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Rugs For French Country Decor

Romantic White Bedroom With A Window Seat

Every Season French Country Decor | How To Decorate Your Home Between Seasons | Amitha Verma

Window seats are delightfully inventive and bring out unmatched old school swagger. When deftly decorated with luxury draped sheers hanging over shuttered windows, light and air have no excuse for staying outside. Bling the window seat out with a wingback chair, some beautiful wall charms, and gold pillows and candlesticks.

Simple White Wicker Storage Basket

Nothing says French country esteem like white-washed baskets made of wicker. Besides being a beautiful touch in any room, including elongated bathrooms and small cottage kitchens, they can double as holders for pillows, blankets, potted flowers or herbal greenery, small umbrellas, or any needful task, or just for inviting décor.

Gorgeous French Country Interior Decor Ideas

amazing kitchen design with french country furniture

Interiors that are decorated in French country style always looks great. They are usually very warm and provide a feeling of comfort. Thats why they are popular not only in the sunny vineyards of France but also worldwide. French country decor usually looks quite simple yet very elegant. Its a timeless style that emphasizes taste and comfort, rather than price or the latest trend. Ideal colors to get the French country interior design look, are colors inspired by the French landscape including terra cotta red, green, yellow and Mediterranean blue. This style usually features different natural and rustic elements. Among the most noticeable features are using wrought iron indoors, whitewashed wood surfaces, and toile fabric.

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French Country : Area Rugs

The easiest way to give any room a cool makeover is to throw in a swanky rug. Bring home a touch of comfort and style with Targets wide range of area rugs. The collection has something for spaces of all sizes and styles, be it the living room, dining room, bedroom or patio. Get the perfect indoor area rug to suit your decor, or a pretty fade-resistant rug for outdoors. From hand-knotted, hand-tufted and hand-woven to Jute, flatweave and shag, find just about any type of rug you might be looking for. Besides making for a great look, a good area rug can also help protect your wooden floors from those occasional spills. Just cover up with a stain-resistant, easy-care area rug and youre good to go. For tiled floors, a rug with a greater pile height will keep it from slipping and not fold over from foot traffic. With the variety of sizes Target has to offer, youre sure to find something for any space in your home.

Grey Brick Fireplace With Potted Spring Flowers

provencal rug (French Country Living, Mars 2004)

Lumiere is essential when deciding how to dress up a cool fireplace mantel in white-washed brick, especially one with a warm and inviting French theme. Pedestal flowerpots, built-ins, a framed theater-type print wall hanging, and a lovely curio la pendule conjures up the imaginable world of inspired fantasy with country heartland.

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French Country Design Ideas For The Bathroom

Putting French and country together inspires thoughts about bathroom décor in all of its luxurious potential. White and washed background doesnt have to mean cold and dull. Warm up your whites with splashes of wood shelving and towel hangs, living greens, brown lotion bottles, nickel fixtures and tin instant voila!

French Country Decor Rug

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Diy Printed Graphics On Whitewashed Terracotta Pots

Whitewashed small, medium, and large terra cotta planter pots mounted in parchment paper are the perfect indoor décor whether just for the exciting looks or for functional formal kitchen use during fresh herb-planting and aloe-grooming season. These country-inspired and versatile pots can be the classic finishing touch or the first piece of area inspiration.

Toile And Rustic Linen Chair

Classic French Provincial Style

Classic, comfortabletoile fabric is a wondrous pattern for inspiring pastoral scenes of farm life, hunting, and fishing. Combined with the right rustic elements and copper accents, there is nothing sweeter than sweet than entering another realm without exiting home by taking a seat in a cool linen and cotton chair.

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French Country Area Rugs

Rustic Wooden Kitchen Shelves With Potted Ferns

Tubntin sinks with old-world fixtures mounted on them have a wow-factor all on their own, but when these antique-like boudoir or kitchen classics are topped off with the right shelving made of aged dark wood and metal hinges and scroll brackets, its look out world! The décor ideas are endless.

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Painted And Antiqued Shabby Chic Armoire

Armoires have never truly gone out of style, but now you can turn the older models found in thrift shops and antique stores into meaningful white-washed and aged restorations that brings back warm and fuzzy memories, as well as provides storehouse usefulness in just about any room in your home.

White Couch Table With Oversized Accessories

Pin by Pallavi Singhal on Cleaning

An understated long-legged couch table is just the right thing for a smooth and well-appointed living space. Filled with sterling fresh and airy country charm and top-loaded with pleasant over-sized professionally crafted accessories, this motivational couch table is quiet and attractive and solidly constructed for homes designed for kindred spirits.

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Recycled Barnwood Coffee Table And Glass Vase

Cozy elegance with indoor lighting from double finch lamps accentuates this rustic combination of French coastal and Mediterranean charm. The recycled barnwood table is a welcome attraction that highlights the elements of wind-tossed age with new vision. Light a candle and curl up with a good book for a restful evening.

Stunning French Country Inspired Bedroom

There are traditional and non-traditional spaces, but there is something uniquely special about a themed bedroom made to inspire romance or just to feng shui a lifestyle filled with grace and gratitude. Motivate yourself with built-in headboards, fluffy tall bedding, ringed window curtains, and elongated padded seating with area rug.

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White Violas Planted In Antique Ceramic Dish

There hasnt been a time in known history when ceramic has not added a sense of completion to a room or open area, especially when ceramic pots are filled with warm herbs, tiny viola plants, marbles and/or ceramic robin eggs. Here, the robin eggs are under a glass cloche classy.

Informal Round Wooden Dining Table

French Country Decor | Rustic French Style

A rounded wooden dining table on a pretty white heirloom quality base demands lovely cane-back chairs with charming toile-covered seats, country-style milky white centerpieces, and cozily crafted surrounds ending in scoops of semi-circles and scallops. Cupboards and candelabras stand out against fresco walls with see-through portraits. This is extended living.

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Ruffled Natural Linen Window Curtains

There is nothing that cools a room off more quickly or warms it up faster than breezy crisp and clean or opaque light-blocking linen curtains. These French country cottage ruffles are imaginative and bold, but also clean with cupped cuts that look wonderful in a kitchen or a small bedroom.

Beautiful Mint And White French Kitchen

Lavender and mint are always a welcome attraction in any room, especially kitchens. Evoking strong memories of fresh and clean, coupled with long tall gooseneck sink fixtures over an apron skirt sink, open and closed cabinetry, and lots of storage, this minty-fresh kitchen inspires the greatest calling in culinary skills.

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French Country Kitchen With Butcherblock Island

The butcher block island is a stylish centerpiece for this sparkling open cabinet and shelf space. Along with the apron skirt sink, over-sized storage drawers with easy-pull handles, and double uncovered windows, this bright kitchen is a very inviting place to get into the spirit of cooking up culinary masterpieces.

Rustic Wooden Barn Doors For Ensuite Bathroom

Nourison Global Vintage French Country Damask Ivory/Blue ...

Roll-away rustic wooden barn doors are the perfect complement for an en suite bathing environment. The snazzy and upbeat look of these sophisticated weather-beaten moving doors send a distinct message about comforting private quarters as they hang in place with a reinvented shower pole brace to keep them in place.

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Elegant Grey Dining Room And Colorful Peonies

Grey is not always a drab or boring color. When used selectively and creatively, a dining space like this with nice clean lines, special draped lighting, and bright colorful fresh accents makes grey a perfect color to wrap it up, especially when capped with a linen runner and candlestick lamps.

Antiqued Credenza And Rustic Round Mirror

Credenzas add a classic touch of beauty and elegance anywhere they land. Rustic flairs coupled with antique-ish wood staining demands that more than one of these sophisticated pieces are aroundin the foyer, in a bedroom, in a guest or reading room, or in a home office, drawing room or den.

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Eclectic French Kitchen With Rustic Chalkboard Sign

French kitchens bring visions of dusty flour boards, open cabinet shelves, glass doors, jars of canned goods, and bowls of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as the aroma of fresh potted herbs and spices. Add in a kitchen blackboard for writing down reminders and grocery lists, and watch the kitchen magic fly.

The Characteristics Of French Country Style Decor


The French country style gets its look from the French countryside, especially that of Provence and has inspired homeowners, interior designers and architects for centuries. While there are manor homes and chateaux in the countryside of France, this style is inspired by the more relaxed farmhouse-style homes and their natural influences.

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French Country Livingroom With Fresco Wall Painting

The fresco Greek columns on the wall add a gorgeously eccentric background to this French-inspired space with tall windows and a classy slim lighting feature. This is what happens when two worlds collide to bring you into a serene place to think, imagine, and drink a favorite tea or herbal beverage.

Charming Bedroom With Antique Bed Frame

Catch lovely rays and breezy days with charmed room accents like refurbished scrap doors and clear stained-glass prop-ups. Stationery pinch-pleated drapes delicately pinned over an antique metal bed frame, shaker-style furnishings, glassy sheers and an electric candlestand can brush out a country bedroom with the stroke of an artists brush.

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Shabby Chic Wooden Coffee Table

Shabby chic aint too shabby after all, especially when it is a focal centerpiece that holds centerpieces. This aged living room coffee table, with its contrasting hues of dark and light, nice curves, old school antique-like handles, and little peg feet holds its own weight in solid beauty and class.

The History Of French Country Esthetic

Well Woven Agra Traditional French Country Aubusson Floral ...

American Soldiers in World War I were enchanted by the homes they saw in the French countryside of Provence. When they relocated back to the USA, they brought the style back with them and built their own homes mirroring the French country style look. This style has waxed and waned over the years and is enjoying a current resurgence as its elements are closely linked to the modern farmhouse interior design trend.

French Country Style Interior Decor And Rugs

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Rustic Finish Timeless Appeal

Always rustic, old-world, and welcoming. The look fits well into both country houses and elegant, it is warm yet casual.The colour scheme is not limited to one style, it ranges from Fire Reds to Burnt Oranges, Forest Greens to bright fresh lawn greens. This style has charm, class and exhibits a lot of natural elements. Natural Stone tile floors, aged timber furniture, and rustic metal light fittings. Mixing florals with plains is a must and can incorporate word wallpapers or old chests as feature pieces.

Whitewashed Wood And Not Only Wood Surfaces

Even though natural wood is beautiful as it is, whitewashing is a great tecnhique to make it even more interesting. Lots of things could be whitewashed for French country interior decor. Whitewashed cabinets and other furniture could solve your storage needs. Whitewashed planters, signs and headboards could become great additions to kitchen and bedroom decor. Even an old brick wall could be whitewashed to become much more stylish and interesting.

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Dining Room With Plush Chairs And Credenza

Dear Lillie escapes convention and goes for a nice eclectic off-center mix of both round and square chair shapes. An unfinished dining table, white-washed sideboard, and charming candlestick lamps provide classic beauty, especially when enhanced with a light-giving mirrored accent piece that provides a striking reflection to the room.

French Country Decor Style

French Country English Cottage Decor & How to SD 480p

The French country style is a classic mix of rustic and refined. Its comfortable, casual elegance includes traditional elements that are distressed, relaxed, and subdued. Elements of nature play a key role in achieving the effortless and perfectly imperfect feel of the French countryside. The French style country decor feels welcoming and lived-in, but also elegant.

French Country Living Room Decor

These are key interior home decorating trends that characterize the French country look:

  • Colors: The color palette for French country style is warm. With a neutral foundation, medium to low-intensity colors are utilized to add character and to accentuate. Soft yellows, baby blues, and warm pinks are popular, as are more saturated greens, brick reds, and deep blues.
  • Patterns: Used to add character and pops of color, the style is full of pattern and prints, usually on linen or cotton. Checks, plaids, and stripes are common, as well as the French country hallmark: toile. Traditional motifs of the Provencal style also include sunflowers, roosters, olives, and lavender, which are typically found on curtains and table linens.
  • Materials: Natural materials are key, with wood-beamed ceilings being a large part of the look, as well as wood-planked or natural stone floors and weathered brick or stone fireplaces. Nothing is polished finishes are subtly distressed to create a lived-in look.

French Country Style Home Interior

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Inviting Livingroom With Striped Linen Couch

Striped linen sofas, natural wicker chairs, wheat stalk accents, and beautiful potted vines with lovely ceramics in varied hues say Hello, Im home any time of day or night. Accentuate the positive in round, rectangle, and square, then add elements of wood and glass with neutral throws and pillow shams.

Cafe Style Wire Display Basket

A happily domestic piece of quaint kitchen whimsy is quite a thing to blog home about. This cafe-style two-tier wired display basket with its scrolled handle and open-air embellished design is an excellent tabletop ice-breaker, especially when filled with sentimental and symbolic touches that match the season of the year.

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French Provincial Bedroom Set Reveal Lost And Found Decor

The French Provincial style is very popular and no wonder why, its absolutely stunning! And this bedroom set DIY makeover is a perfect proof of that. If this is your style, feel inspired to make your own reveal and follow the instructions by Melanie on her blog, Lost and Found Decor.

Making a whole master bedroom makeover almost feels like too much, but the mind behind The Little French Farmhouse totally nailed it and showed us her process. Get ready to get motivated to start yours!

Here Are Some Rugs For Your French Country Style Home Decor:

Unique Loom Edinburgh Collection Oriental Traditional ...

Vintage French Area Rug #50471

French Antique Savonnerie Rug #50184

Antique Persian Kerman Rug #70935

Antique Persian Floral Kerman Rug #70942

Antique French Savonnerie Rug #48999

Antique French Floral Savonnerie Carpet #49848

Antique French Floral Aubusson Rug 70926

17th Century Mughal Rug #70052

17th Century Persian Isfahan Rug #70804

Antique Charles X French Savonnerie Rug #70965

Antique French Aubusson Rug #70946

Vintage French Art Deco Rug #71007

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White Linen Couch And Barnwood Coffee Table

A French city farmhouse living space is cloaked in white linen and a barnwood coffee table with wicker décor accents, silhouette photos for the background accent wall, along with a large Roman numeral nature wood clock. The setting for this white linen sofa has no need of a sofa table. The background design underscores the sofas setting.

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