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When Decorating Where Do You Start

Choose Your Decor Style

How To Put Lights On A Christmas Tree Video – Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Most of the things in a bookshelf should also work with your decorating style. Because many of the things we put on shelves are things we already have then its a good bet they will work within the parameters of your style.

That does not mean there cant be an outlier or two just to add a bit of fun to a shelf. The bright yellow ceramic giraffe your child made in the third grade might find a home on a shelf. It certainly will be a conversation piece!

When someone looks at your bookshelf they should be able to tell a bit about you! After all the things that go on them are things you have!

I love the cheetah print books in the bookcase! They are special to me because I made them. What an easy DIY! You can see how I made the TORN TISSUE COVERED BOOKS HERE.

Wait For The Cooler Weather

The best time to start decorating for fall is when the weather begins to cool down for longer periods. After the intense heat of summer, cooler weather is often the first herald of the fall season and can help to make fall decor such as living room fall decor ideas feel all the cozier. As the weather changes, you may also want to look for changes in the leaves. The beautiful red and orange tones of autumnal leaves are a great signifier that fall is approaching and the warm colors look lush as a backdrop to your outdoor fall decor ideas.

Cooler weather also allows for the lighting of fireplaces and wood stoves, making fall mantel decor ideas more appealing.

What Else Do You Need To Decorate Cookies

When youre ready to step outside of your comfort zone , you can get into airbrushing, stenciling, and even adding molded fondant or modeling chocolate decorations to your cookies.

While all of these tools are helpful, you dont need them to start out decorating cookies. Even if you dont have cookie cutters at home, you can have fun creating your own paper templates to cut the cookies by hand .

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Choose Coordinating Pillows & Fabrics

Now that you have your dream bedding picked out as your jumping off point, its time to find some coordinating pillows and fabrics for your bedroom. There are no rules here but a mix of solid colors with a large scale pattern, a smaller scale pattern, and a bold stripe is a winning combination that Ive used time and time again. If youre starting off your bedroom design with bedding, find out if there are coordinating pillows available! While I dont generally like using entire bed in a bag sets, I always check to see if coordinating pillows are available and if I like them, Ill typically use a couple in my room design. The Traveler Floral bedding I chose has a couple of coordinating pillow options including matching shams that Ill use when I want to make up our bed for overnight guests along with these adorable Cabana Stripe tassel pillows adding them to the mix was a no-brainer!

This is also a good time to shop your house! The final mix of pillows I came up with includes a pair of the Cabana Stripe tassel pillows, a pair of pillows with a small blue and white pattern that I swiped from my daughters room , and three large quilted Euro shams that are a solid white with a navy stitch running through.

How Can I Make My Home Beautiful Without Money


One way is to declutter and organize your home. This will make your home look neater and more spacious. Another way is to add some green plants to your home. This will add color and life to your space. You can also try rearranging your furniture or adding some new artwork or photos to your walls. These small changes can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your home.

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Start Adding Back In Your Furniture

There are no rules here. I really believe that decorating your home should be for you so decorate how you feel comfortable. You do not need to have one sofa and one loveseat. Can you fit two full size sofas in your room? If so, go for it! Can you only fit one couch and a few cute chairs? Again, go for it.

The only rule I recommend is paying attention to the scale of your room. If you have a small room, go smaller with furniture. Try not to shove that large sectional in there. Same with your furniture pieces in relation to each other. If your sofa is large, go bigger with your coffee table. A smaller couchget a smaller coffee table. You get it.

Also, there is no rule that your home needs to look like a furniture store. Feel free to mix up your furniture. Even if you have sets already in your home, mix them up. My outdoor space started off as a set of white wicker furniture from our old house. I recently added in a non matching outdoor couch and ditched the white wicker coffee table for a larger one that fit the scale of the room better.

Two Things To Know When You Decorate A Bookshelf

There are so many things to consider when styling bookshelves. We will briefly overview them later in the post but there are two major things to know.

  • a curated bookshelf does not happen in 15 minutes
  • my grid method for decorating a bookshelf
  • First, you really cannot rush the process and inspiration when you decorate bookshelves! Give yourself time to work and rework and add and edit and leave and return and do it again the next day! I have never just styled a bookshelf and, viola, got it perfect the first or even the third time.

    The second thing to know is how to use the easy grid styling technique I developed more than a decade ago. It works like magic every time!

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    Easy Tips For Decorating Your Home On A Budget

    This weekend, I wracked my brain for decorating cheap tips and that can give any of us a beautiful new look. I was decorating on a budget in 2021, when I found some huge craft sales online that made for some do-it-yourself styles Im still using on my shelves.

    Eclectic can be an easy fix, because that way you can fit new pieces into what you have created, without worrying it doesnt quite match. A few simple home decor ideas can go a long way.

    If youre stumped on a way to beautify your space, consider these 27 easy tips for decorating your home on a budget. The best cheap home decor is both functional and beautiful, and uniquely you.

    Bring The Outside In By Adding Foliage To Your Living Room Mantelpiece

    UX Design: How To Get Started (A Full Guide)

    While we can easily adapt our design to replicate the changing seasons outside, we can also bring a small piece of the outside in by using foliage to decorate our rooms. A simple fireplace idea to update your home for the cooler months is using seasonal foliage to create a decorative statement on your mantel.

    If you want to introduce plants or foliage more subtly, you could add dried flowers in a vase to your shelving or coffee table. Pampas grass also has a fall feel about it and works well at adding softness to the corner of a room.

    Marie has an even more creative way of bringing the outdoors in that doesn’t involve as much potential mess. ‘Oversized branches of dried flowers are lovely but can make a mess indoors,’ she says. ‘Try pressing a selection of your favorite blooms instead, stems and all, or lean on ready-to-frame options from JamJar Edit . Switch them out for fall leaves when youre emotionally ready.’

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    How Can I Revamp My Space On A Budget

    Interior design on a budget can be easy, when youre creative and shop around.

    Interior design on a budget can be easy, when youre creative and shop around. The beauty of refreshing your space is that you dont need a total overhaul to get the look that makes you feel renewed! Instead, focus on what changes will fit into your budget, and how you can save even more.

    For instance, a new paint color on the walls or some stenciling on the floor can create a bold new look at a much lower cost than, for example, changing out the living room furniture. When youre looking for budget-friendly, low-cost decorating options, try one or a few of these:

    • Add visual interest by creating a gallery wall
    • Add one big statement piece as a focal point
    • Have a collection display it!
    • Try a pop of color
    • Add warm lighting!
    • Add low-cost layers with blankets, throw pillows, and faux furs
    • Dont be afraid to DIY it!

    What Is The Easiest Way To Decorate A House

    When you have limited time or a small decorating budget, pick something simple in each room to pull everything together. Rearrange furniture so you have a cozy space for conversation and add a few throw pillows. Making a pillow is one do-it-yourself craft that many people can tackle easily.

    Or add some books or candles to a coffee table, to create a center of interest for your room. Using items you already own and rearranging them in an interesting way, is an easy and affordable way to add wow to your space.

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    Take Advantage Of The Experts

    Many stores offer free design service to their customers. Most employ design professionals to help you make the right choice, the first time around. Their advice can save you a lot of time and money. Here are some stores that offer free or low-cost design consultations:

    • Budget Blinds free window treatment consultations
    • Macys free window treatment in-home consultations

    Pro decorating tip: This list is not exhaustive. Do your research and inquire if a store you like shopping at offers consultations or design service.

    Home Design Mood Boards

    7 Things You Should Do When You Decorate Your Home

    So, when people ask if you should decorate one room at a time, I think its important to have one project you are fully dedicated to at one time , but you should always have the other rooms in your house in mind when furnishing your home.

    To see your design style and conception come together, you should start by putting it on paper. Create interior design mood boards using Canva. Just screenshot the photo online and upload to their media library and drag and drop!

    Finally, have fun with furnishing your home . Remember, most things are returnable and nothing is permanent.

    See my interior design mood boards for our new home build below!

    Master Bathroom Design Ideas

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    Paint A Neutral Color

    While the paint color that you choose for your living room should of course depend on your personal preferences, its a good idea to stick to neutrals like sage or gray. There are a few reasons for this. First, you want your living room to be a comfortable, relaxing space. Bold colors like red or orange put our brains on alert and make it difficult to wind down, which might not be welcome all of the time. The living room is also a core space within your home, and sets the tone for how your space is perceived. Neutrals ensure it doesnt come off as too over the top, while also leaving you plenty of opportunity to bring personality to the space with art and accents. For help selecting paint colors, look to color theory as well as the visual inspiration that youve gathered for your decorating project.

    Don’t Forget To Pin This For Later

    It doesn’t take a long time to get your fall decorations ready. A starting point is pulling down your summer decor.

    Sometimes keeping it simple with mini pumpkins, white pumpkins, or faux leaves on a coffee table can make your home feel like a cozy home, ready for all of the outdoor fall foliage and natural elements to make you want to grab throw blankets and a good book.

    To go along with the traditional fall stuff, the best place to find inexpensive ways to add in a touch of Halloween decorations is the Dollar Store. Occasionally I’ll run across a good deal at the grocery store, but that is usually after the fall fall season has already ended.

    Natural items can be placed on your front porch or dining table reflect the fall season. I really do love traditional fall decor with traditional fall colors. But, you find the look and color scheme that you love for your home.

    Thanks for stopping by my corner of the web to take a peek at our fall home decor. I hope you’ve found some simple tips to get you ready for your seasonal decor. It is really is a favorite time of the year.

    Fall décor just makes me think of old sweaters, pumpkin decor, colorful leaves, pumpkin pies, football season, apple cider, pumpkin spice, and a beautiful fall wreath on the front door.

    Make to to enjoy them while you still see some fall leaves and before you are ready to put up your Christmas tree!


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    Are You Planning Any Big Renovations Right Off The Bat

    This question makes ALL the difference.

    Obviously if youre going in and demoing a kitchen on the day you first get the house keys , then that makes the decision pretty easy.

    This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click the link and buy something, I may receive a small percentage of sales at no extra cost to you.

    GET THE LOOK: Cabinet handles | Window valance | Curtain rod | Curtain clips

    We knew before we even moved into our Milwaukee house that we were going to tackle the kitchen, bathroom and family room so those three rooms shot to the top of our to-do list pretty quickly.

    They were just so outdated and not our taste, we wanted to take care of them so we could get them done and then really enjoy the rooms.

    Obviously if youre not doing any renovations right away, this doesnt apply so Id start with question #2 below.

    The Definitive Answer To When You Can Start Decorating Your Home For Fall


    The other day, I was scrolling through our local Facebook mom group, when a question caught my eye. A mom asked when we think its appropriate to start decorating our homes for fall. Responders provided varied answers. One suggested the asker decorate now, since fall is her favorite season. Another said not until the first official day of fall. A third person chimed in that its not really fall until right before Halloween.

    My answer?

    I think parents should start decorating for fall whenever the heck they want. Theres no right or wrong time. If fall is your jam, why not bust out the orange, golden yellow, and tan decor?

    Heres the thing: too often as parents, we look outside of ourselves to find answers, especially when were wavering. Sometimes its good to get other opinions, like what to do about a sticky mother-in-law situation. However, other times, the answer should be: whatever makes you happy.

    Since the pandemic, many of us have spent more time in our homes than ever before

    Our dear friends own a furniture store, and business has been booming for two years. Why? Because families were suddenly thrust into lots and lots of at-home togetherness. This had people-now-customers committed to changing up their home vibe by making over rooms to fit their current style, as well as make their home more functional.

    So, no one is going to blame you or care if and when you put up your fall decor

    If you need a little more of a nudge, take me, for example

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    How Can I Make My House Look Luxurious

    Luxury can be a tough goal on a small budget, but that doesnt make it impossible. When youre considering home decorating ideas on a budget, consider that cheap decorating doesnt mean boring decorating. When you want to decorate, but feel like you have no talent, remember, there is no wrong! Let your juices flow! Here are a few more rules to follow, as you decorate your space:

    • We all have our own style dont compare. do what makes you happy!
    • Start with one space dont picture your whole house.
    • Find inspiration pictures and find out why youre drawn to them.
    • Choose a few classic furniture pieces that will never go out of style. This will help ground your room

    Add Wall Art & Accessories

    No living room decor ideas would be complete without wall art and accessories. Don’t go crazy, thinking that every inch of the room needs to be filled. Empty space is vital in designing comfortable spaces as it provides a place for your eyes to rest. Including wall art and accessories like pillows, blankets, mirrors, decorative items will pull the space together and complete the look.

    It can be challenging to choose artwork to match your space. However, think about the overall theme when selecting your wall art. Remember that when youre adding wall accessories, these are often pieces that are deeply personal choices and speak about your personality. Other components can be more strategic, like an oversized floor mirror over a small wall to make the room seem more spacious.

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