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Small Home Office Decor Ideas

Cute Girly Small Home Office

Home Office Design Ideas|Small Office Design

This little alcove might traditionally be used as a dressing room, but it also makes for a cozy and chic home office. Pale pink wallpaper with brushed metallic accents adds texture and depth, while paper flower wall art lends a whimsical dimension. A crystal chandelier and floating wall shelves provide functionality and style.

Make Your Background Inviting For Kids

On the other hand, if you are an educator or someone who is regularly on Zoom with kids, you may have a different definition of professional. Including fun patterns or hanging up art made by students can help keep kids connected and remind them of their typical classroom experience.

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in

Connect With Your Local Arts Community

A suggestion from is to use your work office decor as an excuse to support some local artists. Check out galleries in your area to find artists who create artwork that fits with your office style, and see if they can customize some pieces for you.

Depending upon what line of work you are in, this could also give you a tailor-made way to extend your companys marketing message to a whole new audience.

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Create An ‘invisible’ Office In An Open

If you want your small home office space to be unobtrusive, a glass desk is a great option that will seemingly disappear when not in use. You could paint your desk or use coloured or patterned contact paper to give your desk an individual look that complements your existing decor. Spray paint is also a great way to ensure any new home office elements work with your existing space.

Dress Up Your Old Cabinets

32 Nice Small Home Office Design Ideas

Painting is not the only way to rehab old or unattractive home office essentials. Use peel and stick wallpaper stripes to add the perfect complement to your workspace style. Walls Need Love offers hundreds of options that are great for even the smallest projects.

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in Banana Leaf

A pop of pattern is a great way to make your existing storage look custom-made for your home office.

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Hang Mirrors To Expand The Space

Its the oldest trick in the interior design book for a reason. Hanging mirrors in any small space will help it feel larger, plus bounce more light around. We wouldnt recommend hanging right in front of your workspace as that will potentially just be distracting but rather hang it high enough so you arent staring into it while you work. And choose a slightly foxed or vintage design for a more subtle look.

Use Wood And Texture For A Rustic Office

This rustic home office features a variety of wooden finishes and furnishings in various tones and grains. The wide slats and dark stain on the hardwood floors would contrast sharply with the thin white strips of shiplap on the walls: however, the whitewashed birch furniture, decorative wicker elements, and vintage textiles soften the effect.

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Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

A dedicated work space in your home helps you set aside household distractions and focus on work. Here, weve gathered 65 home office ideas that will inspire you to design a work-friendly space in your own home. These home offices, located everywhere from Beverly Hills to Brooklyn, have one thing in common: a sophisticated space secluded from such tempting distractions as TV and snacks. Photographer Steven Meisel even installed a hybrid office/master bath in his home for those moments when genius strikes, say, in the tub, and an idea must be documented. From actor Julianna Marguliess Manhattan apartment to author Judy Blumes Key West, Florida, retreat, these home office design ideas will not only inspire you to get that last bit of work done, but enjoy your surroundings while doing so.

Use All Available Walls Wisely

43 Stylish Small Home Office Ideas

Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore

When space is limited its key to utilise every inch of space to the max. For a small home office desk solution the key is in making the walls worker harder. A wall-mounted storage unit with fold-down compartments provides ample space for a desk and storage without taking up space. You can choose to fold each section flat against the wall when not in use.

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Or Go Dark And Sophisticated For A Cocooning Small Office

We say its a myth that dark color shouldnt be used in small rooms, sometimes the best option in a small space is to lean into its proportions and embrace the coziness. Deep greys, blues, plums, and even browns can all work well in a small home office especially if it’s in a room of its own so you can go all over with one color.

Patrick agrees saying that, Brown is often a surprising choice to create calm spaces but has a similar impact to greens. Teamed with natural materials such as wood, brown becomes an easy zone of zen-like quality! Dark colors can be good to enclose a space and cause limited distraction ideal for smaller rooms and for those who are working with data and stats.

Add A Warm Glow With Metallic Paint

Metallic paint will help a small space feel larger because it bounces light around. it has come on leaps and bounds and this Striking shade from Crown has great coverage.

Use it to zone a wall that you can pop your desk against and create a pinboard for inspirational images and quotes.

The calming blush colour works really well with metallic accessorize with gold, silver and pink stationery to tie the two shades together.

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Make The Most Of Your Natural Lighting

Good lighting is one of the most important elements of a well-designed office. Your space can be equipped with the most unique furniture, the best color combinations and chic desks, but none of that will truly shine unless you have the right lighting.

Since natural lighting is always best, keep all window areas unobstructed to fill your workspace with as much natural light as possible. If your windows have blinds, keep them open during office house.

Treat Your Desk To A Little Plant Love

Home Office Decorating Ideas for Comfortable Workplace ...

No matter how basic your home office is, incorporating plants into your workspace will add color and textural interest. Bonus: live houseplants help clean the air, making your home office a healthier environment.

One plant on a mid-century desk against polka-dot wallpaper.

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in Scribble Dots

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Classy White Home Office Design

A white design has a way of making things look simple and classy. This is a great design if you dont have much space for a built-in table. This stunning home office is also a minimal design.

Wrapping Up

A home office is quite important for quite a lot of people and if your home office is well designed, it makes work fun to get to. Adding some art and plants is also an interesting way to design your home office and inspire you while you work.

If you are creative and you want your home office to show that then you need a home office that is interesting and practical. Hence above are some of the most interesting home office decors to inspire you.

The Smart Garden 9 is ideal for growing herbs, fruits, flowers, and vegetables all year round. This solution provides:

  • Automatic watering.
  • Perfect amount of light thanks to pro-grow lights.
  • Perfect amount of nutrients and oxygen at the root level.

Make Your Furniture Count Too

Its funny to think how something like the wrong chair can make or break your entire day, but the truth is that ergonomics and comfort matter. You cant get work done if youre distracted by back problems or irritations. Likewise, you dont want your clients subconsciously associating you with rickety chairs and bad backs. Opt for distinguished, masculine furniture that ensures sophistication and comfort in equal measure. Dark, quality leather will never let you down.

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Corner Off Space To Fashion A Workstation

Image credit: Future PLC/ David Woolley

No spare room? Then use a corner of your living room for your home office. Traditionally, an office keeps you shut away from the rest of the house, but these days, social and work lives are more closely entwined.

Hang family photos to ensure the space still feels like part of the original room.

Make Your Office Stand Out In Your Home


Your workspace should be visibly different from the rest of your home while still complimenting your existing space and reflecting your personal style. Using a monochromatic color palette or a combination of color and pattern can define your workspace and set it apart from the rest of your home.

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in Ab Outlines Black

Geometric shapes and bold color combinations like black, white, and bright red create a modern workstation.

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Change Up Your Decor To Keep Your Space Fresh

Pull out a few books or pieces of art that inspire you and layer them to create a mini-gallery. A picture shelf is great if you like to change up your color palette now and then. Play around with the different colors for the perfect mood in your workspace.

Small kitchen workstation with patterned wallpaper and mauve accents.

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in Legend of the Jackalope

Put Up Bold Wallpaper

Using a lot of patterns, such as a bold wallpaper, can go against yourmission of making your small office look bigger than it is. Keep the patterns to a minimum consider a patterned rug with solid-colored walls and furniture to reduce the feeling of chaos.

Setting the mood with colored lighting is another simple design move that can radically alter the vibe of your space.

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Create An Office In The Hallway

We’ve covered flip-down hallway office ideas, but how about something a little more permanent?

This small home office idea takes utilizes the length of a hallway wall to maximize the horizontal space you have.

This is a great setup for couples or siblings who don’t mind working in close proximity. However, carefully considered hallway lighting ideas will be all important, particularly if the space doesn’t get good natural light.

‘Always have at least two sources of light,’ says Danetti stylist, Jess Contomichalos. ‘A main light and a desk or floor lamp. Task lighting is very important if you’re going to be at your desk for long periods.’

Amy Cutmore, tech expert at Real Homes, adds: ‘make sure you include a mix of overhead lights in the form of spots or a run of pendants, and task lighting by way of adjustable wall sconces or lamps.’

Color Coordinate Your Furniture In A Mixed

51 Modern Home Office Design Ideas For Inspiration

In today’s modern world with fixed office locations and cheap co-working spaces, it’s rare that anyone has a dedicated home office space.

So if you’re suddenly having to shoehorn a small home office idea into your living room, don’t let it stick out like a sore thumb.

Inspired by the living room colors, this office uses three single unit drawer ideas in teal, white and black to create cohesion. It also uses the same leafy living room wallpaper idea to create a seamless space.

Let’s not forget that plants also play a huge role in making this office space feel homely and healthy. Distributed across the lounge and working area, they help to create an organic atmosphere which promotes well-being.

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Home Office Designs Ideas

A home office can be created not just for you to work but your kids can also use this area to sit and concentrate on homework. A home office can be pulled out of anywhere in the house. Whatever your choices and taste in designs are, we have compiled 27 home office designs that range from small space to rustic and chic ideas.

Guest Room Office With Functional Storage Space

Do you have a guest room? Why not use one wall of the guest room as a functional home office? When Jen designed this stunning guest room/office space, she ensured that all the clutter & needless items were removed first leaving only the most-used office supplies to organize. For a useful office organization idea, Jen says that she opted for acrylic organizers to give versatile, timeless storage that will last for many years to come.

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Create An Office ‘zone’ In Your Living Room

The living room has been a lot of our teams go-to to work from this past year, mostly because this is usually the calmest room that doesnt see as much traffic as the kitchen and doesnt feel as laid back as the bedroom. But you still want that separate feeling of work and play spaces so its important to create a zone within your living room thats dedicated to.

Again, an alcove is always going to work, but if you dont have alcoves or they are already in use, it can just be a simple switch around of your living room layout to make your workspace feel slightly separated. Try using your living room furniture as a wall to zone off your desk and then wall mount a pinboard to give the space a work-like feel. You could also use paint to add a block of color or a stylish arch around your workstation to define it from the rest of the room.

Whats The Best Layout For My Home Office Design

Easy Home Office Makeover Ideas for Small Spaces – Design Tips and Solutions

Your home office layout should serve your workflow and overall creative process. Ideally, this means home offices get their own dedicated room, but if space is limited they can be paired with a guest room or added into the nook of any bedroom, living room or kitchen. There are many options, so determine what’s best for you and your family. Regardless of where you set up shop, place crucial electronics and equipment within easy reach computer monitors should be positioned so there is no glare, and lamps should be placed strategically around the entire room so there is as much light as possible.

Your work area should also be ergonomically sound. Given that you may spend countless hours in your desk chair, it should have a comfortable cushion, lumbar support and the ability to swivel and roll so you can easily reach items instead of straining for them. Your chair should also have adjustable arm rests that allow for your shoulders to stay relaxed and elbows bent at 90 degrees. As for your keyboard, you want the B key be directly centered in front of you. Dont worry about having to go with a frumpy, commercial-looking office chair either plenty of great home office ideas use unique dining or accent chairs for an updated look.

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Utilise Space Under A Staircase

Image credit: Neville Johnson

If you dont have an entire room to use as a home office, a well-defined work area is the next best thing. Add a small desk or make one from a simple shelf, or choose bespoke furniture that can be designed to work in awkward spaces.

Open-plan offices should complement the rest of the room, so a mix of neutral wood and painted finishes works well, says John Walsh, senior designer at Neville Johnson. Open shelving allows you to personalise the space with objects that can be highlighted using internal lights.

A Tiny Workspace In Any Room

when a home office occupies part of a bedroom

Thanks to contemporary storage systems, even a small home office in a corner of a living room could fit lots of documents and other stuff.

A rugged brick wall and an all-white curtain is a cool mix you could use for a hidden working area in a bedroom.

Dining room that serves as a working area.

Your bed could be transformed to become a working desk.

Home Office And A Dining Area With A Display Storage

You can make a tiny working desk a part of your kitchen.

Home office in a tiny closet won’t occupy much space.

You can hide a tiny working area in a bedroom.

Working desk behind a couch is quite space saving idea.

Hidden shared home office for two behind curtains could be organized in any room.

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Natural Light And Neutral Tones

With a narrow profile and large built-in bookcases, it would be easy for this home office to feel cramped. However, the large windows and a neutral color palette of beige and brown add an airy feeling. Three framed abstract paintings in shades of green and gold mirror the three massive windows and the lush foliage outside, creating the illusion of width.

Small Home Office Decor Ideas Using Budget Friendly Home Decor

21+ Feminine Home Office Designs, Decorating Ideas ...

Stick a fork in it because!!! Well, sort of, I have a few more things I want to add to this space decor related but with snow days, sick kids and the fact that my loser cruiser mini van couldnt get out of our snowy driveway I have given up on those final pieces until Spring. For those of you following me on you have seen a few progress pictures and know my hate for this room. Lets back up and remember what this room looked like before shall we? Now, this my friends is real life..

It was a hot mess and becoming our storage room which wasnt good since this is one of the first rooms you see when you walk through my front door. And for a few months I justified this hot mess with the we just moved in excuse but its been a year and that excuse is becoming kind of pathetic.

When we moved into this house a year ago the previous owners had left their 15 year old teeny tiny stackable washer and dryer set in the mudroom. The mudroom is not a huge room to begin with and even with the smallest stackable washer and dryer known to man in there it was feeling extra tight. . See how resourceful I am?

So many ideas, howeverI am not a carpenter and I knew that most of those ideas would involve blood. I also wanted this room to be a dedicated room for the kids to do their homework as well as an home office space for me. For one whole year my mind was everywhere and this room just sat looking like a storage room.

If you want to save this for later, you can pin it here:

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