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Types Of Interior Decorating Styles

What Is Industrial Style Decorating

Most Popular INTERIOR DESIGN STYLES EXPLAINED | How To Find Your Decorating Style in 2020!

The industrial design style derives from taking an old warehouse or industrial factory and transforming it into a chic loft or living space.

The style emerged in the early 2000s and is still popular today. Many stores, restaurants and companies have embraced the industrial style, partly due to the nature of the buildings their businesses reside in.

90% of what is going to get you an industrial-looking space is the type of architecture that you live in.

Seriously, if you dont believe me, then do this test: google industrial living room, and look at all the image results. Ignore all the furniture and accessories.

What remains?

Rooms that feature exposed bricks, beams and pipes, cement/concrete, metal staircases and huge windows.

So my point is, if you have any of those features in your home, you are well on your way to being able to create a fantastic industrial-style space.

Otherwise, its going to be quite a bit more difficult to successfully achieve that look. Without those inherently industrial features, what youll probably end up with is something that looks a little more contemporary or mid-century.

If you like industrial interior design, you may appreciate these elements:

  • exposed brick

Keep The Materials Natural

Modern rustic living room design by online interior designer, Taron H.

Not only are the color schemes natural, so are the materials. In most modern rustic spaces you will find some sort of wood or stone. Basically, all you need to do is ask yourself, does this look like it came from nature? If the answer is yes, its likely a good addition to the room.

Modern rustic home design

Using elements like a raw stacked stone fireplace, or a warm paneled wood ceiling imply the feeling of being cohesive with nature. These types of finishes also soothe the eye and dont cause visual strain. In fact, they radiate comfort.

Asian / Zen Interior Design

Zen interior design style by EKE interior

Bringing the core tenets of traditional Japanese philosophy to life, Zen style interiors, just like their namesake, are about balance, harmony and consideration.

Unlike most other styles, Zen spaces are less occupied with making an impact and more concerned with introducing silence and stillness, inside and out, into your day.

Every line, form and surface is placed with careful thought and efficiency, with no tolerance for frills or flippancy.

The material palette is predominantly organic in character, with wood and natural fibers being the materials of choice. Existing in close proximity with nature, the Zen style engages closely with the elements, weaving them into its designs and aesthetic.

Colors are soft and natural in tone, with chromatic harmony and continuity balancing surfaces and spaces.

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Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclectic living room design by online interior designer, Sara S.

There are common misunderstandings when it comes to the eclectic design style. A few different key features identify eclectic interior design. Think of it as a high-energy collection of carefully selected pieces brought together to create a culture rich interior. Because of this, many think eclectic design has an anything-goes spirit. However, there is a fine line between layered and collected, and busy and distracting. Stick to a neutral color palette and use a select few accent colors to bring in the worldly vibe youre looking for. With this in mind, the ideal eclectic interior balances color and texture. As a result, its the perfect blend of old and new.

Eclectic style bedroom decor

For more inspiration check out Decorillas best tips for Eclectic Interior Design.

Modern Rustic Design Must Haves: Wood Accents

Interior Design Styles: 8 Popular Types Explained

Modern rustic living room design by interior designer, Sara S.

When trying to achieve a modern rustic style interior design there are a few key elements to incorporate that give off that ideal modern rustic vibe. One important element in all modern rustic rooms is the use of wood accents. Whether thats a wood art installment, unique coffee table, or accessories the warm tones of wood are always welcomed.

Modern rustic living room interior design

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is using the same tones of wood. If you like more of a warm feel to your space used richer colored accents. If you like more of a cool feeling dark woods and grey tones are the answer for you!

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But First An Important Sidequest: Declutter Your Space

When introducing a new style to a room, have as fresh a slate as possible. To start, take out every item from your closets, cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc., and put them in the center of the room. Seeing your old items in a new place shakes up your brain, and allows you to better evaluate your things: Do you really need to keep it? Does it go in the donation bin? Does it need to be stored elsewhere, or in a better way?

Purge your space first, to get ready for the next phase.

Traditional / Classic Style

Traditional style living room by Brownhouse Design

Doused in the comforts and indulgences of classic European décor, the Traditional style turns to the past to create ideas for the future. The approach here can be true to source or a slight retake on classical suggestions, bringing time-tested elements, motifs and proportions to fit a modern lifestyle.

Traditional style interiors are set apart by their silhouettes winged back chairs, elaborate furniture pieces, claw footed tables, and other furniture and feature designs usually have their origins in 18th century English, Neoclassical, French Country or Colonial styles.

The backdrops are usually pale and simple, with rich colors, lines and profiles imbibing classical opulence into the space.

Delicately carved and lacquered dark wood furniture and architectural embellishments abound in this interior style.

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Interior Decorators And Interior Designers

Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional spaces, that are aesthetically pleasing, within a building. Decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space with decorative elements, sometimes complemented by advice and practical assistance. In short, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design.

Top Transitional Interior Design Must


Our homes are continually undergoing inner transformations as our style changes. But now this dynamic in between style has become a style in its own right. The transitional interior design style is the ultimate mix between present and past favorites or classic and contemporary style. Therefore, if youre an admirer of old and new styles but cant choose between them, read on! Here are our ten top transitional style home must-haves!

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French Country Interior Design

The first thing design experts at House Beautiful magazine say about French Country design is that its not to be confused with French farmhouse.

Subtle differences are easy to spot. Inspired by rural France and especially the area around Provence, French Country can be a contradiction.

Its elegant and ornate but charming. Over-the-top but still relaxed, this interior style relies upon blues and whites, checks, stripes and toile patterns.

Interior decorator Ariel Richardson describes French Country as: refined elegance that is humbled by bringing in aspects of nature such as weathered and white washed wood, and neutral color palettes. Its also playful, she adds, referring to botanical themes in art, fabric, wallpaper and accessories. French Country environments tend to include wood-beamed ceilings and planked wood floor to create a lofty but casual vibe.

Most Popular Living Room Styles

We analyzed 916,645 living room designs and from that data set were able to determine what are the most popular living room styles. Here they are from most popular to least popular. For example, traditional style is found in 13.49% of living rooms, making it the second most popular living room theme.

  • Contemporary: 29.09%
  • Southwestern: 0.28%

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Midcentury Modern: The Style

Midcentury modern style made its first splash in the 50s and 60s, when Palm Springs was the weekend-home destination of choice for Los Angeles entertainment pros and Scandinavian designers and architects were spreading the gospel of simplicity, functionality and natural shapes in popular culture. Autumnal oranges, yellows, olive greens and chocolate browns make frequent appearances, as do barely-there glass walls. In 2020, you can find the latest generation of the look from designers like Jonathan Adler.

Most Popular Interior Design Styles Explained

Interior Design Styles: 8 Popular Types Explained

Modern, industrial, shabby chic.and the list goes on. A significant challenge many of our clients face is a lack of understanding or vocabulary to describe and define their personal interior design style. With an abundance of unique design styles, it can be daunting to decipher which style will work best for you. Some also enjoy combining elements of several styles to create their ideal look.

A great starting point for an interior design project is to learn a bit about each of the styles and how they differ from one another.

1. Modern

Modern is a broad design term that typically refers to a home with clean, crisp lines, a simple colour palette and the use of materials that can include metal, glass and steel.

Modern design employs a sense of simplicity in every element, including furniture. A word thats commonly used to describe modern style is sleek, and there is not a lot of clutter or accessories involved with a modern style.

2. Contemporary

Modern and contemporary are two styles frequently used interchangeably. Contemporary is different from modern because it describes design based on the here and now.

3. Minimalist

The minimalist concept is one thats popular here in Australia. It takes notions of modern design and simplifies them further.

Colour palettes are neutral and airy furnishings are simple and streamlined, and nothing is excessive or flamboyant in accessories or décor.

Minimalism is ultimately defined by a sense of functionality and ultra-clean lines.

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The Quick Guide To Every Major Decorating Style

Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason are AphroChic, a husband-wife duo of professional interior designers who cover luxurious and modern home decor products inspired by cultures around the globe. The two have co-authored the book “REMIX: Decorating with Culture, Objects and Soul.” Hays regularly contributes as a design expert for HGTV, the DIY Network, SMP Living, and participated as an online guest judge for the 2010 season of HGTVs Design Star.

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The fun of design is in the infinite number of possibilities that every room holds. As people in different places and times have come to agree on what is and isn’t a good look, numerous design styles have emerged until now there is a look for every home, every life and every eye. But there are those which continue to stand out, whether because they are so easily updated to remain modern or because they’re so timeless that they just never seem to go completely out of style. But for a quick introduction to the major design motifs, here’s our top 10 design styles.

Modern Minimalist And Midcentury Modern

Radical changes in art, architecture and design were well underway in the early 20th century, ignited by the ideals of modernism disconnecting from the past in favor of exploring the new. A new school of thought for designers emerged from the Bauhaus school in Germany, which completely revolutionized the furniture industry with one profound idea:

  • Form must follow function.

Minimalist design, a core component of modern design, comes from a similar movement that began about 1917, in the Netherlands with the Dutch De Stijl Art Movement. Also influenced by architects like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and the simple, clean aesthetics of Japanese design, minimalist interiors are devoid of clutter, ornamented furnishings and loud, flashy colors or patterns. Less is more in the minimalist home, which embraces open space, neutral colors and unity of forms and textures.

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Types Of Interior Design Style

Firstly, you should determine what inspires you. I mean if you are inspired by nature, consider including plant and animal forms and natural materials as part of your style. You can check out websites about interior design styles.

Different types of interior design style:

If you are looking for elegance, then all that you need is a traditional design. This is the most popular of all styles. The basic symbols of traditional design are classic dark wood furniture pieces, subtle patterns, upholstered seating, windows dressed with panels or valances, and realistic artwork.

Likewise, advantages of modern design are various such as with modern design sleekness and straight lines are emphasized. If you tend to contemporary room, pay close attention that neutral colors are often just the backdrop in this style.

Simplicity, friendly and beauty are the best words to describe country style as it is a third type of design style which has simple design with distressed woods or lightly stained woods. Asian design style fundamental characteristics are peaceful and serene interiors.

Why do you should go for Asian design style? Nicely because wooden and bamboo furniture and accessories are unduly used in an Asian home.

How Does Modsy Know My Decorating Style

Discover the Interior Design Style for your Enneagram Personality Type!

A lot of people know what they like when they see ityet they struggle to describe exactly what it is that they like. Well, the Modsy interior design style quiz was created with this exact dilemma in mind. Thats why our quiz is image-based rather than a series of questions .

All you have to do is look at a few images and tell us which you like and which you dont. Weve developed an algorithm that identifies the patterns in your preferences, which lets us identify your unique personal style. For example, maybe you like Mid-Century Modern sofas, but you also love industrial materials like raw wood, metal, and stone. Our algorithm identifies those preferences, adds up the results, and we deliver your unique style ID that gives you a name and style description for the different elements that make up your personal style.

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Country: How To Bring It Home

You cant go wrong with a classic farmhouse sink especially if you can restore a salvaged find paired with a tea towel and a hand-glazed mug in a powder room. In lieu of a traditional vanity, keep your eyes peeled for a simple slab table with a hefty iron base accent crisp shiplap walls with pastoral scenes and woodblock prints.

Always Bring The Outside In With Modern Rustic Interiors

Modern rustic design by online interior designer,

The key to a modern rustic home is concentrating on merging the outdoors into the interior. The easiest way to do this without changing any interior finishes is by incorporating plants. Dont fret if you dont have a green thumb, faux greenery is just as beautiful.

Modern rustic living room interior design

Adding greenery into a room is another great way to bring in the cozy softness that really makes your house feel like home.

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Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Style

Modern farmhouse style kitchen designed by interior designer, Kimber P.

Our list of house décor styles wouldnt be complete without modern farmhouse interior design. Joanna Gaines has earned the title as farmhouse queen, but even she is blending her farmhouse style into a more modern, and collected space. Modern farmhouse interiors have many characteristics of what we know as traditional farmhouse design. On the other hand, things become more simplified and clean without losing their character. Shiplap isnt going anywhere and we still want to see barn doors galore. Modern updates like wide plank floors, open concept living, and sleek lighting are a few common identifiers of the modern farmhouse decorating style.

Modern farmhouse interior design by online interior designer, Lane B.W.

Farmhouse interiors are also known for mixing metals. From gold to black to nickel, contrast is your friend. In addition, we love that this unique design style takes its connection to nature seriously. Its essential to have raw wood elements and greenery that can be found in every room. Consequently, color palettes in modern farmhouse interiors are always on the neutral side. When you want to add that extra pop of color its important to pull from nature. For example, try adding deep navy, sage green, or burnt orange.

Modern farmhouse style living room design

Click here and master all things Modern Farmhouse Interior Design here.

Farmhouse Interior Design Style

Different Types of Interior Design Styles Explained ...

A farmhouse is rustic and allows us to unite with nature since it uses a lot of organic and natural materials and furniture designed accordingly. The Farmhouse Interior Design style uses these elements and creates a farmhouse-like vibe in a city home surrounded by concrete. One of the most highlighting aspects of farmhouse interior design is the fact that each room is driven by a particular element. So, you can have a particular element ruling the living room and a different element ruling the bedroom, etc.

This design style has a minimalistic interior and allows the homeowner to rewind and relax while keeping functionality and elegance in mind. Another essential element of a farmhouse design is the lack of matching furniture or décor as it strictly goes against the rustic style of a farmhouse. Wood being the primary material used in this design style, the modern farmhouse is pretense-free, utilitarian, eclectic, and sophisticated all at the same time.

The core idea of the farmhouse-style interiors is to use the chic elements from the countryside, modern industrial elements, heirlooms, and artistic elements to piece together a unique, luxurious and relaxing home.

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Transitional Decorating Style Must Have: Colorful Accessories

Transitional style living room by Designer, Corine M.

Dont be put off by the traditional neutrals, because you can certainly still have fun with colorful accessories. Add brightness with colorful curtains, scatters and décor pieces for example. In a transitional bedroom, opt for bedding with pops of color. Also, if you have a bit of wiggle room in your budget, then you can certainly reupholster your favorite furniture pieces with a bright color.

Transitional living room interior design ideas

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