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Professional Christmas Tree Decorators Cost

Christmas Tree Decorating For Business

How to Decorate a Glam Christmas Tree

We also offer a personalised bespoke tree decorating service for seasonal events, hospitality and corporate clients across London, Kent and the South East.

We design, create and install the most breath-taking Christmas Trees and complementing festive decorations that create commercial impact and Christmas wow factor for your business or venue.

A professionally themed and installed decorated Christmas Tree will make your business stand out, attract potential new clientele and gain social media exposure, whilst sending an all-important message of seasonal celebration and happiness.

Would You Pay For A Christmas Tree

John Lewis will do it for you

For many, decorating the Christmas tree is an annual tradition to be enjoyed with the family, but for those who don’t have the time, inclination or hand-eye co-ordination required, John Lewis is offering to do it on your behalf.

The service includes a personal ‘tree stylist’, who will handpick a tree and the decorations and deliver it to your home where they will then dress it for you, reports the Evening Standard. The full festive service costs a minimum of £450, depending on the size of the tree and type/number of decorations required.

“It is a premium service but having somebody take the weight of Christmas decorating off your mind is something special,” says Anna Rigby, the head of buying for home and gift accessories at John Lewis. “We want to make Christmas as easy as possible for our customers.”

From 1 December, customers are invited to book a free consultation appointment at the Oxford Street or Sloane Square stores to discuss their individual Christmas tree needs and the latest festive trends. An additional home-visit consultation is available, for £250, whereby your stylist will advise on the tree type, size and colour scheme best suited to your home.

How Many Holiday Lights Do I Need For My House

How many light strands you need depends on your home’s size and your decorating needs. Roughly, you can plan with 10 to 20 strands for a basic decoration on the exterior. Start with 100 lights for your eaves, then add 10 to 20 additional bulbs for each awning you want to cover. Each tree or large shrub will take between five and 10 strands.

Hire a Christmas Lighting Installation Contractor

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Commercial Holiday Lighting Services

Whether putting a single tree in your lobby or decorating your entire interior and exterior space, work with Plant Professionals for a stunning commercial light display in Florida. Here are the service options we tailor to your specific property and holiday theme:

  • Design memorable lighting and holiday decorations
  • Installation of interior and exterior designs
  • Maintenance of lights and other features
  • Removal of holiday lighting at the end of the season
  • Storage for year-round convenience

We offer these same services for homeowners in the Miami area. For commercial services, you need a reliable team with expert equipment. Work with Plant Professionals for a lighting design in South Florida that fits the scope of your business and the themes of your company.

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Hiring Christmas Tree Decorators

Decorated Artificial Plastic Mini Table Top Christmas Tree

Have you noticed how busy it gets when Christmas is almost here? Some homes in your neighborhood are probably the talk of the town for being exceptional with their festive preparations.

The question is Should you hire Christmas tree decorators this holiday season?

The answer is Yes, you should hire professional Christmas tree decorators to enjoy a safe Christmas.

If you are looking forward to having the best Christmas tree decorations for your home on this years Christmas, you should continue reading this article.

Here are the reasons why you should consider hiring a professional Christmas tree decorator for your home this festive season.

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This Is How Much It Will Cost For A *christmas Tree Stylist* To Help You Deck The Halls

We all know how expensive Christmas is all that cheer can really add up. This is true especially if you hire outside help, such as a Christmas tree stylist to deck your tree out like a boss! If youre wondering, Does that really exist?, the answer is a huge, resounding YES!

Between gift-buying for all your loved ones, charitable donations, and all the baking supplies for those cookie exchanges, youre lucky if you dont go broke! This is just one more thing to add to your holiday expense list, but it may be well worth it.

At a price tag of $548, you, too, can live out your Christmas dreams! How would you like someone to come in and take over the tree decorating? As were quickly approaching the holiday season, The Evening Standard gives all the details on this cool idea and were fascinated.

Christmas Lights Around Trees Installation

Of course, you dont want to let your house alone get the attention when the Christmas season comes, you also want your backyard to share the limelight. Thats why you want your trees to be wrapped around by Christmas lights which make it more pleasing and attractive. The installation of Christmas light on trees may differ from putting lights on your house. If you have a small tree at home, it can cost up to $60 while if you want your big trees to be filled with lights, you may up to $1,200. But, the rate can change depending on the trees height, form, and type. If your tree has open branches, it may need a lot of wrapping and lights and it can increase in costs but if your tree is not hard to decorate, it may need only a few lights and time. Decorating your backyard especially trees is never an easy task so let a professional can do it for you.

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Christmas Tree Decorating For Home

From traditional to contemporary, all-natural to full-on glamour and sparkle, our highly skilled team are bursting with ideas and inspiration to spread their festive cheer and make Christmas 2022 extra special for you.

We can provide the tree and all the decorations working to your chosen theme, alternatively we can professionally dress your tree using your own decorations.

Our complete tree and decoration packages start from £850.00, and you can even book us to take the tree down after the fun and festivities are over!

Christmas Trees & Decor

How to Decorate a Red & White Christmas Tree | Professional Christmas Decorators Quality Ornament

Christmas trees are a great way to create a cozy, authentic holiday atmosphere for your patrons. Go even bigger and try one of our giant trees. A majestically sized tree of up to 40 feet will be sure to create some serious holiday buzz in your neighborhood. Create lasting impressions with one of our extraordinary giant trees as the center piece of your Christmas decorations.


Privacy Overview

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This Story Is Part Of A Group Of Stories Called

The whole thing was actually kind of an accident, like all things are, Bob Pranga tells me about his career decorating rich peoples houses for the holidays. Hes otherwise known as Dr. Christmas.

He was working at the Macys in New York Citys Herald Square in 1984, just after he graduated from college, decorating a tree on the sales floor, when Mia Farrow walked past and said, I wish someone would do that in my home. Pranga said he would do it, and he did and then themed, expensive Christmas decor exploded in 1986, as American culture steered itself into an apocalypse of gaudiness.

Pranga was decorating as a survival job until he met the Hiltons. Then it became a career a bicoastal Christmas empire, thanks to his Los Angeles business partner Debi Staron.

Theres no ceiling on Christmas, he says, and his clients spend between $5,000 and $200,000 on decorations for the holiday. Sometimes it can go higher than that, but theres a point where I ask them, Really? It becomes Christmas-by-the-pound at that point. Your Christmas tree becomes one big jewelry stand. Youre literally hanging jewelry on the tree.

My business always depends on the economy, he says. Its a luxury item, not a necessity. But his business is also part of a broader industry thats growing.

The services industry is the biggest and fastest-growing sector of the American economy, and that means all kinds of things

Retailing : Professional Decorators Brighten Up Christmas But It Can Cost A Bundle

So you thought $45 was a bit pricey for a Christmas tree? How about plunking down $1,200 for ornaments?

Orange County has several professional decorators who will haul a tree to your house then spruce up the spruce or fir. For an extra fee, they will also decorate staircases, doorways, mantels and bathrooms.

What they do depends on how much the customer is willing to spend. Patrons of Lindsays at South Coast Plaza have plunked down as much as $15,000 for the ultimate in holiday decorations for an entire home. With ornaments that cost up to $45 apiece, its no wonder.

Even so, store owner Chris Lindsay says customers start booking her services in August.

The store–which is a gift shop during the non-holiday months–decorates as many as 60 trees in the four weeks before Christmas. Then Lindsay spends part of January taking down much of her handiwork.

Her counterpart at Fashion Island, Vera Korkus of Christmas Dazzle, has a similar service, but unlike Lindsay, works mostly with artificial trees.

Neither service would appeal to Scrooge. Lindsay will put your own ornaments on an eight-foot tree for about $350. If she supplies the trees and decorations, the cost can climb to $1,200. House decorating costs $35 an hour per worker if the crew is hanging up your own doodads. Korkus tree-trimming rates, not including the tree itself, start at $500.

But the results can be spectacular–and occasionally offbeat.

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Holiday Decorating Service Request Form

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  • What would you like this project to accomplish?
  • Have you established a budget for this project?
  • Have you previously hired English Gardens for decorating services?*
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    The Best Home Decorating Service For Green Arrangements: Holiday Workroom

    Most Realistic Small Artificial Christmas Tree For Sale


    • Local Residential Home Decorations for Christmas/Hannukah/All Other Holidays


    With a name like Holiday Workroom, its pretty clear theyre all about holiday decor.

    This company has a pedigree thats made it fairly impressive by anyones standard.

    While they offer tree delivery, wreath design, and decor planning, what we love is the fact that their holiday decor is based on trees.

    They make a point of keeping things simple and convenient, so you dont have to worry about having to tear things down yourself.

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    Average Cost Of Christmas Light Rental And Installation

    If you don’t want to buy the entire holiday lighting set, you can rent lights from your installer for a package price of $200 and $550 including installation. In this scenario, the expert will install their own set, and take them back down after the season is complete

    Renting Christmas lights costs more than installation alone, but less than purchasing the lighting set. That makes sense if you want to try out professional installation once. Beyond that, it can get expensive because you must pay for the lights every year. As an added benefit, you don’t have to worry about storage in the off season.

    Get Estimates from a Holiday Lighting Pro

    Diy Vs Hiring A Professional Christmas Decorator Near You

    • A plan on how to maximize the effect of the lighting.

    • Safe wiring that accounts for snow and water exposure.

    • Time-saving installation and takedown

    To get these benefits, you have to find the right expert. Find a Christmas light installer near you, and learn about their pricing. Invite them to your property and get a quote. Then, work with them to make your home beautiful for the holiday season.

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    Benefits Of Professional Holiday Landscaping Services

    One of the most important functions of an HOA is to restrict certain landscaping activities to make sure the community retains a tasteful and refined look. While some residents are more than capable of creating a beautiful holiday display, the likelihood of an attractive look is better when a professional holiday decoration company handles it.

    Further, professional landscape design and decoration companies know how to create cohesive themes that still manage to cater to residents with differing belief systems. Allowing the professionals to come up with a design helps ensure that no one will be offended or feel left out. The best kind of holiday cheer is one that everyone can share. Plant Professionals has years of experience preparing homeowners associations for all types of different holidays, and our experts will be able to help all your residents feel included.

    Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of which materials are best for any given situation. We wont put any fragile decorations outdoors or in high traffic areas, and everything we hang will be properly secured. Well even make sure that any plants or other living decorations are positioned where theyll receive enough light and can be easily watered.

    Professional Tree Decorating Service

    How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Designer

    Christmas decorations are all about stirring up those feelings of warmth as we welcome the festive season into our hearts and homes.

    What could be better than having a beautifully decorated Christmas tree to be enjoyed through the season? Twinkling fairy lights, exquisite decorations, a warm fire, mulled wine.we cannot wait!

    This year, HeiDesigns are offering our professional Christmas tree decorating services across London, Kent and the South East.

    We will supply and perfectly dress your Christmas tree, taking all the pressure away so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the finished result.

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    Inflatables Figurines And Other Special Touches

    Sometimes, lights just arent enough to express your love of the holidays. If youre looking to make a big 3D impact that causes passersby to slow down as they drive past your home, a professional Christmas decorator can help.

    Want Santa ho-ho-ho-ing up on the housetop all season long? We can arrange that. Inflatable snow globes and other holiday figures have been all the rage for the past few years.

    Some homeowners love the idea of a singing choir of angels or all eight of Santas reindeer prancing on the lawn. How about giant wooden toy soldiers flanking your driveway at the curb?

    And in the YouTube generation, some even love to invest in an animated Christmas display thats synchronized with everyones favorite Christmas carols.

    Neave Decor has access to warehouses full of statement pieces to make your outdoor scene extra jolly. But that extra impact does mean adding a little extra to your budget.

    Salary Of A Christmas Tree Decorator

    People who decorate Christmas trees in department or retail stores are often employees, but some are employed solely for the purpose of selecting themes, stringing lights, coordinating decorations and arranging bows. Several companies specialize in Christmas decor, while some holiday-lovers freelance their services. For example, a real estate agent in Houston, Texas, made headlines in December 2013 because of her seasonal decorating side business. reported that depending on the extent of the decorations, the agent charged between $200 and $2,000.

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    Lighting Maintenance And Storage Services

    Once you receive your stunning design, you need to make sure it continues to amaze customers, welcome guests, and inspire employees from day to day. Maintenance services include replacing light bulbs and addressing other issues that may arise. We can also store your holiday items at the end of the season to clear your storage area and allow for a hassle-free setup next year.

    Residential Christmas Lights & Displays

    YuQi 5

    Its been over 30 years since Christmas Decor opened our doors. Since then, we have been providing thousands of clients with the most professional and exciting holiday lighting/displays found anywhere in the nation. We are known as the leader in our industry because we take the time to learn and meet the unique requirements of every client. Our premier crew of designers and installers will work with you to bring out the best of your propertys unique characteristics.

    There are many benefits of having a professional Christmas light and display installation.

    • Avoid spending time in the cold weather
    • Eliminate the physical risks of being on roofs & ladders
    • Flexibility of design each year
    • Spend more precious time with family and friends

    With our help, you might just win the best decorated Christmas house award!

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    How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Holiday Decorator says the cost of holiday decorating services to install lights on your home costs an average of $200 to $400 for a 1,500-square-foot house. This cost includes the lights provided by the company, plus the installation and take-down costs.

    If you provide the lights, expect to pay $65 to $85 per hour, with projects typically taking half a day. The take-down fee is usually between $100 and $200. Youâll also have the cost of the lights, usually between $10 and $30 per strand. Depending on the size of your home and which option you choose, your cost could range from $200 to $1,000 or more.

    You can also hire holiday decorating services to turn your interior into a winter wonderland. These decorators can help you style your tree so you have a beautiful spot for your carefully selected presents. Theyll also decorate with wreaths, garlands and other decorations. The typical price range is between $500 and $2,500, according to Bob Vila.

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