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Restoring Old Windows For Decoration

Farmhouse Style Distressed Window Dcor

How to Restore Antique Windows | This Old House

An easy and effective way to decorate with an old window is to use it alongside other decorations. Consider livening up your porch with a cool distressed window that can help it fit in with a farmhouse layout. This gives you the freedom to add numerous items to further decorate the window and everything around it from plants to wreaths.

Thoroughly Remove Damaged Wood

Thoroughly removing rot helps to ensure the structural integrity of your frame and prevents future rot from developing. Before you pick up your Dremel Multi-Tool, put on your safety gloves, goggles, earmuffs and dust mask. Attach Router Bit 6,4 mm to the Multi-Tool. Start at a low RPM such as 10.000 or 15.000 and begin to rout the places you scraped away in step 2. Dont apply pressure and move slowly. Rout away all wood rot and dont worry about roughness: the sanding will smooth everything out. Check out How to Avoid Failures While Sanding for more tips like these.

Turn Your Old Windows Into Lovely Keepsakes

You can use your old house windows in countless different ways and this is only one of them! If you want to clean up your garage or to free up some space to store other goods, then do not throw your window frames away: instead, you can turn them into outstanding photo displays. This tutorial will show you just how easy it is to do that with basic tools and materials: the frame and glass of the former window will serve as the frame of the new photo, which you can easily hang in your living room for extra appeal. Besides, the whole trick is super cost-effective as well!

Project Details: cottageinstincts

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Using Multiple Prints To Make One Picture

An old window with multiple panes can be a neat medium for using multiple prints to form a single picture. Many people achieve this effect with multiple separate frames, which is neat, too, but using a single window with multiple panes offers a different aesthetic. Think about the layout of the photo and whether or not it will work well to split it up into multiple segments for your given window.

Turn Your Old House Windows Into Rustic Christmas Decorations


Who would have thought that you can achieve so much with an old window, a few strings and some old spoons? Although Christmas is months away, you can never be too prepared for it and the last thing you want to do is to let Christmas take you by surprise! Here is a super simple and creative tutorial that will show you just how easy it is to repurpose and refurbish your old house windows by simply removing the glass and adding a few strings designed to hold the spoons and other wooden cutlery in place.

Project Details: funkyjunkinteriors

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Build A Baby Greenhouse With Your Old Houses Windows

This is by far the most adorable and practical tutorial of all! Just look at this lovely baby greenhouse and you will certainly want to make one of your own, from scratch. All you need for this basic project is four windows and some cardboard or some wooden sheets that will help you create two floors within your baby greenhouse. If you are fond of plants and your think your flowers and baby seeds do not get the heat and sun they so much need in order to thrive, then this cute little baby greenhouse is the solution to your gardening problem!

Project Details: designdreamsbyanne

Different Types Of Metal Used For Windows

The best way of repairing a metal window will depend on the type of metal used in its construction. Ferrous metals will have different problems to non-ferrous metals such as bronze and aluminium, and within the ferrous metals wrought iron will need to be treated quite differently to cast iron or steel.

The manner of production is also important: for example early steel windows were not galvanised and so are particularly prone to corrosion, which often appears as rusting of the horizontal glazing bars and the bottom rails.

Read more about conservation of metal windows: Historic steel-framed windows article by Sophie Godfraind in volume 162 of ‘Context’, the Journal of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, published by Cathedral Communications Ltd in November 2019.

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Now Im Sure Youre Going To Want To Know How Much It Costs To Restore Wood Windows

Were sharing a full cost breakdown of our window restoration but I should say that total cost will very much vary depending on the size of the window and what condition its in.

Sanding Disks & Sandpaper| 3Putty | 1Total : 15 | £13

Hopefully, these numbers will give you an indication of what to expect when you restore wooden windows, even if they are only based on the cost of restoring one casement and not the complete window. If you do break the glass, a single sheet thats roughly 110 x 65cm will cost around 30 to replace.

Obviously, this is only the first step in restoring the window. All other casements still need to be restored and the whole window frame will also need sanding, filling and repainting, too.

Oh, and if you have brass handles , you will probably want to check out this post where we share our absolute favourite effort-free way to clean brass. It only took a couple of minutes to completely transform our brass window handles! Just take a look at the difference.

Although restoring this window took a lot longer than I would have liked, I am really happy that we decided to strip all paint and start from scratch. It feels perfectly smooth and, most importantly, you can open and close it again without it catching on the frame!

Only another 67 windows to go! But, thats not a job well be doing again as weve sold our apartment! You can read about the exciting news and take a full video tour of our home here!

Suspended Window Frames Are An Airy Room Divider

How to restore & BEAUTIFY OLD HOUSE Restore doors and windows Restoration decoration an old house

Open floor plans are currently the most desirable architectural trend. However, separating areas from one another helps organize the layout. Suspended window frames add a gorgeous, airy partition that doesnt wreck the openness of the design. Pair them with an edge, in this case, a sectional sofa, to mark the clear division of living areas.

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Unique Old Fashioned Viewing Window

Whether youve traveled to this location or simply dream of it one day, theres always that one photograph that can capture everything you love about a particular place. You can wake up every day to this sight by incorporating it into various sections of an old window. This fun project lets you transform any part of a wall in your home into a relaxing viewing window.

Where To Find Old Windows

Roadside Finds

My favourite and most cost-effective choice because these windows are FREE! Driving around town, especially in the spring time when people are itching to clean up, can be like hitting the jackpot. Most people know that if they have old windows and put them to the curb, someone will likely come along and pick them up.

Yard Sales

Garage sales, especially in older neighbourhoods or out in rural areas are a great place to hunt for old windows.

Online Shopping

Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Craigs List etc. all have multiple listings of old windows for sale. There doesnt seem to be a shortage of them these days. The great thing about shopping online is that you can see exactly what is available without having to drive around hunting for windows.

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Remove The Bottom Sash

The bottom sash is the most inside sash and so it must be removed first before you can gain access to the top sash. The bottom sash is usually much easier to remove than the top sash so its the place to start.

While you can cut the paint free on the exterior, its usually easiest to simply focus on the interior when it comes to the bottom sash and let the majority of the exterior paint buildup break off as you remove the sash.

If your bottom sash is not painted shut, then that eliminates all this cutting of paint and caulk and it is that much easier to remove.

  • Cut the paint seal between the bottom sash and the remaining stop and possibly between the bottom sash and stool if necessary.
  • Insert a firm putty knife in between the meeting rails and gently pry the sash loose to break the paint seal. Lift the sash above the stool to remove it.
  • Swing the side of the lower sash where the interior stop was removed inward to access the rope mortise on the side of the sash.
  • Remove the knotted rope from the rope mortise, being careful not to let the sash drop or the rope fly out of your grasp. Sometimes the rope may be nailed into the side of the sash. This nail will require removal in order to get the knot out.
  • Gently allow the rope knot to rest against the pulley. If the knot isnt big enough to keep the rope from falling back into the pocket, tie a larger knot.
  • Repeat the process on the other side of the bottom sash.
  • Gorgeous Window Frame Jewelry Display


    There are several cool ways people come up with to store their jewelry, but using an old window can allow them to stand out more on their own display. Also, a window may give you far more space to store countless amounts of jewelry. This further ensures that whatever you need is immediately accessible thanks to the open hanging layout.

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    Diy Repurposed Window Shower Door

    Shower curtains can be so boring and normal shower doors dont hold much excitement either. What about using some old windows for your shower door? I love this idea so much. Its very unique and pretty easy to put together.

    This is an especially great idea if you are limited on bathroom windows. You wont get the usual benefits of windows with these but they do add some charm to the room.

    Charming Picture And Clock Window Holder

    Do you have an office environment that needs a bit of an upgrade? A simple, yet beautiful way to do that is with this amazing window transformation. In the various panes, you can add cool images, artwork, etc. that can fit into the theme of your room. The center can be a wonderful area to house a clock so that this isnt just appealing décor, but functional as well.

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    Curbside Old Windows Became Something Special

    I could be wrong, but Im pretty sure my dad invented the whole find trash and make it treasure thing. Loooong before it was a trendy thing to do, this was my dads gig. And I think his master creation came from old windows.

    I can remember on Sunday nights, the night the trash went out, my sister and I would get in the front seat of my dads white 80-something Chevy pick-up truck, and wed go junkin with him. He had this incredible eye for things people were throwing away and what he could make from it. Our house was filled with pieces from Roadside Warehouse,as we affectionately called it.

    For a while, he was on this kick with old windows. Im not sure if he even knew what he was going to do with it himself, but he just kept collecting them. Well, he ended up making kitchen cabinet doors with them and building my mom a greenhouse!

    Heres Dads finished product!

    We arent getting that fancy today, but there are plenty of creative and beautiful ways you can decorate using old windows. Most are pretty simple, and the effect definitely outweighs the effort. Its also an easy and inexpensive way to introduce farmhouse decor to your home.

    Adding Text And Other Elements

    How to Restore a Historic Wooden Window- Step by Step

    Text is a great way to include a little more information about the pictures, such as a wedding date or children’s birthdays. You can also use text to include a quote or other meaningful message that fits with the photos, such as a Bible reading from your wedding or a favorite saying about families.

    Many people choose to add other decorative elements to their frames as well, such a chicken wire backing behind the glass and fabric or paper flowers on the corners. It’s up to you to decide what will fit with the pictures that you choose and the decor of the room where the frame will be displayed.

    Sarah gave this vintage window a fresh coat of teal green paint.

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    Build A Movable Window Wall

    A temporary, movable window wall is great for providing definition between spaces, especially in a small home where you dont necessarily want solid walls to block sight lines. The window wall defines spaces without closing off rooms from each other and making spaces feel smaller.

    What ideas have you come across for old windows that Ive missed? There are quite a few of these ideas that Id love to try myself, but for now, my plan is to save mine up for a greenhouse. Thats the goal, at least.

    Diy Moveable Window Wall

    This is a wonderful idea for open floor plans, when you need just a bit of separation between rooms. This window wall rolls out of the way so you can move it around as needed. It offers such an elegant look to this open living room and kitchen and allows the space to remain open while being separate at the same time. Its also pretty easy to make and gives you a wonderful conversation piece.

    Tutorial: sweetmelanie

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    Glass Versus No Glass

    If the window has glass that is in good condition, there’s no reason not to use it unless you’re set on making a hanging photo display without glass. The glass will protect the photos from scratching, tearing, and fading. As mentioned previously, if any of the glass is in rough shape, either have it replaced or take it out completely.

    If you keep the glass in the frame, consider adding a matte for a more professional finish. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores sell photo mattes in all sizes, colors, and finishes. If you’re having trouble finding a matte that fits your frame or you don’t feel confident cutting the matte to fit your photos, pay a few extra dollars to have the craft store staff cut the matte to size with the proper photo holes.

    If you’d like to create a window picture frame without glass, remove the glass entirely, making sure that there are no shards left behind. Rig up the photos in a secure manner, such as with sturdy wire that is attached to a nail on either side of the frame.

    Diy Rustic Christmas Dcor

    Restore an Old Barn Window

    Old windows are the perfect backdrop for rustic Christmas décor. I love the idea of hanging an old wooden rolling pin and spoon in an old window to give off a wonderfully country Christmas vibe.

    You could use your windows as backdrops for any decorations that you want to hang. Imagine a small wreath made of Christmas tree ornaments or even a single ornament hung from the center of an old window.

    Tutorial: funkyjunkinteriors

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    A Chalkboard For Little Messages

    This re-purposed window is a truly adorable way to dress up a chalkboard, giving it a bit of an extra country feel. This would be perfect for a kitchen, mudroom or nook. There are a few ways to achieve this look: you can paint the glass panes with chalkboard paint, or you can remove the panes and use the frame as an overlay on a chalkboard you already have.

    Craft A Series Of Dioramas

    This old window has been mounted to a wooden box and finished with an installed light bar to create a brilliant light box with a series of beach-themed dioramas. A piece like this makes a great addition to a beach themed bathroom or your ocean-front home. The dioramas can be completely customizable by adding your own special items to the individual compartments.

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    A Frame Perches Above The Fireplace

    An old window frame perched upon a fireplace can add a sweet, rustic touch to an elegant mantel. Without glass, the window mullions here are just large enough to rest painted wooden letters on top. You can alter this look by adding your own special word, or perhaps even your family name for a truly customized mantel.

    Triple Hoop Wreath Hanger

    Repurpose Old Windows Into Art

    Here’s another way you can hang wreaths from a window – a triple display of hoop wreaths! This is on a porch for winter, but it is adaptable for most seasons – neutral for any time of year. This type of display looks extra amazing if you have a large window or set of windows over a bed, with even more than 3 wreaths.

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    Antique Looking Curio Cabinet

    This antique looking cabinet can be built completely from scratch. Imagine having this gorgeous cabinet and not paying a couple hundred dollars for it. Youll use those old windows as the doors, which allow you to display your favorite items and the entire cabinet can be built in a weekend.

    Youll need a few power tools and some wood and other supplies. You end up with a gorgeous cabinet that you can use for china, knick knacks or anything you want to proudly display.

    Tutorial: knickoftime

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