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Uni Decor Pavers For Sale

Unilock Pavers And Wall Systems

H88 Paver Laying Machines for driveways, parkways

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Unilock⢠design possibilities are endless with a versatile palette of colors, textures and European-inspired styles. Elegance with endurance is featured in the Unilock⢠product line made up of high density pre-cast concrete pavers with superior stain resistance and color retention. Engineered to perform in the harshest of conditions, these pavers are ideal for a wide variety of projects. Come see the architectural beauty ofUnilock⢠at The Stone Store or call The Stone Store at for more info.

Mega Mondrian Plus Slabs

< p lang=”FR-FR” paraeid=”” paraid=”590639618″ xml:lang=”FR-FR”> An ideal complement to the Mondrian Plus slab, the Mega-Mondrian Plus slab is perfect for vast spaces, either in a checkerboard or Japanese path pattern.< /p> < p lang=”FR-FR” paraeid=”” paraid=”590639618″ xml:lang=”FR-FR”> & nbsp < /p>

Mondrian Plus 80 Pavers

< p paraeid=”” paraid=”919140971″> A large-sized paver that mimics the richness of cut and chiselled& nbsp stone for your trend-setting projects. Boasting a new finish& nbsp that gives it vivid and vibrant colours, this clean-edged paver& nbsp is reminiscent of the textures and finishes of elegant,& nbsp top-quality materials.< /p>

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Melville 50 Riser Modules

< p> Designed based with today’s colors and trends in mind, the riser system complements the Melville 50 Slab and Capping perfectly to give you a modern, contemporary or transitional look. Used in renovation, the riser also gives a second life to concrete structures such as outdoor concrete steps that can wear with the passage of time.< /p>

Mondrian Plus 60 Pavers Small Rectangle

Enhance Pavers, Retaining Walls, Fire Pits

< p> The Mondrian Plus 60 small rectangle paver boasts a natural chiseled stone texture in a range of vibrant colours. The small rectangle can be used as an accessory to create original colour and texture accents in your landscape design. It can also be used as a soldier course to highlight specific surfaces or create divisions for different functional areas of your outdoor living space.< /p> < p> & nbsp < /p> < p> & nbsp < /p>

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Trafalgar 60 Pavers Large Square

< p paraeid=”” paraid=”919140971″> A paver with an urban look: clean lines and a variety of slate-like textures to achieve a cut stone effect, reminiscent of English gardens.< /p> < p paraeid=”” paraid=”919140971″> & nbsp < /p> < p paraeid=”” paraid=”919140971″> * Available in Ontario only.< /p>

Concrete Pavers Paving Stones Paving Slabs And Brick Pavers



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Considerations When Installing Patio Stones & Pavers

  • The shape and size of concrete precast patio blocks are designed for installation that requires minimal cutting. Uniform sizes also simplify the planning and purchasing processes.
  • Precast patio blocks are relatively simple to install and maintain. While different types of block may have different installation requirements, you can complete most projects with just a few tools.
  • If you do need to cut the block, you’ll need special tools and accessories. A brick chisel and engineer’s hammer are sufficient for some cuts. Others require a power saw with a diamond blade.
  • Keep in mind that block can be heavy and moving and placing a lot of it requires some physical exertion. If you don’t want to haul block, you can have it delivered.

Note: When considering a patio block project, make sure you’re aware of any building codes or homeowner association rules that might apply. Also be mindful of any underground utilities that may be in the area.

Mega Melville Plus Step

NOT FOR BEGINNERS! Complex Paver Patio Design

< p paraeid=”” paraid=”590639618″> < span lang=”EN-CA” style=”font-family:& quot Arial& quot ,sans-serif”> Mega-Melville Step plus are inspired by cutting-edge design trends. As refined and modern as the other products in the Melville Collection, Mega-Melville steps allow you to create distinct spaces while providing a unique and harmonious environment.< /span> < /p> < p paraeid=”” paraid=”590639618″> & nbsp < /p>

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Townsend Wall And Curb

< p> The Townsend wall creates a stacked-stone look with a faux joint pattern. Its innovative design means that you can use the same module to build walls and curbs. One simple size makes installation easy. Finished corners – no cutting or sawing required!< /p> < p> See the installation guide for a Townsend bench.< /p>

They Are Committed To Providing The Most Innovative Designs And Engineered Paver Technologies Available

Unilock pavers for sale. Get the Unilock Catalog. Buy Unilock – Designer Interlocking Paving Stones and Retaining Walls – Call 9054869836 in Etobicoke Mississauga Oakville Toronto We sell install repair and maintain natural stone man made stone brick veneers marble tiles marble slabs faux stone sidings flagstone interlock paving stone in Toronto Etobicoke Mississauga and Oakville. This product can be mechanically installed at a rate of 6000-7000 sqft.

Selecting these top companies to represent our lineup of manufactured pavers was easy theyre simply the best in the industry offering an outstanding commitment to innovation and quality. Unilock has been at the forefront of introducing new hardscape products for more than 35 years. A wide variety of unilock pavers options are available to you such as egypt philippines and united states.

That is one of the reason that weve been industry leaders of such a long period of time. Available in classic shapes and styles these products utilize a traditional product mix of large and small aggregates thats consistent from top to bottom with color mixed throughout. Pair it with Brussels Block pavers or Brussels Dimensional or virtually any of the many Unilock pavers and walls that offer an antiqued finish as a comfortable rounded edge to pools steps walls firepits and other vertical features.

Belpasso Luxury Landscaping Beautiful Driveways Pathway Landscaping

Unilock Pavers Price Prices List Stone Pricing Unilock Pavers Pavers Outdoor

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Express Your Own Personal Style With Limitless Concrete Paver Patterns & Paving Stone Colors

Each of Belgards concrete pavers, paving stones, and slab pavers offer multiple laying patterns, giving you the flexibility to create unique outdoor living spaces that complement your personal sense of style.

Our selection of concrete pavers offer limitless creativity and possibilities. Use contoured paver patterns for elaborate driveways and entrances, or apply more simplistic designs for walkways and patios.

Whether your color palette is neutral, warm or cool, we have multiple options and paver styles with rich color blends to complement the architecture of your home. Enjoy a natural stone look for backyard patios and pool areas, or add warmth to your outdoor living space with unique shades of subtle or vibrant colors in a wide variety of tones. For any design scheme, Belgard pavers come in a shade or blend to match your desired look.

Melville 60 Pavers Small Rectangle

pavestone pavers

< p dir=”ltr” id=”docs-internal-guid-a22c4a4b-2a1d-b85b-3a1a-29405bda1851″> With its smooth texture, sharp edges and modern colours, the Melville 60 small rectangle paver enables you to create a minimalistic landscape design with a focus on the natural beauty and appearance of its material. The small rectangle can be used as an accessory to create original colour and texture accents in your landscape design. It can also be used as a soldier course to highlight specific surfaces or create divisions for different functional areas of your outdoor living space.< /p> < p> & nbsp < /p>

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You Can Design Unique Paver Patios Driveways And Walkways With Mutual Materials

Use Mutual Materials stone pavers to create your own private outdoor oasis to enjoy with family and friends. Carve out your landscaping to make room for a beautifully paved patio or walkway. We give you access to the Pacific Northwests largest inventory of hardscape pavers made from concrete, clay brick or porcelain to design and install your dream backyard landscape design or outdoor living areas such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patios, walkways, driveways, and pool decks.

Advantages And Benefits Of Uni Concrete Pavers

  • Exceptional durability and resistance to severe loads
  • Withstands wheel-turning movements without surface degradation or raveling
  • High density with low absorption resist freeze-thaw and heaving
  • Easy access to underground utilities for repairs and allow for easy reinstatement without unsightly patching
  • Ability to withstand temperature extremes
  • Low life-cycle costs and long pavement life with a 50-year design life based on proven field performance
  • Superior skid-resistance
  • Visit our page to access over 175 items in one place, including design manuals, case studies, articles, research papers and more

The design, engineering and installation information provided on this website is intended to provide guidance and recommendations for design professionals. Design and construction will vary with local regulations, specifications, environmental conditions, materials and established construction methods for an area. It is not intended to replace the judgement or expertise of professionals engineers, architects or landscape architects, who should be consulted in the design and construction of traditional or permeable interlocking concrete pavements.

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Cassara Slabs Large Rectangle

< p> Perfectly complementing Cassara pavers, Cassara slabs provide a fluid transition between walkways and driveways. Their smooth texture and sharp, straight lines guarantee an unapologetic modernity, while the multi-length units installed in a linear pattern bestow depth and vitality on any project.< /p>

Mondrian Plus 60 Slabs

33 Driveway Pavers Ideas – DecoNatic

< p lang=”FR-FR” paraeid=”” paraid=”590639618″ xml:lang=”FR-FR”> The Mondrian Plus 60 slab provides the texture of cut, chiseled and bright& nbsp coloured natural stone, and can be used to bring to patios, terraces and pathways to life. The Mondrian Plus 60 slab blends nicely with the Mondrian Plus 80 paver to create a fluid transition between the front yard and backyard.& nbsp < /p> < p lang=”FR-FR” paraeid=”” paraid=”590639618″ xml:lang=”FR-FR”> & nbsp < /p> < p lang=”FR-FR” paraeid=”” paraid=”590639618″ xml:lang=”FR-FR”> & nbsp < /p>

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Mondrian Plus 80 Pavers Small Rectangle

< p lang=”FR-FR” paraeid=”” paraid=”1635158813″ xml:lang=”FR-FR”> A large-sized paver that mimics the richness of cut and chiselled stone for your trend-setting projects. Boasting a new finish that gives it vivid and vibrant colours, this clean-edged paver is reminiscent of the textures and finishes of elegant, top-quality materials.< /p> < p lang=”FR-FR” paraeid=”” paraid=”1635158813″ xml:lang=”FR-FR”> & nbsp < /p> < p lang=”FR-FR” paraeid=”” paraid=”1635158813″ xml:lang=”FR-FR”> & nbsp < /p>

Unilock Pavers For Sale

Unilock Pavers and Retaining Walls For over 40 years Unilock has been dedicated to the future of landscape design by investing in style and technology. Porcelain Tile from Unilock is not only beautiful and extremely durable but comes to you from a reliable supplier network ensuring consistent supply and exceptional quality.

Umbriano Unilock Com Patio Stones Modern Landscaping Hardscape

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Melville 80 Textureguard Paver

< p> The Melville Textureguard paver is the perfect product to answer the needs of professionals and consumer looking to enhance outdoor spaces with a distinctive visual signature. Its premium finish gives it a refined look. Also offered in a 60mm thickness, the slab allows for a perfec integration between vehicular and pedestrian surfaces.& nbsp & nbsp < /p>

Mondrian Plus 50 Slabs

5 Wall Blocks for Stunning Vertical Landscape Elements and Retaining ...

< p lang=”FR-FR” paraeid=”” paraid=”590639618″ xml:lang=”FR-FR”> A very trendy slab, for the striking effect of cut-stone used to create majestic walkways, terraces or patios. Its rich texture, irregular edges and chiseled fi nish were all inspired by the use of solid materials such as limestone and slate.< br /> & nbsp < /p> < p paraeid=”” paraid=”590639618″ xml:lang=”FR-FR”> & nbsp < /p>

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