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Professional Office Wall Decor Ideas

Add In A Bulletin Board

Professional Office Wall Decor Furniture Ideas

Bulletin boards are great for the office. They give you a place to display important notes or invitations while also acting as decor.

If you want a bulletin board thats a little more stylish than your run-of-the-mill option, try a framed one with a pattern like this. You can find this one in a white or black finish.

Use Your Teams Greatest Moments As Decor

Image Source: Wikimedia

Dedicate some wallspace to your teams proudest accomplishments. Put together a wall of fame with big moments in the companys history: a photo from the day the company was founded, the first major article you were mentioned in, any awards youve won, etc. And dont just make it about the company. If any of your employees have been featured publicly for their work at the company, frame that, too. It will show your team that you not only care about the work they do as a group, but about their individual accomplishments, too.

The Trendiest Office Wall Dcor For A Creative And Productive Workspace

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Your office workspace is a blank canvas thats waiting for you to paint. Now, if you arent a painter, you shouldnt fear. We only meant this figuratively, but that doesnt mean painting isnt out of the question. This is one way to spice up your workspace, but we also have a few others that can help boost your creativity and productivity during those long working hours. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about office wall decor trendy.

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Make The Decor Interactive

An icebreaker isnt appealing to the shy types, so how do you get to know your more introverted colleagues? Ask them to interact using your office decor. At Dolly, weve dedicated a kitchen wall to asking a random question every week. They make great lunchtime conversation-starters, plus it adds to the workspace-like air to the room. Another popular options is leaving word magnets on the company fridge and waiting for employees to craft some prose. You might even find the results Instagram-worthy.

Individual Workstations And Multi

Incredible Professional Office Wall Decorates Ideas: Wall Decor Ideas

Designing small capsules of individual workspaces, more intimate team rooms or enclosed areas allowing individual seclusion are also much appreciated in modern office design schemes. Those places are more intimate: allowing a closer exchange of ideas and projects, they can be temporary stations or enclosed capsules with flexible separation walls. Modern designers usually include them in their projects with movable separation knacks- glass partitions, textile panels or sliding wooden or metal partitions. They can be fun, stylish, and trendy, adding flexibility to the whole design project. Mobility is one of the main characteristics of modern offices and instrumental in their adaptability.

From the new headquarters of the Cannabis research start-up Lift & Co and the cheerful project of Lebel & Bouliane, which we mentioned previously in the article, a dynamic and colorful configuration of an open office space that can meet diverse needs and situations. The three primary colors Coral, Emerald, and Navy, alternate creating a different mood and social settings from gathering a team to a quiet and contemplative.

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Keep It Professional And Functional

While adding a personal touch to your office is never a bad idea, its essential always to keep things professional. Try to avoid any pictures or memorabilia from drinking with friends or anything you wouldnt want your boss to see.

Even if you dont get visitors very often, its important to remember that you remain professional and on task while at work.

Its also a great idea to use as many functional decorations as possible to cut back on clutter and help you stay organized.

Using functional and professional decorations will also prevent unnecessary distractions. Especially if you deal with constant deadlines, you want to ensure you dont have tons of distracting decorations in your workspace.

Graphy Is A Great Addition

If you love photography, adding a beautiful piece that you admire is an excellent way to enhance your working spaces appearance. You can display this photography by printing photos on acrylic signs and hanging this on your desired wall. Photography offers an excellent sense of satisfaction and works as a reminder of your aspirations.

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Feng Shui In The Executive Office

The design of the managers office is a business card of the company, so the success of all activities depends on it. For this reason, many designers recommend not to forget about some of the laws of Feng Shui. According to the doctrine, the correct zoning and arrangement of objects will allow us to establish things, put in order thoughts, increase efficiency.

Luxurious furniture made of high-quality materials will testify to the owners soundness and excellent taste. The features of a mans office are rigor, prestige, and stability.

So, a few essential tips.

  • The desk is determined exactly opposite the doorway. This increases the authority of the leader.
  • An accessory with water in the southwestern part helps to improve financial affairs.
  • A fiery element will allow the leader to make quick decisions correctly. They should be placed on the table directly in the working area.

To make the interior individual, it is worth adding decorative elements testifying to the owners hobbies.

Cute Home Office Wall Art Ideas For Warm Vibes

Professional Office And Shops Wall Art In India | Artistic Wall Painting Ideas | Hyderabad Wall Art

Idea 9. Include Pet Pictures

Are you a cat or dog person? Or maybe youre a big turtle fan? In any case, including photos of pets is one of the best home office artwork ideas for warming up the environment. You can use pictures of your own pets or select artistic pieces to get printed onto canvas, acrylic or other materials.

Idea 10. Place Books on Cool Shelves

Books always create a rich milieu. Pick your favorite books and put them on display on sculptural bookshelves. This will turn your accent wall into a work of art itself. Book covers are another element you can play to your advantage. Decide on a certain color scheme to give your bookshelf a contemporary visual appeal.

Idea 11. Use Graphic Wall Stickers

Wall decals are an ingenious method for decorating the walls of your in-home work space. Get creative with their design using quotes, images in a word, use your imagination. These decorative stickers wont cost you a fortune so you can change them frequently to give your workplace walls a whole new look and ambience.

Idea 12. Display Your Family Photos

Print out your family portraits and display them on an accent wall. Its the perfect way to add a personal touch to your creative home office decor.

For a more original look, arrange several portraits together. Make sure they vary in size, as shown in the image above. Display them in an interesting manner for a more modern design.

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Keep The Rest Of The Room Out Of Sight

Situating your workspace facing away from the rest of your living room will help prevent distractions and keep you on track throughout the day. If the idea of having a blank wall behind your laptop makes you sleepy, add a fun patterned wallpaper to spruce up your view.

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in The Legend of the Jackalope

Whether your work includes a laptop or a sewing machine, the same style rules apply in this small workspace.

How Do I Choose The Right Desk For My Home Office Design

When picking out your desk , be sure to consider its overall function. If this is your only office, its important to select a sturdy desk that can contain all your work documents in one place it should look professional and be double-sided so you can hold meetings. To prevent any work/home mix-ups, have a separate desk for the rest of the family to use, and ensure your workspace is off limits. If your kids use the room as a homework spot, try a two-person desk or even an extended built-in counter where several can sit at one time. If you primarily use the space for odds and ends, a smaller, fashionable secretary desk might do the trick, as long as you have additional storage options.

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Use Your Office Wall For Sophisticated Storage

Your office wall is a great space to create a sense of order, but that doesn’t mean it need not be beautiful or inspiring.

Here, soothing hues with a confident hit of metallic glamor combine to create a sophisticated home office in this scheme by interior designer Tamsin Johnson. Creating niches for books will encourage them to be organized by subject or style.

Hang Large Works Of Art

Together 3D Office Wall Decor

If you are looking for great small office decor ideas then hanging art can make your workspace look a lot more interesting, thoughtful & spacious. Keep it simple with black and white wall hangings or go bold with vibrant, eye-catching works that brighten your day every time you walk past them.

Adding canvas prints to your offices walls can be a beautiful expression of art to represent the heart and mind of your company.

You can try these high-quality canvas prints from CanvasPop. They use state of the art technology to make crisp, aesthetic, and alluring prints of your desired photo or artwork. The resulting prints are stunning and eye-catching that will personify your companys ideals and motives.

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Beyond Office Wall Dcor: Pro Tips

ElephantStock’s interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for home office design:

should be simple but significant. Hide everything but the essentials with a storage unit that matches your personality. Be creative! This will help create a peaceful and pleasant area to enhance focus and attention to detail. Build an organized workspace by investing in quality furniture and hiding unnecessary clutter. Make it your own! Customize everything from the wall colors to the types of storage. Encourage your creativity, create a sense of cohesion, and make sure you feel calm and comfortable.

The Eclectic Look: The 7-Piece Hexagonal Canvas Set

Office Window Design Ideas

Your office windows connect the interior and exterior worlds, giving them double the exposure. Learn how to design office space by decorating your often neglected windows.

Idea 36. Break out out of the norm with city-life-style stickers

Window stickers of cityscapes will add class to your interior design as well as create an urban feel. Consider the option of window decals if your scope of activity is connected to the city life!

Idea 37. Opaque window decorations to prevent being seen from inside

Create an open-space-style office layout but with the added comfort of privacy with these semi-transparent stickers. They are easy to adhere and dont leave any residue in case you ever want to remove them.

Idea 38. Adorn your office windows with self-adhesive images

Time for summer but no time to go to the beach? Bring the beach to you with self-adhesive wave decals! Though it may not be a perfect substitute, it will surely calm the mind with each glance.

Idea 39. Speak about your companys success with custom ornaments

Why not celebrate how many customers you got this year or other honorable achievements like your high rankings? ? Window lettering can look sleek and tell stories of success, especially for the banking industry. Go ahead and decorate the empty glass windows with your top revenue scores and service qualifications.

Also refer to 27 Bank Marketing and Design Ideas for Effective Branding for further insights.

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Keep Everything Low Maintainance

You have enough things to keep up with and remember throughout your day, so your decorations should be as low maintenance as possible.

You dont want ten different plants that need constant water and sunlight or decorations that will show a build-up of dust.

Try to keep things simple and realistic for your space. Its important to ensure you dont have unnecessary items taking away your time and attention from productivity.

Here are 16 easy and affordable ways to update your work office decor.

How Do I Decorate My Home Office

Office Wall Design Ideas | Blowing Ideas

When looking for home office decorating ideas, always think in terms of inspiration your work area should be functional but also reflective of the things that motivate you. While home offices are conventionally formal spaces, you can definitely branch out with your decor. If you’re looking for office wall colors, find a paint that energizes you or go with patterns or stripes for variation. Globes, maps and clocks are always go-to pieces, as are table lamps and vases.

To give your work area a personalized touch, bring in framed family photographs and travel souvenirs you’ve picked up along the way. For those must-have accessories, like pencil cups, paper trays and magazine holders, try using bright, vibrant patterns to add a pop of color or even novelty pieces that will make you smile every time you look at them. Bulletin boards, chalkboards or whiteboards are also great home office ideas they’re perfect for reminders and can also be used to hold pictures or artwork.

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What Office Furniture Can Be Used To Enhance These Trendy Office Wall Dcor Designs

Including office wall art ideas and home office wall décor in your workspace is an excellent method to enhance your productivity and creativity, but you can reap even better results by also incorporating ergonomic office furniture. An office ergonomic chair, like the ones available from Autonomous, is equipped with the correct support and comfort. This ensures you work for more extended periods.

These modern and trendy office wall design ideas are a great addition to any workspace, but these additions can easily stick out like a sore thumb if you have outdated office furniture. You want your work equipment and décor to flow together to ensure you dont get distracted by contrasting aesthetics in one space.

Luckily, a modern home standing desk from Autonomous can easily balance your workstation out. The versatility of this adjustable standing desk not only aligns with the aesthetics of your workspace, but you also gain exceptional ergonomic features that help you work for longer and with more focus.

Color Code Your Office Supplies

Not only do matching pencil holders and staplers make you look organized, they also keep you organized. Some colors are even proven to enhance your critical thinking skills.

Color can profoundly affect how productive you are. Scientific research has shown that blue colors affect your mind, red your body, yellow your emotions and green your balance. By combining these colors, you can greatly influence your work behavior.

If you need to be creative, try utilizing the color purple. The blue and red hues get your brain synapses firing as they produce a mind and body experience.

If you Google most productive color, you will find many results that suggest the answer is blue. If you do mind-work all day, experts recommend painting your office blue and spicing it up with a bit of orange. This evokes emotion into your mind-stimulating room.

This article explains it well.

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Make The Mission Visible

Why are you doing what youre doing? Folks from the HR department and executive team can rattle off your mission ike its their own name, but the rest of the company may not know the company mission by heart. And you do want them to know the mission its whats going to keep them inspired, every day, even when things get tough. Keep your mission visible with it painted or framed in prominent workspaces, or opt to use it as a label on company letterhead or stickers.

Black And White And A Little Bit O Green

19 Amazing professional office decor ideas for work

Source: Lee Vosburgh

Its hard to go wrong when your office wall art ideas center on black and white. The contrast between light and dark is always eye-catching. When you add splashes of color such as the green in this example, the interest factor multiplies. The large format calendar is both attractive and useful while the hat collection adds pizazz.

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Whats The Best Layout For My Home Office Design

Your home office layout should serve your workflow and overall creative process. Ideally, this means home offices get their own dedicated room, but if space is limited they can be paired with a guest room or added into the nook of any bedroom, living room or kitchen. There are many options, so determine what’s best for you and your family. Regardless of where you set up shop, place crucial electronics and equipment within easy reach computer monitors should be positioned so there is no glare, and lamps should be placed strategically around the entire room so there is as much light as possible.

Your work area should also be ergonomically sound. Given that you may spend countless hours in your desk chair, it should have a comfortable cushion, lumbar support and the ability to swivel and roll so you can easily reach items instead of straining for them. Your chair should also have adjustable arm rests that allow for your shoulders to stay relaxed and elbows bent at 90 degrees. As for your keyboard, you want the B key be directly centered in front of you. Dont worry about having to go with a frumpy, commercial-looking office chair either plenty of great home office ideas use unique dining or accent chairs for an updated look.

Give Your Employees Choice In Their Desk Gear

Nothing says corporate drone like every employee having the same desk chair, same set of sticky notes and pens, even the same paper organizer. In open offices without cubicle walls, the effect of everyone having the same is even more terrifying without walls covered in family photos, it becomes nearly impossible to distinguish one desk, and one employee, from another.

Beat the office drone trope by giving your team some choice in what gear they want and order new gear only when they ask for it. You wont end up with ten unused, plain black file organizers, but youll find that people will ask for less, and choose more fun items that represent them. While it seems like a small change, a pop of a pink pen cup on someones desk and a cat-themed calendar on another really adds to a positive environment, and keeps your office from feeling too Orwellian.

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