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Waterwise Yard Design And Decor

Group Plants With Similar Water Needs

How to be Water Wise : Landscape Design

The easiest way to design a drought-tolerant landscape is with plants that don’t require a lot of water to thrive. Native plants often make good choices because they’re well adapted to your region’s growing conditions. Plants from drier areas of the world, such as lavender shown here, also are naturally quite drought tolerant. Just be sure to group plants with similar watering needs and light requirements together so they all grow well together.

Test Garden Tip: Confine plants that require more moisture to containers so you can target a smaller space for any extra watering instead of having to water your entire garden.

Learn How Simple Swaps Or A Different Approach Can Reduce Your Yards Water Consumption

Watering Guidelines1. Prioritize your water use. LaurelRock2. Choose the right delivery method. Ginkgo Leaf Studio Evergreen Landscaping & Lawn Care Loganville3. Set a schedule. Plant Wisely4. Rethink the lawn. Logic Lawn CareRefugia Landscape Design/Build5. Install a meadow. The Cultivated Gardeners6. Switch to low-water ground covers. Amy Martin Landscape Design7. Match your plants. C& H Landscaping8. Go native.C& H LandscapingGarden Wisely9. Pump up the soil. mulchcompostTOTAL CONCEPTS10. Cover things up.11. Keep some height. 12. Get smart. Harvest Rainwater13. Direct your runoff. Fluidesign Studio14. Capture and store. Tip: rain barrelMichael Ross Kersting Architecture, P.A.David Thorne Landscape Architect15. Create a swale. rain gardenswaleYour turn:More on Houzz

Expert Tips For Designing And Maintaining Your Waterwise Garden

Q: Any tips for getting a drought-tolerant garden established?

Leverage the rainy or wet season as best you can, whatever that means to you. It could mean planting in fall before the snow comes, or in early spring before the heat sets in. What I’ve learned is that the sooner you can get it established, the better off you’ll be as these hot, dry, and drought conditions persist in the years to come.

Q: What are your garden design tips for home gardeners?

Less is more. Typically I design with a small palette of plants in terms of variety and use large sweeps of plants in mass. Also, always consider the functional use of the space first. Get your hardscape right, and then the plants will follow that. If you get your flow right, then the plants are the blessing on top of that.

Q: What are some tips you have for gardeners as they observe their evolving gardens?

Keep a list or a garden notebook over the growing season to make notes of plants that are too hard to deal with or are struggling. If I’ve touched a plant too much and it’s a pain, it’s gone. Make notes of the plants that are thriving and plant more of those. And include the new plants you’d like to try to solve other challenges you’re having in the garden.

Q: How can we use irrigation systems to adapt to dry conditions and stricter water restrictions?

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Simple Ways To Save Water And Use It Wisely

  • Reduce or remove grass and replace it with water-wise landscaping that uses up to 50 percent less water! If you require a functional play area, consider a more drought tolerant variety of grass such as St. Augustine or Hybrid Bermuda, or a ground cover such as Phyla Nodiflora .
  • Check your irrigation system frequently, and adjust sprinklers for overspray and runoff.

Get Waterwise With Revelstone

Instagram photo by Curtis Cooper  May 21, 2016 at 2:31am UTC

With tighter water restrictions and a very limited water supply in some regions around the country, our gardens and outdoor spaces are suffering. However, with Revelstone, you can transform your outdoor living areas and create beautiful waterwise retreats to reflect the style of your home.

Here are some top tips for creating your own waterwise retreat:

Add Mulch Mulch in your flowerbeds will help to keep your plants hydrated for longer, with less evaporation taking place. The mulch works to lock in moisture and protect your plants roots from the harsh elements. Ensure that your soil is also well fertilised and add compost to keep your plants healthy.

Use Grey Water Save your household water for the garden. Anything from bath or shower water to dishwater and cooking water every last drop can be saved for use in the garden! Grey water is a life-saver in times of limited water supply and may ensure the survival of your garden during a drought. Speak to a professional about your landscaping options. We recommend Revelstone for a wide range of paving and cobbles that are ideal to complete any indoor or outdoor project. Contact: Revelstone

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Using Succulents For Low

Q: There are some beautiful containers with succulents in them. Do you have any tips for using succulents in low-water container plantings?

I prefer either one or a pair of architectural plants per potagave is excellent for this. Or, an “over-stuffed” container with smaller succulent rosettes or cuttings. I also like a contrasting pair for instance, a chubby aeonium with a wispy grass.

For the over-stuffed succulent plantings, echeveria is excellent as well as some of the larger sedum, graptosedums, and smaller kalanchoe and aeonium.

Clippings work best because you can achieve that stuffed look immediately by being able to pack the plants in closely.

For me in the Pacific Northwest, that is key because my succulent pot plantings are mostly annuals, and don’t have as much time to fill in. For a longer-term planting in a milder climate, leaving some room for growth would be best.

The wonderful advantage of growing succulents is you always have plants for arrangements. My mom is a ceramicist and she hand throws these cool small containers that she then fills with succulent clippings from her garden. We’ve found that a base layer of cactus specialty soil with a top layer of bagged pumice is great for this. The pumice is easy to put the clippings into and creates sharp drainage around their bases. Arrangements indoors can last quite a while before the plants become too leggy.

Use Decorative Hardscape Elements

Many plants supply showy blooms but require tons of water in place of them, hardscape elements like this circular walkway of pavers around a gravel center furnish visual interest. Garden art, like the sculptures of a whimsical cat and an orb, also can offer interest in place of water-needy plants. This water-saving landscape still looks lush, thanks to the careful selection of shrubs and evergreens that require very little supplemental water . Drought-tolerant groundcovers, such as the thyme shown here weaving between large stones, provide a good way to catch rainwater that may run off the hardscaping, especially on a gentle slope.

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Is There An App For Landscape Design

If youd like to try your hand at designing your own landscape there are landscapde design sorftware programs and design apps that can help you, such as Home Outside, iScape, Landscapers Companion, and many more. Home Outside offers upgraded services from phone/video consultations with professional landscape designers to complete designs done remotely.

Water Wise Yard Design And Decor

Top 200 Front Yard Garden Landscaping Ideas 2022 Backyard Patio Design| modern House Exterior Design

Your Drought Tolerant Superstore

Water Wise Yard Design & Decor in Murrieta is on 2 acres selling the finest fountains, pottery, American-made artificial turf, professional putting greens, succulents and gorgeous planted arrangements, pavers, decorative rock and boulders, yard art and landscape contractor design build services.

Our business is a combination of Artist meets Contractor. We are a retail super center focusing on helping the public to respond to the massive drought in Southern California and provide fantastic yard art. The owners of Water Wise Yard Design & Decor, Brent Poncho Norcutt and Taven L. Cohn had a vision of using their combined experience and passion to building this unique store. They want to provide the surrounding communities with some of the most gorgeous hard to find items like wooden customs doors, bars, concrete furniture, art, fountains, water features and much more. At the same time, we have built large life size displays of Professional putting greens, artificial turf, dry river beds, landscapes, and pavers.

We at Water Wise Yard Design & Decor believe in honesty, responsibility, professionalism and reliability when landscaping the homes of our customers. Saving water and adding value to your home is our highest priority. We believe we have something for everyone here at our new store. We are not easy to find being at the very end of Elm St and Jefferson St. in Murrieta right on the 15 Freeway.

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Install A Water Feature

A fountain may not seem like a first choice in a drought-tolerant garden, but good design can enable the feature to capture and recycle water. Here, a small raised pond with a fountain dresses up this water-wise yard. The showy foliage of Japanese forest grass and lamb’s ear help soften the hardscaping and counteract the warming effect of the pavers. Groundcovers like the thyme shown here also help provide a cooling effect in key areas, such as wide gaps between stones.

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Plant Your Parking Strip

The spaces between the curb and sidewalk are sometimes known as “hell strips” because they tend to be hot, dry places. But they can also become a lush oasis with the right water-wise design. Drought-tolerant plants such as ornamental grasses, low-growing evergreens, and artemisia in this parking strip garden help catch rainwater runoff before it hits the street, reducing soil erosion and downstream pollution while conserving water.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Landscape Design

Pin by Barbara Japal on ABHS

As with most home improvement projects, the price can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the project. Homeowners can expect to pay $2000 to $8000 for a professional landscape design to be drafted for their property. As a general rule, homeowners spend approximately 10% of their homes value on landscaping.

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