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Single Man Home Decorating Ideas

Invest In Good Lighting

ONE BEDROOM DESIGN FOR MEN | Renter & Budget Friendly

To properly illuminate your gorgeous interior, invest in good lighting that emphasizes the rooms features. The best way to light your bachelor pad is by using war bulbs, which are much softer than fluorescent lights or white light. Fluorescent lights can be too harsh for use in most homes and will cheapen the look of a luxury space.

You may also want to install dimmer switches and bathroom lighting. Dimmers can alter the feel of a room and are excellent when used in conjunction with candlelight to create a romantic atmosphere. Recessed lighting in bedrooms and living rooms can be used to add a cool modern touch to your space.

When it comes to interior design and lighting, natural light can make your bachelor pad look great while offering health benefits. Natural lighting can help improve your productivity, mood, sleep, and happiness. We recommend getting rid of drapes, painting walls white or off-white colors to maximize brightness, and featuring mirrors on the wall to bring in more light.

Choose A Color Scheme

The color scheme sets the mood for the entire space. Select colors that have a masculine feel and jive with his preferences. Neutral colors are a great place to start. Suggest taupe, beige, or gray for large expanses like walls. If hes a little more adventurous, he may like the drama of dark wall colors. When youve chosen a wall color, move on to accent colors. Good options are red, gray, black, or navy. If you are having trouble picking coordinating colors, make a trip to a mens store to check out different combinations of clothing colors. Menswear provides the perfect perspective on color for a masculine room. Theres no better inspiration than a man’s wardrobe.

Texture goes beyond fabrics. This brick wall is another type of tactile element.

Use Every Inch Possible In Single Wide Mobile Home Living Rooms

Single wide mobile home living rooms can be short on space but that doesnt mean they cant be stylish. When space is limited you need every piece in the room to serve more than one purpose.

The best tip anyone can give about mobile home decorating is to do whatever makes you happy! A home should be something you are proud of, regardless of how big it is, how old it is, or how much it cost. Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living®!

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Set Your Coffee Table

This may not seem that obvious, but your coffee table isnt intended for you to kick up your feetit should actually be arranged. Setting your table is pretty simple though: Add a few books and magazines that show off your cultural knowledge, include a gentlemans tray to hold the remote controls and a set of coasters, then place one or two of those functionless decorative objects we spoke about earlier .

Intriguing Design With Wall Map

Single Guy Apartment Ideas Blending Functionality and ...

A nice way to let your personality shine through the bedroom decor is to find a way to incorporate your hobbies in the design. In this case, an avid traveler will surely appreciate the map wallpaper. Also, notice how the sleeping area is cleverly , but the design remains consistent throughout the room.

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Awesome Masculine Living Room Design Ideas

Masculine interiors are usually dramatic and sexy, thats why even girls love them and like coming a bachelors retreat. Weve already found some examples of décor of masculine bedrooms, home offices and kitchens, but what about one of the main rooms in the house, important not only for relaxing but also for having guests? A masculine living room is a cool space, no matter what style you prefer , no matter if you want to have a strict and laconic room or a colorful and luxurious. Traditional dark colors and black and white color scheme are always cool but if you need some color, there are some variants in different colors in traditional or Victorian style. Minimalism and natural materials would make your bachelors living room severe and very cool! Have a look at some more ideas below.

Have A Bar Worth Bragging About

You may want to hide the good stuff, but a solid bar display is an uncompromisable must-have. A bar cart or hutch is a stylish way to store your goods, but a simple serving tray on the countertop will perfectly suffice. Invest in a nice set of bar tools, at least one pair of nice whiskey glasses, and a few quality bottles of booze . You can always have a hide the good stuff in the cupboard.

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Create A More Comfortable Environment

Adding comfort to your house or apartment can make for a great decoration. Any space you intend to decorate should be welcoming, especially as a single man. Try to find a furniture store with modern designs and comfortable furniture, and avoid buying oversized pieces. Make an effort to purchase the most comfortable furniture possible, and avoid purchasing oversized items. While youre at it, you can also buy some fashionable and comfortable cushions and pillows and place some soft rugs in the living room, and preferably in the bathroom.

Cool Mens Bedroom Lighting

Small Stylish Living room Decoration Ideas

Theres nothing minimal about this room, proving that you can perfectly design a masculine space without sacrificing decorative knick-knacks. As long as you keep the color palette neutral, you can get away with almost anything including not one, but two gallery walls. Noteworthy is the cool bedroom lighting. Using skylights as a source of natural light, single guys can impress girls with a beautiful night staring at the stars.

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Unique Single Guys Bedroom With Cool Bed Set

Your bed is likely the largest piece of furniture to grace the room, so make it a show-stopper. A unique bed frame will not only elevate your space, but, if chosen carefully, enhance your sleeping experience. Decide on a color scheme for the bedroom and then shop around until you find a bed frame that will perfectly fit in.

Textured To Keep Things Simple

Playing with different textures is a guaranteed way to draw attention to your space without investing in extra decor pieces. Here, wood and concrete are used in perfect harmony across the room, from the walls to the window seating area. The grey rug adds even more dimension to the space without throwing off the balance.

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Bachelor Pad Decorating Ideas

by Alex Ion

Although you may have many homes in your life, your bachelor pad may be the only one you can decorate to please no one but yourself. Bachelor pads offer a unique opportunity to have everything you ever wanted to have in your home. The sky is the limit, and there are no rules. If you love to play pool and always eat from a frozen dinner tray on the couch, you can put a pool table in the dining room if you want to.

Bachelor pad decor is as variable as the bachelors who call them home, but several rules of thumb can make your home more user-friendly, comfortable and fun to live in.

Studio Apartment Ideas For Guys


Most studio apartments are small open spaces of about 600 square feet or less. Decorating it to make it feel ample and comfortable requires extra creativity. Here are practical hacks guys can use to decorate a studio apartment.

  • Hang your bike strategically on the wall so that it also feels like a piece of art.
  • Use curtains to define your spaces, such as private sleeping areas.
  • Use wall shelves to partition your spaces
  • Consider as many multipurpose furniture as possible
  • Use your bed as a sitting area during the day
  • Divide your room with a tall bookshelf
  • Use low furniture
  • Hang many mirrors on the wall to create the illusion of a more expansive space

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Artistic Mens Living Room Ideas

We believe some of you have remarkable artsy sides. Why dont you put them into practice for your living room? This amazing space can show you how. Exposed red brick walls pair well with the natural stone wall part.

Choose metallic material for the furniture, such as the dangling lamp, the unique yellow chairs, and the armchair. Fill up the room with artistic displays, such as the statues, the large, human painting, and the cool pendant lighting.

With that on-purpose plenty displays, the space feels aesthetic and sleek.

Elegant Masculine Interior Design Ideas

Posted in

Modern interior design ideas in masculine style, living room design with wooden coffee table, shelves, black and white wall art and dark blue sofa


Comfortable dark room colors, simple lines, strong materials, brutal details, comfort and functionality define and anchor masculine interior design style. Lushome collection of interior design photographs demonstrate how to achieve masculine style in modern interior design and decorating.

Masculine style calls for spectacular and surprising elements and natural details that can be added to walls, floor, ceiling, room furniture and home decorating fabrics. Comfortable, deep and safe room colors, metal, stone and wood, decorating home fabrics made with natural fivers allow to create functional and modern interiors on a budget, emphasizing the beauty and elegance of their simplicity.

Masculine style interior design ideas reflect home owners lifestyle and taste. When it comes to creating a masculine interior design the relationship between the sizes of a TV panel and a sofa, materials used for room furniture and presence of rough surfaces or strong natural materials are truly important.

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If Your Landlord Allows It Paint The Walls

Theres no quicker way to give a drab room a high-end feel. Pick a shade of paint that coordinates with that accent color you chose earlier. A pale gray is a modern and foolproof choice that goes with most anything. If youre feeling more daring, go with a darker blue on one accent wall instead. Anything you hang on the wall will pop more than it would on a plain white wall. Painting an accent wall is super simple once you understand how to do it correctly.

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Masculine Living Room Ideas

Interior Design A Guy’s Budget Bedroom Makeover In A Small Rental Apartment

Many people envision dark walls and leather furniture when they think of a masculine room. A modern single-man room goes beyond that. Here are ideas to help you achieve that masculine vibe in a modern man cave.

  • Use leather: Incorporate at least one piece of leather to create a rustic, manly vibe. This can be your sofa or side chairs.
  • Embrace minimalism: Guys are simple.Declutter your room and only include the necessities while ensuring each item serves a purpose.
  • Display your liquor: Create a liquor shelf and display your favorite brands with clear visibility of the labels.
  • Choose interior material and color wisely: Neutral colors such as gray, black, and never blue create a perfect masculine interior design. Add some metal, wood, leather, or stone items that match your style.
  • Find your center of attraction: Capitalize on one or two items that grab attention when one enters the room. It can be a wall-mounted TV, a classic coffee table, or even a fireplace.

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Room Decorating Ideas For Anyone On A Shoestring Budget


Call us optimists, but we think everyone under the sun can have a beautiful home if they want one. Even if youre pinching pennies, theres still plenty you can do to create a stylish, inviting home for yourself and whoever you have over. The first step is to clean your home and get organized. Doing those two things alone will drastically improve the quality of your space. Then for the fun parton to coming up with new room décor ideas.

“Even if youre pinching pennies, theres still plenty you can do to create a stylish, inviting home for yourself and whoever you have over.”

With years of budget decorating behind us, weve amassed a few helpful tips for making house with a slim wallet. Follow our cheap home decorating tips and get inspired by the ideas that prove that style doesn’t need to come at a price below.

Bang & Olufsen A9 Fourth Generation Stand Up Speaker

Congratulations youve just found the only loungeroom speaker youll need for the rest of your life. The famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche stated that without music, life would be a mistake. What he actually meant to say was without the music from the A9 4th gen stand-up speaker from Bang & Olufsen, life would be a mistake. *applause*and aint that the truth. This speaker features a three-leg design and a disc shape that is perfect for every masculine living room decor.

Composition: Wood 100%, Plastic 100%, Aluminium 100%, Fabric 100%Price: $4,398

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A Range Of Accessories

Just because the room you’re decorating is meant to convey a bold style doesn’t mean your accessories options are limited. Look for pieces that add to the texture of the room, such as stoneware, statues, or pottery. Books are another great choice, particularly older works with interesting or vintage hardcover bindings. Finally, textile pieces such as throw pillows remain an excellent option for adding color and pattern to the space.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad Living Room Ideas

For Lone Wolves: Tasteful Home Decor for Single Guys

Its easy to see why a guy would choose a contemporary style for his bachelor pad living room. Due to the low fuss, low maintenance approach to decorating, contemporary spaces take very little extra care from a busy bachelor. A quick cleaning every now and then are all it takes to stay up on the chores to keep your living room looking awesome.

If you like the idea of a clean and simple pad but dont necessarily want it to feel cold and sterile, there are options. Consider choosing throw blankets and pillows to soften the angles often associated with modern design.

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Bachelor Pad Living Room Office Ideas

Not all bachelors have the ability to dedicate their living room to entertainment-only. Some bachelor pads have rooms that pull double duty. By incorporating your office into your living room, you can make the most of your space while still creating a sophisticated feel.

The number one way to create an awesome office and living room combination for your bachelor pad is by using a beautiful wood desk. Many men of great power and ability have sat behind desks like these and made some of the most influential decisions the world has ever known.

Finding a matching desk chair to continue the office feel is about as far as you should go with the design, however. There really isnt anything attractive about metal filing cabinets and wastepaper baskets, so keep the Mad Men influence to a minimum.

How To Find Cool Apartment Stuff For Guys

Men are simple by nature. Decorating a single-man home should not be a headache once you understand your style and what makes you look masculine. And the best part, finding cool apartment stuff for guys is not difficult either.

A simple online search or a visit to the nearby mens home decor store will give you enough ideas for decorating your apartment. Just make sure that the scale and proportion of your interior design items match.

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Supreme Stars Incense Burner

Theres nothing that says masculine quite like some fragrance to fill the room. Dont try and convince us that youll need anything less than a Supreme incense burner for your living room. This incense burner is crafted from black bamboo, and its the perfect way to add to your home edit. All while keeping up with your street style persona in check along the way.

Composition: Bamboo 100%

Cool Single Man Home Decorating Ideas

Stylish Small Living room design ideas
  • Single Man Home Decorating Ideas Final Words
  • People always love decorating their homes. Home and apartment decorations have gained attraction as of late and everyones been doing them. Though women are the prominent ones who want to do decorations around the house, we cannot exclude the men out there!

    Home decoration ideas are a great thing to look into and incorporate in your house or apartment, as they can change your perspective on a whole lot of things on a daily basis. Imagine the difference between waking up on a dirty couch with no natural light entering your room at all, and now imagine waking up on a clean bed refreshed as the soft early morning sun rays enter your room. Not only can home decoration change your perspective and motivation, but it changes the perspective of your friends and family. If you are a single man, it can be of great importance to show great home decoration to the dates you are going to bring home.

    Men do not show it, but they do love creative and masculine home decoration ideas. Single men love cool home decorating ideas because they would want to impress a lady with how their homes or apartments look. So if you are a single man in search of how you can decorate your home or apartment, be it small or big, do not worry as here you will learn single man home decorating ideas to make your apartment look more cool and masculine!

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