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Serena And Lily Wall Decor

~serena And Lily Pescadero Tiered Chandelier

Bedroom Makeover ⥠Serena & Lily

Have I told you that I love World Market?

Okay, I will stop now.

But seriously just take a look at their lighting section and you will find so many good dupes.

This shell pendant is new and I love it!

Looks pretty similar to this bad boy, doesnt it?

Obviously, these lights are different in scale. The one from World Market would look great in a bedroom. Im sure the one from Serena and Lily would look great in a bedroom too.after you sell your kidney first.


Serena And Lily Wallpaper

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Looking to create subtle interest in a room, or perhaps youre hoping to add a dramatic, colorful style statement? Serena and Lily Wallpaper is such a special way to personalize a space!

Wallpaper is an incredible technique to make a room stand out, and theyve made it into such a fun design tool.

Learn how about the different types and textures of wallpaper options, how to select the best wallpaper for your space, and how it can instantly improve the style of your home!

Its funny how our tastes change and trends shift over time, isnt it? There have been times in my years of homeownership where I wanted all the wallpaper to go. Immediately, in fact.

Weve removed countless borders and wall treatments installed by previous owners in our homes over the years. Weve even removed peel and stick wallpapers that weve installed ourselves!

However, there is much about wallpaper that I embrace. I love the immediate, bold visual appeal, and the way it makes a room stand out. It can be such a surprising, charming addition to all kinds of spots!

Wallpaper adds interest to any space in your home. Use it in closets, small bathrooms, the back of shelving, or on all the walls of your bedroom or living room.

Its a statement thats all your own, and its absolutely gorgeous when chosen and installed correctly. Im so excited to share my love for Serena and Lily Wallpaper with you today!

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  • Stunning Target Serena And Lily Dupes

    This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through any of these links, we may make a small commission . For more information, please click here. Thank you for supporting this blog.

    Love the luxurious modern California coastal look of Serena and Lily furniture and decor but youre on a Target budget? This post is for you! From living room and bedroom furniture to home decor, lighting, finishing touches and more check out 30 stunning Target Serena and Lily dupes below!

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    Serena And Lily Looks For Less Come See Some Of My Favorite Serena And Lily Dupes A Great Way To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

    The post you all were waiting for. You guys asked so I delivered.

    Okay, no one asked but you should have. Because these are my favorite kind of posts.

    The other day I went down a deep, deep, very deep rabbit hole of coffee tables. And then I went down another deep, deep hole of accent chairs.

    It was an exhausting day.

    But while I was down one of my holes I found this coffee table and it stopped me in my tracks.

    One, because I love wicker as much as I love chocolate

    Two, because it reminded me of this coffee table from Serena and Lily

    And then, you guessed it, I went down another deep, deep, extra deep hole of Serena and Lily dupes.

    And that is how this post was born.

    I love the Serena and Lily lookthe coastal relaxed feeling. I have a hard time not going full out coastal in my home. I dont live near a beach or a coast.

    There is a pond across the street from my house. Does that count?

    I have purchased only a few things from Serena and Lily and each time they were on clearance. I am not a frequent Serena and Lily shopper. But my goodness, I just love their stuff. Let me rephrase that, I just love looking at their stuff.

    So when a dupe comes along, I grab it.even if I dont need it.


    Serena & Lily Grasscloth Wallpaper

    Serena &  Lily Ojai Spiegel

    Grasscloth wallpaper is one of my favorites but its also a pretty expensive type of wallcovering so often youll see it used in just a portion of a room such as above or below a chair rail or behind a bookcase. The first room you walk into in the Serena & Lily Westport store has gorgeous grasscloth in washed indigo below the chair rail. I absolutely love the variation of the blue and natural tones it really warms up the room:

    And with such a small amount of wall space below the chair rail , they were probably able to get away with using just one roll:

    Scroll & Click/Tap to Shop This Space:

    Another favorite of mine is that they used to line the back of a pair of bookcases. Can you imagine the back of those bookcases being painted white and how much less interesting this space would be??

    Its the backing of the bookcases along with the gorgeous mirror above the fireplace that really stand out when you walk into this space:

    Scroll & Click/Tap to Shop This Space:

    The cute little eat-in banquette area is another space where Serena & Lily used just a small amount of grasscloth wallpaper to add an interesting pop of color and texture:

    Scroll & Click/Tap to Shop This Space:

    I have two spaces in my own home where I used grasscloth including above the chair rail in my oldest daughters bedroom :

    and to line the back of the bookcases in our family room its one of my favorite little details about this space:

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    Top Serena And Lily Dupes:

    Serena and Lily Hanging Rattan Chair

    Serena and Lily Round Jute Rug

    Serena and Lily French Tassel Shower Curtain

    Serena and Lily Woven Storage Basket:

    Serena and Lily Rivera Barstool:

    Serena and Lily Blake Nightstand

    Serena and Lily Montara Mirror

    Serena and Lily Harbour Cane Headboard

    Serena and Lily Malibu Chandelier

    Serena and Lily Pebble Pillow Cover:

    Which Serena and Lily dupes did you end up getting? Let me know in a comment below!

    Serena & Lily Flynn Single Wall Sconce

    Im obsessed with all lighting, and these textural wall sconces had to come to live in the guest bedroom. Their design is inspired by a vintage pharmacy lamp, but what drew me in and stole my heart was the wicker shade. Theyre sleek, simple, and interesting yet a bit different from my normal Mid-Century Modern look and feel â Im here for the change.

    You may remember the old brass sconces. We had them in our former house, so theyve been around the block and then some. It was time for a change. Heres the before.

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    Refreshing The Sofa Pillows

    A few Serena & Lily pillows on our favorite sofa breathed new life into it! I have said it before I would rather have just a few select high quality, seriously beautiful pillows than a whole entire sofa filled with pillows I bought only because they were a good deal.

    Our beloved playroom sofa has always held random pillows from other rooms- and to see it come together with all these coordinating beachy blues perked the room right up.

    My favorite is the striped Luca pillow the playful pom poms and the relaxed linen sum up this rooms whole vibe!

    Most of the pillow covers I picked out have zippers so that the cover can be washed in my actual washing machine! Even that textured crisp white pillow sitting in the hanging chair that is actually an outdoor/indoor pillow and can be thrown in the wash.

    The only one that needs dry clean is mamas pwetty piwow thats what Camila calls the white with the subtle plaid and tassle pillow! I may be stealing that one for my bedroom permanently though.

    Sofa Pillows From Left To Right:

    La Jolla Basket | Dip Dyed Stools

    I reused these darling Dip Dyed Stools as little seats by the kids chalkboard easel. Sometimes we pull these side tables up next to the couch, but they are too cute not to use as small seats for their chalkboard sometimes too!

    I was so inspired by Serena & Lilys Dip Dyed Stools, I thought it would be fun to turn these plain white chairs into dip dyed chairs for a pop of color!

    Table | White Bentwood Chairs

    ~ Serena And Lily Blithedale Side Table


    I just came across this end table and just love how it mixes both modern and traditional together.

    Here is its twin end table from Serena and Lily

    ~White Sofa

    I know a white sofa can be controversial. Some people wouldnt dare put a white couch in their home and others only want a white couch in their home.

    The easiest way to get that Serena and Lily look though is throwing a white couch in your home.

    Its like magic.

    For the record, I do not own a white couch. But I do own a beige couch and maybe one day I will get the white slipcover.

    The day when the kids move out and one of them takes the dog. That/s the day I will get a white couch.

    In my opinion the best white slipcovered couches are from IKEA. I have the Ektorp and I do love it. I keep hearing rumors that they are discontinuing that line though. It looks like the Uppland Sofa is taking the Ektorps place

    Ive heard great things about the Farlov Sofa as well.

    I know not everyone has an IKEA near them or wants to pay for the shipping charges.

    So my favorite store can take care of you.World Markets Brynn sofa are a win all around.

    ~Blue Rug

    I can go down another rabbit hole with rugs so I will try to stop myself because I am still lost in my other rabbit holes.

    I have this rug in my office and have had it in there for years and still love it to this day. Anything blue and white is timeless to me and gives off that Serena and Lily vibe.

    My rug reminds me alot of this rug from Serena and Lily

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    The Hanging Rattan Chairs

    Lets talk about everyones favorite chairs!

    I shared lot of details about these chairs in last weeks post here, as well as a tutorial on how to hang the chairs from the ceiling and a simple piece of hardware used to make installation easy.

    Everyone asks, so Ill go ahead and answer what youre thinking: they are actually comfortable! As in actually comfortable for adults! But even more than that, they are fun to sit in.

    Each chair holds up to 300lbs, and the hanging hardware holds much more so I dont worry about them. These hanging chairs are the BEST for kids spaces! They add such personality to a room!

    Serena & Lily Memorial Day Sale 2022 Favorites

    To give you an idea of some of the best things to shop for during the Serena & Lily sale, following are iconic Serena & Lily bestsellers, beautiful new summer arrivals, my top picks from the sale, and several pieces from our home. Remember to use discount code WAVES for an additional 20% off everything:

    Wishing you a beautiful Memorial Day weekend! xo jane

    Note: Some sale exclusions apply, subject to change, including art, gift certificates, Limited-Edition PUBLIC® C7 Bike, and final sale items.

    This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click a link and purchase something, I may get a small commission at no cost to you. For more info, please read my full disclosure here.

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    Our Finished Attic Playroom With Serena & Lily

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    We have a finished 3rd floor attic space- a bonus room is what we call it down here- and we use it as a playroom! Our playroom decor got a fun makeover this summer via Serena & Lily, and I have been waiting to share it with you!

    This is our bonus room an extra 500 sq feet of space with a bathroom, closets and plenty of light. With 4 kids in our home, this spot works hard for us!

    But the set up was feeling awkward, with a sofa in the center of the room cutting off half the space.

    I asked my husband to move the playroom sofa to the side of the bonus roomjust to see honey! and it opened it all up! If youre wondering what Im talking about, take a peek at how our playroom used to be set up.

    Serena & Lily Floral / Vine / Palm Wallpaper

    Serena &  Lily Riviera Chairs: 8 Affordable Dupes

    For wallpapers that have more motion and are a bit busier than a plaid or stripe, papering just a small accent wall is perfect! I used Serena & Lilys Priano wallpaper with leafy vines on just a single wall in our small craft room:

    and also on the back wall of our hoard closet! These are some of my other favorite floral, vine, and palm wallpapers from Serena & Lily:

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    ~serena And Lily Flynn Table Lamp

    I have a bigger soft spot in my heart for wicker and just as big of a soft spot for World Market so when I spotted this task lamp from World Market I got a little giddy.

    Its a great dupe for this table lamp from Serena and Lily

    I did a post all about home decor trends I am seeing lately and wicker is here to stay. My husband is not a fan, but I love it. I always have and always will. Just call me a Golden Girl.

    ~serena And Lily Avalon Daybed/bed

    Another shout out to my favorite! Have we talked about World Market before?

    Oh we have

    These arent exactly the same but they sure do have the same vibe going on.

    I think this daybed would look so cute in a kids bedroom or playroom.

    If you want the actual bed version you can go with this bed from Serena and Lily

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    Cheap Serena And Lily Dupes Look Alikes And Alternatives

    Serena and Lily is such a gorgeous home decor brand. The only problem is a simple bath matt is over $80. Not exactly in my budget. But not to worry I am sharing the best Serena and Lily dupes, knock-offs, look alikes, and alternatives for their chandelier, stools, bedding, and more! Lets get started!

    Serena & Lily Cove Table Lamp

    DIY Blanket Ladder for Under $30 // Serena & Lily Decor Dupe!

    A couple of years ago I purchased the Cove Table Lamp, and its still a favorite today. The subtle nautical charm brings the outdoors in for a fresh look, and the matte ivory shells add incredible texture to your room. I cant tell you how many guests have pet this thing. Even though it doesnt look like it, this lamp is easy to clean. Just a few sprays of canned air does the trick.

    Heres a more up close and personal looksy at the shell detail. Would you pet it? Its okay if you say you would.

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    Serena & Lilys Luna Stripe

    Im not even sure what category to group this Serena & Lily wallpaper into since its part stripe and part geometric so it gets its own little category its their Luna Stripe wallpaper found . Its gorgeous in this blue on blue color :

    But I absolutely fell in love with it in the Smoke color options it looks so amazing in this Serena & Lily bedroom:

    I couldnt stop taking pictures of this space its such a stunner. I could transport every single piece into my own bedroom and be as happy as could be:

    Scroll & Click/Tap to Shop This Space:

    And the large scale art in the bedroom is amazing too, isnt it?! They are original art pieces by Vesela Baker you can see more of her stunning art pieces .

    Update! I have another gorgeous paper to add now that Ive hung on the back of our family room bookcases! You can see more details in .

    So many options which is your favorite? If youve got a wallpapering project of your own coming up and want to be able to easily find this post, be sure to Pin this image below:

    Our Playroom Coffee Table: The Atelier Coffee Table

    The Atelier coffee table caught my eye years ago for its understated style! Our playroom decor has lots of color and pattern, as do the kids toys in general, so I didnt want a coffee table to overwhelm the space.

    The ideal coffee table in here would be substantial but minimal at the same time. Right, I know, that sounds like an oxymoron but the sleek shape of the Atelier is actually just that!

    The white glossy lacquer finish bounces light around the room. We have 4 windows up here, but 2 of them face north, and the other 2 are dormers. It was important to keep some glossy white finishes in here so the room stays light and bright!

    With its clean, streamlined silhouette, the Atelier Table is a classic piece or what Cher would call, a total betty!

    Other Favorite Serena & Lily Coffee Tables:

    I was tempted to style the coffee table for this post because thats just more fun but I thought it was best to share how its really used.

    A few beachy baskets underneath and on top will provide function by corraling their toys and books, and keep the table looking its best!

    Classic Storage Pieces from Serena & Lily:

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