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Room Decor Ideas For Girls

How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

Kids Room Decor Ideas For Girls l xolivi

You dont have to sacrifice comfort or style because of a lack of sleeping space. On the other hand, its not necessary to have a lot of square footage for a bedroom to look expensive and beautiful. In fact, smart design appears to be a must in a world where micro and city-sized lofts are on the rise.

Create A Cozy Feel With Layers And Textures

This clever room concept features peel-and-stick wallpaper that looks like vintage bricks. Its a lot more elegant than the simple drywall it covers up, and it can be easily removed when the school year is over. There are lots of variegated textures present, from the knitted throws to the fuzzy pillows to the crushed velvet storage chest which makes the room feel cozy and chic.

And Everything Else Under The Other

Recreate this dorm room:

And my second dorm room ideas for girls is to create a little kitchen/living room area underneath the other lofted bed!

Doing this literally makes it seem like you have an apartment, not just a shoe box. It gives you space to do it all as well as keep it organized. Now THAT’s what I call a win win!

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Best Carpet And Flooring Options For Girls Bedrooms

With kids rooms being so much more than just a sleeping space how do we ensure we have a floor that lasts the distance and doesnt cause you too much stress along the way?

Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, flooring that is comfortable, durable, and easy to clean is what comes to mind when we think of flooring for kids rooms.

Young children tend to spend a lot of time playing on their bedroom floor, and so warmth, softness and comfort are important selection criteria. And children of any age can be messy, so flooring that is durable and easy to clean is also worth investing in.

The key is to find a child-friendly floor that is durable enough to stand up to a bit rough treatment, but also soft enough to provide a safe landing in case of falls.

Where To Buy Decor For Girls

10 Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Shopping for a girl can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way for a mother and daughter to spend time together. Even if you decide to shop online, your little one can sit at the computer and browse websites with you so she can be involved with picking out the decor for her room. good resources for decorating a girls room include:

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Invest In A Comfortable And Cute Comforter

When shopping for dorm room essentials, youll want to invest in cute and comfortable bedding, including a comforter, pillows, and mattress toppers. Dorm rooms are often quite small by necessity, which means you dont always have a lot of opportunities to express your personality through your decor.

As a product youll use daily, make sure to get a comforter that is made of high-quality fabrics, designed to be comfortable, and will look chic and fashionable in your room. Because it takes up a lot of space on your bed, a comforter tends to become a focal point.

Choose a comforter in a color and pattern that expresses your personality while adding layers to your decorating style.

Put A Rug In Between Your Beds

Recreate this dorm room:

Not only is this a super cute dorm room idea, but it is also one that is super cozy for your feet!

Putting a rug in between your beds not only adds chic decoration to your space, but also gives your feet a soft landing for their first minutes out of bed. You can get any rug you like, but I suggest a fur one for that added comfort!

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Accent Walls That Pop For The Trendy Teenager Girl

Accent walls can do amazing things for a teen girls bedroom, especially one with an interesting pattern or color. These rooms use a uniquely patterned accent wall to make the room exciting without overpowering the room with an all-over pattern. Each of these bedrooms also does an excellent job coordinating the furniture and other decors with the accent walls as well.

Make A Multipurpose Room Arrangement


Teenage bedrooms are not just a bedroom. Young rooms includes many functions the areas where young people study, play games, rest, read a book, watch something, hang out with their friends, maybe even eat, which. For this reason, modern teenage bedroom designs are often decorated like a suite apartment. The size of your room may seem insufficient for all these functions. However, there are many clever solutions as teen room decor ideas. You can take inspiration from our article about small bedroom decor ideas.

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How Do I Keep A Girls Bedroom Tidy

As well as usual storage such as shelves and furniture, make organising exciting by making fun labels with them for storage bins. Decorate and display pretty sweet or candy jars on open shelves to hold little ‘knick-knacks’ and accessories.

Another fun girls bedroom idea is to make belongings part of the decor, for instance, hats and jewellery will look decorative hung in a line on peg rails. Lastly, make storage easily accessible so your child can easily clean up on their own when asked.

Picking A Girls’ Room Theme

When you start decorating a girl’s room, you should involve her in the design choices. Teen-aged girls will probably have some design ideas before you start the project and even preschool girls will have opinions on the things that will make their bedrooms special.

Consider the girl’s interests before you start your design. Then, find a few design magazines or books – your local library is a great resource for these – with some pictures of decorating schemes you feel are appropriate for the girl’s age and your budget. Look at the pictures together to see what she finds appealing and use this as your starting point. Remember, this is her room and no matter how beautiful you think French Provincial style is, if she wants bold colors and a display of soccer trophies, you need to respect her interests and taste.

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Create And Hang A Photo Board

Recreate this dorm room:

But often girls are intimated by incorporating photos because they don’t know how too. This idea is to solve all your problems. Create a photo board and hang it by your bed! That way you add decor to your bed area and have all your photos in one space. Now that’s what I call a genius idea!

Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms Ideas

Creative Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Having limited space for a bedroom can be a problem, too, sometimes. Especially if that happens to be your daughters when she feels not so little anymore and needs bigger space. But dont you worry dear parents, because this article presents girls bedroom ideas for small rooms to help you overcoming such problem. Keep on reading to find out!

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Organized Desk With Metal Tins

Sometimes the simplest organization solutions are the absolute best! Were lovin this easy idea to keep all your pens, pencils, and desk supplies neat and organized. And, because its attached to the wall, it gives you more desk space to work. Simply attach a dowel to the wall, add hooks and hang metal tins easy!

Image: Prudent Penny Pincher

How Do You Make A Girls Room Pretty

There are lots of ways to make a girls room pretty, through cute accessories or with hanging lights. Opt to use floaty or embroidered fabrics for curtains and on cushions. Hang delicate fairy lights from walls or over the bed to create a twinkling canopy. Frame cut offs of floral wallpapers to create a cute gallery wall.

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Updated Pinks And Corals

Charlotte Love The Interiors Addict

Pink is a classic shade when it comes to paint ideas for girls bedrooms, but with gender-neutral decorating coming to the forefront, its time for an update.

Candy tones and magenta-inspired pinks have given way for softer millennial blush hues and the 2019 Pantone Colour of the Year, Living Coral. A feature wall is a smart way to use a strong colour like coral, while light pink utilised in smaller doses and grounded with earthy browns and greys can create a calming, chic room while still being youthful and girlish.

Or, bring out her superhero side with this feminine cosmic spaces themed bedroom featuring a light, neutral palette with easily adaptable details.

Hang Lights Around Your Dorm

Bedroom Decor Ideas for Girls | JCPenney

Recreate this dorm room:

String lights are so in for dorm rooms! So I had to include them in this dorm room ideas for girls post!

String lights can go anywhere, around your walls, on an entire wall, you get the idea! Regardless of where you put them, string lights add an additional, and softer, light option that will give your dorm a glow!

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Put A Blanket At The End Of Your Bed

Recreate this dorm room:

Blankets aren’t just a dorm room idea for girls to copy, they’re also a necessity for girls to have in their dorm room. It can get chilly, especially when you aren’t the one that gets to control the temperature. So make sure you grab one, and keep it at the end of your bed for extra decoration that will tie your bed area together!

P.S. The one linked above is the exact one that I’ve owned for two years and swear by! Go grab it and thank me later, you won’t regret it!

Put Your Personality On The Walls

Most dorms wont allow you to paint your walls, but you can still bring in some personality with the right wall art and decor. This room features peel and stick wallpaper behind the bed and layered tapestries on the side for extra styling. The faux wood wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for photos and cool wall decor.

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Cap It Off With A Canopy

Reality Daydream Oh Eight Oh Nine

A canopy bed is the stuff of fairytales, but as a girl grows up, it also offers room for dreamy privacy and relaxation. Best of all, you dont have to go with a four poster bed to get the look and feel.

Small, simple canopies are pretty easy to find and install, and in a pinch, even using curtain rods and hooks will do the trick. For more DIY inspo, the designers of the home above actually used a round chair frame and covered it in pink fabric for a beautiful canopy top!

Paper Flower Wall Dcor

14 Girls Room Decor Ideas

Sweet and feminine, these beautiful 3D paper flowers pop right off the wall in this elegant lavender and turquoise girls room.

Love this look? Create your own beautiful 3D wall art with this detailed tutorial.

  • 05 of 22 Jennifer Johner

    A cloud of colorful 3D paper butterflies brings life and movement to this fresh and playful gallery wall. To create your own, pick up some attractive cardstock and a butterfly-shaped paper punch. After you punch your butterflies out, fold the wings slightly outward and fasten your creation to the wall using double-sided foam tape.

  • Continue to 11 of 22 below.
  • 11 of 22 Shades of Blue Interior

    Bring the great outdoors indoors with a beautiful wall hanging inspired by nature! Rustic textures meet a cheery splash of Ombre color, giving this simple idea plenty of style points. Prefer a different shape? Go for it. Use a large piece of paper or cardboard as a template and cut your branches to fit. Easy!

    Continue to 12 of 22 below.

  • 12 of 22 The Cottage Mama

    This colorful wall art couldnt be more simple or inexpensive to make! Use embroidery hoops to frame scraps of your favorite fabrics. Trim the edges, add pretty stitching, buttons, or other embellishments, and hang your handiwork up in small collections.

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    Build A Den For Bedtime Stories

    This shared loft room has areas for sleeping, reading and art. Grey walls are easy to update with colourful accessories when your little girl wants a change. However, the crowning glory of the space is the hanging canopy, which makes a great reading corner idea for bedtime stories. Add a rug and cushions to cuddle into.

    Bunk Bed For Shared Girls Limited Space

    For parents with two daughters who share the same limited room at the moment, bunk bed can be much help. Tell them not to worry about the boring design, because bunk bed nowadays comes in various styles.

    An example presented in the picture. Finishes in beige wood, this bunk bed stands out prettily. Completed with cute wallpaper, stripes and floral patterned fabrics, and cloudy wallpapered ceiling this shared room becomes the cutest ever.

    Not just that, it is still functional since there are also small study desk and dresser in similar tone.

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    Best Teen Girl Room Ideas

    In this post I’ll show you 41 amazing teen girl room ideas and I’ll give you tips to steal the style for your teen room as well. This includes ideas for epic beds, an awesome seating area, a feature wall, chandeliers, twinkle lights, adding a pretty desk area, the best teen girl bedding, how to add playful details to make it all your own, plus so much more. I’ll also show you where you can get all the best stuff for a teen girl room.

    Plus, read to the end to find my favorite idea that is cheap and easy and will add a ton of personality to your room!

    This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase using my link, I make a small commission at no cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.

    Color And Texture In Layers

    Diy Room Decor! 15 Amazing DIY Room Decorating Ideas for Girls

    Despite its casual feel, this artsy room is carefully curated. Peel and stick wallpaper creates a faux brick accent wall, while a colorful knit rug brings in both color and texture. This example uses a macrame wall hanging and colorful art print to further tie in the rug, but the eclectic bedding brings in flair and vibrancy.

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    Fall In Love Pretty Vintage Looks

    Bring a touch of country charm to your little girls bedroom with shabby chic furniture and chintzy rose prints. It’s a girls bedroom decorating idea that will suit both younger and older girls so makes a safe choice that will last.

    Here, its only the cute silhouette shoe and slipper wallpaper that might need replacing as a quick weekend job later.

    Stripes Wall To Camouflage The Real Size

    To create the effect of bigger space, you should use patterns. For this bedrooms case, the owner uses stripes and polka dots which can be seen on the walls, lamp shades, bed sheets and cover.

    It is even more gorgeous when black and white is involved. While black is there to color the table lamp shades, pillow cases, and bed sheet, white is thrown into the mix by being the color of the main elements, such as bedside tables and bed frame.

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    Tips On Decorating A Small Bedroom

    • Firstly, consider getting maximum storage spaces like floating shelves, bed lofts, hanging racks, etc.
    • Light up your space with mini chandeliers, fairy lights, and lamps.
    • Use multipurpose furniture and a foldable bed.
    • Plants can make a lot of difference in a congested place.
    • Customized built-ins can help you use the place in your comfort zone.

    Clever Storage Space Arrangement

    comfortable girls room decorating ideas

    Yup, a clever storage space management is all she needs in her small bedroom. Once its done, the need of bigger space will be gone this instant. For this bedrooms case, the owner uses red wall mounted shelves to keep the books and showcase the displays.

    The red shade is in accordance with those from the bed base and bedside table. Speaking of accordance, the letters wallpaper is perfectly harmonious with the shelves. Not to mention the colors from the wall paint and lamp shades. It is a super cool arrangement of small bedroom.

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    Vinyl For Girls Bedrooms

    What? In a kids room?!! Why not? Sheet Vinyl and Vinyl Planks or LVT have fabulous characteristics including being

    Low maintenance and easy to clean. Perfect for messy kids.

    Water-resistant. Those spilled drinks can be easily wiped up.

    Underfoot comfort. Vinyl does not get cold in the winter and is generally soft beneath your feet.

    Cost-effective. You can pick up a great looking vinyl much cheaper than other flooring products vinyl designs today can look as good as any wood and tile on the market.

    Durability and stain resistance. Vinyl is a highly durable material that, if properly installed and maintained, can last upwards of ten to twenty years.

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