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Victoria Secret Themed Party Decorations

Victoria Secret Party Decorations

Goodbye 20s! Shardell’s 29th Victoria Secret Themed Pajama Party

Glamzons Alessandra Ambrosio And Josephine Skriver Celebrated Their Birthdays With The Vickys Secrets Fam

And the gals shared the most epic pics all over social media, showing us just how much they were enjoying themselves.

Everything from the scenery to their outfits were absolutely perf. Theres no denying that the Angels know how to have a good time. Besides, everyone knows that the desert fest just aint complete without a touch of angelic beauty.

We didnt get to hang with the Angels this time around. Our invitation didnt arrive in time, and were sure that it being a holiday weekend obviously had something to do with it.

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For her final item to avoid, Sarah discussed Dollar Tree’s soy sauce. She said: “The first ingredient is water. Its basically watered down soy sauce, you can find much more inexpensive versions at the grocery store.”

Some viewers pointed out that water is an essential ingredient in soy sauce.

One person commented: “Uhm I think all soy sauce first ingredient is water, thats how they make it a liquid.”

The YouTuber also recommended an item she likes, which can also be purchased at Target for better value.

“A product that I do love is this pure sugar cane for $1.25, you get two pounds. You can also find this at Target, four pounds for $3.39,”she concluded.

Viewers took to the YouTube comment section to share their thoughts on Sarah’s advice.

“Fun fact about vanilla, if the price doesn’t make your jaw drop it’s not real,” wrote one user.

A lot of viewers pointed out a fact overlooked by the YouTuber in one of her recommendations.

“‘Stop buying imitation vanilla, theres no vanilla in it.’ LMAO no kidding? Thats why its called imitation,” one person commented.

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Fashionable Party Ideas To Watch Victorias Secret Fashion Show

Victorias Secret Fashion Show is one of the most anticipated Fashion shows of the year. One amazing runway takes you to the sexiest lingerie trends, stunning super models, and some of the best singers in the world. And what can be better than to watch the show with people who share the same sense of style that you? Best friends, colleagues, and family or even better, celebrate your birthday, bachelor party, or just have a girls night out!

We have created our top five most fashionable party ideas while you are watching the Victorias Secret Fashion Show. Maybe you can start your own traditional party every year, check it out!

1- Miami Bachelor Party.

Yes, along with our beautiful white-sand beaches, our Art Basel, and Miami Music Festival, Miami is also notorious around the world for their bachelor parties. You can throw a white pool party while everybody is watching the show, placing TVs around the swimming pool so guests can watch the runway while they are partying like a Rock Star. Check out our sneak peek of their Swim 2015 Collection above.

2- Champagne and PJ Party.

What can be more creative than Champagne and PJs? Your guests will have the opportunity to wear their best PJs. It will be more fun if all your guests wear the PJs from VS so they can look at their options during the show. Since it is a PJs Party we suggest little beds everywhere so your guess can be in relaxing mood.

3- Bachelorette Lingerie Party.4- Sexy Late Night Birthday Party.

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