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Star Wars Themed Room Decor

Classic Red And Black Ideas Of Twin Bedroom

How To Build Star Wars Room | Episode 4

Maximizing an empty area in the attic as twin bedroom is kind of smart action to do. Optimizing the space by placing two single size beds on the largest wall side becomes the first step of decoration.

This small room can be bright in white with some smaller wall sides blocked with outer space decal. Star Wars themed room idea is displayed on the bedding and space ship action figure. Those small ornaments are arranged neatly on the wooden shelves.

Red and white zigzag printed curtain is chosen to cover the windows of this room with red and black ideas.

Blue Theme For Kid Room

It is still about bedroom for boys. In baby blue room theme, a big Star Wars poster and power walking stick attached on the wall behind the wooden cabinet are enough to display the Star Wars themed room idea.

The same themed blanket and sheet covering the bedding area is also perfect with the blue colored room. Although, all furniture are made of wood and fully polished in natural brown, the blue Star Wars concept is still displayed well through some ornaments as we mentioned before.

A circle window with triangle frame is installed as wall art.

Star Wars Living Room Ideas

If youre in the market for some tasteful Star Wars décor for your living room, weve got you covered. There is plenty of stylish Star Wars-themed furniture and home accessories for grown-ups out there. Check out the perfect balance of geek and chic with these classy Star Wars living room inspirations.

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Modern Star Wars Bedroom

In case you have the desire to live up to the latest trends of bedroom designs, go for a vibrant black and blue combination for the room. The Star Wars themed wallpapers go well with the double-decked beds. You can strike the right color contrast by painting the bed frame in black. The single bed also has black frames and blue bedcover. Place a model of a character in the corner to make the looks complete.

Choose Curtains That Complement Your Color Scheme

Fun Star Wars room I painted for designer Tanya McCulloch ...

We went with blue for the curtains, since we felt they tied everything together. We considered gray, but since the walls were gray, we felt it would be too much.

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Like my little curtain tie-backs? Well, guess where they came from? They are the ribbons that came wrapped around the comforter set!

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They already came with velcro, so I simply adjusted the size with a little packing tape and voila!

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Bright And Colorful Star Wars Theme

Colorful blue paint sets the stage for this Star Wars kids room. Wall decals depict important characters, like Yoda and Darth Maul for the perfect dash of excitement to the space. Bedding depicts various ships from the movies, including a tie and x-wing fighter. The furniture in this room is a bit more grown-up, making it the ideal transitional space for older children and pre-teens who may want something more mature. Floating shelves offer the perfect space for various Star Wars memorabilia too. Neutral window coverings and lighting ensures the space isnt completely saturated with color and Star Wars details.

Lego Star Wars Room Decor

This is a fun take on the Star Wars theme thanks to the Lego details reminiscent of the cute video game. Wall art from the Lego video games becomes the focal point of the room, set off by soft blue-gray walls. A Lego At-AT Walker takes up one corner and other small Star Wars decor completes a fun look for any boys room. Bedding from Attack of the Clones keeps the cute, childlike style without getting too serious. And, minimalist furniture doesnt detract from all of the cute Star Wars details. Lighting is contributed to with LED light bars hidden behind the Star Wars wall mural.

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Star Wars Bedroom Accessories

The right choice of bedroom accessories is important. So, when you have a centrally positioned bed in your room, you can achieve a symmetrical look in your bedroom with two identical table lamps on two sides. Get a small leather sofa on one side and a floor mat beside the bed. Place matching accessories on the blue walls to make the look complete.

Out Of This World Star Wars Bedroom Decor

Millennium Falcon Bench | Star Wars Room Build Episode 7
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A long time ago, in a bedroom far, far away.

OK, OK, it was actually last week and it was in Jacobs bedroom

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I cannot tell you guys how excited Ryan and I were to give Jacob the room of our dreams!

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In all fairness, he chose the theme, although some may say we may have played some Jedi mind tricks on him that influenced him to lean that way. I can neither confirm nor deny that fact!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosure here.

In any case, we were a little sad to let go of his Dr. Seuss room which he had for a few years, but we really felt he was getting too old for the Dr. Seuss decor. Our sadness quickly went away when we realized we were going to be able to decorate his room with one of our favorite childhood obsessions!

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Death Star Craft Ideas

I really love this DIY Death Star Disco Ball from Our Nerd Home, its so fun and I know itd look great in my office on my desk! Who wants to make me one for Christmas?!

If youd rather hang your death star on the wall, check out this DIY Death Star Mirror from Mad in Crafts!

If you are super skilled then check out this concrete Death Star from We Must Be Dreamers. Its perfect to hold a little succulent on your windowsill! Ive never worked with concrete though, so I am not sure how hard this would be to make. You can also just buy one on Etsy from a variety of sellers.

This crochet Death Star pillow from Pops de Milk is really cool but if you dont have the skills, Etsy also has lots of Death Star pillows available for sale.

Awesome Ceiling Wall Stickers For Attic Kids Room

Space theme ceiling wall stickers look stunning covering the entire surface of the attic ceiling. The ceiling sticker displays dark blue as background. To contrast the dark theme, the room wall is painted in white.

Red and white striped curtain is used to cover the only window inside the room. While the bedding is covered by blue and white striped blanket to match the blue and white theme found on the shelves.

Dark wooden cabinet with flat screen TV is also placed between the shelves for storage area. Some tiny stickers are attached in untidy way on the wall of this Star Wars themed room.

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Classic Vinyl Decal Of Star Wars Themed

Installing classic vinyl decal one the wall between windows in a Star Wars themed room is an easy concept we can do. The windows with white blinds offer enough enlightenment for this kids room.

Basically, this kids room comes in dark blue hue. There is another sticker attached on another wall side to display the Star Wars theme. Although the room looks dark with that deep blue tone, this classic boys bedroom is still comfortable with an electric fan lamp on the ceiling.

Wooden cabinet and wardrobe become main furniture besides bedding in this Star Wars themed room.

Pulling This Look Together

My Star Wars Loving Boy

Personally, I like to think long-term when it comes to decorating a room. With great accents, like the ones I mentioned above, you can use more basic pieces for window treatments and such. For example, the black-out drapes on my sons windows are solid navy. That way, if he ever wants a new room theme, theres a good chance the navy drapes will look great with the next one, too.

The same is true for bedding. You can buy a good-quality navy quilt and softlight-gray sheets. Then, simply add a fun Star Wars throw blanket or Star Wars-inspired . For example, I love this May the Force help you clean your room pillow!

Again, sticking with basics for bigger items will make it much easier if you want to switch out the theme in a few years.

And lastly, I like to have no more than two main colors in a room. Then, add little pops of other colorsin accent pieces. This will help give a room a calm and cohesive look.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun. Im sure your kiddo will love the result!

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Star Wars Bedroom Decor Ideas

Speaking of Star Wars bedroom ideas, some have more fun and adorable design. They appeal to small kids. Here, the walls boast mottled paint that fades stunningly from dark blue sky to bluish snowy landscape.

The decals sport the opening words. They also showcase planets and a little stormtrooper. Moreover, the Star Wars bedding infuses more blue layers into the bedroom.

Furthermore, the bedroom features crisp white doors and accents. Dark-toned furniture pieces bring depth to the interior. This is certainly an ideal place as a transitional space for teenage boys.

Amazing Theater Room In Space Concept

Another Star Wars themed room is displayed by an amazing theater room. This private theater room is intentionally established in complicated shape especially the ceiling.

Besides having multi-level ceiling, the ceiling of the room is designed in unique curves to make it like a space ship interior. Some theater chairs are arranged in neat line to imitate space ship seats.

Wall of the room has big curves and circle on several parts with starry decal imitating the space ship windows. The entire room involves white and black gradation to emphasize the space ship interior.

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Baby Nursery Star Wars Theme

The Star Wars themed room idea can also be applied in a baby nursery room. Neutral hues such as black and white may be selected to bring natural ambience into the room. Paint the center wall in blue to describe the sky.

And then dominate the other wall in white to make the baby room wider. Black painted crib may be located on the white wall instead of the blue one. To display the Star Wars theme, an alien monster rug looks very cute decorating the light grey carpet.

A sword shaped wall lamp adds more futuristic accent on the wall above the crib.

Dark Stark Wars Bedroom Ideas

DIY Star Wars Room Decor | Wall Control Panel

Not all Star Wars bedroom decorations have to be airy and bright. This is definitely the sleepy space for the ultimate fan.

The ceiling depicts a deep night sky. Furthermore, it features little stars. There are also sun flairs that awesomely fade into the brighter blue walls. Light gray flooring offers a delightful contrast.

Moreover, the bedding solidifies the bedrooms Star Wars theme. Meanwhile, numerous art items and posters embellish the walls. The bookshelves showcase small toys and collectibles.

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May The Force Be With You Decor

It took me a couple of months to make sure that this room update was, in fact, something that Leo actually wanted! There is nothing worse than a child changing their minds every few seconds, am I right? LOL! So, once I knew that he was set on a Star Wars theme, I got to designing. Thankfully, Pottery Barn Kids was on the same wavelength and just released a line of childrens Star Wars decor items!! So before I even started to think about paint colours, I picked up a Star Wars sheet set, the BB-8 Droid beanbag chair, and May The Force Be with You throw pillow. For an extra pop of blue, I added the softest quilt from Flax Sleep at the end of his bed!

While we were in Disneyland, I made sure to pick up a few Star Wars toys, decor pieces, and memorabilia. We hung up a few of Leos lightsabers and added some of his Star Wars toys to keep on display!

Pro Tip: To all my fellow parents out there, if you ever go to Disneyland and have your eye on a particular item, buy it! LOL! You will not be able to purchase it online after trust me!

The cherry on top? I had my bestie Kaitlin Hargreaves paint these stunning watercolour paintings of BB-8 Droid, a Stormtrooper, and R2D2! Her watercolour pieces are not only gorgeous, but they completed the look and brought everything together! If you are looking for a custom watercolour painting, look no further!

Unique Star Wars Crafts

My favorite Star Wars craft on this list is the Wall-Mounted DIY Star Wars Wampa Head from Our Nerd Home. My mom was an amazing Wampa during a recent Star Wars Halloween party and this craft would make the perfect silly Christmas gift for her.

My second favorite Star Wars project is this DIY AT-AT bed, it is awesome and Id love a king size bed version. And guess what? You dont even have to make it! Etsy has an Imperial Walker bed listed! I doubt I could persuade Peter to install that in our bedroom but I bet I could get away with these Star Wars Light Switches from Sisters, What!

A few more misc Star Wars craft ideas include Star Wars Stitch Craft from Mom Endeavors, Star Wars Mason Jars from Club Chica, a Star Wars Planet Mobile from Mad in Crafts and an R2-D2 Pencil Holder from Crafts by Amanda!

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Death Star Wars Living Room

A combination of dark grey and clear white is always awesome to bring futuristic atmosphere into the room. No matter what the room function is, this color mix also offers spacious effect into the room.

Multi-level ceiling of the room displays clear white and dark grey tone. This neutral hue gradation displays as if this room is a part of space ship. Space ship gravity attached on the wall and custom furniture helps the tone gradation well in this living room.

The Star Wars themed room is featured with robot figure found as ornament in the corner and top of the shelves.

Alien Ship Wall Sticker For Living Room

16+ Star Wars Bedroom Designs, Ideas

Minimalist living room can apply the Star Wars themed room idea. In this case, alien ship wall sticker can be a good option to decorate the center wall.

The sticker may be attached on the wall in certain distance so that the art can spread elegantly on the wall. A modern L shaped sofa with sofa bed completed with colorful cushions looks great to match the wall.

You may put a stainless steel vase with dried branches as ornament on the floor next to the sofa. If you want to make this living room more comfortable, it will be nice to place a rug and coffee table.

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Colorful Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

This is one of the captivating Star Wars bedroom ideas. The bright blue walls provide the backdrop for the sleepy space.

Furthermore, the decals boast epic characters such as Darth Maul and Yoda. They lend the area a touch of excitement.

Moreover, the bedding reminds your child of different ships from the Star Wars movies. It also features an x-wing and ties fighter.

The furniture pieces are a bit more mature. They make the bedroom a perfect transitional sleepy space for pre-teens and older kids.

Black floating shelves hold Star Wars memorabilia. The neutral lighting and curtains ensure that the decorations as well as colors do not saturate the bedroom completely in the movie.

Star Wars Kids Bedroom

Kids are fond of vibrant wall colors. When you get the bedroom personalised for kids, you can use white bold letters on a deep blue background to write the letters. Grey bedroom furniture and accessories go well with this setting. You can also place a small staffed toy on the floor to personalise the room for kids.

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Fill Empty Walls With Wall Decor Of Various Shapes Sizes And Textures

Shopping for the wall decor was a lot of fun! I went to Hobby Lobby and found a huge selection of these metal wall signs. They were 50% off on the week when I went, so I got several to place throughout the room.

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I also found this neat light switch cover plate, that says Light Side and Dark Side. See what they did there

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When it comes to artwork and mirrors, you dont always have to hang them on the wall. You can get just as good an effect by leaning them! Thats what I did with the two canvas pictures in the following photos. I placed one on his bookshelves and the other on his nightstand. I think they look great and add to the decor pieces next to them.

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On a side note, styling his shelves was a lot of fun. We mostly used things we already had on hand. The walkie-talkies and his giant BB8 were cool birthday presents from family and friends. That was an unexpected benefit of having a Star Wars-themed birthday party. Most of his gifts were also Star Wars themed! Also, we already owned the Darth Vader mask from a previous Halloween costume. As for his legos, they look so cool in the figure containers. Oh, and mommy loves building legos!

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Match the Empty Space

Match the size of your decor items with the space they are filling. Use larger decor items when you have large empty spaces to fill.

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