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Forest Hills Northern celebrates 2018 prom ‘Under the Stars’

Find event inspiration, themes, and unique party vendors here on The Bash. Well share customized ideas, personalized tips, and recommended vendors to help bring your celebration to life!

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So you’re on the hunt for the best prom theme for your graduating class. Any school can host A Night Under the Stars themed prom night, but this year youll want to go with a big and bold party theme. As one of the most special events in high school that students have to wait four years for, the classic prom is meant to be a magical nightthats why were here to help with lots of prom venues, awesome themes and party ideas.

Its officially time to round up the high school prom committee, plan all of the event logistics, and brainstorm prom theme ideas to get started. Here are 22 prom themes and ideas for a memorable night.

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Night Under The Stars Prom Theme Idea

The starry night prom theme idea is a popular one, as you can incorporate fairy lights, string lights and other lighting effects into this idea. You can even include some planets too on a very clear night, you might get to see those too.

The lighting effects might also be great lighting for some group photos so dont forget that! Make the dress code gold and black to mimic the stars in the night sky, and youre truly on to a winner.

This is one of the best prom ideas and luckily for you, at Eastwood Hall, we can transform our event rooms into a starry night extravaganza!

Fire And Ice Prom Theme

Whatever is the occasion, the fire and ice theme creates a bold impact with dramatic collusion of the fire and ice elements. The rich texture and fine detailing make it a captivating theme and combine the two opposite colours. The fire and ice-themed packaging and decorations might be contrasting but effortlessly mix the decorations, props and accessories.

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A Night At The Museum

Go unique with the prom night with this classy museum theme. You can add some fascinating artistic treasure around and add props based on famous paintings like Mona Lisa or some historical wonders and greek statues everywhere.

These were some exciting prom theme ideas that you can look into this year! With the right decorations, props, food and music, you can create the best prom night for your students.

Body Glitter Party Favors

Decorations for the 8th grade dinner dance with a Under The Stars theme ...

Part of the mystical appeal of a Euphoria prom night is all the amazing makeup the actors wear when they go to parties. Chances are attendees will try out their own Euphoria makeup looks, but to add a little extra glitz to the night, you could set out individual glitter rollers at the tables so everyone can sparkle and shine.

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Beauty And The Beast Prom Theme

If you are bored with the regular fairy tale classic prom theme, then you can add a dramatic twist by turning it into a Beauty and a Beast prom theme. Whether you restrict to just the original animated movie or the modern version of it, you can create the perfect Beauty and the Beast theme on your terms.

Night Under The Stars Prom For Holy Trinity

Midnight Under the Stars was the theme of Holy Trinity’s Prom. Here is the decor we provided for them at the Suntree Country Club. We particularly love the laser cut, glitter moon and star centerpieces we created for them. We can make custom decor for your next event too. Give us a call to see how we can make your celebration sparkle. The Suntree Country Club provided a nice intimate feel for the small prom.


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Choose Your Prom Theme In 3 Easy Steps

Choosing the perfect prom theme can be quite an overwhelming task. Where to start? What would please everyone? Before you look into the theme ideas, we recommend checking out these steps to help you choose the best Prom theme for school.

Consider the venue and the budget

The allocated funds and the venue selected to limit the options and determine what theme you choose. It is recommended to have the budget and venue set before deciding the prom party theme. You will get an idea of what you want to work with.

Inspiration from social media

People go all out for the best prom themes. Your best bet would be to check social media trends, check the buzz among teenagers and what theme they would love.

  • Hit movies

  • Clothing style

  • Viral content

  • You can continue reading our blog to find some cool and best prom party theme ideas based on different preferences.

    Review and select

    Once you have some ideas selected and shortlisted, you can ask the students to vote. This helps you to narrow down the options. You can also ask for suggestions and consider them on the list. Now you have the perfect prom party theme for school.

    The best prom theme and ideas

    Fire And Ice Prom Theme Idea

    Night with the Stars – Special Needs Prom

    This has to be one of the most popular prom theme ideas going. The fire and ice prom theme is a popular one amongst students and teachers alike.

    There are many ways you can go with this prom theme. Assuming you dont get the students to dress up in only those colours, you could split the room in half so that half is on the fireside and half the ice and decorate accordingly.

    Best not to mess with the temperature though, as this will make for some rather unhappy party guests. You can even have spicy food and frozen desserts to play into this prom theme idea.

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    Prom Theme Ideas Concluded

    We hope you have enjoyed this article on school prom theme ideas! These are all of the best prom themes 2021 and we hope you can now go away with a tonne of prom party ideas.

    To recap our very best prom theme ideas are:

  • Masquerade prom theme
  • Night under the stars prom theme
  • Look out, Hollywood!
  • Fire and ice prom theme
  • Enchanted garden prom theme
  • Under the sea prom theme
  • Harry Potter prom theme
  • Casino prom theme
  • Trip around the world prom theme
  • If you have a memorable moment as a school, for example, the production that the year group put on or perhaps the story or genre that was studied for the end of year exams why not go for that?

    While themes are fun, youll need to make sure that they fit into your budget and that they are still going to fit in with the ballgowns and eveningwear that the students will be wearing.

    What do you think of these prom theme ideas? Which one of these could suit your school or college? When youre ready to book yourprom night inNottingham, get in touch with our friendly team.

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    Under The Stars Prom Decorations

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    Prom Themes And Ideas

    Posted by Kayla Rutledge

    Prom is a rite of passage for many high schoolers, but planning and pulling off a magical night isnt as simple as snapping your jewelry-adorned fingers. Whether youre a student on the prom committee or a teacher or parent helping lead the charge, try some of these fresh and unique ideas for themes to help the night seem like a dream.

    Roaring 20’s Or Great Gatsby Prom Theme

    Party People Event Decorating Company: Night Under the Stars Prom ...

    The Art Deco look is making a big comeback, and just in time for a Roaring 20s or Great Gatsby Prom Theme! Our Art Deco Prom Templates Bundle has a metallic gold and black geometric design thats sleek and sophisticated! The decorations for your Art Deco or Roaring 20s Prom should include lots of glittery gold, feathers, pearls and geometric and ornamental accents.

    A black tablecloth with a gold sequin table runner or a white table runner with a geometric gold pattern will give your table an art deco look. For easy DIY centerpieces, spray paint old wine bottles gold and fill the bottles with black and white feathers. You can find instructions for the example below at For an extra touch, add faux pearls around the necks of the bottles. You can get a 99-foot roll of for under $15!

    An easy way to decorate your event space that packs a lot of punch is with balloons in black, gold and white. A bundle of 50 balloons is very inexpensive, just make sure you have a way to fill them with helium. You can let them float to the ceiling with black and gold curling ribbon hanging down, or place several balloon bouquets anchored to the floor around the space. A balloon garland kit is also a great option! In the Triangle area of NC, check out Blown Up by Bre.

    For a roaring good time at your Roaring 20’s Prom, try these additional ideas:

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    Best Prom Theme Ideas Of 2022


    The high schoolprom, homecoming is such a wonderful time but looking for prom theme ideas can be tough. In this article, we will be discussing the very best prom ideas of 2022!

    Proms allow you all to celebrate together the successes of the students, the teachers and the school as a whole. Everyone gets dressed up and you can all say farewell to those years in a fun and dignified way that shows students how much they meant to the school. To help get you started, here are some unique prom theme ideas.

    Elegant/trendy Clothing/dress To Look Like A Star

    Picking out the right dress or suit that fits and looks great is important. Put a lot of thought into if you would like to be the center of attention or if you would rather blend in. Also think if you would like your gests to dress the same as you or if you would like to wear something different to stand out. This can look great for pictures if coordinated. If you tell your guests to wear black, you can wear black with a bright color or wear a colored dress to indicate that you are the star of your own star party.

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    Parenting & A Milestone

    It is just 8th grade. I totally agree.

    High school will be a serious game for sure. I have continuously instilled the idea and importance of education in my oldest. Of course, my teen daughter never fails to remind me that I preach about it too often.

    Most recently I have shown her a video of Michelle Obamas talk at a Glamour Magazine Event. Former First Lady of the United States spoke about the importance of education for all the girls on the planet in order to have better opportunities and encouraged them to be hungry for it. If you havent seen this video, I highly recommend hearing her talk. Its short, but it is right on the point.

    I allowed my daughter to get all dolled up for the special occasion. You may think Im a strict mom, but I normally discourage her to spend much time on taking care of her appearance. I dont find it necessary. Its rather distracting for studying. Its a constant battle and dilemma as a parent to keep a good balance between being reasonable and not pushing my child away.

    On the day of the dinner dance, though, I couldnt help but admire the youth of the 8th graders and be proud of them.

    After the summer, time to focus.

    A Comprehensive Guide On How To Plan A Glamorous Under The Stars Sweet 16 From Attire To Activities

    Prom Night Under The Stars

    A starry winter night under the stars! Thats what we had in mind for planning this beautiful sweet 16 theme in a palette of blue and silver. With modern and fun party elements, we are bringing you 6 ideas for getting this party started from a starry night invitation to a dazzling candy table painted in pretty shades of blue! . UPDATED on 9/25/2018 with more comprehensive ideas from attire to activities.

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    Night Under The Stars Party

  • Night under the Stars Party
  • This post may contain affiliate links. Read our full disclosure policy.

    A Night under the Stars party can be a very elegant event and is a very popular theme for prom season and sweet sixteen celebrations.

    But the theme can also go the other way too. For example, you can also combine some of these ideas and take your starry night party theme in a totally different direction, with a campout themed party.

    Probably one of the reasons that the party theme is so popular is that it is so easy to find star shaped everything! It is easy to make and purchase star shaped party gear for all aspects of the party.

    Here are a few ideas to get you started with this classic party theme…

    Candyland Prom Theme Ideas

    Candyland works for decoration and food. Edible centrepieces and some gingerbread houses covered in colourful sweets will be well received. Colourful drinks would also be a good idea for this theme and will look fantastic.

    Prom theme decoration ideas can include GIANT lolly sticks, a lot of red and white candy floating about and table centrepieces filled with colourful sweets.

    This prom theme idea will be extremely Instagrammable, which the students will love! You can even get a dedicated photo area so that they can post the shots on their social media once the night is over!

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    Glamorous Prom Ideas: Lookout Hollywood

    What could be a more glamorous prom theme idea than Hollywood? Roll out the red carpet and encourage students to sign their names on your very own Walk of Fame.

    Give everyone an autograph book that they can get their favourite stars to sign. You can also add a movie poster or two to add to the prom theme. Opt for a simple black and white dress code to really implement an element of class and sophistication.

    The Hollywood prom them idea allows people to choose what movie character they want to become for the night! You can even throw your own Oscars and hand out awards for class clown or cheekiest student.

    Dancing Through The Decades

    Under the Stars Dance decorations

    Grab the go-go boots, bouncy afro and psychedelic glasses because were going back in time! This party is fun for all ages. Let the students get a taste of what prom was like back in the golden years. Well help your prom committee move through the years with elaborate banners, a groovy playlist that cant be beaten and so much more. This is our kind of party!

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    Under The Stars Theme Party

    Nothing is more fun, elegant, or cool than to have an under the stars party. This can literally mean a party at night either under the stars by a pool, under a tent, or creating the stars on the ceiling through light, on the walls, the dance floor and even the centerpieces.

    Under the stars is a great party theme that goes well when combined with a Dress to Impress Party Theme. Having guests arrive looking great goes perfectly with the under the stars theme.

    Having a party under the stars is a cool way to bring the outside inside and create a cool, trendy, elegant, upscale feel for a party. There are a ton of different party favors, supplies and decorations for a star party so you wont have any trouble finding decor to match your theme.

    Remember that when planning this type of party that youll need lighting to make things stand out. All the decorations in the world wont look that good unless you have some kind of lighting.

    Under The Stars Prom Theme

    Night under the stars is an exquisite theme and is quite popular in evergreen and qualifies to be an aesthetic theme which is why this party theme is so popular because it is also easier to find things in a star design. You can also tone down the theme and adjust things according to your budget limitless possibilities.

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    Carnival Prom Theme Idea

    Carnivals have long had a history of being fun and out of the ordinary, which is exactly why its the perfect prom theme idea. Carnival goers are often all about the party, party, party! Why not take advantage of that and add some elements of the carnival to your prom?

    This is a great one for fun decorations and you could even add some performers if the budget will stretch. We recommend trapeze acrobats or silks!

    If you need more inspiration on the prom theme idea, then Pinterest has a tonne of ideas on circus and carnival prom theme ideas.

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