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Square Mirror Wall Decor Ideas

Gorgeous Wooden Lotus Wall Mirror

Deltoid Rhombus Square Infinity Mirror Wall Decor, LED Infinity Mirror with LED Light Wall Decor

When you see a lotus flower, it can create a feeling of comfort with its magical and whimsical look. This mirror manages to put out that vibe with ease. It is created with a bold black frame that helps the lotus shape pop. This lets the mirror come across as both functional and decorative to anyone who sees it.

Wall Decor Around A Mirror Neutral Mirror Decor Ideas

If you are wondering whether to use wall art around a mirror, the answer is yes. However, consider what wall art you are using. Consider the size of your wall art. Wall art should not be larger than the wall mirror. Second, to create a balanced look, hang a similar-sized artwork on each side of the mirror. Hang wall art that will complement the mirror. Dont use wall art that will compete with the wall mirror.

Use framing materials on the artwork that compliment the mirror not something that distracts from the wall mirror. Make your wall look as if the artwork and mirror were meant to be together.

For a mirrored wall, use wall art that can be attached with an adhesive material. Rather than using a nail or screw to attach the artwork to a mirrored wall, use a strong adhesive that can support the art. Select artwork that complements the mirrored wall. Stay away from any type of artwork that will distract from the mirror wall.

Create A Display Of Mirror Frames

For similar sunburst try eBay or Etsy

An accent wall devoted entirely to mirrors doesn’t just brighten and enlarge a space visually it also creates a visually striking focal point, and is effective at opening up a space. This bedroom is the perfect example of one of our favorite mirror design ideas.

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Think About What You Are Reflecting

Where you physically put your mirror is only half the story you need to think about what is opposite it too.

In terms of placement, think about what you want to reflect, says Waller. Through a mirror you can spot your favorite artwork from an unforeseen corner of the room, hang one opposite a window to bring the outside in or in a passageway as a keyhole for what the next room has in store.

You can also try using a focal point and angling your mirrors towards it, which will give the illusion of depth, adds Clarke.

And what you reflect is important in terms of Feng Shui, too. The question of why you should hang mirrors over your fireplace in terms of this teaching is less focused on why it’s a good idea but what you should reflect. The experts suggest mirroring your garden or plants where possible, as this will complete the ‘Creative Cycle’ and promote a good energy in your room.

Lean A Mirror As Part Of A Styled Table

Hotel Squares Multi Wall Mirror 40x120cm

As well as being practical visual devices, mirrors can be beautiful decorative objects serving the same purpose as a work of art, especially when they boast beautiful texture such as this vintage mirror with foxed glass. Leaning a mirror is a lovely way to integrate them into a decorative display and is especially great if you’re looking for ways to make your living room beautiful.

When you lean art or mirrors, rather than hanging them on the wall, ‘you open up new possibilities for styling around them,’ says Erica Davis, co-founder of Murus . ‘Complement your artwork with interesting objects, plants, or even other pieces of art to create a scene that’s beautiful and highly personal. Leaning art is also perfect for the indecisive, as it allows you to move things from room to room if you fancy a change.’

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Round Rustic Farmhouse Barnwood Mirror Frame

Change the whole dynamic of a traditional circular mirror with a cool wooden frame. The use of barnwood here connects this mirror with a farmhouse theme, especially considering the wood itself looks a touch aged. This also gives the frame a nice rustic appearance too, turning this even more into a decorative piece on your wall.

Shabby Chic Mirror Decoration Ideas

Blend rustic with a sophisticated flair with these cool mirror frames. They are all in different shapes and sizes, so you can set many of them up all around to build on the theme in the room. Additionally, these mirrors can look incredible next to some framed photos. They can complement them, bringing more attention to them.

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Sliding Barn Door Standing Mirror

An excellent way to turn your mirror wall decor into more functional decor is with this sliding barn door design. This is a perfect way to add some decorations to a door that comes across as simple yet effective. Plus, this gives you a nice full-length mirror, making it an ideal fit inside a bedroom.

Bronze Sunburst And Mirrored Cabinets


A sunburst mirror style is such a good option to add a distinctive touch to your wall decor. The use of a darker frame really helps to provide lovely contrast to it all. This frame is even oversized compared to the mirror itself, but that does allow it to serve as a decorative piece above anything else.

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Recycled Half Round Window Mirror

Go for a nice change of pace with your mirror wall decor by using an oversized piece like this mirror. It takes an old window and transforms it into a mirror. The white weathered frame gives an extra statement to the mirror. Meanwhile, setting these individual sections up as if it were still a window makes the display perfect.

Mirror Decor Ideas For Every Room Of The Home

When you don’t necessarily want to add more color, patterns or imagery but feel like a room is still missing something, a mirror is the ideal solution. Not only will it add dimension and create the illusion of more space, but a mirror can also amplify light, brightening up even the gloomiest areas.

But what size and shape should you use? Where should you place a mirror, and how do you decide on a frame style? If you appreciate simplistic yet sharp interior design as much as the team at Parachute, you’ve come to the right place. Find a roundup of thoughtful, curated mirror decor ideas below.

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Shatterproof Wooden Star Shaped Mirror

Another piece that will delight your family in a nursery or childs room is this adorable smiling star mirror. It features a child-like design, making it instantly give off friendly and lovable vibes. You can choose this in a natural wood tone or opt for something to match the room better. The other colors available are pink, white, and blue.

Create An Artful Display : Buy Morden wall mirror square mirror Mirrored wall ...

Mirrors are a brilliant way to create a decorative focal point especially when clustered together in different sizes as demonstrated here in the home of Bee Osborn, interior designer and founder of Studio Osborn .

When don’t feel you need to stick to the rectangle says Sue Jones, founder of Oka . ‘You can create just as much impact with a sculptural mirror as you can with a piece of art, so I like to look for more unconventional shapes to make a real statement.

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Small But Decorative Entryway Mirror

If you dont have too much space to spare, then consider a mirror that takes over a minimal footprint. There is still a lovely style going on with this mirror thanks to the elegant design, but it isnt too chic. This way, this works with any other style you may have going on in the room.

Display A Collection Of Small Ornate Mirrors

Using a large, frameless mirror as a base, we love the idea of creating a display using a collection of small, ornate mirrors, as well as prints and other ornaments. This technique creates a stunningly intricate focal point, which is enhanced by the reflection from the large mirror.

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Contemporary Dining Room Mirror Wall

When you have a good chunk of empty wall space to fill, opting for a uniquely made mirror is an excellent way to go. This one in particular works as individual mirrors with a pleasing, almost raindrop-like design. However, when placed side-by-side, there is a greater sense of movement felt.

Where To Hang Location Location Location


The first thing is to think about what type of room youll be using the mirror in and where you want to place it.

Bedroom Mirrors

A larger mirror in a bedroom or guest room can be leaned against the wall giving you or any guest a full head-to-toe reflection. Placing a round sunburst wall mirror above a bed can create a stunning focal point above a headboard.

Mirrors in the Living Room

A larger rectangular mirror placed horizontally above a credenza or sofa can add the illusion of depth and more space when square footage is limited. When you want to let your furniture be the star of the show, a clean and minimalist mirror can serve as the stunning focal point above any piece of furniture.

Entryway Mirrors

In an entryway, a decorative mirror can create a beautiful and easy complement above a small console table. Flanking the mirror with framed wall art creates a beautiful entrance to welcome in your guests.

Bathroom and Vanity Mirrors

Mirrors in bathrooms are essential. A lighted makeup mirror can be installed and often offers a magnified surface for a clear view as you apply makeup or shave. Hung above a sink, with bathroom lighting installed above or on each side, a vanity wall mirror can complete any bathroom. Small, wall mounted or free-standing makeup magnifying mirrors are ideal for grooming or makeup application.

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Mismatch Mirrors For Success

eBay or Etsy , or try Cox & Cox if you want to buy new

We like this mirror idea if you have a collection of slightly mismatching, antique mirrors. The key to success? Don’t position your mirrors too uniformly or too far apart, and avoid perfect symmetry laying them out on the floor first can be the best way to get a feel of what works best where.

How To Decorate With Mirrors Across Your Home In 2022

Mirrors are typically a given in bathrooms, but they’re often overlooked when designing the rest of a home. The right mirror can add functionality and elegance to any room, supplying the perfect balance of usefulness and aesthetics. Decorative mirrors also reflect light, after all.

Whether you’re looking for alternatives to traditional framed art, wish to double the natural light in a particular room or want to create the illusion of a larger space, a mirror is the way to go. Not sure where to start? Read on for mirror ideas for every room of your home, along with key considerations for buying and placing mirrors.

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Style A Mirror In A Shabby

Living rooms don’t have to look coordinated: your space, your style after all! So don’t feel inclined to match a three piece suite with a love chair if you don’t want to.

Here a hodgepodge of motifs and materials creates a grannycore scheme that fashionable moms and those with eclectic interior style will love. Though the wallpaper pattern is different to the rug familiar florals and themes we’ve seen before give this space an unusual cozyness.

Alongside a dusty pink fringed lampshade is a brass framed mirror idea that sits on top of a traditional fireplace. Its period look ties into the ornate detail of the hearth and the framed art on the wall.

How Do You Decorate A Living Room Wall With A Mirror

Gold/Silver 3 Size 3D Square Mirror Wall Sticker Removable Home Decor ...

In a living room, mirrors can be as big as you can manage. Choose a statement piece to act as a centerpiece to the room, or even go all out with a top-to-toe mirrored wall. Mirrors dont need to be hung either consider resting one on the mantelpiece, or even leaning a really large mirror on the floor.

Pick one in a shape and style that suits the design of the rest of your living room for mid-century modern rooms, go circular, while traditionally styled spaces can handle a ornate, gold frame.

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Focal Point Mirror Idea For Large Rooms

A large room and empty wall space requires a great mirror to bring it all together. This mirror is just the right width to take up some of that empty room. The frame is even a good size with a simple black coloring that provides some wonderful contrast. Its the right mirror to use if you lack any other wall decor.

How To Decorate A Mirror Wall

A mirror wall and a wall mirror sound like the same thing, but they, in fact, are not. The former is an entire gallery, while the latter is a single object. Use the former in a home with balanced decor: contrast mirror frames and incorporate both floor decor and ceiling decor to seal in the entire aesthetic from all sides.

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Hang A Mirror In Your Entry

Greet guests with a familiar face , and give yourself a spot for a once-over before you walk out the door. A small mirror over a table will do the trick, but if you have the space, go for a full-length stunner to get a glance at your whole outfit. Here, shape, color and size give a foyer mirror an art-like look.

Beautiful Ridged Wavy Frame Mirror

Mirror Decorating Ideas || Revamp Old Mirror || DIY Mirror Frame || DIYwithKANCHAN

If you would like to make a powerful statement with your homes wall decorations, then try out this gorgeous wavy frame mirror. This is a contemporary piece, and with its design, you can hang it horizontally or vertically and still achieve the same impact. Its made from wood with the lines and corners finished with a cute leaf effect.

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Mirror Decor Ideas To Brighten Your Space

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

A mirror is a necessary household object designed to help us get dressed in the morning and make sure we look presentable before leaving the house. But mirrors are also versatile in their own right.

Using decorative mirrorsfrom antique to vintage to contemporary stylesis an easy way to make an impact in any room in the house. Hanging a decorative mirror on the wall can make a room feel bigger, brighter, and more visually interesting. Well-placed mirrors can make small spaces feel more expansive, create perspectives, and bounce around natural light. They can be used to create a focal point, to add sparkle and depth to a windowless wall, to make a statement or to blend into the background and help the rest of your decor to shine.

Below are some clever ideas for using decorative mirrors to decorate your space.

Design Wall Mirrors Square Mirror Designs

Rich Palette Living Mirrored Feature Wall Interior

Idea Stylish Modern Wall Mirror Porada Motiq

Retro Bathroom Idea Grey Wall Paint Plus Completed

Sunday Sanctuary Mirror Oracle Fox

Design Wall Mirrors Square Mirror Designs

Good Mirror Sets Wall Decor Ideas Jeffsbakery Basement

Mirror Wall Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Mirror Living Room Wall Decorative Design Ideas

Bedroom Mirror Wall Art Decor Mirrored Decorative

Wonderful Interior Mirror Wall Art Doherty House

Large Mirrors Wall Glass Framed Mirror

Modern Mirrored Wall Art Mirror Decor

Star Mirror Wall Decor Unique Hardscape Design

Ideas Formation Wall Mirror Tiles

Interior Wall Design Ideasliving Room Walls Decorating

Bizote Ayna

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Where Should A Mirror Be Placed In A Living Room

If you have a fireplace, above the mantel is a clear candidate for housing a mirror, building upon a readymade centrepiece for the room .

However, if you want to make the most of a mirrors light reflecting qualities, place it somewhere where it will gather and emit lots of natural light, such as opposite or near a window. Likewise, consider what you want to reflect if you have a much-loved piece of artwork on one wall, placing a mirror opposite it will mean you can enjoy it twice over.

Flank A Fireplace In A Small Living Room With Large Leaner Mirrors

20 in. x 20 in. Silver Petite Square Wall Mirrors (Set of 3) S002MS.3 ...

Theres one word to really describe how this mirror treatment will look and thats dramatic! I dont mean that in a negative way at all, quite the contrary. If youre small living room is small and boxy, this will make the space feel long and spacious.

The mirrors will make it look like the fireplace is the center of the room and that the room continues past it. Yes its another tick of the eye but what a trick it is to make the space look like theres two doorways. Makes a narrow skinny room look wider.

When youre considering large decorative mirrors for living room, this type of installation will do wonders for the visual appearance of space and depth you need.

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