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Snow White Witch Halloween Decoration

Don’t Forget The Nails

AMAZING Pumpkin Art! – POISON APPLE (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Think about applying some amazing silver glitter nail polish that really and truly catches the light with the individual glitter pieces. Paint it onto your toes and wear strappy toeless shoes or sandals to give your feet a real wow factor. You will be transformed into a real ice princess.

EXTRA: Dress Like the Narnia Witch Jadis

A Little Snow Princess

For a young girl’s Ice or Snow Princess theme, there are plenty of great dressing up options that are available. Your main color choices should be whites, pale blues and silvers to get just the right look.

Luckily there are plenty of cute bridesmaid, communion and even some dressing up Cinderella outfits that could be adapted to make up a really sweet and adorable little White Witch, especially if you add a white faux fur or little velvet cape on top.

This pretty layered ice white girls snow queen costume also comes with some short gloves or glovelets making them even better value. Add in a pretty pair of white or silver shoes and a sparkling tiara and/or hair accessories.

Any little princess is likely to want their own wand too so they can really feel like they’re creating some magic of their own. With the addition of some sparkling silver accessories and just a tiny adjustment you can make her more like a Narnian Witch or a regal Snow Queen.

I suggest adding on a flowing white or silver cape or even a fluffy faux fur winter coat which will be the ideal thing to keep her warm with all those winter parties.

Another cute princess frost design is to look for dark blue, white and snowflake embellishments in silver. Of course blue is the color of Elsa’s dress in Frozen – but don’t get one of those as way too many people will be wearing one, opt for something slightly different but still on trend.

Winter lady woman white dress wrap


Step 2 – Costume Wig and Hair

The Narnian Winter Witch Style

In the ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ 2005 movie, Jadis was seen in an amazing array of 7 stunning outfits. Her very first costume, which is visible when we first see her in the scene where she offers Edmund some Turkish Delight, is a long strapless white dress which is stiff and unyielding to represent her character and not soft and flowing as we’d normally expect.

This outfit was actually painstakingly created from many layers of silk then felted wool and organza and a final layer of a beautiful lace overlay. The bodice is crisp white which then gradually fades to a pale light blue towards the bottom or hem of the gown.

Did you notice how, in the movie, the clothes of Jadis actually get rather grayer and duller as her magical powers over Narnia start to wane? As time passes on, her ice crown also starts to melt.

Jadis really starts off looking so strong, powerful and regal in her first nearly all white dress. But then, towards the end, her outfit in the harrowing scenes where Aslan is sacrificed has changed into a dramatic midnight blue which is covered with black lace.

If you already have a white dress you could use that as the basis of your costume and then dress it up completely with some of my accessory ideas on this page. Perhaps you already have a white dressing up costume, bridesmaid, party or prom dress which you could use.

White winter witch costume and cosplay guide with lots of help from clothes, accessories and make-up.

Image by author

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Wear A Wonderful Magical Winter

Both girls and ladies will love dressing up in a snow queen costume: It makes a wonderful winter-themed outfit that can be worn to Halloween or costume parties and also fantasy conventions.

Whether you want to look like Jadis, the terrible witch from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, or you just want a softer, snow princess look like Elsa from Frozen for yourself or a little girl, this is the page you definitely need to bookmark and revisit for lots of ideas.

In just five simple steps, you’ll see how you can pull together a stunning winter queen costume with all the appropriate icy accessories to match. Don’t struggle to hunt around for make-up, wig or costume ideas when it’s all right here on one page. Come take a look at how to dress just like this spell binding character.

Step 1 – A White Witch Costume for Girls and Adults

Try A Shimmering Silver Wig For Added Sparkle

Snow White Witch lawn sign

Unless you actually do want to go with the rather harsh look of the dark blonde dreadlocks which is just how the White Witch Jadis is depicted in the Narnia movie from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe I suggest going for a much more elegant and glamorous style.

Choose to wear a long white, light blonde or silver head of hair. A styled wig like this will complement your winter themed outfit beautifully. Many vampire themed or cosplay wigs for ladies and girls are great options.

Long and wavy silver cosplay wig hair

I suggest a more sophisticated hair style than opting for the Narnian Queen’s movie dreadlocks! Choose a long white or silver cosplay wig to work with your icy winter theme.

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Homage Cameos And Parodies

The character has also made several parodic cameo and homage appearances in non-Disney media. In the 1945 radio program This Is My Best, the Queen uttered a curse so dreadful that the Magic Mirror shattered into a thousand pieces and where the Queen once stood was nothing but a heap of ashes from which black spiders crawled and scuffled off into the night. In Woody Allen‘s live-action film Annie Hall , Alvy mentions that when he saw Disney’s Snow White, he was attracted to the Queen while all the other children had a crush on Snow White. This is followed by an animated sequence of the Wicked Queen, resembling Annie and voiced by Diane Keaton, talking to the cartoon version of the daydreaming Alvy, but turns out that even the Queen scolds him Alvy attributes it to her having her periodmood, to which the Queen reminds him she is just a cartoon character.

Animatronic Snow White Evil Witch Halloween Prop In A Garage

This former Disney Imagineer and illustrator converted his familys garage into a scene from the classic Snow White tale with an animatronic Halloween prop display.

Mike Schwalm created the evil witch at her cauldron in this scene bathed in blacklight and set to music.

Outside his garage, a larger-than-life fire breathing dragon peers down upon the heads of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters!

Mike was kind enough to share some behind the scenes photos as he was putting it all together.

These props are over the top! What do you think?

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Winter Snow Queen Make Up

The whole look for a snow princess or ice queen would be to go for a rather frosty make-up effect. Of course, young girls are pretty enough without any addition of actual make-up but I know from my own daughter how much face paint or make up is enjoyed as a rare treat for dressing up. And at least you can now purchase special make-up for kids which is better and not so harsh on young and sensitive skin.

The make-up I’ve shown here is really designed for much older children and adults. A slightly whitened face, some silver and white eyes and eyelashes which look like they are tinged with soft snowflakes, and just a slick of clear lip gloss is all you need for a true Narnian witch.

Welcome To Halloween Svg Collection

Snow White_Witch Halloween Makeup

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A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the design shown . File types included are: SVG, DXF, PNG, EPS, PDF.

Files will work with a variety of programs. Some examples include:

SVG Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Designer EditionDXF Silhouette StudioPNG Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft WordEPS Adobe IllustratorPDF Adobe Reader, Google Drive, and more

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Ideas for uses: vinyl decals, signs, printables, t-shirts, cards, gifts, decorations, invitations and much, much more!


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*If you have any questions before placing orders, please contact our first through email

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Choose An Elegant White Dress

Then Add a Cloak and Silver Accessories for Your Icy Look. Finding a suitable adult sized dress for this winter look is not at all as easy as you might think. The goddess style of dress is an inexpensive and elegant choice which reviewers seem to love and it is in a bit of a stretchy crushed velvet style material which is very suitable for the winter theme as well as being flattering for many figure types.

A sparkling silver dress for a young ice princess

Image is from Amazon and is shown on this page

Disney Theme Park Attractions


The Queen is a primary character in the Disneyland rides Snow White’s Scary Adventures , where she was seen more than any other character in all four versions of the ride, recreating a number of scenes from the film, sometimes including the torture chamber from an abandoned concept, with “a few skeletons of her past victims.” In one new scene, she turns into a hag while standing in front of the mirror and intoning: “Magic Mirror on the wall, with this disguise I’ll fool them all!” In 2021, when the ride was redesigned to Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, she appeared less often in order for guests to focus more on Snow White’s story. She also appears in her hag form at the roller coaster Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which first opened in 2014.


In the interactive gallery Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream, the Queen appears alongside Maleficent and Judge Frollo in the villains’ act of the show, where she seems to be the leader of the trio. On the cruise ship Disney Fantasy, the Queen, appearing with her raven, is one of the seven suspects in the interactive gallery Midship Detective Agency’s story “The Case of The Plundered Paintings”.

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A Note On Accessories To Include

These are suggestions based on the Jadis Queen look but you can pick and choose for your own unique style

1. Crown of Ice: In the movie, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Jadis is shown with a tall and spiky icicle crown which looks really dramatic. You can really recreate that icicle crown look for yourself.

Get hold of some clear plastic or even glass icicle decorations (meant to hang for the festive Holiday season, and then use a hot glue gun to fix them onto a headband or a hair accessory that you can easily wear. Or choose a sparkling silver tiara or a spiky looking crown which could be used instead.

2. Long Sharp Wand: The wand of this fierce warrior lady actually does not look like your typical magic wand. It is actually much more like a terribly sharp and long silver spear made for hunting prey. If you want to be more authentic, consider purchasing a plastic spear and then spray paint it in silver for your dreaded Ice Queen.

For small girls, there are plenty of pretty fairy wands in white or silver. Or you could make your own. One for die-hard fans, there is a collectors wand meant for display purposes and not as a costume prop and you might be lucky to find one on an auction site.

3. Shoes and Footwear: We never really get to look and see what shoes or footwear is favored by Jadis in the movies. However, choosing the right footwear can make or break the look of an outfit.

Sparkling tiara crown


Conception Design And Portrayal

Snow White the Evil Witch

Walt Disney changed the Queen from Snow White’s biological mother in the Brothers Grimm story into her stepmother. Early concepts for the film called for a “fat, batty, cartoon type, self-satisfied” Queen. However, Disney became concerned that such an approach would make the character seem less plausible. Sensing that more time was needed for the development of the Queen, he advised that attention be paid exclusively to “scenes in which only Snow White, the Dwarfs, and their bird and animal friends appear.” Disney further developed the main plot himself #cite_note-19″ rel=”nofollow”> ), finding a dilemma in the characterization of the Queen, whom he envisioned as a mixture of Lady Macbeth and the Big Bad Wolf, and decided to set on “a high collar stately beautiful type” whose “beauty is sinister, mature, plenty of curves â she becomes ugly and menacing when scheming.” According to a description in her card in the Disney Villains set, “the Witch’s ugliness symbolises the evil disguised by the Queen’s beauty.”

Abandoned concepts

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Critical Reception And Popularity

The Disney version of the character was very well received by film critics, even as some were disturbed #cite_note-s50-58″ rel=”nofollow”> ). Stephen Hunter included her being “cool” among the “wonderful truths about Snow White.” wrote the film’s Snow White “exists only to be victimized by her wicked stepmother – a far more interesting character. The image of the wicked Queen who drinks an aging potion and then shrivels, sprouting warts and claws, turning before our eyes from a sexy, voluptuous creature into a frightening old crone, must leave as powerful an impression on the audience as Snow White’s chirpy femininity.” Similarly, Roger Ebert wrote Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was “not so much about Snow White as it was about the Seven Dwarfs and the Evil Queen,” opining this was the reason it has remained “the ultimate animated masterpiece” by 2001 instead of having been forgotten soon after its premiere in 1937.

Ice Queen Cloak Or Wrap

If you wear a pale blue or white cape over the top of a white or a very cool and light colored dress then you’ve managed to create quite a bit of the style that you need in order to look the part.

A dress on its own does not make for a very convincing winter-themed outfit, so a long white cloak with hood or a little faux fur cape like this really works well.

But don’t forget, that every important queen needs a sparkling tiara and all her glistening finery to wear! There are lots of ideas here on accessories and make-up to finish your style and look perfectly.

Silver white velvet hooded cloak ideal for a winter witch or Queen costume

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Cloaks Capes And Faux Fur Wraps

Perfect for an Elegant Winter Themed Costume. A white or pale color cloak, cape or wrap makes an ideal wintry outfit for an adult Halloween costume. You could wear a long and simple classic white dress underneath or even just a white t-shirt and pants.

For a teenager or an adult, you could probably adapt some clothing that you already have in order to make a suitable outfit or Narnia ice queen fancy dress. An old bridesmaid, wedding, prom or party dress in crisp white, pale gray, silver or light blue would all give the basic look for the ice queen and winter themed outfit that you need to get into character.

Alternatively, for something quite figure hugging, how about a tight white bodice plus a flowing icy skirt in shades of light gray or cool blue. Team this up with some sparkling silver accessories such as silver shoes or sandals and there’s your costume, done!

You also have the option of making your own hooded cloak from a sewing pattern.

Faux fur lined white hooded cloak winter woman


A white faux fur wrap really adds to a white witch outfit for an adult costume. You could wear a slinky white or silver dress underneath or a white t-shirt and pants or trousers. Team this up with some sparkling silver accessories such as strappy shoes or sandals and there’s the essence of your costume – done!

Halloween Prop 5 Foot Snow White Witch Eyes Light Screams A Scary Laugh


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