love our scary yard decorations like zombies, witches, specialty skeletons, such as animals, pirates and even a mermaid, and so much more! We also have easy to hang, if you’ll pardon the pun, decorations like the Hanging Scarecrow, the Severed Hanging Torso and the Giant Spider Web. If you’re looking for the creepiest way to add a little ambiance to your haunted house, porch or Halloween party, look no further than our lighting and special effects department! From strobe lights to metal luminaries and fog machines, we have exactly what you need to create a spooky scene.

We’re your one-stop Halloween party stop and your quickest and easiest way to get great haunted house ideas.

Bright Home Office With Creative Halloween Dcor

This bright and cheerful home office setting is decorated with creative and lighthearted Halloween décor. There are two grinning jack-o-lanterns on the floor beside the desk and a third one on the other side. Another pair of carved pumpkin faces decorate the desktop, and still another one grins from a desk shelf.

These bright pumpkin faces are lit from candles inside, and one on the desktop wears a black pointed witchs hat. Two black bats hover above, suspended on the white wall above the desk, and one desk shelf displays a skull. A green potted plant, the sleek desk set, three industrial pendant lights and a tripod-model floor lamp with a white shade lend modern style.

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How To Decorate Your Outdoor Space For Halloween

  • Wrap some orange and purple string lights around your porch railing.
  • Hang up a skeleton wreath on your front door.
  • Display an inflatable Halloween character in your front yard.
  • Create a spooky graveyard scene in your yard with tombstone stakes, skeleton hands, and other spooky accents.
  • Hang up caution tape and spider webs across your front porch with lighted decor nearby.
  • Display Halloween themed throw pillows and a blanket on your porch bench or chairs.
  • Set up Halloween character statues on each porch step.
  • Transform your yard with a variety of Halloween sentiment stakes.

Cozy Vintage Style Halloween Decorations With Rocker And Fireplace

First HALLOWEEN 2022 Decor Sighting at Old Time Pottery!

This cozy hobo style den interior features a cluster of tall handcrafted white candles beside a vintage molded wooden rocker draped with a dark khaki blanket. Nearby is a tall antique white lamp with a tasseled white silk shade beside a simple white fireplace and mantel. Above the fireplace are large black letters that read Happy Halloween, and on the mantel are more large white hand-made candles, smaller candles and other decorative items.

The rustic wood shiplap walls lend added vintage character, and the room is cloaked in cobweb decorations, providing a realistic, eerie atmosphere. Black, gray and white pumpkins and gourds create a spooky floor display along with one gold gourd in a cage. A nearby skull surveys the scene soberly, and a vintage clock with Roman numerals and small framed prints brighten the rugged timber walls.

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How To Start Decorating For Halloween

When the fall season starts, you decorate with simple harvest themes such as pumpkins and leaves, along with warm and cozy elements. While Halloween incorporates some similar symbols as harvest style decorating, theres of course some differences that establish the Halloween holiday. Luckily, you can easily transition from fall decor to Halloween decor.

Choosing A Theme Is Essential

You should decide on a theme right away. All the Halloween decor looks tempting, and it might lead to impulse buying. Doing so, you will end up with a lot of unmatched scenery with nowhere to put up.

Therefore, try narrowing the list down. For example, you can choose to do a zombie theme, a witches gathering, or ghosts in the graveyard. Once you select a theme, try looking for inspiration online and decide what items you need to add to your collection. Then, you can narrow it down once more. Remember, if you are not that much into blood, Halloween doesnt have to be about that. There are still many options to choose from, like going for a gothic, vintage style.

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Porch With Funny And Fierce Halloween Jack

This festive home porch and steps exhibit multiple cleverly carved jack-o-lanterns with funny and somewhat fierce expressions. Their ghoulish grins suggest some holiday tricks to accompany the treats. The white wooden porch railing and the gray porch floor are decorated with many-colored autumn leaves.

The homes bright auburn wooden door and vintage porch rocking chair offer the perfect setting for this Halloween display. Party guests, neighbors and passersby can all enjoy this lighthearted scene for the holiday. Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, this decorative porch will brighten your day and intrigue your evening.

When Is It Socially Acceptable To Start Decorating For Halloween

Make it Spooky: Halloween Mantel Decorations!

As pumpkin spice arrives, so do the Halloween items that line the store shelves of your favorite big-box store. The days of summer fun are coming to an end so it is finally time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. Don’t panic, it is only early September but before you know it, BAM, it is spooky season.

I am a huge Halloween nerd and believe we should use seasonal decor as lifestyle decor. Do I need witch hands that screw into the wall to hold towels or keys? YES! Others of you may say no. I am not here to judge you, so don’t you come at me for leaving my witch hands up. Either way, you shouldn’t be a trick-or-treat hater and get in on celebrating Halloween with some fun decor. When it comes to deciding when to decorate in your home or office, the discussion of when to start needs to be had.

According to, the most popular time to start decorating is the first two weeks of October. Due to the prices of Halloween decorations these days, I would recommend putting those babies up starting the last week of September. If we have learned to accept people putting up their Christmas lights all year long, I say the rules of decorating are left to whoever spent their dang money on them.

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