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Pebble Bathroom Shower Floor Tile

Floor and Decor Bathroom Ideas

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As far as shower floor tile ideas are concerned, pebble shower floor tiles are right up there. They give your shower floor that nice beach-like feel and they offer amazing foot traction. You need to be careful in installing them though. Install them first before putting in the rest of yourbathroom tiles, for instance.

A Penny Tile Is A Classic And Timeless Style

Penny tiles are these tiny round tiles that have been around in tiling for a really long time. Theyre still popular now though, especially when adding a small modest design like these grey lines.

As you can see in this image, the tile pattern works really well with the black accents, and white walls and bathtub. Its a simple look, but one that will last without feeling dated.

Add Contrasting Tiles For Built

Another great shower wall tile idea is to create some built in shelves in the shower and tile those in a completely contrasting way. For example, this shower has classic smooth white subway tiles throughout the space, with the exception of the built-in shelves.

These shelves are done in a bold black and white geometric pattern that adds an accent and focal point to the all white space. It also pairs well with the brass shower fixtures.

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Six Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

41+ Stunning Bathroom Tile Shower Design Ideas

If your small bathroom is starting to feel cramped, its time to expand your design ideas with some space-saving style hacks!

1. Install a Vanity With Storage

When space is at a premium, why not combine functionality with style? Select a vanity with cabinetry and drawers to conceal clutter. Opt for a 25 or 31 inch single-sink vanity for a perfect fit. Shop the F& D vanity selection here.

2. Swap Your Shower Curtain for Frameless Glass

Show off your beautiful shower tile and add the feeling of more square footage to your small bathroom by simply removing the shower curtain. Installing a frameless glass shower door adds visual space, similar to a window.

3. Mix & Match Sparingly

Too many patterns and textures could give you visual vertigo. Choose up to three complementing tiles in the same color palette for a unique yet calm space. Consider shopping the same tile brands for easy coordinating materials.

Bridge the gap with !

4. Select Larger Tiles for Flooring

Surprisingly, a small bathroom can benefit from large tiles. Fewer grout lines make the installation patterns less prominent and more refreshing. Also, choose tiles in lighter color palettes at eye level then balance with a darker floor tile. The contrasting grout brings this look together.

5. Nix Bulky Shelving for Towel Rods

6. Go the Extra Mile With a Tile Niche

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Change Things Up With Vertical Tiles

As weve seen in most of these examples, tiles are usually horizontal across a space. Thats because it usually can make a room appear wider and larger. In reality, bigger spaces dont need to rely on that visual trick.

These vertical tiles are lovely, with their pale color creating an emphasis in the walk-in shower. It also makes the ceiling appear higher, thanks to their direction.

Make A Statement With Navy Floors

These penny tiles in a navy color are completely unexpected in the bathroom, and I really like it. The navy tiles with white lines creates a lovely nautical appearance, especially when paired with the white vertical shiplap walls and wicker baskets.

Dont hesitate to choose dark colors for your bathroom, which can be a bold and unique choice, particularly if you have a lot of natural light coming in to the room.

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Bring Nature Indoors With Bold Tile Choices

An interior bathroom without windows can feel dark in the absence of natural light. The verdant green tiles in this shower evoke the feeling of nature and liven up the space. Placing the tiles vertically instead of horizontally also delivers a soothing waterfall effect that amplifies the pastoral feel.

Choose The Best Tile For Shower Floors

Real People, Real Projects® – James’ Master Bathroom Renovation

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing your tile is to make sure you choose one that is approved for use on the shower floor . This means that it will stand up to the moisture and environment it will be subjected to. Next, consider the slope of the shower floor. If there is significant slope or variation in the level of the floor, a smaller tile mosaic will more easily adjust to this shape. Our store associates are happy to help you weigh the options and choose the perfect tile for your shower.

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Go Nautical With Abstract Blue Tiles

I really like the look of this shower wall tile idea. The blue is stunning, and in an abstract wave-like pattern across the back of the shower wall. It creates an accent wall that pairs really well with the white of the room and gray floors.

The tiles themselves have different shades of blue on each so the changes in color are natural and unexpected instead of in one fixed pattern.

Create An Industrial Rustic Bathroom

Shower tile patterns can also be used to create a whole decor style to carry through the rest of the room. In this shower, the tiles are successfully used to create a rustic appearance by combining teal and white tiles and the appearance of distressed wooden planks.

The bright pink piping adds some color to the shower and complements the bright teal tiles perfectly. The result is a rustic and cheerful bathroom.

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Iii What Type Of Tile Is Best For Shower Floor

Like with anything else, it boils down to a matter of subjective taste that hopefully doesnt interfere with the practical matter of safety and slip-resistance. Your tile choice design-wise or material-wise should function well as a shower floor tile without being compromised by what you view as fetching or aesthetically pleasing.

V What Is The Best Size Tile For A Shower Floor

Master Bathroom Tile from Floor &  Decor

Theres obviously a limit to this, but when it comes to shower floors, the smaller the better. Compared to the floor tiles used outside the bathroom for your rooms and some such, shower floor tiles tend to be smaller, more irregular, or even more geometric. Its all for the sake of getting extra traction. Some tile materials used for tiles like marble and porcelain can get slippery when wet, thus necessitating a smaller size and the use of sealant.

This maximizes the amount of grout and texture needed to keep your underfoot from slipping when the floors wet. As for shower floor tile ideas size-wise, you have the 4×4 black and white shower floor tile or the 2×2 subway tile to start with. You can go bigger like in the case of large black hexagonal tiles as long as youre using the right geometric pattern needed for extra texture and traction under the soles of your feet when the floor gets wet.

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I 10 Best Bathroom Shower Floor Tiles Overview

Before trying to find out what the 10 best shower floor tiles in 2021 are, you should know what to look for in a shower floor tile first. The most important things you should look for when it comes to bathroom shower floor tiles are curves and slip resistance.

Also, if you could, learn the mineral content of your water to give you a better idea of what material to use to resist mineral stains and residue. Regardless, keep on reading to learn what the best tile for shower floor is.

Use Different Colors And Patterns

You can also change up the pattern and color completely from the walk-in shower tile design to the floor of the rest of the bathroom. Think outside the box here, to find color combinations that work together but might be unexpected.

For example, this is a great use of a muted green paired with a dark gray tiled floor. The bathroom floor tiles are all diagonal, while the green shower tiles are straight.

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Use Tiny Tiles Throughout The Bathroom

These tiny tiles look almost like pixels on the screen, and the same size tiles are used all over the bathroom, including the walk-in shower, counter, and walls.

The shower walls and floors are all done in white and gray tiles, and the bathroom counter and walls are in different shades of blue tiles. At first glance, its a stunning bedroom that pops, but the colors make it feel bright and fresh.

Modern Coastal Or Minimalism Style

Bathroom Design Trends

Most consumers will focus on aesthetics but with the caveat that the material theyre using or the pattern theyve chosen for it will ensure slip resistance from the get go. This is especially true if the best tile for shower floor theyve chosen is made of slippery-when-wet material that requires loads of grout and/or sealing. Regardless, pick a theme and stick with its overall design.

A coastal style is a style reminiscent of the tropics or the sea, with blue and white hues or creamy sand walls with deep blue accents. Modern style is quite efficient and streamlined, like what youd see in your office. Minimalist can overlap with either style, with it being defined as the less is more style.

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Order Your Bathroom Flooring From Floor & Decor

Whether you’re looking for marble pattern bathroom tile flooring, brick bathroom tile, or something completely different, you can find it right here from Floor & Decor. Here are just a few key reasons to plan your bathroom remodel or redecoration with us:

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The Best Porcelain Tiles For Your Home

Porcelain is one of the most beautiful tile materials of all, famed for its strength, water-resistant nature, and durability. So, if you want to enjoy high quality, hard-wearing, and wonderfully attractive floors and walls, porcelain tiles are a great option to choose. You’ll find nothing but the best porcelain tiles for sale at Floor & Decor.

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Keep Things Simple With A Muted Pattern

Another idea for bathroom tiles is to add a pattern to one of the walls, but keep it simple.

A pattern doesnt need to be loud or eye-catching. Instead, something simple and understated like this pale pattern complements the simplicity of the room.

If you havent decided yet about whether to tile your bathroom or shower, check out these pros and cons that might help you make up your mind.

Order Shower Tiles Today From Floor & Decor

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Shower Walls

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, building a new home, or just considering a shower tile upgrade, we’re here to help. Here are just a few simple reasons to buy your next shower tiles from Floor & Decor:

  • A huge range of shower tile products
  • Choose from countless bathroom shower tile materials, colors, and styles
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Tiles Deliver Style To Every Room

Tile can be used for beautiful flooring, accent walls or backsplashes. The material is durable and water-resistant, making it a popular choice for laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. Decide which area of your home you want to update and visit The Home Depot Canada to pick out your perfect tile. We carry various styles, sizes, colours and shapes so you can find exactly what you need to complement your home.

Which Layout Be Playful

As far as shower floor tile ideas are concerned, the sky is the limit. Themes such as coastal, modern, or minimalist should be used as guidelines or suggestions rather than a bible on what your bathroom is supposed to look like. Bathroom interior design is art that you can use in order to express yourself and give your bathroom a touch of your own personality.

To ensure form and function out of your tiles, you should pick the right tile shape when figuring out the best layout. They can be plain grid pattern that mostly concentrates on tile textures for maximum feet traction or fancy patterns like herringbone, mosaic, and the like. They can also be shaped like black hexagon or grey penny round tiles.

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Mix Various Patterns To Make A Striking Statement

Small bathrooms can look much larger when you stick to a minimalist color palette. But even though this bathroom has a simple black and white color scheme, its anything but boring. White subway tiles with black grout and hexagonal shower floor tiles with white grout create stylish contrasting colors and shapes. A patterned black and white floor tile adds another layer of intricacy.

Select Simple Tiles To Help Other Decorative Features Shine

Top 100 small bathroom wall and floor tiles design ideas 2021

The star of this chic bathroom is the marble slab that tops the built-in shower bench. The sleek and simple subway tile is understated enough to let that feature be the focal point. The gray tile and white grout echo the colors swirled throughout the marble slab, creating a sense of flow and continuity.

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Ideas For Gorgeous Shower And Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms can be really exciting to decorate because you can truly let your creative spirit shine. This is the time to go for a bold, wild wallpaper, or a glamorous, modern and sleek look.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom and your budget, you can add a lot of flair to your space by simply focusing on your shower and bathroom tiling. These are the best ideas for different ways to decorate with tiles to inspire you.

What First Safety First

Go for the right material when it comes to ultimate your shower floor tile choice. If its more slippery material when wet like porcelain or even sealed mosaic and marble, youll have to pick the right geometric patterns or size to make them more viable for shower use.

After all, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 234,000 people over 15 years of age have suffered bathroom-related injuries that needed a visit to the E.R. In order to avoid becoming such a statistic, you should get slip-resistant tile like ceramic or a traction-bearing pattern to ensure you of a firm foothold even with a wet floor.

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Be Unique With A Mermaid Pattern

This walk-in shower has an absolutely stunning mermaid shower tile idea. These overlapping tiles are laid over each other to look like mermaid scales, in a shiny and blue-based color palette. Its perfect for the all-white room, especially if you add coastal touches to the bathroom.

Look for a similar idea if you want to create a bold walk-in shower tiled accent wall that will definitely make a splash in your bathroom.

The Best Bathroom Tile Flooring

32 Best Shower Tile Ideas and Designs for 2017

Whether you’re planning a full-scale bathroom remodeling project or just looking to spruce up your bathroom space, Floor & Decor has bathroom flooring products for you. You can find a bathroom laminate floor, bathroom vinyl floor, and more to enhance the look and feel of this space. We also offer custom vanities and other great bathroom essentials and decorative elements, all crafted to the highest quality standards for the best customer experiences.

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Rougher Textures Or Polished Flat Surfaces

Naturally, youd think the rougher the tiles the better, right? The downside to that is that rougher textures like ceramic or quarry tiles are likelier to have permanent stains exactly because its easier for their roughness to catch dirt. Therefore, youd think more polished flat surfaces should work better due to their stain resistance. However, the more polished a surface the more slippery it gets when wet.

Slippery is exactly what you dont want for your shower tiles for safety reasons. If youre using porous or polished surfaces, you should find the right pattern to make their traction better despite their polished look. For rougher surfaces, you can get away with larger tiles but be prepared for more regular cleaning. They can also be made of pebbles for that coastal or tropical look.

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