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Top Of Kitchen Cabinet Decor Ideas

There Are Times When Decorating Above The Cabinets Can Work

How to Decorate Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Items that are simple in style and shape are best up high.

I am such a fan of kitchen cabinets to the ceiling and overscaled, tall cabinets that fit the height of these new homes with higher ceilings.

It’s as if the builders didnt get the memo that if youre going to raise the ceiling, the cabinets and other elements need to go too!

Seriously though . . . While Im not in love with the stuff that people arrange way up high just to fill a small void, and I do think people overload those areas where its not necessary, there are certain situations and certain times when some decorating actually does need to be done above a cabinet.

For example: If your cabinet is fairly short — let’s say about 5 or 6 high and it looks way shorter than the ceiling. If it sort of cries out for something to be put above it — that’s okay, you can decorate it -)

Really, there are a few approaches you can take when decorating above a cabinet.

So, to make sure one of them really works for you, you first have to determine if you have the right space for what you want to put up there and if you have the right accessories to do the job.

If you do, you can then begin to address your cabinet decorating as follows.

Some General Rules To Follow

1. Dont draw too much attention.

You dont necessarily want to draw eyes up there, says Joo. When dealing with the gap, she cautions against bold design choices that might accentuate the gap as a focal point in your kitchen. Things like decorative lights or an accented wall color can pull too much focus.

2. Mind the grease.

If the gap is directly above your range, it is going to get a little messy regardless of how good your ventilation is. That area acts like a dust pocket. Then that dust gets full of oil from your cooking and gets stuck, says Asprea. Things like cookbooks or linens should be far away from the stove, as they could get damaged over time by residual grease buildup. Check to see if that space is greasy, and if so, stick to things you can clean, like vases or glassware.

3. Have a through line

Its okay to be varied in what you put across the space, it doesnt need to be all vases or all plants, just some sort of cohesive note that will streamline everything and keep it looking clean and organized, says Hopp. Whether it be a general color scheme, texture, shape, or material, having a unified visual look will make the space look much better.

4. Make it personal

Where I see people go wrong often is with this sort of cliche propesque decor that feels cheesy or disconnected from actual use and authenticity, like prints of an Italian vineyard or something like that, says Hopp.

Brick Texture Over Cabinets

Source: Lark and Linen

I love the idea of making a statement with your backsplash and then carrying that pattern all the way up the wall. Bonus: no dusting of knick-knacks above the cabinet. Clean and simple! You could pretty easily install a similar brick backsplash using faux brick panels, peel-and-stick wallpaper, or brick veneer.

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Add Art Or Collectables

The space above the cabinets offers the perfect place to display art, antiques, collections, and more. Items used as top of kitchen cabinet decor are well protected sitting away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, which is ideal for a pottery collection or certain antiques. Still, make sure you keep things dusted and clean so theyre not damaged by kitchen residue. If you have a smaller kitchen, placing your art or collectables above the cabinets also helps to draw the eye upward, which makes the entire kitchen feel bigger. If you dont currently have any extra art, vases, pottery, or other items that will fit, explore local art fairs or thrift stores. You can even get creative and make something of your own especially for the space!

Add Wallpaper Or Paint

5 Charming Ideas for Above Kitchen Cabinet Decor Home, 5 ...

Not quite sure what to do with that space? Add a patterned wallpaper or a bright coat of paint above your cabinets to bring the area to life. Whether you opt for a bold floral, a faux brick, or a pop of colorful paint, youll be shocked by what a difference that small space can make. After that, even one or two vases or bottles above your cabinets will feel fresh and inviting, instead of spare.

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The High Indoor Garden

Dont have enough space in the backyard to create a garden? Then, why not use the upper space in the kitchen to have one?

Certainly, it is possible to fill in the above cabinet with something different such as real plants.

But you must ensure that youre using plants easy to maintain. Plants such as cactus as well as elephants ears are some of the types you can use as an above kitchen cabinet decor.

These decorative ideas for the above kitchen cabinet decor can create a nice, artsy space. Some can even keep the room organized as well.

However, before choosing the above kitchen cabinet decor, make sure to measure the space available. Therefore, you can make the room nicer rather than making it look more crowded.

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Set Up A Mini Library

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Something else that you can store up on top of your kitchen cabinets is a bunch of books. This idea works out great if you have a collection of recipe books, magazines and various such things. You can have them all displayed up here, either in stacks, vertically, horizontally or however else you want to. You can also add some bookends, planters and various other decorations in between and around the books, just like you would on a regular bookshelf. Perhaps this stylish kitchen designed by architect Arjen Reas can inspire you.

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Stylish Ways To Put The Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets To Good Use

Unless your top kitchen cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling, you probably have some unused space that you might not even be aware of. Were talking about that space between the top of the wall-mounted cabinets and the ceiling which is often difficult to reach and quite unappealing overall.

That might very well be the case but that doesnt mean you cant put it to good use and take advantage of it in some way. Rather than thinking of it as an awkward and useless space you can instead try to take advantage of it. Here are some clever ways in which to do it:

Opt For Modern Industrial Cabinetry

Top 5 Contemporary Kitchen Interior Design Ideas | Tips and Trends for Home Decor

For a modern industrial-look kitchen with solid construction, look no further than Steel Cucines modular kitchen units.

The Italian manufacturer is now offering a wide range of cabinets and prep stations featuring the same robust style and solidity of its celebrated range cookers.

The 120cm-wide cabinet with stainless steel countertop shown here is available in the UK from Bradshaw Luxury.

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Plan And Design Kitchen Lighting

Advances in LED technology is taking the illumination of kitchen cabinetry to next-level exciting.

Task lights underneath your wall units are still de rigueur for safe prepping. But, for more decorative kitchen lighting ideas, concealed LEDs are where its at.

Hidden under plinth lines, behind backsplashes or in recessed shelving units like this one, they emit gentle mood lighting that brings cabinetry to life. This is Rationals Tio range in metallic bronze and metallic anthracite.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

No one has to settle for builders grade kitchen cabinet styles anymore. There are so many kitchen cabinet types to choose from!

It used to be all about hiding your kitchen supplies inside any space you could find. This isnt the case anymore. As white, light, and bright continue to take over decoration trends, more people are opting for sleeker and more modern kitchen cabinets like open shelving, glass doors, or industrial looks.

In 2022 youll see a mix of more traditional looks and modern takes on kitchen cabinets.

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How To Decorate The Top Of Kitchen Cabinets

If you have the space, incorporating top of kitchen cabinet decor can help bring the room all together. Youve probably planned out every other part of your kitchen, ensuring it looks, feels, and functions the way you want. But then, when you look up towards the ceiling and notice that your above cabinet décor is nonexistent, it detracts from the rest of the kitchen. Take advantage of this space to add more storage and more personality, preventing the room from feeling drab.

New Ways To Decorate Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

I love decorating the tops of kitchen cabinets!
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The Spruce / Candace Madonna

There are those random areas in our homes that seem to be begging for décor, but they tend to be a little, well, awkward. The wall next to the front door. That open spot under the stairs. And the space above the kitchen cabinets, where it seems as if something should go therebut what?

If the styling in your kitchen seems to be lacking in some way and needs just the thing to create a finished look, filling that area above the cabinets might be the answer. There are actually myriad possibilities for decorating that space, proven through featured designers, bloggers, and Instagrammers. From vintage art to practical storage, you can put that space above the cabinets to work.

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I Display My Collection And Switch It Out Seasonally

Karen provided the photo above, stating, “Because my kitchen ceiling slopes, my husband could not build our cabinets to the ceiling. He covered the in between space with a decorative shelf, which I’ve decorated with lovely mugs. In winter, I replace the mugs with happy snowmen.”This is a great idea!First, they added a bit of shelving to the top of the cabinets, since often above the cabinets is an unfinished area. In addition, the collection she has chosen, well at least the mugs for sure, are washable, making it easier to clean the area.Changing your decorations out seasonally may be more work than some people want to do, which is fine, but it can be fun if you enjoy that type of thing.Here’s another seasonal decoration idea from a reader, Tenley. She said, “My husband found this old crate at the curb, thrown out by someone else, and brought it home. Little did he know it would cost Him dearly!! I purchased a variety of seasonal decorations which I display in it on top of my kitchen cabinets. I have decorations for every holiday. Need to get the Valentine decorations out now, huh?”

Consider Mint Green For Your Colour Choice

Small kitchens by definition tend to feel cramped or chaotic, especially if youre trying to include all of your appliances and utensils. It can get cramped and stuffy fast. Help prevent this from happening by painting your small kitchen mint green. Mint green is a soothing colour that promotes rest and relaxation and can help to offset that chaotic feel that is so common in smaller kitchens. Try blending in some other neutral colours for a comforting palette that will make your kitchen seem calm and relaxed.

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Include Nooks For Storage

You can utilize the space above your kitchen for keeping baskets. The basket will be pretty helpful for the house owner because they can store various kitchen items in a basket. When one chooses a set of matching baskets, it will give a uniform look to your kitchen. Your kitchen space will look organized.

Make A Statement With Directional Doors

Top 5 Kitchen Interior Design Ideas | Tips and Trends for Home Decor

Bored of deliberating between classic Shaker versus modern flat-fronted doors? Now Magnet is offering a middle option thats neither overtly trad, nor uber contemporary.

It picks up on our obsession with parquet, one of the hottest flooring trends of the decade, and promises to bring a fresh geometric edge to the kitchen.

Avoid overkill by using it as a feature door on a kitchen island, or restricting to units below eye-level.

If you are planning on getting a kitchen island then make sure you check out more of these clever kitchen island ideas.

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Top Kitchen Cabinet Decorating Ideas

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Fit Open Shelves For Easy Access

Channel your inner Downton by embracing open shelving, which is enjoying a style revival amid those seeking a pantry-led utilitarian vibe.

Be prepared to evict any outright ugly crockery but dont get obsessive with aesthetics the most successful open cabinetry is purposefully uncontrived.

In fact, most kitchen designers recommend using open shelving for daily-use items so that the dreaded dust never gets a chance to settle. This is Neptunes Suffolk kitchen hand-painted in Teal.

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Find Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Add Interest With Texture

The smartest kitchen designers appeal to all the senses when choosing cabinetry. Introducing a textural element is essential for including a tactile treat.

One fashion-forward option is cross-sawn timbers, which leave the rugged marks of the saw blade un-sanded, and embrace rustic charm with a chic, modern twist.

Here, Roundhouse nails the look with River-washed ply doors on its Urban Metro range.

Stylish Storage Above Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet top Decor Ideas New 10 Ways to Decorate ...

We love this option! You can never have enough storage and if you are working with small spaces it gets even more critical. That wasted space above your cabinets is THE perfect location for some stylish wicker baskets, wooden crates , and even colored plastic boxes for a pop of color.

Using your kitchen cabinet space for good and finding a functional purpose for it isnt always easy. Use these helpful tips, your creativity and find a need and fulfill it! You really cant go wrong as long as you feel that it adds value and creates a cozy environment for you and your family.

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Patterned Vases And Urns

A large grouping of patterned vases and urns can show off a collection. This grouping of blue and white porcelain ginger jars, lidded urns, vases, bowl and teapots accentuate the subtle blue wallpaper with white accents. Some pattern designs include Holland Delft pottery , Pagoda, China Blue, Blue Chinoiserie and Blue Willow.

The key to a successful grouping is to use different sizes and shapes. Work with odd numbers in groupings. Break up large groupings with a bowl or plate add in a few single-color pieces to break up the patterns.

Chalk Or Matte Cabinet Surfaces

Were currently living in a DIY-obsessed culture that enjoys getting their hands dirty. Because of that, were seeing more chalky and matte cabinet surfaces popping up. Sure, some painted cabinets fresh off the production line are matte, but lets not forget all the weekend warriors out there painting their old cabinets with chalk paint to give them a much-needed facelift.

However, if youre not into painting your cabinets, you can always buy a matte finished cabinet surface right from the store. No gloves and paintbrush are needed and you will be on-trend for 2022.

Will the chalky and matte cabinet surface trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Complete the Look

If you think matte or chalk surface kitchen cabinets are for you, consider a glass mosaic backsplash coupled with a nice engineered wood plank flooring.

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