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Shower Tile Floor And Decor

Idea : Paint The Tile With A Stencil

Bathroom Design Trends

Can you believe this is paint? I came across this idea through my friend Courtney. She lives in PA and we often text each other to throw around decorating ideas. She knew how badly I wanted to change out my tile, but didn’t want to remove it. So she sent me this idea. Basically what you do, is order a stencil online to the size of one of your tiles and apply that stencil with paint to each tile.

What I love about it: It plays on the trend of fun mosaic tiles that are now seen in bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms, all while staying budget-friendly, since the only costs are stencils and paint.

Why I didn’t try it: As I mentioned above- I hate painting and as I read in the blogs mentioned in the photos above- it was very tedious and time consuming. I was also left with many questions like: Will it last over time and not chip after all the time I spent completing the project? Did continued use of the stencil cause it to get messy? Lastly, if I messed it up I felt that I’d be left with no option but to remove the tile after all. These ladies did amazing jobs- but since I’m not the best painter, I searched for another option.

My Friend Jessica over at painted and stenciled her master bathroom this weekend, and check out how beautiful it came out!

Which Layout Be Playful

As far as shower floor tile ideas are concerned, the sky is the limit. Themes such as coastal, modern, or minimalist should be used as guidelines or suggestions rather than a bible on what your bathroom is supposed to look like. Bathroom interior design is art that you can use in order to express yourself and give your bathroom a touch of your own personality.

To ensure form and function out of your tiles, you should pick the right tile shape when figuring out the best layout. They can be plain grid pattern that mostly concentrates on tile textures for maximum feet traction or fancy patterns like herringbone, mosaic, and the like. They can also be shaped like black hexagon or grey penny round tiles.

What To Look For When Buying Tiles

Tile and flooring shopping tips

One of the biggest features Floor & Decor offers is Free Design Service.

You literally make an appointment and show up with a picture of you space and they will help you pick out coordinating patterns, colors and finishes. Isnt that amazing? When you are buying tiles, its important to know what kind you need. For example, do you need ceramic or porcelain. This is when the design consultant comes in handy. Sophia offered great tile and flooring shopping tips that I had not even thought of.

Regardless of where you are located, you can find a Floor & Decor Store and trust me, its worth trip for the savings.

So many great tile and flooring shopping tips from my friends at Floor & Decor! Not only do you get low price, great selection and Free Design Services, you can get everything you need there to complete your project. One stop shopping is the best! The store is enormous with rows of flooring and tile options and the staff was so easy to work with. Thank you to Sophia for the Free Design Consult and to Mark the Store Manager for being so accommodating. I will definitely be visiting them again. Be sure to contact a designer to set up your own appointment and get inspired.

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Use Patterns In Deconstructed Ways For An Abstract Edge

Imagine doing a puzzle, but instead of piecing the parts together to show a clear narrative, mix and match the formation for an unexpected look that plays on dynamic, whilst bursting with intricate details and interest.

Kamila Swiatecka, marketing & brand manager, Tile Giant comments: Let the walls speak for themselves with a fun, vibrantly patterned tile. Ideal for a shower enclosure, feature wall, kitchen backsplash, or small cloakroom idea to completely transform your space and add some wow factor to your walls. Pair with minimalist-style accessories, softwood, and white walls to create a defining aspect that will bring the room to life.

For a similar look, create a botanical paradise with the Angela Harris Wilder spring leaves mural matte porcelain tile at TileBar.

Add A Unique Twist With Tile Patterns


A featured wall draws attention and makes any part of the home an efficient space. The implementation image below showcases a bathroom with natural variations of tile patterns. When larger tiles cover most shower walls, smaller tiles in different shades beautify an accent wall and shower floor.

– Porcelain Wall Tile – MTO0450

For a spacious shower area, you can try different shades in a color palette. Create an accent wall by implementing linear pattern shower wall tiles, and install penny round tiles of almost the same color as bathroom floor tiles.

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Idea : Lay Pergo Xp With Moisture Lock Over The Existing Tile

Ultimately, I decided on this option. Pergo XP is also sold at Home Depot and Lowes, and the product truly looks like wood. It was the most expensive out of the three options but I went with it for many reasons. Product and Tool links in bolded/italic words and buttons below.

What I love about it: The moisture-lock barrier of the boards that click together, helps to prevent water from guests getting out of the shower- from seeping underneath your boards. This material also comes with a vapor barrier already attached to the bottom of the board- so unlike other products, you don’t have to lay a moisture barrier layer on the floor prior to install. It’s an easy install . If you change your mind down the road or your ugly tile comes back in style, it’s essentially sitting right on top of the tiles, so you can take it up at any time. Finally, it comes in many colors and has a real wood grain look to it- samples are available in the store to take home. Check out all the available color options by clicking on the link below. I chose this lighter color called Esperanza Oak, although our real wood floors in the adjoining hall are stained in dark walnut- because it goes better with our pre-finished vanity.

Modern Coastal Or Minimalism Style

Most consumers will focus on aesthetics but with the caveat that the material theyre using or the pattern theyve chosen for it will ensure slip resistance from the get go. This is especially true if the best tile for shower floor theyve chosen is made of slippery-when-wet material that requires loads of grout and/or sealing. Regardless, pick a theme and stick with its overall design.

A coastal style is a style reminiscent of the tropics or the sea, with blue and white hues or creamy sand walls with deep blue accents. Modern style is quite efficient and streamlined, like what youd see in your office. Minimalist can overlap with either style, with it being defined as the less is more style.

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Basement Tile & Radiant Heat: A Match Made In Heaven

If you live in a climate where the idea of walking on your cold basement floor sends shivers up your spine, you may also consider elevating the comfort and functionality of your basement tile by installing radiant heat.

Radiant heat flooring systems are energy-efficient options to make your tile floors more enjoyable when cold climates steal any sign of warmth. Plus, tile is well suited for radiant heat, and porcelain tile is one basement tile floor idea for radiant heat flooring systems. Warm toes on a cold winters morning? Sign us up!

Go Vintage With Small Black And White Tiles

Floor and Decor Bathroom Ideas

These black and white tiles are reminiscent of old bathrooms, but it still looks excellent today. Its a timeless look that works really well with the rest of the white room.

Its a great look for a smaller bathroom. For bigger spaces with larger floors, it might become a bit too overwhelming to have this polka-dot look throughout the bathroom.

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Floor Decor Garden Grove Ca

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  • Create The Illusion Of Added Height With A Floor To Ceiling Design

    If its space-enhancing trickery youre after when planning your small bathroom makeover, then this is the decor hack for you! Simply choose a hero tile design and continue the tiles off the floor and vertically up walls. This effect draws the eye along and up, creating the illusion of added space and height.

    Cheryl Kees Clendenon, owner, and principal designer, In Detail Interiors , comments: Even a tiny powder bath is an opportunity area everyone who visits your home will probably visit this space. Consider tiling the walls and really enveloping the space in a material that helps make it feel special and out-of-the-box. Again a smaller space will often be easier to accomplish this type of concept while maintaining a hold on the budget!

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    Floor And Decor Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

    Posted on

    Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

    Floor and Decor has a ton of great options, but they can often be overwhelming because of the huge selection of tile options they have. Here are a few designs that would be great options for small bathroom tile ideas if youre stuck!

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Floor & Decor. All opinions are 100% mine.

    Have you guys ever walked into a Floor and Decor store?

    Do you remember what you felt like the first time you walked into a Bed Bath and Beyond and were like.Wow. Who knew I needed both a yard sign AND this tiny kitchen gadget shaped like an angry woman with her hands on her hips that cleans your microwave? .

    Its like that, but with tile.

    The BEST news is that if you may have no clue where to start, Floor and Decor offers TOTALLY FREE DESIGN SERVICES!

    Right at the top of the Floor and Decor homepage, you can see their options for free design services and include things from a simple catalog all the way up to making an appointment to help design your space!

    In case you missed it or are new here, we bought our first flip property and this room that is currently gutted down to the studs will be one of the two bathrooms! Which means we had to take an interior design trip to help figure out what we wanted for the guest and main bathroom design.

    Design A Basement That Serves You

    Master Bathroom Tile from Floor &  Decor

    Basements can be so much more than spider-laden spaces to store your holiday decor. In fact, your basement is a blank canvas ideal for creating a multi-purpose space to serve your family in a variety of ways.

    For instance, you could install or refinish a bathroom, home office, or add a mudroom and laundry room . You could also turn your basement into the ultimate hangout space for friends and family, complete with a wine cellar, bar, or guest room. If your budget and square footage allow, consider adding a personal movie theater or even a pool or steam room with tiled walls and floors that hold up better to mold, mildew, water, and damage your plastered walls and hardwood floors cant fight.Read on to see what other basement tile ideas might work for your next remodel!

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    Use Different Colors And Patterns

    You can also change up the pattern and color completely from the walk-in shower tile design to the floor of the rest of the bathroom. Think outside the box here, to find color combinations that work together but might be unexpected.

    For example, this is a great use of a muted green paired with a dark gray tiled floor. The bathroom floor tiles are all diagonal, while the green shower tiles are straight.

    Embrace Your Inner Mermaid With Scalloped Tiles

    With taxis going tech, Netflix at our fingertips, and drones delivering our food – were becoming an increasingly demanding consumer that wants it all.

    So why choose a color for your modern bathroom design? Instead, let the light define your bathroom space with an iridescent scheme that aligns with the latest pearlcore trend. Creating a beautifully oily water effect with a gentle sheen, pastel pink, luscious lilac, and trendy teal all combine to create a custom look for your scheme.

    Alternatively, add interest to a walk-in shower with a wow-factor shower tile idea, or give a feature wall a fierce but feminine feel with a dash of glittery bathroom wallpaper decor.

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    Go For A Classic Grey Bathroom Tile Design

    Gray is everyone’s favorite color these days we have gray bedrooms, gray living rooms, and, yes, many of us have gray bathrooms too. To counteract the potential for a cold-looking room, combine grey tiles with a warm oat or rusty shade, and be a little bolder with how you lay your tiles.

    A vertical column of tiles is a great way to enhance a beautiful sink, while you could even take grey to the floor too by introducing large format, fuss-free tiles.

    ‘Gray is a timeless choice for bathrooms, as its a calming neutral tone that lends itself to a variety of styles. A soft, more silver-inspired shade of gray is a good choice for creating a modern look that can work well alongside other splashes of floral colors such as rose and forest green.’

    ‘Gray also works perfectly as a neutral backdrop for patterned tiles, such as speckled terrazzo and intricate, geometric designs.’ says Harriet Goodacre, brand communications manager and tile consultant at Topps Tiles .

    Beautiful Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

    Top 5 Bathroom Trends
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    The Spruce / Candace Madonna

    One of the most exciting parts of a bathroom renovation is picking the tile. Whether you opt for a classic subway that will never go out of style or try something more unique , or you want to make an impact with large-scale bathroom tile, the options are endless. The tile in your bathroom can change the whole look and feel of your space, so it’s important to pick wisely.

    If you are renovating a bathroom, here 32 beautiful tile ideas to inspire you.

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    Mix And Match White Tile Patterns

    A great way to add some life and character to a bathroom while still staying in the same color scheme is to use different patterns.

    In this example, we can see that the bathroom is a pure, classic white, but the tiling contrast with the floor tiles and the two wall tiles creates some nice contrast and textures. This is accomplished thanks to some large square tiles, some tiny hexagons, and some chevron tiles.

    Viii How To Clean Shower Floor Tile

    For maintenances sake, you should clean bathroom shower floor tiles every time you use it or every other day. Dont let the water dry and stain on your tiles. Wash it off, mop it off, and then let it dry for best results. This way, you can avoid needing to put bleach or acid on the tiles to wash off the stains. This is effective only to a point.

    When the chemicals eat at your tiles and they become really rough, thats when the stains set in. As for cleaning shower floor tile ideas, its safer to use baking soda and vinegar as well as a natural cleaner thats tough on soap cum than bleach or acid. This allows you to clean dirt and scum without damaging the tiles themselves.

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    Make Your Shower Stand Out With Scalloped Tiles

    As we have mentioned, you don’t need to tile a whole load of space in a bathroom for it to have an impact. Try instead using a bold tile, in a brave shade or interesting shape, for the inside of your shower. Scalloped tiles are such a big trend right now , and these Syren tiles from Topps Tiles come in five glorious sea-inspired hues.

    Create An Industrial Rustic Bathroom

    32 Best Shower Tile Ideas and Designs for 2021

    Shower tile patterns can also be used to create a whole decor style to carry through the rest of the room. In this shower, the tiles are successfully used to create a rustic appearance by combining teal and white tiles and the appearance of distressed wooden planks.

    The bright pink piping adds some color to the shower and complements the bright teal tiles perfectly. The result is a rustic and cheerful bathroom.

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