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Silver And Gold Holiday Decorations

Mercury Glass Is Perfect For The Holidays


Silver and gold floral pieces pair perfectly with these mercury glass containers in a display fit for the Holiday season. Of course, these vessels dont actually contain poisonous mercury, just a few coats of silvery mirror paint. But, the effect is mesmerizing, making it an exquisite choice for displaying holiday centerpieces on the dinner table or hall stand.

Christmas Entryway Decor With Impact

I love to give my front entry a festive, elegant and inviting Christmas look to greet our friends and family that will be visiting this time of year! Christmas decor with impact is what I aim for to make the first view into my home a happy, exciting one! Ill show you the steps I take to give my entryway a happy Christmas vibe!

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Stunning Gold Christmas Tree

Shop for Christmas decorations at The Perth Mint. This gold Christmas tree decoration is a fabulous addition for any Christmas tree.


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    Silver And Gold Christmas Tree Decorations

    Those of you that love jewelry know that when it comes to other metals, few look so well right next to gold the way silver does, and this little visual trick applies to Christmas decorations as well.

    Sure enough, in the image presented above, youre only seeing silver and golden globes, but you can go ahead and try pretty much any other type of decoration as well, like garlands, ribbons, decorative candles, and even decorations that have both colors simultaneously.

    However, make sure not to go overboard with the silver color if you want to continue presenting gold .

    Another thing you should try is golden and silver party balloons as part of your Christmas decorations.

    When it comes to Christmas decorations, balloons might not be the first thing that pops into your head , but theyre available pretty much anywhere and wont break the bank since they dont require gold or silver paint.

    That being said, if our first entry seemed a bit too plain since the globes were only gold-colored, go ahead and spice things up with a bit of silver as well!

    Blue And Gold Christmas Decorations Assorted Globes

    40 Gold Christmas Decorations Ideas

    Another regal color combination is that of blue and gold, and this one is particularly efficient precisely because yellow contrasts most with blue, so anything that uses both colors will really stand out.

    Well, if standing out is what youre looking for this Christmas, then you should definitely go for blue and gold Christmas decorations, especially if you manage to find decorations for the entire room , that incorporate both colors.

    Although there are definitely many things that you could use for this, we recommend that you start with globes, like the ones seen above, and the best part about this idea is that, even if your local store doesnt have decorations that have both blue and gold, you can just buy gold ones and blue ones and mix them together.

    Whichever the case, every single time someone will enter a room where these kinds of decorations have been used to decorate it, theyll stop and wonder what theyre looking at.

    The simplest explanation is that you have some vintage kind of decoration thats been updated with a modern twist by the introduction of blue and gold colors.

    But regardless of whether or not people will understand your intentions, they will definitely appreciate how nice these look!

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    Gold Christmas Decoration Golden Garland

    After the all-popular Christmas globes, the second most popular Christmas decoration that weve all seen throughout the years is the garlands.

    The best part about trying out golden garlands is that they are incredibly easy to find, since they all come in a metallic color by default, with gold being among the most popular ones.

    If you want to use them as part of your Christmas Tree decorations, then we recommend getting a thin garland and wrapping it around the tree branches.

    This will give your tree a more festive appearance without going overboard with the gold color.

    Just make sure to pick up a high-quality garland that will last you for years.

    After all, its not about how much money you spent on your decorations, but how long theyll last and if they suit the style of the room where theyre going to be hung.

    As for other Christmas decorations, you could always try using them as table cloths or even as part of your homes wall decoration .

    Christmas Foyer Bench Decor Ideas

    Im still obsessed with this tufted high back bench that I bought last year! We love using it to take our boots off in the winter. Its so comfortable and I love the wingback and tufting details!

    Its especially useful over the holidays when groups of people are coming into our home because it lets a couple of people sit at once to remove their boots! It also helps people move into the home instead of being all bunched up at the front door. I decorated the bench for Christmas by adding two beautiful ivory faux fur pillows and two of my new black and white pillows that I got for our recent living room makeover! The black pillows pick up the black in our entryway rug which is so hardwearing and cleans really easily! and the black in the subway art.

    Designer tip: repeat the accent color in a room at least three times to make it feel cohesive and give it that designer look!

    I keep this pom pom throw blanket in the entryway to wrap around me when I sit outside on our porch in the morning!

    A garden stool is a great place to set keys and mail.

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    Best Gold Christmas Decoration: Closing Thoughts

    Our golden list has come to an end, and we hope that among our 25 ideas youve found at least one gold Christmas decoration that you really liked and are thinking of trying out.

    This is not to say that gold Christmas decorations are the only ones worth trying out, but we do think that theyre among the most popular and simple ones, so if youre really struggling with coming up with new ideas for this years decoration of your home, then gold may be a great answer.

    We will end our article by mentioning that while golden décor items tend to get quite expensive during this time of the year , we recommend against making pricey purchases and instead opt for decorations that youve made yourself.

    Not only is this the only real way you can make sure that they will turn out how you like them, but the act of crafting decorations can itself be a very fun activity that both you and your loved ones can enjoy doing together.

    Gold And White Christmas Decor

    Silver & Gold Christmas Tree – Glam Christmas Decorðâ? | HOLIDAY SERIES

    Style your tablescape with white porcelain with gilded edges it looks stunning and very festive, your guests are sure to appreciate it. Add a white table runner and napkins with gold embroidery or gold polka dots, place gold cutlery, gold-rimmed glasses and gold candleholders with white candles. As your centerpiece you may use just some white and gold ornaments in bowls and jars or tall gilded candleholders with white candles. White and gold stockings and garlands will look amazing in your home, and will give your decor elegant flavor hang them on the mantel, railings and even in the porch create a refined holiday feel outside, too! Decorate your mantel with gilded candleholders and white candles, gold and white ornaments and branches create your own magic Christmas fairy-tale!

    super glam and shiny Christmas decor with gold stockings, a gold and white garland of faux blooms and ornaments, a matching wreath

    lovely Christmas decor with oversized gold and brass bells, white stockings, an evergreen garland with lights and pillar candles

    chic Christmas mantel decor with an evergreen and light garland, gold Christmas trees and a gold and silver decoration on the mirror

    an elegant gold and white Christmas mantel covered with faux fur, with gold candleholders, candles and a mirror in a gold frame

    an elegant Christmas tablescape with gold leaf chargers, gold and silver ornaments, white blooms in chevron vases and white candles

    simple yet stylish christmas staircase decor

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    Refined Gold And White Christmas Dcor Ideas

    Gold and white is a refined color combo that looks gorgeous for every occasion, and Christmas is no exception. Though its not a traditional color combo, its very chic and great for glam interiors. White reminds of snow, and gold is a classic metallic shade that looks very exquisite and helps to make an accent. How to pull off such a sophisticated and shiny color scheme?

    Organize With Gold Dipped Jewelry Trays

    Jewelry organization is easier and prettier with gold-dipped trays. A simple white tray gets a shiny transformation with the help of a bit of gold plate. The brilliant accent highlights the metallic shimmer of the earrings, watch, and jewelry accessories displayed. This stylish tray is the perfect place for keeping your jewelry ready for getting ready in the morning.

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    What To Know Before You Buy Gold Christmas Decor

    Gold Christmas décor can come in many forms, whether meant for hanging, tabletop or floor displays. Its best to have a theme in mind, as well as an idea of which rooms will be getting decorated. If the dining room is involved in the holiday cheer, consider some classy holiday dinnerware to match your gold Christmas decor.

    Best Golden Diy Christmas Decorations Of 2021

    silver and gold ornaments

    Gold has had a long tradition of being everyones go-to color when it comes to decorations, not just Christmas, but that doesnt mean that trends dont come and go.

    So, while the color itself remains just as popular, what you do with it is something that people have been changing, and after doing some research into what everyone is talking about in 2021, weve compiled this list of 25 different decorations that you can try for yourself.

    The article will be divided into two sections:

    • The first 10 entries are the hottest and most sought-after decoration designs of 2021
    • The other 15 are also very amazing, but they were more popular in past years instead

    As for how we chose the entries, we also looked for those that could also be considered DIY Christmas decorations that you can make at home because not everyone has money for new decorations .

    Without further ado, lets begin our list of the best golden Christmas decorations that you should consider trying out this year!

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    Wall Niche Christmas Decor With Garland And Greenery

    When it comes to vases I love modern geometric shapes like this one. This beautiful white vase makes it so quick and easy to create a welcoming Christmas arrangement!

    I added two faux pine picks, and a couple of gold glittery leaf picks done! I love to add fresh Christmas greens to it too when I pick them up at the store.

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    Bold Gold Strips Transform A Curtain

    Subdued grey curtains get a total transformation with gold leaf stripes. These bold lines give the tall curtains a brand new look that would work in a traditional or a modern decor. The strips jump off the grey-blue wall behind the curtains, while the different widths of the stripes add movement to this window arrangement.

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    Silver And Gold Christmas Tree

    What Balsam Hill tree did you decorate for this theme and how did you start decorating it?For the Silver and Gold theme, I decorated the Vermont White Spruce. As with other Balsam Hill trees that I decorated, I began at the top and worked downwards. I positioned the tree topper first, followed by the ornaments, ribbons, and other accent pieces.

    What mix of ornaments was used?I used the Silver and Gold Ornament Set, which is a collection of beautiful pieces in different sizes, shapes, and designs. These glass ornaments have a gorgeous gold, silver, and platinum color palette that really said Christmas, and worked well against the trees foliage.

    What embellishments were added and what did you like most about them?For the ribbons, I used Balsam Hills Platinum Pleated Lame ribbon and the Gold Fine Mesh Glitter ribbon. Their textures added visual interest to the tree, especially when I layered them. I also adorned the tree with the Gold Bouquet Picks, which I loved because the color complemented the theme. The pinecones in the picks also balanced out the metallic hues.

    What tips would you give for decorating with an ornament set?When decorating with an ornament set, I recommend creating clusters of smaller décor items to give them greater impact. You can put together the same ornaments or even those in different hues or with contrasting textures.


    A Black And Gold World Globe

    Silver and Gold Christmas Tree! Decorating a TRADITIONAL Tree

    The globe is a staple of many classrooms. However, it is also an accessory that can grace any home or office. Transform a traditional globe with black and gold paint and you have an exquisite piece that fits just about anywhere. The classic pairing of black and gold gives this globe a sophisticated look that would look in an executive office or behind a home desk.

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    Gold Christmas Tree Decorations Golden Globes

    Theres no way you can start a list of Christmas decorations and not talk about the ever-famous globes that you hang in your Christmas tree.

    Well, since were focusing on golden decorations right now, it goes without saying that our first recommendation as far as gold Christmas tree decorations go is getting yourself some golden globes.

    Theyre cheap, theyre available everywhere and you wont have to spend a lot of time trying to make them by hand since you only need some globes and some golden paint which you can buy pretty cheap at any hardware store .

    While, yes, theyre not the most creative items on this list, you cant deny that theyre a classic and will get any party started.

    The only downside is that they might be a bit too common, which goes to show you how much people like them.

    Silver & Gold Flocked Christmas Tree Decorations

    I added lots of silver, gold, pewter and champagne colored Christmas balls and ornaments to our tree and mixed the finishes for a beautiful layered look.

    Some Christmas balls are shiny, some are matte and some are makes a more interesting tree to vary the finishes of your ornaments.

    I also added these long icicle ornaments that I bought at HomeGoods and some adorable crystal owl ornaments that Ive had for a long time you can also see them on this Winter Woodland White Christmas tree too!

    Heres a fun Christmas hack idea: wrap cereal boxes and shoe boxes with wrapping paper to decorate the bottom of your tree until you put the real presents under itit fills in the bottom beautifully and I treat it as another layer of tree decor! Coordinate the wrapping paper with the colors of your ornaments!

    Shop the look! Click on the images below to shop and scroll using the arrows to see them all!

    Here is our flocked Christmas tree with the lights on I love the pretty glow!

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    A Flocked Christmas Tree

    I love our flocked tree sooooo much! I bought it last year at Lowes .

    I really love this pre lit flocked tree thats really popular if you are still looking to pick up one. You can also see here a selection of other gorgeous flocked Christmas trees!

    This is my first flocked tree and now Im obsessed with them! I love the winter wonderland tree look!

    We always put our main tree up in our living room.

    Shop these gorgeous Christmas trees! Click on the images below to shop and scroll using the arrows to see them all!

    Flocked Christmas Tree With Ribbon

    Raz 4"  Gold, Silver, or Rose Beaded Glass Ball Christmas ...

    I love adding ribbon to a holiday tree and this year I added this stunning shimmery metallic gold mesh ribbon. I only used one roll of it.

    I dont cut my ribbon into lengths I just start at the top of the tree and loop and wind it around. I pinch the ribbon together when i tuck it deep into the branches and usually bend a tree branch around it to hold it in.

    Using ribbon thats wired makes it so easy to decorate a tree because it bends and holds a loop shape.

    Shop the look! Click on the images below to shop and scroll using the arrows to see them all!

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