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Small Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Small Patio Outdoor Seating Ideas

Small Patio DIY Makeover On A Budget

Bring the comfort of your living room outside with a cushioned seating set. Choose a small sofa or two lounge chairs, then add an ottoman or coffee table if your space can accommodate these pieces.

Outdoor loveseats are available in an array of high-quality materials like dark wicker, woven steel and acacia wood. Accent the furniture with outdoor pillows and outdoor rugs in whichever color or pattern best fits your style.

Hammocks & Hanging Chairs

If you have the space, consider adding a hammock or hanging chair! They are wonderful!

Hammocks require a little more space, especially if you are using one of thosehammock stands. But swing chairs can be hung in more restrictive spaces.

Hammocks and swing chairs can be either free-standing or you can attach them to a ceiling, or sturdy tree trunk or branch.

Hammocks and hanging chairs provide instant transportation to your tropical country of choice

I just love these cheap hanging chairs and hammocks, I would absolutely buy and hang one of these! I especially love the macrame style.

Dont forget, everyone needs a place to put their glass of wine!

Side tables are great for placing out little accessories that will fill out the space, like candles and lanterns and little plants.

There are plenty of affordable side tables for under $100 that would look great on a patio.

Build A Planter Bench

What if we told you that you could build a bench-planter combo in one weekend? As a matter of fact, you could even knock this project out in one afternoon. All it takes is cinderblocks, some 4×4 posts and a few other inexpensive materials. Best of all, it can easily be modified to suit your space’s needs. Get the full how-to in the video, below.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Cinderblock Bench

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Add A Pair Of Floor Pillows

Create additional, comfortable seating for outdoor events with a pair of floor pillows. Not only do fluffy floor cushions cost a fraction of the price of outdoor chairs, but they provide the perfect spot for kids of all ages to eat and roast marshmallows alike. This contemporary patio space is built for cozy fireside conversation with a square layout consisting of twin love seats, a set of outdoor armchairs and two plush floor pillows.

Tips For How To Choose Patio Furniture

42 Brilliant Small Backyard Design Ideas On A Budget
  • Since you are working with such a small space, you want to make use of every part of the patio but not overcrowd the space either. Its all about finding balance.
  • Before you buy a piece of furniture for you small patio, make sure it wont be too large for the space. You should measure your space and check the size measurements of the furniture you are considering BEFORE making your purchase.
  • Plan your small patio layout. Its a good idea to sketch your layout design.
  • Try placing furniture and seating along edges of the patio, making room in the middle for a coffee table and rug. Make sure you have enough floor space that you can still easily move around the patio and get from place to place.
  • Choose furniture that is easily moved so you can experiment with the layout a bit. Bonus if each piece of furniture has multiple functions, like a floor ottoman can be used as extra seating or as a foot rest.
  • Dont be afraid to move furniture around once you place it on the patio. Remember, nothing is permanent so have fun with it!
  • I chose 2 metal farmhouse benches from the Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart. These benches are the main framework around which the entire space is created. They provide plenty of seating. They are solid, weather proof, and waterproof, essential for our Seattle climate.

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    Small Patio Garden Ideas

    Patio ideas for small spaces should make good use of whats available. Maximize wall space and grow a vertical garden with a DIY planter wall project. Personalize the look by choosing plant pots that fit your outdoor design theme. Place a trellis against a wall and let plants grow vertically for a space-saving solution that can also add privacy on a balcony.

    Patio Decorating Ideas: String Light Shade

    Instead of using wood planks, tons of string lights are installed as the shade. Those lights provide a convenient shade while also brighten the patio during the night at the same time. It can be a more practical and affordable alternative when the standard wood pergola may cost you a lot.

    Wood shipping pallet is always a friendly material that you can use for various DIY projects. In this idea, one medium shipping pallet becomes a holder for some planters which decorate the corner of a patio. You just need to finish the pallet and place some chic planters with some colorful flowers.

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    Small Patio Outdoor Dining Ideas

    Prioritize your time outside by making an outdoor dining area your patios focal point. Since youre decorating a smaller space, choose a size-conscious option like a patio conversation set, a quaint bistro set or a slim rectangular table. Many outdoor tables have matching chairs or you can mix and match for a more whimsical look.

    Cover Existing Outdoor Cushions With Fabric

    5 Hacks To Decorate Your Patio This Summer / Small Patio Decor Ideas On A Budget ( 2018)

    If your outdoor seat cushions are worn and faded, you can revive them using outdoor fabric. I wait for the fabric to go on sale at stores like JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby where you can get quite a deal.

    Covering chair or outdoor swing cushions with no sewing needed is an easy DIY that can be done in about 10 minutes.

    Existing throw pillows can be covered in colorful dishtowels with no sewing needed. If you dont have any pillows, try using plastic bags to make your own outdoor weather resistant outdoor pillows.

    If your budget or space on your backyard deck doesnt allow for trendy outdoor sofas or a complete set of patio furniture, you can still create a comfy spot to sit on an outdoor bench using old bed pillows that you cover with fabric.

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    Plant A Privacy Hedge

    Sometimes, it’s okay to be a little impatient. An impressive privacy hedge like this would take years of meticulous maintenance to grow, and some climates would make it impossible. That’s why we think a faux boxwood hedge is a great alternative. Though this isn’t the most inexpensive idea we’ve shared, the visual and practical impact it makes rivals that of much pricier solutions. This “living” wall requires zero maintenance and is UV protected to withstand outdoor conditions. The best part? You can break it down and take it with you when you move.

    Choose And Arrange Furniture With Purpose

    Before you decide on furniture for your small outdoor patio ideas, consider the size of your patio and whether or not the furniture will complete the space or cramp the space. Larger furniture pieces can easily overstuff your small patio and leave you with less space to relax. Furniture pieces without arms are less defining and create a better flow for people to move around. Benches are an excellent option for those looking for small patio ideas on a budget because they are cheaper furnishing options, affordable DIY projects, and can be used along one side or more of your patio to save space and create additional seating.

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    Patio Decor On A Budget

    Prices reflect what I paid at the time in 2017.

    • Target Standish 4pc Strap Convo Set $584.99
    • Firepit $49

    I didnt even hesitate to order it since it also had free shipping! I didnt tell my husband about it until it arrived because I knew hed wrinkle his nose at the idea. But I knew once it was here, he would LOVE it! And he does.

    I had planned on mixing in shades of blue for the pillows, but when I saw those red pillows, my mind was changed, so I grabbed them! The color red we have had a long affair with red! Im sure youve seen my red door whenever I share my front porch. I also already had 2 red Adirondack chairs that I wasnt sure if Id use.

    I didnt end up using them for the deck, but I added 2 more for a bonfire section in the backyard. Those resin chairs can be found at any home improvement store for about $17. If you want to make your own, here are some free plans to make your own Adirondack Chairs.

    After creating small patio decorating ideas with budget items and things I already had on hand, I have created the most comfortable space that is lush, colorful and just plain enjoyable! I still need to add my mason jar solar lights and my DIY blue egg fountain and it will be pretty much perfect!

    We have used our patio deck more in 2 weeks than we have the past 2 years!

    Outdoor Patio On A Budget

    40+ Incredible Diy Small Backyard Ideas On A Budget

    Your goal of an outdoor patio should be for it to function as a second living room.

    Youll want to be sure to select a strong foundation. Paver patios, gravel, and concrete are inexpensive and long-lasting bases. You can even choose to place an outdoor rug over an even surface for visual interest.

    Outdoor furniture does not have to match. You can save costs by piecing together odds and ends. If you think things may clash, you can always limit your colors.

    You wont want to forget outdoor decor items, such as potted plants or a fire pit. These inexpensive touches will complete your backyard oasis.

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    Put Your Woodworking Skills To Use

    Add extra seating to your patio or deck with this DIY outdoor bench featuring beautiful fretwork panels and hidden storage under the seat. Using minimal tools and a few supplies from the home improvement store, you can build this stunning storage bench in one weekend.

    GET THE HOW-TO: How to Build an Outdoor Bench With Storage

    How To Decorate A Small Patio On A Budget

    Learn how to decorate your small patio on a budget!

    These inexpensive patio ideas cover everything you need to create an outdoor oasis … from planning to shopping to set up. Perfect for apartments and small spaces!

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    If you’re anything like me, you weigh many factors when choosing a place to live. Location, cost, style, size, storage, and more … there are so many considerations.

    I wasn’t excited to move last summer at all , but one thing sold me on our new place right away. It had all the necessities we were looking for, but most importantly, it had an outdoor space!

    The last time I had a patio was when I lived in Chicago … over 10 years ago. Although I love living in the city, I’ve been seriously coveting an outdoor space for years now. There’s nothing quite like relaxing on a deck or patio after a long day, right?

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    Think Style & Costs Before Choosing Patio Dcor On A Budget

    Costs may vary depending on different backyard patio designs and ideas. Some designs can be pricier than others. For this reason, its crucial to research typical furniture and décor prices associated with the style you prefer.

    Small patio decorating ideas on a budget by designer, Courtney B.

    Compare prices using online patio design apps and browse online and retail catalogs before shopping. It may take a bit of effort, but it will pay off. If you prepare, youll be able to set a realistic budget and achieve your desired look for less. Also, keep factors such as durability and availability in mind during your search.

    Class It Up With Copper Lighting


    Add a shine to your porch or patio with copper lighting. To get this look on a budget, you can take copper buckets, tubs or big bowls, which you can find new for less than $50, and drill a hole in the bottom, says designer Ili Hidalgo-Nilsson with Terracotta Design Build in Atlanta. Add a light kit, which are sold from $5-$20, depending on the finish, and you have one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting.

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    Backyard Patio On A Budget Ideas

    The patio doesnt always have to be directly off your main home. Consider tucking it far back within the yard and pairing with a pergola. You can then surround it with your natural landscaping and garden.

    Lay pavers in a portion of the yard to provide a durable patio base. Concrete will be the most inexpensive and sturdy choice, and there are many patterns and styles to choose from. You can even mix varying styles, such as pavers and gravel, to further save costs and add visual interest.

    Complete your backyard patio with a fireplace. An easy, cost-saving option is a DIY fire pit. Its a very simple project to complete and only requires a few materials. First, youll want to dig out the desired size and line the space with large stones. Then, simply fill the base with sand or gravel, and its complete. Keep in mind its recommended for fire pits to be at least 10 feet from your home and away from trees.

    Set Sail Toward Shade

    Transform a too-hot, over-exposed patio or deck into a shady relaxation zone with this sophisticated DIY sail shade. Though this shade looks simple, just a few thoughtful details can take this project from looking strictly functional to stylishly designed. Set sail with our helpful how-to, below.

    GET THE HOW-TO: Beat the Heat and Add Privacy With an Embellished Shade Sail

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    Always Opt For Comfy Dining Chairs

    When space and budget are limited, every decision regarding furniture, plants and other decor elements is crucial. So, if you’re deciding what outdoor dining furniture you should buy, opt for something comfy. Since you likely don’t have space for lounge furniture, you and your guests will be spending a lot of time in these dining chairs. Trust us, you’ll be thanking yourself for thinking ahead.

    + Small Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

    40 Beautiful Small Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

    An outdoor patio can get a lot of use in warm weather. Using decorative patio tile to create the patio design can make the patio as beautiful as it is useful.

    An outdoor patio can become for some homeowners, an extension of the living space, particularly in warm weather. Homeowners who live in warm climates can make use of these areas year round, while homeowners in areas with more variable seasons can still find the outdoor patio a wonderful place to dwell in the summer months.

    Designing an outdoor patio requires the homeowner to consider the climate they live in, the use the patio will get, and the landscaping of the surrounding yard and area.

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    Patio Decorating Ideas: Small Lighten Pergola

    For you who want to shade your small patio, this idea can be a good reference to try. Instead of installing huge pergola which can be so expensive, you can build a small wall-mount pergola by using some woods and galvanized steel sheet. Then, decorate it with some string lights to brighten up your patio in the night time conveniently.

    Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Spaces

    This makeover was important because I wanted my boys to have a space of their own to retreat to. When we are all at home, I think its important for everyone to have their own space to relax in. This patio is far away from the main living spaces, so its perfect for them to have a private outdoor area.

    Plus, this patio was in need of some major cleaning after all the rainy spring and winter months. I feel great just getting it clean and functional. The fact that its now everyones favorite place to hang out is a major coup

    It feels great to make use of all our space. Its like rediscovering our home in a new way. Weve added a new room to our house that everyone loves and we did it with a tiny budget! This is especially important right now since we are staying home to stay safe.

    With a few tips and the right shopping resources you can do the same.

    We hope you found these budget-friendly small patio makeover tips helpful and are excited to start your own patio projects. Leave us a comment if you enjoyed or want to share your makeover story with us. Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you decide to post your patio makeover. Wed love to see your finished results.

    Happy decorating and stay safe, Friends!

    Shop more Better Homes & Gardens products at Walmart that I have in my backyard.

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    Buy New Furniture On A Budget

    settee / chair / table / elephant end table / umbrella / pink rug / sofa set / inspiration photo

    The last tip I have it to shop around to find affordable furniture to purchase. Right now, shopping online for outdoor furniture is probably the best option for getting it if you dont have any while staying safe.

    Above is a mood board for the patio Im working on now! Im using all new furniture. Ill add in a few DIYs with a painted rainbow wall mural and a DIY umbrella stand. For the furniture, I tried to find affordable pieces that still work with the look I want. Heres a sneak peek of them on the wall.

    Im planning a rainbow mural on the wall thatll really be fun. This space is barely started- it still needs rugs and an end table and the umbrella. For now Im SOOOOO grateful to have a space to sit outside. Its like we just got another room! Ive already spent a ton of time out here.

    Don has a blow up pool what weve been playing in. We had a BBQ the other night and ate on the table and then moved to the sofa and watched the sun set. Pretty much- I 100% suggest working on an outdoor space even it its shopping your house and making do with what you have.

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