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Stitch Fix For Home Decor

Shop The Best Natural Rattan And Wicker Home Decor


Ive rounded up the best picks for natural, rattan and wicker home decor. From natural furniture, rattan pendants, wicker baskets and more, I found the cutest home accessories. Check out the best of Ikea, Target, Anthropologie, and Target. Shop these home decor ideas now!

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Will I Do This Again

So, will I try another Stitch Fix box? Yes! As a matter of fact, my next box will be here on November 27th and Im really looking forward to it!

Even though I only chose one item to keep from my first box, I am hopeful that the second box will have things more my style. I guess we will wait and see.

What I Liked:

  • The size of each piece fit me very well.
  • It was fun trying on things I would never have selected for myself.
  • I enjoyed trying on the different pieces in my own home, and being able to model them for my husband and our sons to get their opinions. Thats something that would NEVER happen if I were to go out and shop for clothes in a brick and mortar store! And I really liked that my husband actually liked all of the pieces.

What I Didnt Like:

  • Florals! As I mentioned, I was really surprised to have received so many floral choices, especially when I made a special note in my profile about how I didnt like florals.
  • The color choices were not something I would choose for myself. While I am open to trying new colors and patterns, these pieces were in some of my least favorite colors.

Describe Your Sense Of Style In Three Words

Personal style is a journey, not a race, says Gordon. Imagine everyone wearing the same outfit they wore at age 16, once they were 38 or even 68not only boring, but yikes! We evolve throughout the different parts of our lives and our personal style should reflect who we are in those moments too, she says. Every few years, try to describe your ideal personal style in three wordslike minimalist, luxurious, and monochromatic, or trendy, edgy, and confident. Every time you do this exercise, one or two of the words may have changed, and after a decade, all three words might be completely different. Thats OK. Roll with it.

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You Can Customize How Often You Receive Your Fix From A Range Of Every Two To Three Weeks To Every Three Months

You can also manually edit the frequency at another time if you’d like to receive your Fix sooner or later.

Now it’s just time to wait for your shipment and get excited! Even after filling out that detailed Style Profile, I was still admittedly nervous because it was an online-only interaction. I wondered just how well the stylist could understand me without ever seeing or meeting me in person…

But Hesitation Aside You Can’t Beat The Excitement Of Receiving Your First Fix And Wondering What’s Inside In Addition To Your Five Pieces Each Fix Comes With A Card From Your Stylist

Pin by Barb Boustead on Stitch Fix received

This card contains a personal note from your stylist about the pieces they picked for you and two outfit suggestions for each piece. In the note from my first Fix, I loved how my stylist specifically referenced one of my drawings from my Instagram. It was a small gesture, but showed the effort on Stitch Fix’s end to get to know its customers.

It looks like my stylist put some real thought into the pieces chosen, but how do they look and fit?

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For Example In My First Fix I Received A Wrap Dress I Was In Love With Every Aspect Of The Dress Fit Cut Material Except The Print I Mentioned This In My Feedback And Received This Black Wrap Dress In My Next Fix

My stylist Jan said: “Since you loved the wrap dress in your last Fix but weren’t a fan of the print, I included a similar dress in black everyone needs a LBD! Wear it to work with a cropped cardi or a colorful blazer, or style it more casually with the long grey cardigan and pop of color flats.”

Don’t worry if you don’t hit the jackpot with every single piece in your Fix. The important thing to remember is to give feedback so there’s a chance that your next box will be a hit.

Why Are Rattan Home Accessories So Popular

Rattan and wicker home accessories, or natural weave home decor, is so popular right now because they add style to your home while being inexpensive. This natural home decor is great for a home with a boho, beachy, or minimalist design. These home accessories are also perfect for storage and a great alternative to plastic.

Now is the perfect time to buy this style decor as you can almost find anything in a rattan and wicker style, from storage boxes, rugs, chairs, and even baby decor.

Check out some home design style inspiration with these natural, rattan and wicker finds!

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Theres No Stuffing For The Pillow

If Decocrated eliminates some unnecessary packing, they could also supply subscribers with a pillow for this pillowcase.

What the heck! Decocrated advertises all over its curated home style book that the spring box includes a spring pillow. Only, theres no pillow, just a pillowcase.

At my house, Ive got the square throw pillows that came with my couches and thats about it. So, I didnt have any old pillows to fit the empty 12-inch by 18-inch pillowcase, which means I couldnt use it until I went to a craft store to buy a plain stuffed pillow for it.

If Decocrated eliminated some of their packing materials, I think a small stuffed pillow could easily fit into the box. Problem solved.

Why Stitch Fix Is So Successful:

Stitch Fix Box

When nearly every part of the shopping experience your personal characteristics, clothing characteristics, and post-Fix feedback can be condensed into a data point, the company ends up with a lot of useful information that it can plug into an algorithm.

Stitch Fix’s team of more than 100 data scientists, led by Eric Colson, the former VP of Data Science and Engineering at Netflix, is in charge of the predictive algorithms that keep users happy.

Through a combination of the user’s Style Profile, historical interactions with the service , merchandise data , and recommendation algorithms, Stitch Fix can efficiently streamline a traditionally frustrating experience. Style Shuffle, a feature introduced in 2018 and available on the Stitch Fix iOS app and online, gamifies clothing preferences with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down rating system, and further improves understanding of the user. If this all sounds suspiciously artificial and robotic, the incorporation of human stylists is meant to retain the personal aspect of shopping.

While there’s certainly a proportion of the population who revel in the winding, unpredictable journey of wandering into stores, trying on armfuls of clothing, and eventually stumbling upon The Dress , there’s also a significant chunk who hate shopping, don’t have the time for it, or don’t know what they want.

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What We Like About Stitch Fix

A common complaint with all clothing subscription services is that the stylists did not get the persons style right. But Stitch Fix seemed to get it right faster with both first-time and repeat box subscribers. Of the people we interviewed, including staff members, 21 had tried Stitch Fix and 10 reported that the style was up to par. While thats less than half, its still the highest approval rating of any other service we considered.

Three people we interviewed also said they liked that Stitch Fix wasnt overly trendy. One reviewer we interviewed, Christine Rose Elle, said the service actually made her feel better about shopping as an older woman. The shopping experience is very different when youre older, she said. It feels vaguely like its not for youlike its for a younger woman. With Stitch Fix, the clothing is on trend, but youre not going to get anything with your buns hanging out.

Of the people we interviewed, more said that Stitch Fix got the fit of the clothing closest to what they wanted. The service offers a size range that includes plus, petite, and maternity. For women, it offers sizes 0 to 24W , waist sizes 28 to 42, and inseams 30 to 34 inches. Mens sizes range from XS to 3XL, waist sizes 28 to 48, and inseams 28 to 36 inches. Of the people we interviewed and our staff testers, roughly 60 percent thought the clothing fit was good, compared with 40 percent for Trunk Club, and 50 percent for Bombfell.

Find A Style Icon You Admire

If you want to reinvent your personal style but dont know where to begin, its helpful to identify your style icon. Whether its a rockstar, an actor, a coworker, or a friend, your style icons sense of fashion can inform your personal taste. Style is incredibly personal, so dont try to copy your icon exactly and potentially lose your style identity. But pinpointing what it is you admire about your style iconan air of effortlessness? European flair? Feminine accents? A spirt of whimsy?will help you add those qualities to your own look. In its great American style icons list, Harpers Bazaar names Grace Kelly for her polished classics, , Madonna for daring stage looks, Stevie Nicks for her hippie ensembles, Debby Harry for her punk rock edge, and Diana Ross for her high-shine disco style and larger-than-life hair.

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Sunburst Mirror From Healthy Wealthy Diys

$10 for that mirror from Healthy Wealthy DIYs? No one will believe you when you tell them that. In fact, dont tell anyone that. Just smile and say thank you when people compliment you on it. When they ask where you got, just say, oh, I picked it up at a little shop when I was out of town. No one needs to know that shop was the Dollar Tree a town over.

Once You’ve Received Your Fix You Have Three Days To Send Your Feedback Online Check Out And Return Any Unwanted Items In The Prepaid Return Envelope


The $20 styling fee is waived if you purchase any item. In addition, you get a 25% discount if you buy all five pieces in your Fix. Another way to save is to send a referral link to your friends. You’ll earn a $25 credit.

Make sure to let your stylist know how you liked your items, especially after your first Fix. This will help them adjust accordingly for your next shipment and continually improve on how they style you. You can also choose whether to keep your current stylist, try a new one, or let Stitch Fix choose for you.

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Best For Artesian Dcor: Globein


Why We Chose It: Every item is handcrafted and ethically produced by fair-waged artisans from around the world.

  • Supports fair wages and ethical working conditions

  • Many different box themes to choose from

  • Choose to skip a box anytime and accrue credit to use in the sites shop

  • Shipping fee of $10 for each box

If youre shopping for a home décor subscription box with a unique, handcrafted appeal, look no further than GlobeIn. Every month, GlobeIn releases at least five box themes featuring four to five culturally unique items made by talented artisans.

This home décor box is typically a combination of items to decorate with, use for entertaining, or to elevate your morning or evening rituals. As an example, one past box included a handwoven palm leaf basket from Mexico, a matching striped sugar bowl, and milk pitcher from Morocco, and a handmade wooden coffee spoon from Kenya, along with organic coffee beans from East Timor.

You can order a single box for around $60 to $70, and your first box ships free. Youll receive more savings by opting for a three-, six-, or 12-month subscription. One of the best things about GlobeIns subscription box service is the option to preview each months box themes and choose the one that matches your taste.

Clothing Subscription Stitch Fix Launched Its Own Line Of Sustainable Inclusive Wardrobe Basics

If the pandemic has taught me anything, its that when it comes to clothing, Im doubling down on cozy, everyday basics rather than, sadly, luxury cocktail dresses. The more time I spend at home, the more I want to feel totally and utterly comfortable, and Stitch Fix is here with the answer.

The personal styling service known for curated picks shipped directly to your door just last month launched Mohnton Made, an exclusive brand of everyday staples for women and men, and I was lucky enough to test the goods.

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Plaster Dipped Flower Votives From Design Mom

Ok, these Plaster Dipped Votives from Design Mom look like they were ripped from the pages of an Anthropologie catalog. Stunning. I might need to make these for my Thanksgiving Tablescape. A few dollar store fake flowers and some Plaster of Paris from Michaels and youre good to go!

Update! I did try them, check it out:

How cute are these little mugs I made from the dollar store? With dollar nail polish! Nail polish crafts are so much and easy to do.

These would be cute as a teacher gift filled with some candy or pencils.

Everything You Need To Know About The Wantable Active Edit

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore! Stitch Fix Unboxing & Try On February/ Winter 2022

I am a big fan of trying Wantable, and have previously reviewed their Style Edit and compared it to Stitch Fix. I have recently increased my workouts , and thought now is the perfect time to try Wantables Active Edit for workout and loungewear clothes, not to mention for working from home. Here is my full review of my first Wantable Active Edit, and why I like it even more than the Style Edit. Keep reading to find out if you should try it, too!

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Contents Of My First Stitch Fix Box

The items I received in my first Stitch Fix box are shown below. In addition to the clothing, I also received a price list for the items in my box, a welcome note, and a sheet with styling suggestions for the pieces.

As part of my profile choices, I requested casual, comfortable pieces. Items comfortable to wear around the house, as well as while out and about running errands. I mentioned I was looking for jeans, leggings, tops, and sweaters. My profile mentioned that I dont really like floral prints, purples, blues, reds, or maroons. With that in mind, I was actually surprised to see the choices I received: a navy blue sweater a maroon, black, white, and pink blouse a floral print red, blue, and pink blouse a floral print blue, pink, yellow blouse and a floral print green and black blouse. The stylist wrote a note saying she hadnt found any jeans or leggings for this box, so had included only tops. Hmmm I like trying new things which is why I tried this box in the first place but none of the items I received are really my style, colors, or patterns. In fact, they are almost the opposite of what I typically like give me a pair of capris, a comfortable t-shirt, and a hoodie or jean jacket and Im good to go.

I did however try all of these things on and kept an open mind.

Read on to find out which piece Im keeping, and which ones are going back.

Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan

Price to keep: $38

Styling suggestions:

Price to keep: $64.00

Wilcox Tie Neck Blouse

How To Fix A Hem

Depending on your hem, this may look a little different. Some hems are stitched to be visible on the front of the garment, some hems are folded and some are cover-stitched. For this example, the hem has a finished end and isnt folded in on itself, so Ill blanket-stitch the hem back into place.

How to blanket stitch: full disclosurethis stitch can be done much closer together, but since the fabric edge was already finished and the fabric was relatively sturdy, I spaced mine out pretty far. For the nicest finish, you can match your thread and catch the couple threads right above where you first go through the folded hem fabric. .

1) Start with a threaded needle and knotted thread. Starting at the right of where your hem has come loose, pick up a couple threads from your garment and pull through, securing your thread. Take your needle and move about a quarter inch to the left and down. Stitch through the top layer of fabric so your needle is sandwiched between the two layers of fabric. Before pulling the stitch completely through, put the needle through the thread loop, then pull to complete the stitch.

2) Repeat the stitch until youve repaired your hem! Use the same method to knot your thread as explained in the button fixing example: pick up a few threads , wrap your thread around the needle a few times, and pull your needle through to form a knot. Cut off excess thread! The stitch should be invisible from the front of the garment.

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How To Style Rattan And Wicker Decor In Your Home


Storage is the easiest and most useful way to add rattan and wicker to your home decor. Wicker baskets easy to find and inexpensive. They add a natural and earthy feel to your home.

Try using wicker or rattan baskets as storage in the bathroom for toilet paper, the kids room for toys, or in the living room for blankets.

Heres a few more baskets I love. I bought the Pottery Barn Charleston Handwoven Seagrass Sorting Basket for the kids toys and I absolutely love it! Its so easy for my kind to throw their toys into the three different compartments to easily sort blocks from trucks from legos. Best of all, the sorting basket is on wheels so my kids can easily roll it around from room to room on their own!

Outside Deck or Garden

Rattan outdoor furniture is definitely making a comeback in modern and fresh designs. Try some classic chairs for effective seating that feels lightweight and airy. Or jump on this fun trend and try a hanging swing or egg chair.

Shop these egg chairs to add a fun, boho chic look to your outdoor space!

Home Accents

Add rattan and wicker home decor subtly throughout your home for fun accents. Try a rattan mirror in the entry way, a wicker charger for the dining table, or a natural ottoman in the living room.

Check out some more decor by scrolling down!

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