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Small Apartment Decorating Ideas Pinterest

Half Floor Concept Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

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Another concept to be creative in designing furniture for small apartments is by using half floor concept. This concept has a design that kitchen area being a whole unit with the bedroom area. The bedroom is built half up off the floor with open style. Just build a partition on the other side that also used as a wall.

Small Apartment Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Forget having a big home or apartment come Christmas time, there are endless ways to splurge on Christmas decorations for your small apartment that will have your home feeling just as holiday-ready, maybe even more. Check out these stylish, fun, and easy decor ideas to getting creative with small spaces for Christmas!

Small Apartment Christmas Decor

Small apartment living is no limit on the Christmas decorations and festive ideas! Some of the cutest ideas can be done in a small space and still bring the holiday joy and warm fuzzy feelings you want for your holiday season. There are multiple fun ways to modify your Christmas and celebrate in style. Here are 15 small apartment Christmas decor ideas to inspire you this holiday season!!

Holiday Bar Cart

Idea by Kristin Leah

This is genius and a perfect way to decorate for a small apartment! If you already have a bar cart this will be easy. Add any little Christmas decor you have that will style it up! I love the idea of strung garland and cute candles or little houses on the bottom of the cart. The sign and little tree just top it off.

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Christmas Decor For Apartments

Nothing hits Christmas like your college years and best gals! This had to be one of my favorite Christmas times because it was the first year I finally got to decorate my own apartment! I tell you, it is so much having roommates to decorate with or friends for that matter. There were so many memories that went into this Christmas and college apartment, we probably shouldve made it Christmas card worthy.

College or small apartment living is different than Christmas at home, you have to keep things a lot simpler! But that doesnt mean you cant still get creative and have fun with it. I was tired of not having some kind of Christmas tree to celebrate with so I bought a mini tree and came with the cutest mini ornaments, it was perfect ! For the full look and because us Cali college gals loved our holiday photos, I had a colored string of lights that we put up in signature of our adorable apartment! Lights make the difference with everything and really set the vibe for the room. Thank you home away from home Christmas!

+ Best Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

Small apartment decorating ideas

Small Apartment Decorating Ideas Nowadays, the demand for apartments room is getting higher days to days. It is caused by the lack of amount of land. The small size of the land forced people or the developers to build vertical houses at the end so it will accommodate more people.

These vertical houses, later on, become a common solution for those who need a place for living. The disadvantage of vertical houses is the size of the house. Usually, a limited size or small and it has quite an expensive price.

According to its size, people need to be creative in arranging the best concept to create a comfy place in their apartment room. Here is some inspiration to design your studio type apartment.

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Simple Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

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This concept will be a perfect idea for you who still study at the university or lives by yourself. You could create this concept by building a cabinet in the bottom area. This bottom area could be divided again into some different usages. At the upper area, you could make some racks.

On those racks, you could put some baskets and fill it with your stuff according to its types and sizes, or you can functioning it as your bookshelf. Wardrobe closet you can put under the racks. Also, in front of this wardrobe closet, is an area to put your computer desk complete with a sofa.

Japanese Style Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

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Japanese bed style well known with its name called tatami. To create this concept, you can use the space that left next to your kitchen area. Build storage that has height on your knee level, on the top of this storage there you could put your mattress to get the concept of this tatami style.

On the side of your mattress, build a partition. This partition later could be used as a cabinet to keep your stuff. In front of your bedroom where you could put a sofa and a set of dining table that also could be used as your working table.

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Multifunction Box Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

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Create a big box that has multi-functions into your apartment room. This giant box has some different parts. On the outer part of this giant box, you could divide it into some different racks, drawers, and cabinet to put your books collections, a television on the center, etc.

Dont forget to build a stair to climb up to the upper area of this giant box. It will function to put your mattress so you can sleep on it. An open hanging wardrobe also could be put on the left or right side. Shoe racks will be put under the open wardrobe.

Behind it, there is an empty space. This empty space you could use as your private room that you can relax on it read your favorite book or working on your job. You could put 1 or 2 bean bags on it, a sofa, or just lay on the floor using rug just choose one of them.

Small Apartment Decorating Ideas For Geeks

Pinterest bedroom | Room tour: How to style a SMALL bedroom

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This computer desk also could be functioning as a dining table. You can change the function of a wardrobe closet as a place to put your television and to replace your wardrobe closet you could do by making an open wardrobe on the blank space wall.

Put some metal rolls to hang your clothes. Make different stages on hanging your clothes, divide your clothes according to its height. Put the longer height clothes on the higher hanging area so it wont touch the ground and do not get dirty easily.

Under the hanging area, you could place another cabinet or drawers to put your shoe collection. To maximize the function, use the blank space under your sofa. This sofa also could be used as a container box. You could make the seater to lifted up and down or just create some boxes under the seater.

Place a wall behind the sofa, this wall, later on, will be used to hold your bed that will be built on the top area of your cabinet. The wall will have two sides that could be used to put some decorations like your photos, or paintings, or you could add another rack to put your stuff. Build a stair on the corner side of this wall up to your bed.

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Moving Wall Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

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After that build a moving wall in front of your bed, you could create this moving wall by putting a pair of rails on the floor and on the ceiling. This moving wall could be used as a partition, you could put your television in the center of the wall and some racks on each side.

The bottom area of the wall you could use it as a storage for your stuff. Put a sofa in front of your moving wall. When you are not going to sleep, fold your bed upwards and push your moving wall backward to create a spacious room.

Snowflakes From The Ceiling

Image source by Elle Decor

Make it snow indoors this year with some classic DIY snowflakes that can be hung in the hallway. These create such a merry feel in your home and are an easy holiday project!

Small Space Tree

Image source by House to Home

So you still need a Christmas tree and dont have room for one? Actually, you do! Pick a pant out that can easily go in a vase and just add decor! With slightly larger branches, you can even add ornaments.

Kitchen Wreath Decor

Image source by Elle Decor Editors

You need your kitchen counter space clear to craft holiday dishes and cocktails. Besides, no one gives the cabinets enough attention. Tie ribbon to small wreaths or ornaments, and secure them to the back of your cabinets for a festive touch that wont interfere with your day-to-day life.

Santa Hats Silverware Holders

Image source by Etsy

If this doesnt bring holiday joy to the table this Christmas, I dont know what will! Mini Santa hats for your silverware, this is the cutest holiday table idea Ive seen yet. These are great because you can reuse them too! If you dont have a ton of Christmas decor for your small apartment, well at least the table can be decorated!

Kitchen Window Bling

Image source by My life

Ho Ho Ho Mugs

Image source by Oi Meninas

If youre like me and have a good few Christmas mugs, now is the time to display those and make a little cocoa station out of them! This is a great idea for keeping all your holiday mugs together but in a festive way.

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Modern Small Flat Interior Design

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Below the bedroom space, you could build some different storages. For example build a wardrobe closet, next to your wardrobe closet you could build your bookshelf. The stair to climb up on the bed area were built next to this box.

The stair itself made from wood, to maximize the space for each level of the staircase. You could also make cabinets or drawers. Next, To the stair, you could use it as your working area, where you put your computer desk on it. On the other area, alongside the kitchen area, you could use the blank space. Whether as your shoe storage or anything that you want just make sure your room look tidy and clean.

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