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When To Put Out Fall Decor

Diy Fall Decorations You Can Do Right Now

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In spite of all of the rain and cool weather, we find autumn to be very charming. Theres much to love about it and were not referring only to the beautiful foliage although this seems to be the seasons main attraction.

We love the colors of the autumn and the idea of bringing them indoors through DIY fall decorations. It just happens that we prepared a few very simple ones for you today. Theyre our favorite examples of DIY fall decor. They capture the essence of the seasons in some pretty cool ways.

When To Start Shopping For Your Fall Decorations

Shopping for the next season on the calendar starts sooner every year, it seems. It wont be surprising to begin seeing fall decorations on sale in August. If you love to go all out on your fall DIY decor, that will be the perfect time to start looking for the seasons newest items and stock up on those must-have pieces!

Create A Cozy Fall Seating Area

Adding a bench to your front porch will turn the area into a comfy outdoor living space youll love spending time in. Play up the fall aesthetics by setting a simple bench near a railing or exterior wall and covering pillows in festive patterns and throws in weather-resistant fabrics. Consider adding a wooly rug to complete the cozy look.

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Easter And Spring Decor

When should you decorate for Easter? Many of yourEaster decorations may go along with your basic spring decor. Put out your Easter decorations around 3-4 weeks before the Easter holidayor start putting them out with the rest of your spring decorations. In general, March is a great time to start putting out spring decorations in general, since it’s starting to warm up outside and you may want to start focusing on brighter colors and new beginnings.

When Should You Start Decorating For Halloween

My plan was to wait until September to put out fall decor ...

We asked the holiday experts for their perspectives on pumpkins, ghosts, and winged bat wreaths.

As soon as September rolls in, it’s tempting to redecorate your homeinside and outto welcome the autumnal season. Think: harvest motifs, pumpkins and gourds, and the burnished color of fallen leaves. For the truly “Martha” motivated among us, the planning starts even earlieras early as August and the end of summer. And that includes Martha’s favorite holiday of them all: Halloween.

The most popular time to start decorating for Halloween is within the first two weeks of October. However, you can start putting up decorations as early as late September. That’s because most people are inspired by the very real change in the air, and that includes Etsy‘s trend expert and judge on NBC’s series Making It Dayna Isom Johnson. “There is no right or wrong time to start decorating for Halloween,” says Johnson. “but I personally like to bust out the cobwebs and pumpkins when the air starts to feel a little cooler and crisper.”

Calendar aside, your local area’s general climate can delay the transition from summer to fall. For this, Lilly has a tip: “If you live in a warm climate like me, start your Halloween decorating with faux pumpkins and get the real pumpkins mid-month when it is a little cooler outside. Nothing is worse than a sunburned, stinky pumpkin.”

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My Living Room Decorated With Neutral Fall Decor

Nows the fun part my living room tour!

Ive done my best to link up the sources under each photo, but if I missed something, just let me know!

Welcome to our fall living room

We actually call this space the family room and as you see here, its accessed through the kitchen. You can see the butcher block kitchen island and glass pendant lights above the island in this shot.

Our house is only 1400 sq/ft, so every space somewhat flows into the other.


I continued the white pumpkins down to the hearth where I filled our metal wood basket with them.

Can you believe all of these pumpkins came from our garden this year? Im so glad we planted them!


On the other side of the hearth, I added two large white pillows, a faux sheepskin rug and a faux plant with a few of the fall stem added to it.

I love how my small olive bucket adds a bit of the classic farmhouse style to the mantel.

Over on the piano, I added a simple bouquet of neutral stems and orange roses in one of my favorite ceramic pitchers.

I typically put more decor on top of the piano, but for some reason this fall I was craving simplicity So, a small floral arrangement and simple frame vignette was all I chose to add.

I seriously cant get enough of this bouquet! It was a pre-arranged greenery bouquet from Michaels and I added just a few orange roses to it.

So pretty, right?

Give Your Windows The Royal Treatment

Once the door is decked out, move on to the window treatmentsboth inside and out.

The second easiest way to add a color update to your living room is by hanging new drapes, says Angela Boswell, co-founder of the drape, a web-based store for luxury, custom curtains. Window curtains in sumptuous velvets and warm rich fall colors will instantly bring the fall season alive, Boswell continues. If you have tall windows, hang the rod close to the ceiling, four to six inches above the window frame. Long textured velvet window panels in muted clay or honey gold will be a stunning backdrop to your seasonal décor and the subtle shimmer of the textured velvet will play beautifully with the flickering light of candles.

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From Spring To Summer

When is the time to transition your home decoration from spring to summer? As temperatures start to rise from early to mid-June, bring touches of summer into your living space.

Freshen up your room decoration with throw pillows, area rugs, and other accents in vibrant yellow, orange, or fuchsia. Incorporate crisp white fabrics for curtains and beddings to make these bold colors come to life. White also reflects more light, giving your rooms a fresh and airy feel.

Let bright summer flower arrangements liven up your home. Add character to your living room with a colorful summer wreath or wall art as your mantel décor. Place a vase of flowers on tabletops to create a cheery atmosphere.

Display home accessories that remind you of the season, such as tropical fruit bowls, wicker baskets, and nautical-inspired décor.

Summers the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with a brunch or barbecue set-up in the backyard. Lay out colorful tablecloths and tableware. Repurpose the string lights you used during winter and hang them around your al fresco dining area for a festive feel.

Tiny And Adorable Scaredy Pot Diy Fall Decorations


View in gallery

Youll never look at tiny clay pots the same after you lay eyes on this adorable little scarecrow. Hobby Lobby Crafts used clay pots, paint, and twine to create the cutest scarecrow you will ever see, but you can use the same materials to craft anything from a pumpkin man to Frankenstein. These DIY clay pot figures are only limited by your imagination!

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Start With The Front Door

The front door is the very first thing guests see before entering your home, so why not start there? Leveling up your entryway with fall decor is a great way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Hang a fall wreath on your front door and then pair it with brightly colored mums arranged on either side of the door, says Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer at Trendey. Skip the standard flower pots and place the mums in harvest baskets. Then, arrange a few pumpkins around the flower baskets, DelMonico adds. You could leave them orange, but you could also paint them white, gold, black, or any other color that compliments the exterior of your home.

Maple Leaf Mason Jars

View in gallery

Maple leaf mason jars are popular in fall crafting circles, and with good reason. These gorgeous autumn lamps help bring an inviting warm glow to your home while also pulling a fall motif throughout your interiors.

With just a little modge podge, some Mason jars, and some artificial leaves, you can create beautiful fall lamps to place throughout the house. This craft is easy enough for kids to help out, too. Read more about how to make maple leaf mason jars over at Spark and Chemistry.

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Why Choose Neutral Fall Decor

I am usually more of a fan of using color in my decorating, but I can certainly appreciate neutral decor as well. I love how versatile this neutral fall decor is. These neutral fall decorations would be perfect to have up all season long if you want a more minimal and subtle way to decorate.

They could also work double time for Thanksgiving which is not too far away! Add a couple rattan pumpkins to your table and you are good to go!

One thing you can be sure of when decorating with neutral decor is that it will never go out of style! Unlike color trends in decorating, these colors are timeless so they will always look fantastic!

Another plus to decorating with neutral colors is that they are very easy to transition into another season. For instance, this neutral fall decor would be simple to transition to Christmas decor. Just remove the pumpkins and replace them with neutral colored Christmas trees! Then replace the wreath and sign with more Christmas themed ones and voila you are done!

Create A Fall Centerpiece

Anne White Interiors Blog

Highlight your fall color palette with a creative centerpiece. Your dining table, coffee table, sofa table, or mantle is an excellent location. This is your chance to feature the three colors you picked in the Hello, fall colors! section. Here are some decorating ideas to get you started:

  • Fall candle holders
  • Mini gourds
  • White pumpkins
  • Buffalo plaid ribbon
  • Vases of autumn leaves and branches with acorn filler
  • Seasonal table runner
  • Seasonal wall art and wall decor

Have fun creating your fall centerpiece theres no reason to be intimidated. It can be as simple as a bunch of mini gourds set around a vase of dried fall foliage from your local craft store, or a basket of faux mini pumpkins with fall-colored flowers tucked in the edges.

If you cant find a good spot for your centerpiece, try the dining table. Also, consider setting up a small arrangement on a round end tableby the front door to welcome your guests with autumnal cheer.

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Epiphany 202: When To Take Your Christmas Tree Down And Other Twelfth Night Traditions

In Britain, tradition has it that Christmas decorations stay up until Twelfth Night – but this is where the confusion lies

While New Year’s Day marks the end of the Christmas period, remnants of the holiday festivities still remain. The surplus of food will be used to make meals until it comes to its natural end, but when to take down your Christmas tree and decorations continues to be an ongoing debate.

Is January 5 or 6 the best day to tackle the task? And what happens if you leave them up for longer? Are you really struck down with bad luck for the rest of the year as superstition would have you believe?

One thing’s for sure – everyone does it differently, and everyone has their own ideas.

Fall Decorating Ideas Outside On The Front Porch

Looking for fall decorating ideas outside on the front porch? Heres my fall porch with seven simple decorating ideas.

disclosure: this post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart.

I woke up this morning to cold.


I said it.


I opened the front door and shivered. Somehow in the middle of the night, someone took away our 91-degree temperatures and replaced them with a 57-degree morning. In Texas? Thats the equivalent of glacier-like temperatures.

I love that first cold morning. That wonderful time of year where you and the weather put a sweater on. You know. Where you can stick your nose in the air and smell the fall and the football and the winter and the Christmas and all the amazing that is to come.

But just between us?

The only thing thats better than a crisp, cool fall morning is opening up your front door.

.and seeing this.

My front porch.

All ready for fall.

Its like the weather knew that I decorated my porch yesterday and it decided to cooperate. If you cant tell from my fall this year, Im mixing it up. Ive decorated my dining room table with blue and white pumpkins and painted blue and white fall leaf pillows.

So for the fall decorating ideas outside.

I wanted to go black and white with a little purple mixed in.

Lets discuss.

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A Simple Neutral Fall Tablescape

On this simple fall tablescape, I used our DIY dough bowl as the centerpiece. This is one of my favorite DIY projects that we have made and I use it all the time in my decorating. I love finding new ways to decorate with it. Dough bowls are great to fill with seasonal items or just have sitting against the wall as a decoration.

I found this huge rattan pumpkin this year at Ross Dress for Less store. I also got the apple cider sign from there. That was the first time I had ever been to that store and I scored! They were very reasonable in price, however, I could sense it is a hit or miss type of store. You may get lucky or you may not. It is worth it to take a look though!

I filled the rest of the dough bowl with faux eucalyptus and lambs wool stems. They were originally both garlands that I cut into sections. I find them to be more usable this way than in a garland form. Then placed my DIY faux acorns next to the pumpkin.

These large acorns turned out so well! Did you see the tutorial for these last week? If not, check it out! I love that I will be able to use them in my Christmas decorating too!

To go along with the large neutral centerpiece pumpkin, I found these smaller rattan pumpkins at Hobby Lobby. The smaller pumpkins work wonderful as placeholders and they coordinated with the large pumpkin smashingly! To finish off the neutral table setting, I used some gold lined plated and light gold chargers with cream colored linen napkins .

Mason Jar And Twine Centerpiece

DOLLAR TREE DIY FALL DECOR 2020 *NEW* decorating ideas for Autumn!

View in gallery

As popular as pumpkins are this season, Mason jars are even more popular. There are tons of DIY projects based on the simple glass jar and this is one of them.

The simplistic look of this decoration is a huge part of its appeal. As you can see, theres not much to it. Each jar is decorated with a bit of twine and a metal washer is attached to the twine section, sort of like a tag. You can use the jars as vases. This Mason jar and twine centerpiece are one of the easiest DIY projects ever.

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How Do You Welcome The Guest

Some suggested Some suggestions include Hello, welcome Welcome, good morning Hello, good afternoon, welcome. Introduce yourself by name making sure your communication is professional, yet personal. Great to meet you, Im Nikko. If occupied with another guest, it is important to acknowledge arriving guests.

Add Fall Outdoor Pillows

Create a fall room by adding pillows!

There are so many fabulous fall pillows out there. Look for a post later this week for my favorite fall outdoor pillows!


I hope you have lots of outdoor fall decorating ideas and are inspired to create beautiful fall outdoor spaces this year!

Do you have a tip for decorating outdoor spaces this fall? Please share!

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Use A Tartan Or Fabulous Throw

One of the most asked questions I get this time of year is about the beautiful tartan throw above.

It is our family Tartan. We are part of the Buchanan clan and this is the Ancient Buchanan Tartan. Perfect for fall! Our tartans are wool and wear like iron and are nice and warm. We have several and use them outdoors when the weather gets chilly.

You can see our Antique Buchanan Wool HERE.

Add a little color, texture, and beauty by tucking a throw you love into your outdoor fall decor!

  • hang a tartan blanket over a front porch banister as a backdrop to a pretty fall planter
  • drape a tartan blanket over a porch rocker or swing
  • put tartan blankets in a basket and bring it out when entertaining outside
  • use a tartan blanket as a tablecloth for a pretty fall table

Diy Wood Bead Pumpkin

Cottage Revivals on Instagram: Its only July but gosh ...

View in gallery

Sometimes you dont have to go big with your fall decorations to still make a big impact. This DIY wooden bead pumpkin from Domestically Blissful is simple to put together with just a few crafting supplies.

It makes a nice addition to a fall-themed centerpiece or you could just put them around in different unused corners as accent pieces.

These are a fun project to make while you hang out on a chilly fall weekend since the act of stringing the beads is calming. If you dont like the look of the wooden beads, you could also try this project with other bead types.

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