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Star Wars Room Decor Ideas

Star Wars Kids Bedroom

5 Star Wars Home decor ideas

Kids are fond of vibrant wall colors. When you get the bedroom personalised for kids, you can use white bold letters on a deep blue background to write the letters. Grey bedroom furniture and accessories go well with this setting. You can also place a small staffed toy on the floor to personalise the room for kids.

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A Bedroom On Another Planet

Step into The Empire Strikes Back with these Star Wars room decorations designed to saturate the room in the movie. The whole theme of this room makes one feel that they are on the planet Hoth, where an epic battle took place. The bed is designed as a T-47 airspeeder, and it even includes a trundle underneath for extra sleeping space. Textured walls, sky blue paint, and fluffy bedding create the feel of snow throughout the room. The rest of the furniture is non-descript so that it doesnt take attention away from the thematic bed. Finally, individual Star Wars specific elements personalize the room perfectly.

Star Wars Man Cave Ideas

You may be able to recite every single Luke Skywalker line in the Star Wars movies, but does your basement look like a galaxy far, far away? As the Force fanatics get older they are able to afford more expensive collectibles from high-end memorabilia to life-sized replicas of their favorite characters, armor, weapons, and more. In fact, some go even further overboard than you might imagine.

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Lights And Light Sabers

Ever since the release of the first film in 1977, every kid who watches any Star Wars movie comes away doing the same thing: waving their hands around, pretending to wield a lightsaber. These light fixtures capture that same satisfaction, letting you build your kids rooms around the series glowing aesthetic .

Of course, this had to be here. If were talking Star Wars lights, the first thing that comes to mind is a lightsaber. The elegant weapon of a Jedi Knight and the destructive tool of the Sith Lords, the lightsaber is part of Star Wars most dramatic moments. Although this particular item models itself after Darth Vaders red blade, you can also choose Lukes original blue blade, if your child prefers to dream about the light side of the force.

Make Sure Your Bed Is An All Terrain Armored Transport

Cool Star Wars Bedroom Décor Ideas

Bring the film to life with an oversized bed canopy. Ok, so this canopy may not have blast-impervious armor plating, but it will surely stand the test of the space-time continuum in your little ones Rebel base. Featuring an easy-to-assemble frame with fabric cover, this canopy is sure to impress your little resistance fighter.

Buy now: Star Wars ReadyRoom AT-AT Bed Canopy, £52.50, Debenhams

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Star Wars Marquee Wall Art

Inspired by the Star Wars Marquee Wall Art at Pottery Barn, Handmade with Ashley have created their own version of the Star Wars sign for just a tenth of the price of the Pottery Barn Kids product. The Star Wars room decor accessory will make an impact on the interior design of your room and is a must for any child that wants a Star Wars bedroom theme.

For this DIY project, youll need to know your way around a workshop and be handy with some tools a cicular saw, nailer, silhouette, drill, staple gun, clamps, a sander and a ruler. To make the Star Wars sign, you need a string of globe lights, some wood, black spray paint, stain, varnish and wood glue.

To begin, you will need to cut the wood panels to size and glue the edges together. When the wood panel is completely dry, cut the wooden edge panels to size for a neat finish. Sand the surface of the wood and stain the panel. Now you can create your Star Wars logo stencil and attach it to the wooden panel so that you can spray paint the sign and seal it with varnish. Your Star Wars sign is now ready to drill the holes for the light globe sockets. Finally, you can install the string of light globes and you have a fantastic Star Wars lighting display for your childs bedroom that will impress any Jedi master.

Visit Handmade with Ashley for all the detailed instructions and photographs on how to make your own Star Wars Wall Art and more fabulous Star Wars home decor projects.

Star Wars Home Office Ideas

Are you a stay-at-home-worker who wants to inject some of that Luke Skywalker vibe into your home office? If youd like a habitable office space that doesnt look like a film set but has all the desired design elements that remind you of the galaxy far, far away, heres some serious inspo for office organization, workspace decor, and layout to make your #homeofficegoals a reality!

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Star Wars Bedroom Pc Setup

via bh1198

The most important rule when creating a star wars inspired bedroom is to make it uniquely your own. Heres a great example of a bedroom workspace filled with miscellaneous Star Wars items. Be bold and start collecting whatever you think is cool, and use the space youve got to make it your own. No two star wars themed spaces are the same. And thats a good thing.

Pulling This Look Together

Star Wars Room Decor Diy | Control Panels

Personally, I like to think long-term when it comes to decorating a room. With great accents, like the ones I mentioned above, you can use more basic pieces for window treatments and such. For example, the black-out drapes on my sons windows are solid navy. That way, if he ever wants a new room theme, theres a good chance the navy drapes will look great with the next one, too.

The same is true for bedding. You can buy a good-quality navy quilt and softlight-gray sheets. Then, simply add a fun Star Wars throw blanket or Star Wars-inspired . For example, I love this May the Force help you clean your room pillow!

Again, sticking with basics for bigger items will make it much easier if you want to switch out the theme in a few years.

And lastly, I like to have no more than two main colors in a room. Then, add little pops of other colorsin accent pieces. This will help give a room a calm and cohesive look.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun. Im sure your kiddo will love the result!

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Star Wars Bedroom Decor Ideas

Speaking of Star Wars bedroom ideas, some have more fun and adorable design. They appeal to small kids. Here, the walls boast mottled paint that fades stunningly from dark blue sky to bluish snowy landscape.

The decals sport the opening words. They also showcase planets and a little stormtrooper. Moreover, the Star Wars bedding infuses more blue layers into the bedroom.

Furthermore, the bedroom features crisp white doors and accents. Dark-toned furniture pieces bring depth to the interior. This is certainly an ideal place as a transitional space for teenage boys.

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Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker: This is the perfect accessory for a home screening of Star Wars! Cleverly integrated speakers, bright lights, and recognizable Star Wars imagery brings these touch-free speakers to life. And it looks fantastic on the shelf when not in use.
Stormtrooper Bookends: A pair of detailed hand-painted resin Stormtroopers will do their best to protect your well-curated collection of literature. They might have famously poor aim, but they tend to be fiercely loyal. If bookends are your thing, dont forget our feature on these unique bookends.
Darth Vader Coffee Mug: Maybe the best way to start the morning is with a cup of the dark side. These mugs come with a handy lid to keep your coffee warm or serve as a gorgeous piece for your Star Wars shelf.
Death Star Silicone Mold: Silicone molds are an indispensable kitchen accessory, and this Death Star shape is sure to find plenty of uses around the home. Use this mold to form ice cubes, chocolate, and other must-haves for your next Star Wars screening party.
R2-D2 Silicone Mold: This droid can improve any party. This silicone mold is nearly 10 inches long, ideal for cakes and other large treats. Are you planning a little get-together or other special event? This mold will be the talk of the occasion.

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Star Wars Bedroom Theme

The trouble with some theme ideas is they go out of fashion long before the room needs another makeover. This can be a bit dispiriting, especially after youve spent so much time and money getting everything just right.

Even if your theme of choice does manage to stay in vogue theres also the the added problem that kids grow up fast and what was cool and trendy 2 years ago can be considered naff and childish.

With Star Wars you dont have to worry about either of these problems. The movie franchise has been going strong for 20 years and, likely, will continue for as many years again. Its also a theme idea that stays contemporary from kids aged 5 right through to teenage years and sometimes beyond!

There is already an abundance of Star Wars theme ideas and merchandise out there. And, with the forthcoming release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens youre not going to be stuck for choice.

The only downside is the Star Wars franchise is a huge enterprise and everything has to approved. This means that, unlike with more generic themes, its going to be much harder to find anything really original unless you make it yourself?

That said, there is still plenty of scope to create a theme that wows without spending a huge amount of money. Here is just a small sample of whats available.

Star Wars Bed
Star Wars 3D Wall Lights
Star Wars Bedding

Getting Started With Star Wars Room Decor

My Star Wars Loving Boy

Fun pieces of wall art, such as vintage posters or typography prints are both fun and modern ways to do this.

In contrast to this, you can do down the opposite route and make Star Wars the main theme of one room or of your entire home. In this case, you need to put Star Wars at the forefront of your entire design plan, source items in advance and plan in as much detail as you can so your room looks exactly as youd like, and not just a cluttered room of Star Wars memorabilia!

If you own any collectors items that are rare or especially interesting, make sure these get the perfect amount of lighting and are fully showcased in your home they do not deserve to be stuffed into the back of a cupboard!

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Star Wars Nursery Ideas

Girl or boy, they are coming into the world a Star Wars fan! If youd like your baby to grow up literally surrounded by and immersed in Star Wars, consider creating a Star Wars-themed nursery. Cover your bases and get all of the linens youll need for your babys crib, including Star Wars-themed pillows and a bedding comforter. You can add the cutest little glow with stick-on stars to the ceiling to emphasize the galaxy theme. Oh, and before you ask, we tried to find the awesome floating crib that Baby Yoda has in The Mandalorian, but no dice.

Death Star Wars Living Room

A combination of dark grey and clear white is always awesome to bring futuristic atmosphere into the room. No matter what the room function is, this color mix also offers spacious effect into the room.

Multi-level ceiling of the room displays clear white and dark grey tone. This neutral hue gradation displays as if this room is a part of space ship. Space ship gravity attached on the wall and custom furniture helps the tone gradation well in this living room.

The Star Wars themed room is featured with robot figure found as ornament in the corner and top of the shelves.

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Star Wars Themed Room Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, if you choose to purchase from my links I make a teeny tiny commission that I use to pay for things like web hosting, site security and alcohol if any of the aforementioned things decide not to work for me at any point in time. Thanks for your support!

Whether you have a boy or girl, young or old, Star Wars fans alike will geek out over these Star Wars room ideas! Keep reading to see both full room designs and individual decor items that will give your little Luke Skywalker the room of their dreams!

Boys Star Wars Bedroom

DIY Star Wars Room Decor | Wall Control Panel

When you choose the Star Wars theme for boys, you can for a double-decked bed if necessary. Opt for the black and white colour combination in this room. The black frame of the bed goes well with the matching ladder. You can create the visual effect resembling space in the upper part of the room and ceiling.

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Death Star Craft Ideas

I really love this DIY Death Star Disco Ball from Our Nerd Home, its so fun and I know itd look great in my office on my desk! Who wants to make me one for Christmas?!

If youd rather hang your death star on the wall, check out this DIY Death Star Mirror from Mad in Crafts!

If you are super skilled then check out this concrete Death Star from We Must Be Dreamers. Its perfect to hold a little succulent on your windowsill! Ive never worked with concrete though, so I am not sure how hard this would be to make. You can also just buy one on Etsy from a variety of sellers.

This crochet Death Star pillow from Pops de Milk is really cool but if you dont have the skills, Etsy also has lots of Death Star pillows available for sale.

The Geeky Parents Nursery

What Star Wars baby room would be complete without a stuffed tauntaun rug on the floor? This nursery space is the right combination of Star Wars as well as soft colors and textures to make it perfect for a little one. Quotes from the movies appear as vinyl wall decals and as a fun throw pillow on a corner chair. A toy Star Wars lightsaber is just enough decor in this soft room. Dark wood furnishings provide a nice contrast to bright white and blue walls. Soft, sheer curtains allow just enough light in for an airy, baby soft space.

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Small Star Wars Bedroom

You may fancy a look in your bedroom that resembles another planet. You can install a model of a star ship in the room. This can turn out to be your bed, with pillows and other bedding accessories placed on it. Choose a space-like terrain for the background wall. The wall cabinets are placed near the ceiling and customised to give your room a perfect thematic attire.

Bright And Colorful Star Wars Theme


Colorful blue paint sets the stage for this Star Wars kids room. Wall decals depict important characters, like Yoda and Darth Maul for the perfect dash of excitement to the space. Bedding depicts various ships from the movies, including a tie and x-wing fighter. The furniture in this room is a bit more grown-up, making it the ideal transitional space for older children and pre-teens who may want something more mature. Floating shelves offer the perfect space for various Star Wars memorabilia too. Neutral window coverings and lighting ensures the space isnt completely saturated with color and Star Wars details.

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The Best Star Wars Crafts

One of my favorite Star Wars crafts has been our BB-8 Paper Lantern. Everyone loves BB-8, he is an adorable droid and best friends with Poe Dameron. You can create your own BB-8 paper lantern using my instructions and some duct tape! Theres even a video tutorial if you need a little extra help.

The BB-8 paper lantern is a great decoration for any Star Wars themed party including baby showers. We now have our BB-8 hung up over Elliots cool Star Wars bed tent! Also, dont miss our DIY BB-8 costume which also utilizes a paper lantern and duct tape!

Another great Star Wars home decor craft weve made is Star Wars lightsaber lights. We originally made them for our Christmas tree but have made additional versions for a baby shower and Quinns bedroom. This Star Wars craft also uses duct tape, anyone noticing a theme?

+ Awesome Star Wars Room Decor Ideas For 2022

by in Home Decor

One thing weve learnt is that you cant tell a Star Wars fan just by observation. Sure, there are those who proudly display their fandom with a T-shirt or have the Imperial March as their ringtone, but most big fans dont announce it. Instead, many homeowners pay a private tribute to their favorite series with a Star Wars room or Star Wars decor in their house.

From Star Wars gaming room ideas to Star Wars kids room ideas, these homages range from the small and subtle to the outrageous and extravagant, but all are equally inventive.

Whether youre looking for some inspiration for your own decorating project or merely want to gawk at what can be done with a little elbow grease and some creative thinking, heres our list of 45+ best Star Wars room ideas to incorporate the Star Wars theme in almost any room of the house!

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