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Roller Shades With Decorative Hem

Coordinated Translucent And Blackout Window Shade Fabrics

How to Install: Decorative Roller Shades

Several of our semi-sheer and translucent fabrics coordinate with blackout fabrics making fabric selections easier throughout projects requiring both types of fabrics. These fabrics can be combined on a single window for dual shade applications.

  • Shadow Blackout and Coast Translucent
  • Moraine Blackout and Cobble Translucent
  • and Quartz Translucent
  • Finale Blackout and Interlude Translucent
  • Antero Blackout and Sopris Semi-sheer
  • Mineral Blackout and Strata Semi-sheer
  • Zenith Blackout and Apex Semi-sheer (all colors
  • Haven Blackout and Lucent Semi-sheer
York Shadow

Measuring And Installing Roller Shades

Our roller blinds are all customized and built to your specifications and can be installed by anyone going down the DIY route. However, you are not alone! Our guides on How to Measure and How to Install for Roller shades are full of the information you need to tackle the project yourself and be confident in your choices. In addition, we have in-house design consultants available to discuss your project and any questions you may have. They are only a phone call away at .

Not sure if you want to do it yourself? See if our Professional Measure and Install services are available in your area!

Insolroll Elements Fabric Privacy Levels

Privacy is personally defined, so we cant tell you which fabric is exactly right for the level of privacy you will feel is perfect for your space. So judge for yourself hold our fabrics up against the light take note of how much you can or cannot see through them to make your own determination. There are some basic guidelines, however

Sheer shades are meant to be seen through they are often part of layered treatments and add texture to your room. On a sunny day, passers-by will not be able to see much through them into your home, though, because generally speaking, your home will be darker than the brightly lit world outside. At night, when your interior is brightly lit, people outside may be able to see inside to varying degrees.

Semi-sheer shades are similar to sheers, with a slightly less clear view-through. You will see more of their texture, and also like sheers, they diffuse light.

are also designed to be seen through, more clearly even than sheers. Controlled weave patterns and fabric openness allow varying levels of view-through, primarily to the more brightly lit area, whether that is inside or outside. Primarily designed for their sun control functionality, solar shades should not be relied on for nighttime privacy, though they will provide a modicum of daytime privacy.

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Discover The Style Of Roller Shades

When you think of roller shades, you probably think of the cheap plastic shade thats difficult to get positioned in exactly the right place. Todays roller shades offer much more! At Treasure Coast Window Fashions serving the greater Palm Beach area, we carry a wide variety of high quality roller shades with many style and functionality options. Stop by our showroom in Stuart to see full-size displays!

Solar Screen Roller Shades

Kids Window Treatments  Genesis® Roller Shade with Decorative Wave ...

For excellent UV protection while maintaining your view of the outdoors, our translucent Screen Shades are available in sturdy and easy-to-clean fabrics. Screen shades are available in a variety of different opacities, from a 1% Openness for maximum heat control to a 25% Openness for the most uninhibited view. Solar Shades are also the perfect option as a roller shade for your patio or sunroom. Solar Shades can help you reclaim your outdoor space during those hot summer months without obstructing your view of the outdoors!

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Roller Shades In Palm Beach Fl

Treasure Coast Window Fashions provides more than just the finest window coverings. Our owners are involved in every project from start to finish to ensure your window covering project exceeds your expectations. Were proud to serve the greater West Palm Beach area. Please contact us at 772-220-8870 or visit our showroom in Stuart, FL, for more information about our products and services. Contact us to learn more.

Light Filtering Scalloped Roller Shades

These shades are popular for traditional style window dressings. These ready-made blinds can be raised to meet your desired window height by pulling the control cord. They are produced using 100% polyester which permits moderate light through the fabrics, making the shades ideal for fitting into any rooms where protection and a little bit natural light is desired.

Get the best privacy, comfort, and enhanced sun protection for your interiors by using ZebraBlinds numerous selections of light filtering and blackout shades. Like Crown Roller Shades Blackout, Graber Blackout Roller Shades, or Lightweaves Graber Roller Shades.

Whether you want to block excess sunlight so that you can enjoy your favorite shows or when you need the best sleep possible or you want to keep harmful UV rays out of your home, Graber blackout roller shades are the answer for keeping light under control. When it comes to light filtering shades, Graber Lightweaves roller shade is a perfect choice. You can customize these shades with scallop trims, valances etc.

In crown roller shades also you will get a different kind of scallops. Like Plain scallop means no fringe, wave with fringe, round with fringe, and scallop with fringe. The addition of scalloped hems with decorative trims or fringes is a creative way to add style to your shade. So you can choose any eye-catching scallop from the available options.

How to Measure Your Window Size

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Roller Shades For Windows

Different Scallops Options For Custom Roller Shades

Classic Fabric Roller Shades from SelectBlinds.com

An extremely popular choice of window blinds, roller shades are a length of fabric on a roller mechanism that can be changed to different heights. Roller shades are available in a selection of textures: plain, designed, and blackout and can be elegantly finished with a scalloped edge.

Scalloped Roller Shades are an attractive way to decorate your doors and windows. It provides a traditional look that will suit the styles of many homes. These fancy edged roller shades are very easy to clean and are made of high-quality fabric that is UV safe for protection from hot daylight.

These shades can be cut to a variety of widths and can be fitted inside or outside of the window recess. Scalloped edge roller shades are available in a variety of colors and sizes. They are easy to operate and dont consume much window space when raised. They are made up of 100% polyester which has fade resistant properties. They can be mounted to the top or rear. The scalloped trims are available with tassels for assisting the operation of the shade.

Roller shades come in two main flavors: blackout and light filtering.

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What Are Roller Shades

Unlike many types of window treatments that feature slats, folds, cells, or louvres, roller shades simply consist of a single, solid sheet of material that stretches the entire length of your window. Roller shades are sleek and minimal with modern appeal that you can customize with both solid colors or patterns. When rolled up, they practically disappear to make the most of your view.

Bostons Finest Selection Of Roller Shades

Fabric Roller Shades & Solar Screen Shades are an ideal combination of practicality and style. Their form and function are classically simple, yet their diverse array of fabrics and textures make a strong design statement. All of our shade styles add a degree of privacy, increase energy efficiency and help protect furnishings from the suns harsh rays. We are very proud to boast one of the largest selections of fabric and brand choices in the Greater Boston Area!

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How Do Roller Shades Work

Traditionally, roller shades are operated with a continuous cord loop or clutch. This is a beaded chain that you can pull from either side to easily lift and lower your shade. For an even cleaner look, we recommend a cordless or motorized lift to match the minimalist style of roller shades. Cordless shades can be operated by simply adjusting the bottom headrail no hanging chains. Motorized shades are operated remotely and can even be linked to your smart phone or home, perfect for hard-to-reach windows or a touch of luxury.

Elements Brings Real Choice To Window Shade Selection Process With 5 Opacity Levels

Gorgeous Graber roller shades with Cathedral shaped hem, bead trim and ...

Insolrolls decorative and translucent fabrics provide exciting possibilities for designing interior spaces.

  • Sheer: Light filtering with view-through objects and colors on the outside can be seen.
  • Semi-sheer: Light filtering with partial view-through and varying privacy levels objects on the outside are partially obscured.
  • Solar Screen: Screen fabric with precise openness and technical properties object visibility varies with openness and color.
  • Translucent: Light filtering with no view-through object shadows may be visible.
  • Blackout: Opaque fabric with no view-through objects are not visible.
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    What Decorative Fabrics Bring To A Room

    Sheer and Semi-sheer fabrics filter and diffuse light in varying levels according to weave, texture and color. Textures in the fabric create interesting shadow play in the room, and colors create subtle color casting, which can enhance a rooms design. Alone, or as part of a layered treatment, Sheers and Semi-sheers bring refinement and interest to a room. The distinction between them really is one of privacy level, with Semi-sheer fabrics offering less view-through and more enhanced privacy.

    Solar Screen fabrics offer sun control and view-through, which varies according to the fabrics openness and color. Decorative Solar Screens are designed to control glare and heat without blocking the view, and they do it with style and grace.

    Translucent fabrics filter light, and depending on the color and thickness, create lighting effects that can make a room feel light and airy or dramatic and intense. Bringing organic texture to a room, shadows play on the fabric, although there is no direct visibility through it. Light colors will diffuse light so that a room seems to glow, and darker more saturated colors create a color cast that can make a room look like a different place.

    Simple Controls And Capabilities

    Handheld or wall mounted radio remote control transmitters allow you to raise or lower your shades and use custom position settings. A single remote can control up to 5 shades, and the wall mounted switch versions do not require any wiring into your home. Our 24-hour radio timer can lower your shades in the morning and raise them at night, or however you choose.

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    Ways To Upgrade Roller Blinds

    If you want some extra style or functionality, try adding these features to your roller blinds.

    • Valances and Cornices: These toppers help to cover all the rollerhardware, so they create a more streamlined look. Some valance andcornice designs are a little more elaborate, so they can also provideyou with extra style.
    • Cordless Lift: This method of adjusting your shades lets you gentlypull on the bottom rail to raise or lower your shades. It gets rid ofany tangled cords, and it’s safer for pets and children.
    • Reverse Roll: A reverse roll switches the direction the fabric hangs,so it wraps around the front of the roll. A reverse roll doesn’t addas much privacy, but it creates a cleaner look.
    • Light Blocker: You can add these strips along the side of the rollerto eliminate any gaps. They ensure privacy and total light blockage.
    • Motorization: Motorized shades raise or lower with the press of abutton. It’s great for when you want to adjust your shades withoutwalking around the house.

    Details Matter When Choosing Window Coverings

    Classic Fabric Roller Shades from SelectBlinds.com

    Accessorizing is just as important with your custom window coverings as they are in the rest of your home decorating. Scallops are a fashion and home decor trend that is sweeping the design world. Many of our Roller Shades and Roman Shades are offered with optional trims and scalloped edges that can give your window coverings a unique finesse.

    The Bali Room Darkening Roller Shade is offered with three styles of scalloped hems and the choice of seven contrasting or matching trim colors. If you select the cordless lift with this roller shade, you can upgrade the default clear plastic handle to a wood tassel at no additional cost. Our Levolor Classic Roman Shade is also offered with four scalloped hem styles and seven trim colors.

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    The Industry Design Standard For Roller Shades

    With their clean lines and innovative yet straightforward operation, our Designer Roller Shades are the most advanced and beautiful roller shades available. Loved for their appearance, quality and premium style, they look equally as beautiful in a contemporary, minimalist space as they do under drapery panels in a classic, traditional setting.

    Reasons To Love Roller Shades

    In addition to their great looks, these shades come with some other perks as well.

    • Easy-to-Clean: Getting grime and stains off of a roller shade isquite simple, especially if you select a vinyl shade. This makesroller blinds ideal for high-traffic areas.
    • Low Profile: Since a roller shade is so compact when you raise it, itwon’t distract from your view.
    • Customizable Light Control: These shades come with a variety of lightcontrol levels. Depending on your needs, you can select a blackoutshade or a sheer shade.
    • Resistant to Moisture: If you need to cover windows in a bathroom orkitchen, these are a great choice. A moisture-resistant roller shadewon’t warp or discolor in a humid spot.
    • Affordable: As long as you choose a more budget-friendly material,roller blinds are very affordable. However, if you want extra luxury,you always have the option of ordering more elegant fabrics.

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    Serving South Denver Metro Area & Surrounding Areas

    Serving the South Denver Metro Area! Let us bring the showroom to you. We offer free in-home consultations. Book your appointment today to see the best name brands for less.

    Serving the South Denver Metro area including the communities of Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Parker,Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Littleton, Columbine, Ken Caryl, Lakewood, Denver, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Cherry Creek, Cherry Hill Village & Morrison. Zip codes served: 80104, 80108, 80109, 80110, 80111, 80112, 80113, 80120, 80121, 80122, 80123, 80126, 80127, 80128, 80129, 80130, 80124, 80134, 80138, 80203, 80204, 80206, 80209, 80210, 80211, 80214, 80218, 80219, 80223, 80226, 80227, 80228, 80232, 80235, 80236, 80465

    Why Choose Roller Shades

    Roller Shades

    Beautiful form. Beautiful function. Roller Shades are one of todays more popular choices in window coverings. Nothing gives a more finished or tailored look than a single, neat shade that completely rolls up to allow your view to take center stage.

    Our diverse collections come in a wide variety of colors, textures and stylish fabrics. Add a sleek cassette with a matching fabric to hide the roller mechanism and provide a finished look. Add even more style and personality to your roller shades by adding one of our decorative hem designs and trims. Roller Shades are easy to operate, affordable and complement any decor.

    Looking for the perfect solution for your sliding door or extra wide windows? Try our panel track configuration as a unique and innovative option!

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    Roller Shades In Denver Why Choose Them

    Roller shades are an excellent choice for those who strongly appreciate form and function. Available in a wide array of textures, colors, and beautiful fabrics, our selection of roller shades in Denver will not let you down. Nothing gives a more finished or tailored look than a single, neat shade that completely rolls up to allow your view to take center stage.

    Personalization doesnt have to stop once you select your choice of blinds. Add a sleek cassette with a matching fabric to hide the roller mechanism and provide a finished look. You can add even more style and personality to your roller shades by adding one of our decorative hem designs and trims. Roller Shades are easy to operate because they transition smoothly and stop precisely. These two features also make roller blinds great for concealing and revealing an exact amount of sunlight. Available throughout South Denver, our products are affordable and complement any decor.

    Looking for the perfect solution for your sliding door or extra wide windows? Try our panel track configuration as a unique and innovative option! These are a great solution if you are looking for a long-lasting option for your sliding door. These roller shades in Denver are a more durable alternative to traditional shades because they are made from a sturdy fabric. Contact Made in the Shade Blinds & More today for a free consultation!

    A Room Without Accessories Reminds Me Of A Woman Who Got Dressed And Forgot To Put On Her Jewelry Heather Clawson From Habitually Chic

    It truly is all in the details when it comes to completing the look of your home. Small touches can make a world of difference in pulling a space together. The little design elements that represent your personality will set your home apart in the minds of those who come into your home. A surprising way to add a pop of color to your kitchen is by painting the inside of a cabinet in your favorite hue.

    Painted furniture is a chic way to add color to a room. Chairs with a punch of color can be muted by surrounding them with neutrals, or highlighted with coordinating accents throughout the room.

    Image via houzz.com

    Accent pillows in graphic patterns bring a room up to the moment and can be changed seasonally. For a bold look, mix patterns between wallpaper, pillows, and a tablecloth.

    Use natural elements like moss to warm up an entry way or dining room. Crowning ceramic or milk glass vessels with fuzzy green moss brings life to stark spaces, and is a much more low maintenance option than other plants. Take a look at this post from howstuffworks.com to find out how to grow moss, and get more ideas about where to use moss in your home decorating with houzz.com.

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