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Small Office Space Decor Ideas

Carve Out An Unexpected Nook

Small Space Office Ideas – IKEA Home Tour (Episode 404)

If you’re in need of office space and aren’t lucky enough to have a bonus room ready to convert into the study of your dreams, there’s hope yet. Even the smallest nook can turn into a functioning workstationâwithout being an eye sore. Wallpapering the back wall provides a bit of interest, which is especially important when creating an office area in the main living space. This desk and storage shelves have a polished wood finish that elevates the space to more easily fit in with the surroundings. Instead of using a more utilitarian desk chair, opt for one with elegant details that vibe with the rest of the room’s aesthetic.

Design An Adaptable Alcove Office

This alcove office was designed with flexibility in mind, which is just what you need if your small home office will be required to serve multiple purposes. In addition to being the ideal space for home working, it also makes a suitable homework station for teenagers. Simple shelving provides plenty of storage potential, while a fresh blue paint scheme ensures the space will serve a variety of needs.

Modern Office Counter Stool

One of the benefits of working from home is that you don’t have to commute to work. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to move around at allbut that can also be a bad thing. When working from home, you practically stay seated the whole day. Sitting too much can lead to several health issues. A great way to keep yourself from sitting around all day is to get yourself a standing deskor better yet, make one yourself.

Instead of buying one of those expensive sit to stand desks, make yourself a counter-height table with some hardwood and cheap shelf brackets. And if you get tired of standing, grab yourself a counter-height bar stool instead of opting for the usual desk chair. Now you’ve got yourself an incredibly modern DIY sit or stand workstation.

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Modern Office Bookshelf Or Ladder Shelf

A great home office inspires you to work. That’s why your small office space should feature a shelf filled with things that you love. This can include books, plants, your favorite figurines, and so on. This will help stimulate your senses, cultivate your creativity, and make you more productive. And let’s face it – you spend hours in your office every day. Why not make it a place you love?

If you’re running out of floor space, one great space-saving trick you should keep in mind is to make use of vertical space. A wall-mounted bookshelf with metal accents and a floating desk unit is a brilliant way to maximize your workspace and minimize clutter. These combine style, beauty, and function into one. Not only can you sit at these to work, but you can also design them with photos, plants, awards, books, you name it.

Make The Most Of Attic Eaves


If your loft space is already boarded out it will be simple enough to convert the space into a small home office idea. a lick of paint and a roll of carpet goes a long way to transform an attic for storage into an attic where you wish to spend time.

Sloping roofs are the perfect example of a space that might otherwise be redundant. It’s often tricky to make use of the half height ceiling, due to the awkward measurements, but a desk will slot happily in.

Remember that it’s a good idea to position yourself near a window, so you don’t feel completely shut off from the world.

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Traditional Office With Wood Furniture

Michael Lee, Inc Designs

An excellent office need not be large. As a matter of fact, there are a number of advantages to being belligerent which big companies try to copy. While it is essential to be intelligent about reducing mess and finding the alternatives for storage for a small area, designing a really terrific small office needs more planning and insight than a few IKEA storage bins and Murphy tables.

Create An Office In The Hallway

We’ve covered flip-down hallway office ideas, but how about something a little more permanent?

This small home office idea takes utilizes the length of a hallway wall to maximize the horizontal space you have.

This is a great setup for couples or siblings who don’t mind working in close proximity. However, carefully considered hallway lighting ideas will be all important, particularly if the space doesn’t get good natural light.

‘Always have at least two sources of light,’ says Danetti stylist, Jess Contomichalos. ‘A main light and a desk or floor lamp. Task lighting is very important if you’re going to be at your desk for long periods.’

Amy Cutmore, tech expert at Real Homes, adds: ‘make sure you include a mix of overhead lights in the form of spots or a run of pendants, and task lighting by way of adjustable wall sconces or lamps.’

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Repurpose A Small Space

Hidden desk ideas are very popular for small home offices especially those positioned in a room that has a second purpose.

Patrick ODonnell, Brand Ambassador for Farrow & Ball, gave the following advice on designing a small home office: Finding a suitable workstation, especially one that we can walk away from at the end of the day, feels like a luxury that few of us have but, there are some clever ways to get around this, such as re-purposing a built-in cupboard. With some de-cluttering and a little creativity, try painting the interior in a contrasting color. A restful blue such as Light Blue No.22 will create a gentle, calming backdrop for a good working environment.

When it comes to choosing a color for your home office, Patrick adds that Bluesare a color of nature which has relaxing qualities, especially at the softer end of the spectrum.

Light The Room Sensibly

SMALL SPACE INTERIOR DESIGN | 7 Tricks to Design an Office that Inspires You

Captain Obvious says that compensating the shortfall of natural light with artificial one will make a room seem brighter.

However, what actually matters here is what kind of lighting you use and how you use it.

Dont use a single light fixture in the centre of the room. This casts a pool of light in the middle of the floor, making the room appear dark, small, and dull.

Rather than turning on the overhead fluorescent light, create a warm soothing luminescence with desk lamps. You can also consider adding hidden light sourcestuck lamp shades behind furniture, on shelves, and in more obscure spots to provide more light.

Lighting up corners or lining the space between the ceiling and wall with string lights also makes a room seem larger and brighter.

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Integrate Your Brand Colors

When choosing a color scheme for your space, incorporate your brands colors so your space really upholds a consistent style reflective of what you and your business are all about. By incorporating your brand into the office design, employees may feel a stronger connection to the business and be more inclined to promote a positive company image.

The right colors can have a powerful psychological impact on people, causing them to feel happier.

Install A Custom Unit For A High

If your modern home office ideas calls for more than a desk and desk chair, consider investing in a custom unit to achieve a high-end finish.

Here, some clever thinking has transformed traditional kitchen cabinetry into a sleek but small home office. Complete with open shelving, deep drawers, and desk space for two, this home office makes the most of a compact space, while opting for a sage green paint shade and gold fixtures to ensure a smart, cohesive finish.

If space allows, you might even slot this small office space into an open-plan living area.

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Q: How To Decorate An Office

  • A: There is no one right way to decorate an office. It all depends on your personal style and what you hope to achieve with your space. However, there are a few general tips that can help you get started. First, consider the function of your office space and how you want to use it. Then, choose office decoration items that reflect your taste. And finally, dont forget to have fun with it! After all, your office is your own personal space, so make it a place that you enjoy spending time in.

Q: What Are Some Office Decoration Ideas

20 Inspiring Home Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces
  • A: Some popular office decoration ideas include: hanging plants, photos or artwork, motivational quotes, and fun desk accessories. You can also try personalizing your office space with decor items that reflect your interests or hobbies. Whatever you choose, make sure it helps you create a positive and productive work environment!

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Unleash Your Inner Potter With An Under Stairs Office

Fancy yourself a bit of a wizard when it comes to magicking up small home office ideas? Thankfully, this under the stairs design is a lot more relaxing than the Dudley’s dorm for Harry Potter!

Making use of the under stair and adjacent wall, you’ll have lots of room to be creative. A faux fur rug helps to break up and soften an engineered, laminate or real wood flooring design, zoning the office space to give it its own identity.

Use Unexpected Items For Accessory Management

Maybe I didnt say that quite right but I hope you know what I mean. This old frame with chicken wire is a decorative but function piece. Gotta love that! I see using old window frames and backing them with cork or even old metal salvaged pieces and doing the same as a whimsical touch that has purpose.

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Put An Odd Area To Use

If your home is rife with unique, hard-to-use areas like an alcove in the entryway or an extra-wide hallway, turn one into a tiny office! Here, an elegant inset area features a small floating desk and ample space to display framed art and a vase of greenery. A recessed task light above brightens up the work area long after the sun goes down.

Bohemian Glam Home Office With Patterned Wallpaper

Budget Small Office Makeover – Home Office Inspiration

A boldly colored wallpaper will give instant impact to an otherwise neutral scheme. Remember to complement your wallpaper by choosing a bold accent color as Kimberly has done here in her seriously gorgeous boho-glam office. You dont need to spend loads of money to achieve this expensive look take the desk for example with only a little bit of paint & some new handles, this desk was easily transformed from boring to glamorous & looks way more expensive than it actually is.

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Give These Small Home Office Decor Ideas A Try

Tip #5: Get an ottoman that has storage space

Ottomans make perfect accent pieces for your small home office. They can also double as storage space. Adorn your office with an ottoman to store your belongings. Its a genius space-saving trick that will enhance your decor.

Tip #6: Organize your supplies on the wall

Desks with drawers can take up a lot of space in a small home office. Instead, get a floating work desk and arrange your supplies on a wire grid panel. You can attach it to the wall above your desk or near it. Install a hook on your pencil holder and other such items to mount them onto the grid.

Add hooks on the panel to hold scissors, tapes, baskets or even small potted plants. Making use of an empty wall is ideal if you lack storage space in your small home office.

Tip #7: Save space with a folding table

You can turn any tight space into your personal office. Lucky for you, designers keep getting more creative with crafting space-saving furniture.

Instead of buying a desk, why not get a folding table? After finishing your work, close it back up and place it behind your couch or wardrobe.

With foldable tables, you can have a new workspace whenever and wherever you feel like it. Reply to emails in the living room and write your report on the porch. Make sure to add this tip to your list of creative home office ideas for small spaces!

Tip #8: Turn your closet into an office

A Tiny Workspace In Any Room

when a home office occupies part of a bedroom

Thanks to contemporary storage systems, even a small home office in a corner of a living room could fit lots of documents and other stuff.

A rugged brick wall and an all-white curtain is a cool mix you could use for a hidden working area in a bedroom.

Dining room that serves as a working area.

Your bed could be transformed to become a working desk.

Home Office And A Dining Area With A Display Storage

You can make a tiny working desk a part of your kitchen.

Home office in a tiny closet won’t occupy much space.

You can hide a tiny working area in a bedroom.

Working desk behind a couch is quite space saving idea.

Hidden shared home office for two behind curtains could be organized in any room.

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Create A Bright Space In A Period Living Room

Carve out a spot in a period living room for work by zoning the space with a panel of color in this case a stimulating blue. A bureau is a desk idea that suits an older property, with the added benefit that your work surface folds up to hide any reminders of work life after office hours.

This design mixes up old and new with a fun twist by bringing together a gallery wall idea, painted light fixtures, colorful busts and bright upholstery.

How Do I Make A Small Home Office Look Bigger

20 Inspiring Home Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces

To make a small home office look bigger with ease, it is a good idea to reach for light paint shades. White paint will make a small space look larger and lighter, but if you are concerned about your small home office looking too clinical, other options include light shades of green and blue which will not only have a space-enhancing effect but are also recognized for their calming properties.

From there, it is best to avoid large, bulky furniture with a dark finish. Instead, opt for simple, streamlined solutions in light wood or white. Ensure you have effective storage solutions particularly if your work calls for plenty of paperwork as a cluttered space will look significantly smaller than an office that is neat and organized.

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Divide A Small Office

For a small home office that needs to work for two, consider creating separate spaces by utilizing two desks divided by a bookshelf turned makeshift wall. The result is more storage, more privacy, and fewer distractions from your fellow worker bee. Using the same style of desks and chairs keeps the space cohesive but allows the owner of each area to make it their own with small accessories.

Work In A Corner Of The Kitchen

Small homes don’t often have the luxury of a whole room dedicated for a home office, but fear not just a corner will do the job!

Create a small work station by pulling up a comfortable chair and small table in the corner of the kitchen. When not in use the chair can be used elsewhere within the room and the table pushed against the wall to avoid it taking up valuable floorspace

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Embrace The Cloffice Trend

Cloffices, as the name suggests, is an office with a closet. Its a very 2021 concept butcloset office ideas can work really well if space is tight. If you don’t have the luxury of a whole room to work from, these tiny spaces can be carved out of your current space and functional workspace that doesn’t have to double up as anything else.

Keep Office Clutter Behind Closed Doors

43 Stylish Small Home Office Ideas

Don’t mix business with pleasure. Ensure your home office doesn’t encroach on your living space by keeping it well hidden. Give office essentials a dedicated storage cupboard, that you can shut the doors on after a long day.

Complete the vibe with a trolley you can wheel desk-side and lot of boxes, files and jars to keep it all under control.

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Sneak A Small Office Idea Into A Cupboard

Most of us had spent a lot of time in our homes recently. Because of this, we’ve looked at ways to de-clutter our spaces and get rid of things we don’t need – including clothes that don’t fit .

So if you have spare small closet ideas that were considering taking to your recycling center, turn them into a small home office idea instead.

Create this look using an IKEA MICKE desk which fits just about anywhere in the home.

Carve Out A Nook Among Wardrobes

If you’re working a home study space into a bedroom, consider sacrificing some wardrobe storage to carve out a nook. You only need a couple of feet across in order to fit in a small desk. Choose a slimline option so once the chair is pushed in, you’re not coming into the room much more than the wardrobe doors.

You can keep the wardrobe sections above head height. Just ensure you leave enough room to have a light at a comfortable and practical distance away from the desk.

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