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Spanish Style Home Decor Interior

Resources For Spanish Interior Design

Designer Jeff Andrews’ Charming 1930s Spanish Style Home | Open House TV
  • Prevailing Winds – A nice collection of authentic hand painted ceramics from the Mediterranean.
  • Colonial Arts – Spanish Colonial fine antique furniture and accessories.
  • Spanish Plates – Decorative plates, mirrors, clocks, tiles, and wall décor direct from Spanish craftsmen.
  • Hacienda Rustica – Spanish style furniture pieces for all rooms.
  • Catalina Classics – Hand painted Catalina tiles and tile murals for true Spanish interior design.

// Make The Outdoors Inviting

The exterior living space of a Spanish-style home is definitely important to the overall aesthetic and architecture. Its also practical as many of these homes are located in warm climates. Our designers made the outdoor space above easily accessible with multiple slider doors leading out from different rooms in the house. The multiple seating areas around the pool make the home warm and inviting, as well.

Stunning Stone Kitchen With Fireplace And Curved Island

Dark terracotta floorings integrated with natural stone cladding on beams and columns provides this big kitchen a antique and rustic feel with its option of colors and textures.

The kitchen cabinets on the other hand, is a mix of natural fruitwood cabinets topped with white granite, and white antique surface topped with light gray granite.

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Spanish Interior Design Ideas And Elements

Spanish interior design is a great idea if you want to a theme that is sophisticated and classy, while still maintaining a homely and relaxing atmosphere. Originally becoming popular in during the early to mid twentieth century within California, Texas and Florida, Spanish interior design elements are still popular today, with homes that have been decorated in this style likely to sell more quickly and for a higher price.

Creating a home with a Spanish interior design theme will create an space with a really Mediterranean atmosphere, no matter where in the world you happen to live, conjuring up images of rustic villas, relaxed siestas, colourful parties and traditional family values.

The use of Spanish interior design will help you to create a home that is welcoming and friendly but still practical and well designed for living. Combining the use of bold colourful statements paired with cool tiles and floors gives you the opportunity to be really creative, while still retaining a sense of balance within your design.

Traditional Kitchen With Spanish Style Tile Backsplash And Arched Wall

Living Room Spanish Style Design  HomesFeed

High ceilings and large arch openings gives this Spanish style kitchen a very genuine Spanish feel, with a more modern-day touch.

The kitchen utilizes strong Mahogany cabinets with gray counter top, while for the kitchen island, the base cabinets are in dark wengue, and the top is solid maple butchers block.

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Spanish Hacienda Style Decor

Hacienda style decor is one of my favorite home decor styles. The Hacienda style is most commonly associated with Andalusia, a region in Spains south.

Traditional Andalusian architectureused mainly for country homes and city palaces alikerevolves around courtyards or patios, called Quintas in Spanish. If youre not lucky enough to own a hacienda or a large garden space, hacienda-style works equally well on smaller scale interiors too!

The Spanish Hacienda-style home decor is typically characterized by neutral colors like beige, cream, tan, and white paired with rustic elements like wrought iron furniture and terracotta tiles.

Morrocan Tiles Backsplash To Lend A Spanish Style To Your Modular Kitchen

If you are looking for an easy makeover and dont want to change the entire aesthetics of your kitchen, we have a quick solution to lend a Spanish vibe to your modular kitchen. Use Talavera or Morrocan tiles for your dado. The intricate design blends well with any modern kitchen and adds to the design aesthetics. You can use lacquered glass for the cabinets to give your kitchen an extra shine. At Design Cafe, we have some excellent storage solutions like skirting drawers, janitor units, carousels and much more for you to enjoy a clutter-free culinary experience irrespective of the size of your kitchen.

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Nation Style Kitchen With White Cabinets Spanish Tile Floors

Solid teak wood beams run along the plain white ceiling of this kitchen area, while square terracotta tiles are used for the floor covering for that Spanish look.

The paneled cabinets are all in white, with beige granite countertop for a bright and fresh look. There are also 2 Mahogany ladder-back barstools with rush seats, along with accent Spanish tiles for the backsplash to finish the look.

Spanish Style Homes Are Ideal For Hot Dry Climates

The Romance Of Spanish Style Home Decor.

Spanish-style homes are literally a product of their environment. When you live in an extreme climate, every decision you make is based on one thing: survival. Consequently, Spanish architecture is ideal for hot, dry weather, built with locally available materials in desert areas: stone, dirt and clay,

Youll find Spanish-style houses in hot climates with cacti in the gardens and sun-warmed tiles on the roof. Spanish architecture has other important characteristics too.

Heres everything you need to know about Spanish-style homes that might just convince you to move to the desert.

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How To Create A Spanish Interior Design In Your Own Home

Once you understand the basics of Spanish interior design, you will have the ability to customize the elements that are used to suit your own tastes and preferences as an individual. This design gives you a great deal of freedom in picking and choosing and mixing and matching the various aspects for a one of a kind aesthetic that is unique, yet still, decidedly Spanish style. You can go all the way and use strictly items that adhere to the form of Spanish styling by definition or you can add a few elements to flavor your current decor. If you have a staircase in your home, an ornate wrought iron banister or railing will get you on your way to transforming the decor of your home to this specific style, as an example. It doesnt take a fortune, a remodel or a lot of money to begin giving your home a Spanish flavor. That is the beauty of this wonderful design type. Its versatile and there are elements of other design types that are fluent and common throughout.

Spanish Style Kitchen With Tile Backsplash And Floors With Breakfast Bar

A rustic Spanish-inspired kitchen combining conventional Spanish elements and information to develop this modern Spanish look.

Off, terracotta tiles were utilized for the floorings for that aged and rustic appeal, while walls are painted in off-white to make the rest of the colors noteworthy.

A massive round teak wood beam covers the ceiling of the kitchen, matching the finish and wood utilized on the kitchen cabinets themselves.

Instead of stone counters, square ceramic tiles in a red terracotta color was utilized, which likewise runs along the length of the backsplash location and the variety hood cover.

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Mediterranean Style Kitchen With Island With Variety And Hood Green Cabinets

The yellow-toned square ceramic tiles of the flooring, light yellow walls and the masonry stone and brick cladding of the walls provide this kitchen a soft warm radiance and a good rustic feel.

The kitchen cabinets in this kitchen area are all made from strong wood, however are painted in a beautiful shade of olive.

Topped with cream-colored sandstone top, this kitchen certainly offers and rustic and antiqued appearance.

Roots Of Spanish Colonial Interior Design

Interior Design Portfolio of Christopher James Interiors

The Spanish Conquistadors who settled in America brought architectural and design elements with them from their home country, hence the name of the style. Over the course of around 200 years, from the 1600s to the 1800s, the style began to spread throughout America and gain popularity. It brought inspiration from different eras of Spanish design, including Spanish baroque and Moorish revival. These are combined with the North American styles that were already in existence in the areas being settled. This included Mexican, Mayan, and Aztec influences as well.

While the style faded out of popularity in many areas of the country over the years, it still to this day remains very popular in California and is nearly synonymous with the architecture of that state. Many of Calfiornias buildings are mission-style architecture, inspired by the churches built by Spanish settlers in California. There is even a style of building called a Monterey-style home, named for Monterey, California. This style of home comes from the Spanish colonial architecture of previous generations.

Monterey style architecture is a variant of Spanish colonial architecture.

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What Is Spanish Style 3 Tips For Spanish

While the term Spanish style most often conjures images of architecture , there is also a Spanish style aesthetic that can be attributed to the interior of homes the décor and furniture itself. Features of Spanish style interior design include dark, carved woods, colonial-influences and a warm color palette Here is exactly how to get the look.

Add Details With Wrought Iron And Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are an excellent way to showcase a Spanish-style home, especially since they are typically flat and can “disappear” in an open-air abode. Draw the eye toward the floors with clever installations of tiles or create an elaborate pattern throughout. Many opt to feature these in entryways, on stairwells, as kitchen backsplashes, and as borders for fireplaces.

Wrought iron accenting is another common decorative feature in a Spanish-style property on the exteriors, but this versatile material can easily be brought indoors. The most popular area to add wrought iron is in stairwells and railings on upper floors in open floor plans. By leaving the doorways on the second story visible with elaborately designed iron rails, the entire home feels grand and larger than it really is.

Another common way to incorporate this look is within a chandelier installation, wall sconces, and candelabras. There are also opportunities to combine wood and wrought iron with the inclusion of hand-crafted tables of both materials. Other clever ways to get a vintage Spanish-style decor in the home are wrought iron wall art, plant holders, and fireplace accents.

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What Is Mission Architecture

Beginning in the 20th Century and through WWII, the Mission style evoked Spanish designs throughout North America. Mission architecture is characterized by materials such as adobe. The house designs were popular in California and the Southwest.

Inspiration for mission style buildings ranged from the grand baroque churches of the California missions to modest pueblos and ranchos of the Southwest region. Today, the style is also referred to as Mission Revival.

Finishes: Stucco And Beams

An Interior Architects Own Mediterranean-Inspired Family Home

The walls in a Spanish interior are usually single-colored, covered with textured plaster or paint. The ceiling surface is often highlighted with massive wooden beams or decorative structures. On the floor, there are ceramic tiles or natural wood. Generally, natural materials prevail in the finishing of the room of this style.

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What Are The Differences Between Mediterranean Spanish And Tuscan Design

Although these three design styles are similar, there are differences between the three. Mediterranean style is the most eclectic of these, as it features elements from all cultures that share Mediterranean shores. These influences include Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, Moroccan, and Turkish elements. Spanish design highlights stucco, archways, patios, and other features from Spain, while Tuscan style mirrors the elements from that region of Italy.

Go With Dark Carved Wood

Try incorporating darker, carved wood furniture. In the image above, a darker stain makes the bed, nightstand and dresser feel almost sanctified and gives the space a historical feel. Also note the minimalism of this look. Except for the three pieces of the bedroom set, theres no accent furniture. Theres no wall décor, no decorative wall hanging or tabletop figurine. Everything is practical and has a purpose for the early settlers, simplicity was a way of life. Even the colors are simple note the brown pillows, bedspread, beige rug and neutral lamp and vases. You can even see minimalism in the choice of wall paint there is none!

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Chic Spanish Living Room

In Spanish decor, dark wood pieces take center stage among all furniture. Also, youll want to leave your fireplace brick. Yes, I know everyone is painting their fireplaces white, but in a Spanish styled home, the fireplace is going to be as natural as possible. Otherwise, let your patterns shine and youll have a Spanish living room hit.

What Is Mission Revival

Cool 25 Maximalist Spanish Home Style Decoration Ideas That Inspire You ...

Mission revival homes draw inspiration from the Spanish missions that were built in California in the late 18th century. Spanish settlers brought the features of traditional Spanish homes to the US which designed picked up. This is sometimes called California Mission Revival, especially when used in other regions of the southwestern US.

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Warm Up The Home’s Color Palette

To bring about the feeling of warmth and serenity in a Spanish-style home, take advantage of each wall by treating it like a backdrop for creativity in colors and patterns. White walls that visually expand a room can be spruced up with regionally inspired murals, art, or decorated with intricate tiles or wrought iron pieces.

Spanish-style residences tend to include plenty of warm hues, such as earthy terracottas, burnt orange, and reddish-brown tones. These boost the cozy feel of rooms while allowing for bolder colors and accents to visually pop in each room.

Patterns that represent traditional Spanish homes and the culture itself are often dominant in the decor. Owners can express this lively flair with artwork, throws, pillows, eye-catching accessories, and tile inlays throughout the home.

However, don’t be tempted to go overboard with kitschy accents, as they can make the home look and feel cluttered and a bit overwhelming for the senses. Simple, basic combinations of white and light hues with strategic warm and bright colors are the ideal way to go.

// Open Up The Portale

In Spanish-style homes, there are typically multiple doors leading to an outside breezeway, often called a portale or corredor. These narrow courtyards serve as an outdoor living and cooking space as well as providing easy access to the homes interior rooms. In this example, our designers chose to open up the portale with large glass sliders to the courtyard and pool. This gave a more welcoming feel to the outdoor space.

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Spanish Colonial Interior Design

The Spanish Colonial Style evolved through the influences of two cultures. When colonists from Spain arrived in North America, they intermingled with local Native Americans in the Southwestern regions of America. A commingling of the Native American decor along with the Spanish style resulted in the Mission style, aka Spanish Colonial influenced by the old mission churches which were in existence in the region at the time, along with the addition of smooth stucco for the interior walls and the use of terracotta and other types of tiling, natural stone and potteries. The most prolific colors are reminiscent of desert sunsets, the natural stones and resources of the area, desert flowers and other elements of the landscape which include reds, deep yellows, purples, pinks, white and beiges. Think in terms of earth tones along with the play of the sun in the early morning and at sunset in the desert areas. The furnishing is simple in its styling often made of carved solid woods and a more rustic approach to design. Heavy use of pottery or accents that deliver that aesthetic, wall hangings, stained glass and metal accents.

Spanish Revival Interior Design Style

Spice Up Your Casa | Modern Spanish Style Decor Remodel

The Spanish Revival style is considered to be a hybrid of old country Spanish styling. Some of the more predominant features include classic elements of Spanish design including stucco materials for the walls, the wood ceiling beams or wooden interior ceilings, the use of dark carved wooden doors and the same accents around windows, closets, mirrors and pictures, adobe bricks, tiling for roofs and other areas made of terracotta, and a prolific use of wrought iron in the furniture, and accent pieces. When this style began to become popular in the 1920s in America, many authentic Spanish products such as furnishings and accessories were imported from Spain for use in home interior design. Traditional tiles featuring a variety of colorful patterns, some in a matte finish, others in a glossy finish and also combinations of these elements may be incorporated into the home to create a customized Spanish Revival design.

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Spanish Colonial Interior Design Elements

Visually, Spanish colonial interior design is similar to Mediterranean interior design. The color palette usually includes blues, greens, and neutrals like white and brown. Terracotta reds and oranges are huge in this design style. Whether it is literal terracotta floors and roofs or just terracotta-colored accents, you will almost always see this color somewhere in the design.

Spanish colonial interior design uses terracotta colors liberally.

There is also lots of texture and visual depth in this design style. Stucco and plaster wall finishes provide visual interest. There are also elements of many different materials, such as wrought iron, stone, ceramics and pottery, and copper.

Spanish colonial design uses decor elements like pottery and vases.

The Bottom Line On Spanish

Spanish-style homes are part of a unique architectural and colonial history and have their own design requirements. We hope these exterior design ideas help you spruce up the curb appeal of your Spanish-style house while staying true to the warm, casual nature of the style.

Complete our quick survey and partner with us on determining which exterior design style is right for your home. Whether you have an old Spanish-style house, a modern revival, or something in between, our designers can visualize new home exterior ideas that will add to your curb appeal.

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