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When Does The Biltmore Estate Decorate For Christmas

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Biltmore

Biltmore estate is decorating for Christmas

The full price for an adult admission ticket is currently $50 plus tax however, if you purchase tickets seven or more days in advance, you will save $10 per ticket and receive each for $40 plus tax. over a year ago. Guests who purchase tickets seven or more days in advance save $10 off each admission.

Why You Should Visit The Biltmore Estate At Christmas Time

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina has been on my bucket list for years. Americas Largest Home at 175,000 square feet is an amazing feat of architecture and a treasure trove of history. But when is the best time to go?

I decided that Christmas was the perfect time of year for my first ever visit to the Biltmore. Heres why you should consider a holiday trip to this magical estate!

What Can You Do At Biltmore

Biltmore a massive mansion built in the 1890s as a summer home for a ridiculously wealthy member of the Vanderbilt family, George Vanderbilt is the gilded age mansion of my dreams.

The grounds are a massive garden, the American version of Versailles. The house is 178,926 square feet of Downton Abbey relocated to mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina.

Each room is elegant and opulent and filled with American history.

Its a man-made paradise, both inside and out.

I really lack the vocabulary to describe it. Its magnificent, like the Titanic but on land.

Its a tribute to exceptionalism and the power of money.

However, it can also be a bit depressing when considering how one family possessed so much wealth in a time when so many Americans lived in crushing poverty. But, honestly, its best not to think of all that whilst on tour.

Biltmore is far more than the house and grounds. It is essentially its own village with a hotel, an inn and cottages you can rent for overnight stays.

Antler Hill Village features a number of diverting shops and places to eat, like Cedrics Tavern, as well as the winery.

Theres hiking, craft demonstrations and live music at the bandstand, which ends in October due to the weather. Hiking is included in admission or with a stay at one of the Biltmore Estates overnight properties.

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Christmas At The Biltmore Estate In Asheville Nc

If you are visiting Asheville during the Christmas season, one of the things you really should do is a Biltmore Christmas tour. There are two different ways you can enjoy Christmas at the Biltmore Estate & Garden: the Daytime Celebration and the Candlelight Tour.

Whether you choose to visit the Biltmore Estate during the day or evening, your experience will be wonderful.

There is so much you will be able to see and do, just make sure that you dont miss out on seeing it all!

Is The Biltmore Worth It If Im Not Interested In History

Christmas decorations at Biltmore, Americas largest house ...

Im not a big history buff myself, but I still thought the Biltmore Estate was fascinating. Walking through the house and imagining what life was like over a hundred years ago is interesting even on a self-guided tour.

Im also not really into architecture, but its hard to ignore how impressive this house is.

Even the most intricate details were important in the construction of this house.

The cheapest tickets include a self-guided tour and guidebook, and for a few more dollars you can have an audio-guided tour. If you really want to go all out you can choose a two-hour tour with an expert guide assigned to you and access to areas off the main tour.

For the sake of budget, I selected the self-guided option. I still feel that I got a very comprehensive tour on my own.

If youre planning a trip to North Carolina, the Biltmore Estate is a stop you cant miss. Whether you visit during the holidays or another time of the year, the Biltmore at Christmas is a one-of-a-kind experience youll never forget!

Dont forget to below to access the resource library and get a free packing list and other travel printables!


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Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Asheville

The Sourwood Inn is the very best hotel option to stay during your holiday visit to Asheville. The inn includes 12 luxurious mountain-view rooms and a hideaway cottage with wood-burning fireplaces and spa-like baths. After your busy day exploring the Biltmore come back to the inn for a romantic candlelight dinner with curated wine. The inn will be festively decorated for the holidays and has several dining options available, including a full-board option of having three meals served at the inn on certain dates. Check out our specials list hereand book your stay today.

How Long Is The Biltmore Decorated For Christmas

Welcome the holiday season in style with Christmas at Biltmore a two-month holiday celebration featuring incredible decorations, live music and special candlelight evening experiences. More than 100 hand-decorated Christmas trees adorn the home and the estate, the centerpiece being a 35-foot Fraser fir.

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Is Christmas At Biltmore Worth It An Honest Review

Christmas at Biltmore is a magical time, especially at sundown

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Im not what youd call an upper-crust kind of guy.

Ive never owned a whole suit and prefer tennis shoes for all situations. I briefly studied international business in college but couldnt stay awake in class and had to run with my tail between my legs back to the liberal arts.

Its OK. I come to my place in society naturally.

My family is filled with successful, intelligent and thoughtful people, some of whom have done quite well. But we are, at heart, members of the hoi polloi.

We are proud to come from farmers and laborers, although if you climb far enough back in my Papaws family tree youll find George Washingtons grandfather, the bad guy from Braveheart, Pepin the Short, Charlemagne and St. Arnulf, the patron saint of beer.

We are, however, long since removed from any royal pretensions.

The few times Ive tried to make entrée into the more structured world of the elite, I didnt like it.

But what I do like? I like the trappings.

The grand churches and magnificent grounds. And the art and the literature and the vast libraries with winding staircases and hidden rooms. I love the tapestries and giant fireplaces and everything that came with being insanely wealthy in old Europe or the new world.

How Long Will The Biltmore House Be Decorated For Christmas

Christmas At Biltmore 2021 – The Biltmore House Christmas Decorations Are Incredibly Beautiful!


Also to know is, how long do the Christmas decorations stay up at the Biltmore?

5 answers. Thank you for your question. Candlelight Christmas Evening visits at Biltmore are available through January 2nd. The estate will remain through January 10th.

Subsequently, question is, how much are tickets to the Biltmore House at Christmas? Daytime Admission Pricing: $69 $99. Best Deals on Biltmore Tickets& Special Offers: Buy daytime tickets at least 7 days in advance on the Biltmore Estate website and save $10 or more per ticket . Tour time reservations for house entry are required.

Keeping this in view, how long is the Biltmore Christmas tour?

Our guests spend an average of ninety minutes to two hours walking through Biltmore House. Depending on where you plan to have dinner, we recommend anywhere from 90 minutes to two and a half hours for your dining time. Feel free to call us directly so we can assist you with your visit plans.

How long does it take to walk through the Biltmore House?

It typically takes guests between six and eight hours to fully enjoy all of that their ticket includes .

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Holiday Happenings In Asheville

A visit to the Omni Grove Park Inn itself is another sweet treat, an overnight stay even better. The 513-room resort recalls a grand old National Park lodge, decorated for the holidays with glorious greenery, trees and lights.

The Great Gingerbread House lures adults and kids alike to the welcoming Great Halla Hansel and Gretel 10 ½-foot gingerbread replica of the Inn. Children can buy hot cocoa as adults cozy up to the lobby bar.

Biltmore Dcor Showcases Festive Christmas Carols

Biltmore House is resplendent with its beautiful holiday decorations. Pictured is George Vanderbilts library, with the theme Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

The Christmas tree in the Biltmore Banquet Hall soars to 35 feet. This year, the designer used multi-colored lights instead of previous white lights for a truer representation of the time George Vanderbilt lived in the house.

  • The Biltmore Company

The Biltmore Music Room is bathed in gold with its We Three Kings theme. Pictured is a representation of the three kings on the fireplace mantle.

  • Paul Viau photo

The Salons theme, Silent Night, is carried out in a Nativity set Biltmore procured from Mazzolini Artcraft Company, an art importer. The pieces are made of wood paste, or pasta madera, handmade in Olot, Spain, located just north of Barcelona.

Christmas at Biltmore is a tradition going back to 1895, when George Vanderbilt first opened his home. The house and grounds are all decked-out for the holidays.

  • The Biltmore Company

The We Three Kings theme is carried out under the Biltmore Music Rooms tree, with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The music room seems enveloped in a golden hue.

  • Paul Viau photo

The tree in Biltmores Salon is a vision in pastel colors.

  • Paul Viau photo

With the massive size of Biltmore House, the ornaments and decorations are maximized in size, especially for the 35-ft. Christmas tree in the Banquet Hall.

  • Paul Viau photo
  • Paul Viau photo
  • Paul Viau photo

Christmas Carols Theme

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How Long Does The Biltmore Stay Decorated For Christmas

Welcome the holiday season in style with Christmas at Biltmore a two-month holiday celebration featuring incredible decorations, live music and special candlelight evening experiences. More than 100 hand-decorated Christmas trees adorn the home and the estate, the centerpiece being a 35-foot Fraser fir.

A Magical Christmas Destination: Biltmore Estate

Biltmore library decorated for Christmas : CozyPlaces

We all dream of the picture-perfect holiday season. A time full of family togetherness, Christmas lights, warm hot chocolate, nostalgic movies and all things merry-and-bright. But often times the reality is a month of endless to-do lists and busyness, causing us to barely catch a glimpse of the holiday magic we’re striving to create. Sometimes to fully appreciate the wonder of the season, we have to step away from the day-to-day and see it in another light. If you’re looking to add some timeless tradition to your Christmas season, I have two words for you: Biltmore Estate!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we packed the car and road-tripped four hours east to Asheville, North Carolina, the backdrop of George Vanderbilt’s famous estate, which shines brightest during the holidays. From the start of November to right after New Years, Biltmore Estate is decked to the nines! More than 60 Christmas trees, 13,000 ornaments, and countless lights, ribbons and poinsettias adorn the majestic home. Outside, a towering Norway spruce sets the stage on the front lawn, while inside, a jaw-dropping 34-foot-tall Frasier Fir weighing 2,000 lbs is the centerpiece of the banquet hall. While the main attraction is the evening candlelight tour of the home, the entire 8,000 acre property is brimming with holiday festivities for the whole family, from visits with Santa to gingerbread house decorating. Here’s everything you need to know about a Christmas at Biltmore visit:

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When Should You Visit

The Biltmore Estate is beautiful year-round. They have many different events besides just Christmas, such as Biltmore Blooms in the spring. I visited in the fall, specifically mid-November. The weather was not too cold, and the fall leaves were still around.

The Biltmore has all the Christmas decorations up by early November, and they stay up til January. Of course, you should check their website to find the exact dates for each year.

Since it was my first visit to the Biltmore estate, I wondered if the Christmas decorations would take away from the regular experience of seeing the Biltmore for the first time. I was wrong about that! If anything, the decorations enhanced the beauty of the estate.

I highly recommend visiting during the Christmas season. The tickets do cost a bit more, but its worth a few extra dollars in my opinion.

Why Visit The Biltmore Estate

Because were all a little voyeuristic. Who doesnt love to be a little nosy and ooh and aah over a fabulously decorated home?

This 250-room mansion was built in 1895 by a wealthy Vanderbilt bachelor as his country escape from New York City. Who wouldnt want to take a peek at that kind of lifestyle?

History buffs will also love the Biltmore Estate for the incredible adventure involved in developing, building, and maintaining what was originally a 250,000 acre estate at the turn of the 20th century in the backwoods mountain town of Asheville, NC.

All the latest technology and conveniences were included in the Biltmore house when it was built, including electricity, refrigeration, fire suppression building techniques, as well as an elevator, a bowling alley, and an indoor swimming pool.

Famous names like Frederick Law Olmsted and Richard Morris Hunt were key designers of the landscape and house, respectively.

There are plenty of reasons to visit the Biltmore because this place is amazing all year. The Blue Ridge Mountains surround the estate and are awesome to behold, no matter the season. The azalea gardens burst into bloom in the spring, and the trees put on a show in the fall.

Theres a season for everyone here!

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What Is The Best Time To Visit Biltmore

The Biltmore is beautiful all year round, but I especially love it at Christmas.

When the house is decked for the season, its transmuted.

Youre no longer a tourist in T-shirt and jeans, schlepping through somebody elses decadent summer home. Youre in another place, another time. The elegance is enveloping. Even for a schlub like me.

Tips For Touring The Biltmore Mansion

Christmas at Biltmore: Virtual Tree Raising 2021

An audio guide, in my opinion, is necessary for touring the art-filled home, plus its fascinating. Vanderbilt hired architect Richard Morris Hunt and worked closely with him as they designed the blueprints.

Note for grandparents: a kids audio guide is available with Cedric, the familys Saint Bernard, as narrator, but I consider the house tour mainly for adults.

Wear comfortable shoes and allow between one and a half to two hours, but dont rush. Think of the place as a vast art museum with the personal touches of a scholarly multimillionaire.

Admire medieval tapestries, spectacular sculpture, detailed wood prints, exquisite paintings and fine furniture from world-class craftsmen. But, theres also a priceless library with 10,000 rare volumes, a castle-like banquet hall with a 70-foot ceiling, 65 fireplaces and 43 bathrooms.

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Essential Tips For Visiting The Biltmore House

  • To avoid crowds, visit as early in the day as possible. The gates open at 8:30am and the house opens at 9am.
  • Buy tickets ahead of time to save money. If you purchase your tickets 7+ days in advance, youll save $10 per ticket. You can purchase them online here.
  • The Biltmore is open 365 days a year but hours vary throughout the year based on what events are going on. Its best to check the site for the most up-to-date info.
  • You do need a car to get between locations on the estate. Each area has their own parking, and the Biltmore House runs a free shuttle to take you from the parking lot to the front of the house. If you are staying at one of their properties, there is also a free shuttle that drives you around the estate.
  • Arrive early to the Biltmore House. They recommend at least 45 minutes to find parking and catch a shuttle to the house. If you arrive early, you can take in the exterior.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to drive between locations. The drive is scenic and since they are 2 lane roads, it can get backed up.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, youll be doing a fair bit of walking.
  • Winter at the Biltmore Estate can get cold. It helps to have layers since the mountain weather can change quickly.
  • Check out their interactive estate map to help you plan your trip.
  • Recommended time for each area:
  • Biltmore House 2 hours
  • Gardens & Conservatory 2-3 hours
  • Antler Hill Village & Winery 2-3 hours
  • When does Biltmore decorate for Christmas? November 6, 2020 to January 10, 2021
  • Christmas Decorating Tips From The Pros Who Deck The Halls Of The Biltmore

    Christmas at North Carolinas famed Biltmore Estate is something to behold. Theres the 35-foot tall Frasier fir tree in the banquet hall, boughs of holly, candles and pine cones, gleaming ornaments, flickering lights, and enough glorious baubles to make the estate merry and bright. This year marks the 125th anniversary of the Asheville landmark and, pandemic or not, they are celebrating the season in style. The Biltmore has a few ways to enjoy the holiday magic: a daytime house tour, Christmas at Biltmore Daytime Celebration, an evening tour, Candlelight Christmas Evenings, as well as virtual tours, a Christmas pop-up shop, and an online look at their massive Christmas tree set up operation.

    If you are hunkering down at home this year, Lizzie Borchers, the Biltmores floral manager, shared a few Christmas decorating tips with Virginia Brown of The Washington Post that will help capture some of the Biltmores Christmas magic.

    Borchers is also a fan of using family heirlooms and ornaments, but recommends taking precautions to keep them safe like photocopying old photos and then stringing them up as a garland. And if an heirloom ornament does break during some yuletide fun? Borchers suggests preserving the broken pieces in a frame or inside a glass ornament that can be hung on the tree. Cute, right?

    WATCH: Its Here! Watch the Biltmores 35-Foot Christmas Tree Come to Life

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