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Wall Mounted Flat Screen Tv Decorating Ideas

Hide Your Tv Inside A Cabinet

Modern TV Wall Decor Design Ideas | Wall Mounted Flat Screen T.V Decorating ideas

If you dont like looking at your television when its not in use, consider concealing it in a wall cabinet. By placing your TV inside a cabinet, you dont see it unless the cabinet doors are opened! The cabinet pictured above looks like a mirror when shut, so it naturally integrates as part of the room decor and goes with the style of the rest of the room.

This is perfect for

More formal living rooms, where a television would look out of place. Its also great for a bedroom where you want to have a TV but dont want it to be the first thing you see when you wake up!

What Furniture Looks Best Under A Mounted Tv

There is one general rule of thumb to follow when selecting a piece of furniture: pick a console that is at least slightly longer than the length of your TV screen to help balance the visual weight of the TV. Other than that, selecting the right furniture is a matter of personal preference.

And, you dont have to go with traditional media furniture. Now, theres nothing wrong with media furniture it was designed to specifically work with TVs and media components after all. But if youre looking for a piece that reflects your own personal style, know that there are a lot more options out there to choose from.

For example, buffets work well under mounted TVs for a host of reasons not only do they come in many stylish options and provide a generous amount of storage, but their relatively low height allows you to mount your TV at a comfortable viewing height.

Built-in or faux built-in media cabinets are a popular feature in homes today. They lend a high-end custom look and and provide storage space for everything.

If you dont want to go all in with a piece of furniture but still want something beneath TV, floating shelves are a great option. They help pull your TV into the overall design of the room helping eliminate the black box effect, and they provide a lot of flexibility as well. You can update and rearrange the accessories displayed on your shelves as often as you like.

Make It The Centre Of Attention

Making your TV the focal point of a living room or bedroom with minimal decor surrounding it is a design idea most homeowners love. This is an extraordinary method to show off your TV on the wall without creating too much distraction. It keeps the structure basic and eliminates interruptions as you watch your favourite shows. TV sets therefore become a point of convergence in any room where friends and family congregate.

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Chic Wooden Wall Mounted Tv Ideas Design

This trendy living-room style including a wall mount TV is something you can excite visitors with. The wood background and also coffee table paired with an elegant gray couch provides the living room an enticing mood. The dim lights and the large flat screen make an excellent setting for viewing your favored motion pictures.

Use The Same Style Frames In Your Tv Gallery Wall

MyHousePlanShop: Flat Screen TV Feature Wall Design Ideas

Using frames that are the same color and style, ensures the TV gallery wall look is cohesive. The TV becomes the showcase of the design, rather than looking poorly hidden. Any color frame will work but keep them consistent with the style of the room itself. Match your frames to the room, rather than trying to match them to the modern look of the TV.

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Contemporary Bachelor Pad Living Room Ideas

Its easy to see why a guy would choose a contemporary style for his bachelor pad living room. Due to the low fuss, low maintenance approach to decorating, contemporary spaces take very little extra care from a busy bachelor. A quick cleaning every now and then are all it takes to stay up on the chores to keep your living room looking awesome.

If you like the idea of a clean and simple pad but dont necessarily want it to feel cold and sterile, there are options. Consider choosing throw blankets and pillows to soften the angles often associated with modern design.

Use Shelving Or Built

If you have a handy partner or the money, add shelving or built-in bookcases around the TV. YUP, built-in shelves were very popular before the 1990s. Then, the trend dropped off and people were literally tearing them out of homes. I cringe at the thought of all the beautiful original 1920s built-in cabinetry and shelving that was torn out.

Well, guess what? People are now paying thousands to install built-in shelving. Builders are also adding them to new homes, leaving a large, centered space for a nice-sized flat screen TV. I truly believe this time around the built-in trend is here to stay as generations have come to appreciate the craftsmanship and the convenience of extra storage. The built-in bookcases are a great space to show off decor from books to photos .

Consider building around the TV as your room design. Then, when youre ready to make your new shelving look great, come back here and learn how to style those amazing built-ins.

I know this post was a little different than my usual decorating tips or 5 ways to series, but I wanted help A Blissful Nest readers make the right decisions when decorating around a TV. Fortunately these days, with flat-screen TVs and wall-mounted TV options, the profile is low. TVs dont need to take over the wall or the room, but they should blend in. If you want to have a TV gallery wall, keep it subtle.

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Options You Can Buy To Hide Your Tv Are:

Elegant Wall Mounted Flat Screen T.V Decorating Ideas | LCD Wall Units Designs
  • TV lifts and cabinets
  • Bed with built-in hidden TV storage
  • TV disguised as a mirror

Another option could be to hire a contractor to come and custom build your perfect vision of a hidden TV.

I personally find crazy mechanical custom solutions a little too elaborate for my taste, but thats just me! It might be exactly what you want and need in your home.

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Lime And Green Tv Wall Mount Tv Ideas

This is one of one of the most eye-catching as well as colorful wall surface place concepts for a living room. The lime and also environment-friendly shades show a calming touch to the living room.

The green wall place stands apart, making a wonderful centerpiece with the level screen on it. The lime colored floating rack, as well as base cupboard, add a good different touch to the wall mounted TV. The eco-friendly recliner, rug and also stool only include a complimentary effect to space.

Go For An Eclectic Vibe

Don’t worry if your style is more traditional, play up an eclectic look by placing a flat screen TV on a traditional or antique style table with carved or fluted legs. Paint the table a bold color to give it a more modern feel and use black hardware to tie it in with the TV. Complete the look with painted shelves featuring carved wooden brackets installed above the TV.

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Rustic Bachelor Pad Living Room Ideas

For the type of bachelor that prefers being knee-deep in a creek with a trout on the line, rustic bachelor pads will help him feel at home while still putting his personality on display. Rich wood and heavy beams are an excellent and classy way to bring nature inside.

It doesnt matter if youre working with a large living room or a pocket-sized corner of your studio apartment. Incorporating a few rustic touches into a bachelor pad living room will help the space feel manly without feeling like a garage man cave.

Dont be afraid to incorporate a trophy or two if youre a gamesman. They make awesome touches and its a chance for you to show off an accomplishment most will never realize themselves.

Tips For Decorating Around Your Mounted Tv

50 Inspirations Wall Mounted TV Stands for Flat Screens ...

Most likely, if you have a mounted TV in your living room, you have the rest of the wall around it to fill as well. Its not so easy when you have all the entertainment necessities installed. They are the necessary base and you have to build around it.

Dont worry. There are several ways you can make your entertainment wall look like part of your decor instead of the sore thumb of the space. Check out these 15 tips for and see which fits your style the best.

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Paint The Wall Behind Black

Im a bit obsessed with dark walls , so I love the concept of a dark panel behind the TV. What this does is completely camouflage the TV set and allows the eye to appreciate other elements of the room first. This will work with a few darker colours that arent black , but I love the look of the TV disappearing altogether when you use a super-dark paint .

The photo above via Emily Henderson does double duty: it showcases the black wall idea but also incorporates the tongue and groove panels Ive already mentioned above. Pop some lighter colours timber furniture and rugs in the space for contrast and youre good to go!

Black Tv Wall Mount Tv Ideas

If one commonly has a big team of pals coming by for a soccer suit or a baseball suit, this spacious, as well as stylish living-room, is just the place for them. The level wall mount TV against the black backdrop along with the red carpet gives the room a distinctly contemporary touch, a lot to ensure that every visitor will just love the room.

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How To Decorate Around The Tv: Creating A Tv Gallery Wall

Hello, wonderful A Blissful Nest readers, its me again, Cecilia from Home with Keki. Today were going to tackle a design issue thats been on my mind for a while now. Im sure youve seen great ideas on Pinterest, in blog posts or magazines, on how to decorate around a TV. Its a common question. How do you decorate around your TV? Should you decorate with a TV gallery wall? Should the television be the sole focal point on the wall? Well, Im here to set the record straight.

About a decade ago it became a popular design trend to add a TV gallery wall. Why? Because people thought big black TVs were ugly and werent a great focal point in most rooms. Nobody wanted an unsightly black box in the middle of the room, so TV owners across the globe started adding gallery walls around the television set.

Go ahead, Google TV gallery wall and youll see some people didnt know where to stop. They kept adding and adding and adding to their TV gallery wall until you barely noticed the TV anymore. Or worse, the TV didnt blend with the look and it seemed odd and disjointed in the decorating scheme. Sometimes the art covered the wall mounted TV and sometimes the TV covered up the wall decor.

How To Handle A Room With A Fireplace

TV Wall Mounting Tips

Knowing where to put the TV in a living room with a fireplace can be particularly puzzling. Is it OK to mount it above the fireplace? Would it look weird off to one side? Should you put the television on the opposite wall just to be safe, or would this make the layout of the room too strange?

If your fireplace isnt very tall, it might work to position the television over it. This will allow the fireplace to remain the focal point of the room and heightens the coziness of the living space. Of course, it helps if youre able to angle the screen down a bit for easier viewing. For anyone building their own house or remodeling a room to include a fireplace, if you plan to have a TV above it, you should install a low, rectangular fireplace. This will enable the most ideal TV placement.

However, unless you really have your heart set on having a television above your fireplace, you should avoid placing it there if at all possible. Looking up at a TV over the fireplace will hurt your neck, and the screen will probably be at an off angle. Instead, you should consider putting the TV next to the fireplace. This may sound a little weird, but this positioning will guarantee the TV is at the right level, and youll be able to feel the warmth of the fireplace while youre curled up watching a movie.

If you do decide on a TV to one side of the fireplace, it should be angled toward the viewers.

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Contemporary Wall Mounted Tv Shelf Ideas

This special, as well as contemporary styled wall place, is a stick out in the elegantly enhanced living room. The wooden wall surface closest orgasm wall surface installs for the level screen swipes the focus in the room.

The mustard colored wall in the history as well as the white couch established function as a wonderful contrast to the wooden wall surface install.

Mechanical Cabinets And Consoles

With the push of a button, watch your TV magically rise out of a cabinet or console containing a lift mechanism inside. When you’re done watching, the TV sinks back into the cabinet. You can find cabinets in both modern and traditional styles or you can buy a lift mechanism separately and retrofit an existing cabinet. Be sure to decorate the wall behind the TV, so you don’t have an empty bare spot when it’s put away.

A mechanical cabinet placed at the foot of the bed may also contain a TV that swivels on its base, so it can be viewed from all areas of the room. A company like Electronics Design Group can help you with trendy concealment ideas.

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Mix Your Tv With Picture Frames And Shelving

Image credit: David Brittain

If youve not got the cash to splash on new furniture, why not take a decorative approach? Surround the TV with a mix of framed pictures and shelving in the same colour as the bezel of the screen, as shown in this rustic living room idea.

To draw attention away from the TV, cluster artwork in a relaxed, uneven way around it with uneven spacing between, says Abigail Ahern, designer and owner of Atelier Abigail Ahern.

This will make your set look like a deliberate part of the display and is also a savvy storage solution for a small space.

Bookshelf And Cabinet Ideas For Bachelor Pad Living Rooms

Modern Wall Mount Tv Stand, Perfect Inspiration For Your ...

If a tall, dark wood bookshelf isnt one of the first things that come to mind when you think of a bachelor pad, youre selling the possibilities of the space short. These shelves are a great way to not only display your favorite books, but also for maintaining order in a busy bachelors lifestyle.

Its possible to achieve that look even if you didnt buy your home with built-in bookshelves or cabinets already in place. There are many how-to videos available to show you how to build bookshelves and then install them to look like built-ins.

If you dont have the time to learn all the intricacies of cabinetmaking, you can purchase bookshelves at Ikea and other similar stores, and use them as the basis for your built-in project. The following video is a great example of this very idea.

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Use Texture And Pattern Together To Create Balance

Bring out the big guns by teaming both texture and pattern they will draw the eye down and around instead of focusing on the TV.

The dark wood shelves on each side of the white-painted brick fireplace help to balance the look too, as does the monochromatic rug. Cushions with prints and weaves work well as do the two leather footstools in the foreground, their black metal legs balance the black elements in the room perfectly.

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