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Sell Home Decor Products From Home

How To Sell Home Decor Online And Start A Successful Ecommerce Store

How to Sell Home Decor Products Online
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People want their homes to be a reflection of their personalities. And they will go to any extent to find the perfect items to decorate and furnish their house.

In this blog, you will learn about everything you need to know on how to sell home decor online and start a successful eCommerce business. Youll learn about challenges to overcome, setting up a home decor business online, and marketing your business.

We have also compiled some popular home decor stores you can take inspiration from.

If you have an eye for detail and an affinity for aesthetics, this is your sign to start the business youve always dreamed of!


Selling Home Decor Online: 4 Challenges & How To Solve Them

Our homes are a reflection of our individuality. As we continue to do everything from home, itll only become more important that our space suits our tastes and preferences, while serving our practical needs. With brick-and-mortar stores remaining shuttered in many parts of the world, consumers have turned to eCommerce for all their new home decor needs.

However, since home decor is a traditionally high-priced category that often involves comparison shopping and consulting with roommates or family members, brands and retailers face a number of challenges when selling furniture online. Weve put together a list of the four most common difficulties and how to overcome them:

Tips On How Home Decor Is Sold

For many, home décor is a luxury, not a necessity. How you present and promote your products in a way that not only differentiates from the competition, but convinces people that they should buy them requires going the extra mile. By using a variety of strategies to developing your brand, you should be able to sell your quality home décor products.

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How Much Does It Cost To Start An Online Home Decor Business

There is no clear-cut amount that you can use to start a home decor business online because it really depends on your business model and the products you want to sell.

To make it easy for you, I will advise that you go by the dropshipping model and also sell home decor products that are not heavy.

If you stick to this strategy, here is an amount that you will need to start your home decor business within a reasonable estimate$3000

Main costs that you will bear

  • Cost of building online store- $62.5

You can reduce your advert cost if you already have a following online.

Other research online suggests that you can spend about $5000 to start up but my suggestion works for you if you are on a tight budget.

Advice For Starting A Home Decor Business

24 Unique Best Selling Home Decor Items

We’ve interviewed thousands of successful founders at Starter Story and asked what advice they would give to entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

Here’s the best advice we discovered for starting a home decor business:

Tiffany Griffin, founder of Beautiful Dawn Designs :

Don’t use failure as a reason to give up. It’s okay to fail. Just make sure you learn from your failures and mistakes and keep working towards your goals.

Suzan Allen, founder of French Italian LLC :

Always remember, your plan might change from time to time but the end game will always remain the same.

Maurici Badia, founder of HANNUN :

I love learning by making mistakes, it means youve tried it. When you are creating a new brand, using new technology, new features in social media platform, there is nothing written, you need to try many things and some of them will work, some not.

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Use Quality Video And Photos

Presentation really is everything, and your shoppers want to know that youre a design pro. 49% of shoppers will quickly unfollow a great home décor brand if the products or customer service look to be of poor quality.

Imagine shopping for a lamp and seeing a haphazard photo of an unplugged lamp sitting on a cluttered shelf. Now, imagine that same lamp resting on a sofa table with a few smart books basking in a warm glow emanating from the light thats been switched on. Which would you rather buy? Uh huh.

Why Dropship Home Decor

The global home decor market is expected to grow to $664 billion by 2022, which means theres plenty of money to be made for savvy sellers. Whys it such a great dropshipping niche? Because everyone who shops online lives in a home that needs decorating! Thats a massive potential customer base. Home goods is an expansive market and the choice of products to sell is almost endless. It is better to dropship home decor than sell it wholesale as dropshipping allows you to experiment with various niches and sub-niches without having to pay for bulk inventory.

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Sell On Mobile Sell Socially Sell Everywhere

Social Network Integration

, get your items pinned on Pinterest, and provide an easy way for your shoppers to share your products with their friends!

Free Advertising Credits

We’ve partnered with Facebook, Amazon, and Bing to provide you with free credits to get your advertising campaigns started!

Sell Everywhere

Sell new furniture online, on eBay, , Google, Facebook, and many more.

Side Door Collection Tips & Best Practices

Get Started with Wholesale Home decor – Free Vendor !!

1 | Curate Your Approach

Before you start creating collections willy-nilly, keep your designer hat firmly in place. How do you approach sourcing and curation for a real-life client project? Be careful and meticulous. If you are creating a collection specific to a certain space, make sure each piece works with the next and that it represents the aesthetic you want to be associated with your reputation.

Quick tips:

  • When you are getting started, create just 1-3 collections. More than that can become difficult and confusing to the market. Once you have your systems set up and feel confident in your process, you can work on creating more collections.

  • Don’t name your collections using overly creative or obscure language. The title of your collection should tell the average person exactly what room or product type that collection contains, as well as the design style.

2 | Hone Your Signature Style

This doesn’t mean you are going to pigeonhole your customers into accepting your personal design taste, but it does mean you are going to create a collection with a distinct personality. Don’t create vanilla collections – they won’t sell! If your vibe is big on color , create collections that reflect this aspect of your brand. Customers will be drawn to your work and your portfolio. Make sure your collections are an extension of that rather than a disconnect.

3 | Define Your Collection Method

  • Powder room

  • Laundry room

  • Area rugs and runners

  • Changing tables

  • Rocking chairs

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How To Sell Home Decor Online: The Ultimate Guide

Home is no longer just the place we relax or sleep. Its become an ad-hoc replacement for our gyms, cafes, offices, theatres, and schools. The concept of homes as we know them has shifted during the pandemicand consumers have adapted to it.

Americans spent nearly 10 percent more on home improvement projects in 2020, according to Home Advisor. Now, more than ever, the average consumer deeply cares about how their living spaces look.

Its no wonder why the global home decor market, valued at $616.6 billion in 2019, is expected to reach $838.6 billion by 2027.

Source: Research and Markets

For brands to leverage this booming market, they must reach people. But for a space thats remained traditionally brick-and-mortar, is selling online the best idea for home decor retailers?

Yes, as it turns out. Ecommerce is driving the sales of home decor. Consumers want to put a lot of love into their homes today, and theyre relying on the digital world to help them out.

Here, we explore why home decor brands need to sell online and how they can begin.

Home Decor Online Blogging Business And Affiliate Marketing

Starting Blogging Business on Home decor is a Good Idea, if you do not want to deal with all the head aches of having Inventory and Physical shops.

If you are aware of Affiliate marketing, many Home decor companies Like Venue, Modsy , target, Amazon etc offer affiliate programs that You can monetize via your blog content.

DigitallyDiv Approach a Melbourne Based WordPress Design and Blogging Business Agency can be able to help you.

You need to create your Niche website, write Blogs Monetize with Ads and Affiliations with many Home decor companies.

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Sell Furniture Online: How To Set Up Your Online Store

Now lets pull all of that hard work together. If youve taken the time to develop solid brand guidelines, this part should be a natural extension of that work. Before you actually launch to the world, take time to play around with different configurations and designs. Launching a simple landing page at this stage, along with your social accounts, can help you build an email list so that you can make a big splash at your official site unveiling.

Home Delivery And Pick

Decor Tips to Help You Sell Your Home

It is necessary to have a delivery truck ready at all times in order to make the home delivery procedure more efficient.

In certain circumstances, the delivery time should be determined and notified to all of the customers.

When enabling the home delivery procedure, it is important to consider factors such as toll rates, delivery charges, and so on.

In the event that your delivery crew is liable for the damage and tear of any delivery consignment, it should be your obligation to provide for a new shipment.

In the short term, this will have a negative impact on your business, but in the long run, it is your customers who will matter the most, and if they are satisfied with your after sales services, there is a greater likelihood of positive word of mouth and referrals, which can result in more customers for your company.

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Home Decor Home Shopping Home Sales

Sell your home decor products online, earn money from home and let people decorate their houses from home comfort at the same time.

Moving your business online is very easy and painless with Shopio. Consider us as your co-pilots at this journey. Start building your online store today and learn how to sell home decor online. Try it 14 days for free!

Create A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

You cant afford to be a couch potato when it comes to marketingyou have to be proactive and strategic to figure out what works for your brand. Do Facebook ads make more sense for your business, or should you try content marketing? Experimentation and thorough research are your friends here.

The furniture brand Industry West, for example, ran a . They wrote an oops style message sharing the details to access discounted merchandise. Their post took off, and they averaged one order every five minutes. 72% of shoppers from this campaign were first-time customers.

Like Industry West, one way to market well is to share content and build an audience on the social media platform of your choice.

For example, if youre a furniture brand, you can share design tips and advice. Its a great way to redirect traffic to your site and convert more social media followers into consumers. You can try a healthy mix of promotional, educational, and entertaining content.

For instance, Holistic Habitata socially conscious decor branddoes a great job with its Instagram Reels.


Flooring company Flooret, on the other hand, creates blog content centering around design advice, customer stories, industry trends, and more.

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How To Create A Website To Sell Home Dcor Online

If you want to create a WooCommerce website to sell home décor online, you may follow these simple steps.

  • Think of an online store name that is creative and easy to remember.
  • Get a domain that matches your blog name.
  • Get a hosting plan.
  • Secondly, to sell home décor online, your website should include the following pages.

    • A slider of high-quality professional images
    • A call-to-action button to buy your products like Free Shipping, Best Sellers, Favorites, and Special Offers
    • Featured products with high-quality professional images
    • A newsletter sign-up form to stay in touch with your consumers by email about new products, offers, and reviews
    • Social media icons
  • Write your story and business values that sets you apart from others by conveying your personality to build trust
  • Write compelling and persuasive product descriptions with details about your products including the product materials and dimensions especially for bulky items.
    • A selection of high-quality product images with a suitable background, and a well-lit environment
    • Product images must be clear and in focus
    • Product reviews from your customers after their purchase to share their buying experience with links to your social media channels
    • Filter Products by style, material, category, brand, color, price, etc. if you are selling a large variety of products for better conversions
  • Returns & Shipping
    • Free return is a good strategy to rationalize a buying decision.
    Content Marketing

    Best Home Decor Products To Sell In 2022

    15 Bestselling Amazon Home Products! *You NEED These* | Home, Organization, Bedding, & Cleaning!

    We all know what the year we finally left behind looked like it was a leap year in every sense of the word. We could hardly imagine that well spend basically an entire year mostly in our homes, but thats exactly what happened. Some people used the lockdown to transform their home offices into more functional and pleasant rooms by piling up some super chic pieces of furniture. We keep reimagining our living spaces according to our new life circumstances, but at the same time, we seek more comfort, which again demands some investment.

    Regardless of whether we need a backdrop for our Zoom meetings or a new wallpaper for the kids room, suddenly it seems as if every inch of our homes requires some refreshment. That should be the first thing you should consider if you decide to dedicate your time to dropshipping and selling home decor stuff.

    Here are some trendy home decor products worth considering to sell in 2022.

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    Whats Next For Online Home Decor Retailers

    As with other verticals, selling home decor online will only become more common going forward. The solutions presented in this post serve as a starting point for solving the challenges currently facing home and garden retailers.

    As shoppers get more used to buying high-ticket, high-consideration items like furniture online, mastering the same quality of experience on mobile will be the next frontier for home decor brands and retailers. Check out our mobile masterclass to get winning strategies for building smart, intuitive experiences on smaller screens.

    Diversify Your Product Line

    Adding new products to your business is a great way to expand into new markets and grow your business.

    It’s important to note that adding new products and diversifying may not be in the cards for you right this moment, and that’s okay. You can always consider it down the road.

    Here are some reasons you may want to considering adding/diversifying your product

    • Meeting the needs of your customers
    • Establish yourself as a top provider in your industry and stay ahead of the game with competition
    • Resistance to downturns/trends fading
    • Create new revenue streams

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    Add Variety To The Feed

    Be like Goldilocks. What does that mean? It means that you need to determine how much posting is the right amount of posting. Not too much. Not too little. Sadly, 24% of shoppers will unfollow brands that are what we affectionately call over-posters.

    Develop a cadence for the types of content you post and vary the types of products you feature. Show the breadth of your home décor offerings by not featuring one rug after another instead, feature a lamp, then a pillow, then a throw you get the picture.

    Plus, its simple to keep it interesting with a variety of content. With the ability to upload pre-recorded video clips, photo posts, and live video, theres no bounds to your creativity.

    Top 10 Home Dcor Companies

    I love how you can layer not only jewelry, but also great home decor ...

    Heres our top 10 list of home decor direct sales companies:

    Initials Inc. sells many products ranging from home goods and decor to personal items such as jewelry, purses and totes.

    The idea with this company is all about personalization .

    The customer can have any of their products monogrammed at no extra charge, which is something unique compared to other companies. Customers tend to like personalization options!

    To join Initials Inc. as a representative, youll have the option of three different starter tiers, costing:

    All of these costs will be paid up front, but just note that with the $9 one, you dont get any kits or products with it.

    Youll be paid a base commission of 25% as a representative.

    Youll also have the opportunity to earn up to 35% commission on your own sales and 10% commission on your personally sponsored representatives once you build your downline.

    There is a minimum you have to make in order to stay active, but its only $250 a year.

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    Sourcing Furniture: For Designers And Resellers

    How you source suppliers or manufacturers depends on your business model and niche.

    For furniture designers who do not plan to make furniture themselves, look for a trusted manufacturer. As per experts, the closer you are to your production and your supply chain, especially in the beginning, the easier it will be to build and forge partnerships with whoevers making your products. When youre getting started and you dont have familiarity with manufacturing, its recommended that you find a manufacturer that will allow you a lot of oversight and who will work with you as a partner in your business. The corporate list from the Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Traders India will give you access to local manufacturers.

    If youre looking to resell products by others, you can hit the pavement and approach makers and brands to ask about wholesale pricing and terms. There are also marketplaces like Handshake that allow you to browse vendors who are actively looking for retail partners.

    Vintage resellers source furniture in a number of ways. Due to the nature of the business, youll need to be consistently on the hunt to ensure you have inventory. Here are a number of sources to get you started:

    Learn more:

    For furniture makers, getting started can be costly if you dont already own tools or have a dedicated workshop. You can start with the basics and expand your toolbox as your business grows.

    Heres some expert advice for setting up your own furniture workshop:

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