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Spring Wedding Decorations On A Budget

Cheap Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas On A Budget

6 DIY Wedding Decor | I SAVED HUNDREDS $$ | Wedding on a Budget

I absolutely love to go to weddings that have beautifully decorated ceremonies. Whether its in a big, elegant church, or a rustic, old garden, or at a white, sandy beach, the backdrop and decorations of a wedding ceremony can really make a lasting impression. And luckily, a pretty ceremony doesnt have to cost a fortune.

When it comes to ceremony decorating, less tends to be more. Additionally, you can save some money by being creative and keeping it simple. Here are 15 ideas for decorating your ceremony while sticking to your budget.

Ways To Have A Fabulous Wedding On A Budget

As we know wedding can become a massive expensive. You probably wondered how to plan your dream wedding if youve such a tight budget. Well my friends : ) Firstly you should sit down with your fiancé and discuss what you both feel a reasonable budget is, Once you have agreed upon a budget and who will be paying for it. You will then need to make a categorized list for each area of your wedding. Since the wedding reception normally takes the largest chunk out of your budget, youll want to focus on trimming your reception expenses as much as possible. The biggest money saver, without having to compromise catering services, is to trim your guest list down to close family and friends. There is really no need to invite family whom you havent seen in years, or those friends who you have lost touch with. And next take a look some fabulous ways below that will help you to start off and you will have you fabulous wedding as your dream.

Creating homemade favors not only shows your guests how much you care and also save your budget. It can be cookies, muffin, jam, pickles etc. Filled wedding favors in recycled bags which you can get the bags from local craft shop, bulk buy will be cheap. Like these picture below wedding favors with a handmade touch.

Style Advice: What To Wear To A Spring Wedding

Before you head out to shop, you might check in with bride about her expectations for the wedding and reception. Since she knows her guest list, her venue, and her theme, shes best positioned to arm you with the info you need to pick a fantastic and appropriate outfit.

Of course, there are times when you cant give the bride a quick ring. Maybe you are the +one and you dont even know the bride, groom, or anyone except for your date. In that case, default to following the general rules of thumb below and making conservative outfit choices. You dont want to get caught off guard wearing sandals to more formal reception, or a shorter resort piece when everyone else is wearing a cocktail dress.

  • Generally: Dont try to fit into the wedding theme. The decor and the entire wedding party are often based on certain colors, concepts , or general vibe . As a guest, you dont have to match the theme. You should strive to dress appropriately for the venue, however.
  • Daytime spring weddings: Opt for lighter colors and looser fits.
  • Evening spring weddings: Lean into structured dresses and heels.
  • Outdoor spring weddings: Consider the temperature and wear a long dress or jumpsuit.
  • Indoor spring weddings: If you want, you can get fancier with your dress pick and add heels, too.

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Diy Chair Wedding Garland

No bride on a budget should spend a third of the money she has for the wedding on flowers from a florist. Unfortunately, wedding florists just cost a crazy amount of money. Fresh flowers are not cheap to begin with, but then the arranging of them on top of that adds up really quickly. When I was planning my wedding, I ended up realiziing that I could afford only a few flowers from the florist, but I was better off making the rest, if I had them at all. I saw florals decorating the chairs in a magazine and really wanted to have this look, but the florist quoted me $1500 to decorate the chairs at the wedding with flowers. No thank you. We made these DIY garlands for the seating at the wedding and they looked fabulous. I highly recommend trying this out on a chair at home and you will see how easy it is to make these for your wedding. For another winner when it comes to cheap DIY wedding decor ideas, try this DIY flower garland.

Spring Wedding Centerpieces For Any Budget

Spring Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Centerpieces are a major statement piece for any celebration. However, spring wedding centerpieces are particularly important to get just right. Since most couples utilize the beauty of nature for their core of their design, it falls onto these small touches to really add cohesion to the entire theme. Sadly, that also puts the massive onus of finding the perfect design squarely on your shoulders. To help, Ive put together this list of ten spring wedding centerpieces that will fit nearly any budget. It covers a wide range of items from sparklers to candles to give you a complete set of options. Hopefully, it will help you achieve your objective. Enjoy!

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Awesome Backyard Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring wedding season is getting closer, and the preparations for it are in full swing now. Today Id like to inspire those of you who are going to have a backyard wedding and give you some awesome ideas that you may use.

Backyard weddings allow you to save the budget on the venue and have a laid-back wedding. You can also add touches of various styles you like to the decor, for example, boho, rustic, modern or any other, and youll always have a very and inviting ambience.

Household Items Ideas For Diy Backyard Wedding Decorations On A Budget

Before we dive in I encourage you to get into the designer head, the creative process of an artist. Start searching anywhere, at home, and on the street. Open your eyes! Look for things, as if you were hoarders.

Dont be guided by the areas you want to decorate, but by the items you already have. Do so, and I promise you, the usage and creativity will quickly reveal.

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How Long Is The Average Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Most ceremonies last around 30 minutes. A basic wedding reception is four hours long if youre serving a full meal.

How Many Activities Should My Wedding Reception Have?

The number of games or activities a reception has depends on the couple and their guests.

Some couples might want the reception to stretch well into the night with multiple interactive games and dances.

Others might want a shorter reception with a few planned dance songs and 1-2 activities that guests can participate in.

Closing Thoughts

We hope weve sparked your imagination with some unique and fun wedding reception ideas to add a spark to the evenings festivities. Anything else youve seen in the past that has struck you as a great idea, or ideas youve had that you wish you wouldve thought of? Leave a comment below!

Explore Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

DIY Spring Glam Wedding Centerpiece | Glam Budget Weddings | DIY Tutorial

Favors are a little something special to show your friends and family you appreciate their coming to celebrate your day. They can also add up in costquickly. At $3 each, favors for 150 guests will cost $450.

Guest list control will help you out here, too. The same $3 favors for a guest list of 30 will cost you under $100. Beyond throwing a small wedding, here are some other ideas for low-cost wedding favors:

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Avoid An Inflated Guest List

Many considerations depend on a head count with food andliquor really adding up per person. Even the cost for wedding decorations will increase becausemore people mean a larger space. Create a master guest list and reduce by 20%.Then again by 10%. Enlist in the help of an unbiased person to help you avoidfamily politics.

Cheap Wedding Ideas For The Perfect Day

More than a quarter of couples in the US report going into debt to pay for their weddings. You dont have to be one of them!

Your marriage is about your love and your partnership, and beginning your life together in the red is not ideal. The more money you trim off your wedding expenses, the more youll have to launch your happily ever after.

If you dont have a large budget for your wedding, you can still host a fun and memorable celebration at an affordable wedding venue without dipping into your savings or maxing out your credit cards. Read on for low-cost planning strategies, and tips to help you start your life as a team on sound financial footing.

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Wedding Themes For Spring

If you want a simple theme for your spring wedding, you can choose your style and add a color. Decide if your wedding will be formal, semi formal or casual. Then add your favorite spring time color to your invitations, bridesmaid dresses and bouquets.

If you want an easy way to make decisions for your wedding, you can pick a theme. Choosing a theme like roses, wildflowers or butterflies will give you an easy way to choose all your wedding items. When youre looking at things like invitations and decorations, having a theme will make it easier to narrow down the choices.

Display Bright Blooms With Escort Cards

rustic wedding party ideas for summer

Photo by Christine Johnson Photography Design and Florals by Greenwood Events Paper Products by Jessica Coughlin from West Pasture Studio

Play up paper escort cards with a statement arrangement of bright blooms. Here, dahlias, zinnias, and snapdragons pop against the calligraphed paper.

Photo by Christina McNeill Florals by Loop Flowers Planning and Design by Glow Events

If you’re having a wedding around Easter, channel your inner child by using dyed eggs in place of paper escort cards. We recommend elevating each with a calligraphed name and miniature nest. Also, feel free to use fake onesno one will notice.

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Rugs For Backyard Wedding

So, your backyard lawn isnt the most vibrant one, just cover it with whatever old rugs you have and make it your wedding dancefloor.This will also be perfect as an aisle runner. Go ahead and embrace the Boho-chic, its beautiful, trendy, and yet, timeless.

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Pro-Tip: Assuming you place the rugs on the ground, the right way to do this is by spreading out a plastic sheet and holding it tight with Iron pegs. Place the rugs on the plastic sheet with double-sided tape and you have a stable surface for walking and dancing.

Summer Wedding Decorations On A Budget

30 Budget-Friendly Fun and Quirky DIY Wedding Ideas. Its entirely possible to achieve full coverage while also keeping your makeup light and subtle especially when you have the help of airbrush makeup and professional assistance.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A Budget Bing Images Outdoor Wedding Decorations Summer Wedding Outdoor Summer Wedding Centerpieces

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Soy Candle Guest Gifts

Choose a unique and economical guest favor like soy candles. They travel well and are a great keepsake. You can even customize your candle scent. Youll need to order soy wax, fragrance oil your choice of scent , 4oz candle tins, pre-tabbed wick, wick bars and large wick stickums. Weigh your wax, heat, then pour inside each tin. Add a customized sticker on top with your names, wedding date and a simple thank you.

Breathtaking Spring Wedding Ideas


Spring is, by far, one of my favorite seasons. I personally think its the most romanticwith trees and flowers in bloom and warm weather settling in after a cold winter. I always feel like spring holds a lot of promise, which is why I think its the perfect season to get married in.

When I think of a spring wedding I envision TONS of flowers. Flowers in your hair, on your dress, in the aisle, on your tables, and definitely on your wedding cake. If youve dreamt of a garden wedding party all of your life, spring is the time to do it! Let your girly side run free if youre planning a spring wedding and go for bold and feminine colors ) and let nature play a part as much as you can. Birds, butterflies, eggsthese are all fun elements of spring that can definitely inspire your wedding theme.

Ive compiled a few of my 29 favorite spring wedding ideas, below . One of the best ways to get inspired for a seasonal party is to visit stores like Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Crate and Barrel and check out their in-store table displays. I always find they do a great job at playing up whatever season is approaching, and it can give you a few more ideas as to table settings and other decor you can use for your own spring wedding. Now on to the ideas!

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Frequently Asked Wedding Planning Questions

What is a rustic wedding theme?

A rustic wedding theme is a combination of natural elements and bold moody colors .

How do I plan a rustic wedding?

  • Pick a rustic wedding venue such as a barn, farm, or in your backyard.
  • Choose a wedding color scheme.
  • Send out invitations via mail or online.
  • Style your wedding reception tables with rustic mason jar centerpieces or rustic lantern centerpieces.
  • Create a rustic dessert table.
  • Celebrate love and happiness with your family and friends on your wedding day.

Invest In Quality Over Quantity

To give your wedding ceremony and reception that “wow factor” look, you might be tempted to cover your space in flowers. Not only will this be expensive, it may create a visual experience that’s overwhelming for guests. Instead, you can make just as big of an impact by dedicating your flower budget to quality blooms in thoughtful, intentional arrangements. “We like to say that it’s more important to invest in quality than quantity,” Rogers says. “The best way to make things look expensive is to make them appropriate in size. A smaller-than-average bridesmaid bouquet or a too-small-for-the-table centerpiece is often noticeable. Instead, a few intentional floral arrangements will go much further in terms of impact than trying to cover everything.”

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Use Live Foliage Or Silk Substitutes

One way to avoid using balloons is to use flowers, plants, and trees to decorate your space. This will give your reception a look that is unique, and you can match the colors of the flowers to the theme. Now, some of you might think, “but I don’t have the budget for this,” and that is understandable. The best way to save money on décor like this is to use silk flowers and artificial trees decorated with twinkle lights. Starting with the silk trees, you can strategically place them around the outside area of the reception and decorate them with lights. This will give the area an elegant look and will help establish a romantic mood.

Attach Escort Cards To Flowers

budget friendly rustic wedding centerpieces

Photo by Kate Holstein Planning by Laurel & Rose Floral Design by Toast Santa Barbara and High Camp Supply

Attach calligraphed paper to long stems to create a picture-perfect flower wall. You can execute this look in a number of ways by placing the flowers in vessels, hanging them on a string, or entwining them in a wire structure, as shown here.

Photo by Carrie Patterson Planning by Kristin Newman Design.

A tent is a smart idea for a spring weddingremember those rain showers we mentionedbut that doesnt mean you cant have your dream garden party. With the right rentals and topiary plants, you can absolutely recreate the vibe of patio seating inside a sailcloth tent.

When you think of springlike china, you often envision pretty pastel hues featuring vintage-type roses. And while we do love that look, we think this tiny blue-and-white pattern is a fresh take on the classic.

Photo by Liz Banfield Planning by Tara Guérard Soirée Paper Products by Happy Menocal

Most of your favorite fruits and veggies are in season right now. Incorporate them into your menuand onto your menu.

Photo by Jose Villa

Strawberries are in season, so take advantage. We love how this theme is woven throughout the tablescapes design, from the fruit bundle to the poppy centerpiece and printed linens.

Photo by Corbin Gurkin Photography

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Commit To An Affordable Wedding And Clarify Your Priorities

Youve said yes to each other. Now its time to commit to an affordable wedding. Set aside a time to discuss what you will use the money for later. This is much-needed conversation to have anyway it helps you prioritize and understand what truly matters to each of you.

The two of you will soon face countless decisions on saving and spending: There are a lot of ways to spend money on a wedding, and a lot of ways to reduce costs. Establish a guiding star to help you keep things thrifty through planning process.

If one or both of you are feeling a little sad about not having the budget for a bigger wedding, just remind yourself of the research that finds couples with costly weddings have a higher divorce rate.

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