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Pottery Barn Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Cooking In The Kitchen

Where I Live: Interior Design Ideas, with Maryanne Brillhart | Pottery Barn
  • A Pottery Barn-inspired kitchen effortlessly blends utility with style and creates a space that acts as a magnet for friends and family. Invest in creamy white dishes and serve ware to use for every occasion, from simple family meals to holiday feasts. When decorating for special occasions, offset the traditional and plain every-day place settings with quirky seasonal accessories such as Santa Claus mugs or soup tureens in the shape of pumpkins. Shop a thrift store for inexpensive multiple-sized French glasses to impart the feel of a French cafe. Wall-mounted metal shelves offer storage for cookbooks while galvanized metal storage cups provide a place to grow your herbs. Complete the look with a wooden cafe or bistro sign, either antique or reproduction and a heavy, distressed wooden kitchen table.

  • Pottery Barn Decorating Ideas For A Chic And Cozy Christmas Atmosphere

    Pottery barn are famous and widely recognized for the wide variety of products from furniture pieces for indoors and outdoors to mats and curtains, everything for the bedroom, bathroom, lighting, tableware, decor and accessories. We will show you some magnificent Pottery barn decorating ideas which will transform your home and add glamour to your interior.

    Black Pottery Barn Console Table Hack

    My living space cant wait to look this beautiful. This interesting Pottery Barn black furniture look can be achieved with any piece you have. Great tips! And adding the vignette kind of look to it is the ultimate beauty of the whole project. Black is the classic and a subtle color that your house needs.

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    Pottery Barn Hacks For Diy Designs On A Budget

    September 20, 2018 By Riley Carlson

    Need some Pottery Barn hacks? If youre obsessed with DIYs and Pottery Barn, we have the perfect list of design and home decor hacks for you. So whether youre looking for DIY lighting ideas, crafts to add to your room decor, or DIY furniture with awesome storage additions, this list of Pottery Barn hacks has something for everyone. Ive even included some kids bedroom ideas for that Pottery Barn look for less!

    Ruler Growth Pb Chart

    Pottery Barn Flynn Large Pendants

    Youll want to keep this ruler growth chart forever. Itll be a sweet memento of your kids growth as they get older. It also acts like something out of the ordinary home décor. I remember having such a thing while growing up with my siblings and we could all be so happy knowing we were growing taller. My kids have to enjoy that beauty.

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    Rustic Triple Tiered Tray

    I love rustic décor, especially in the kitchen. This rustic triple tiered tray is perfect for showing off those wonderful baked goods that you create. Or, you could use it as a fruit holder or decorate it with evergreen and ribbon for a wonderful holiday centerpiece. You would be amazed at the number of creative ways that you can use fresh evergreen in your Christmas decorating. And, this Pottery Barn inspired tiered tray is perfect for adding that rustic farmhouse touch.

    Tutorial: daisymaebelle

    How To Get The Pottery Barn Look For Home Decorating

    With a style all its own, Pottery Barn — a home decor, furnishings and accessories store — has been helping people decorate their homes since 1949. When you want to recreate its distinctive look, without having to sign away your first born to do so, replicate it by getting crafty with found items, do-it-yourself knockoffs or flea-market treasures. Mimic the store’s distinctive style with worn, decorative accents, furnishings and eclectic combinations that include rustic to French Country or even modern, contemporary or traditional themes.

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    Storage Crates Pottery Barn Inspired

    I love the look of wood and canvas together, and these Pottery Barn Hack-inspired storage crates are even better than the store version. Theyre bigger, so theyre perfect for storing blankets, pillows, toys, etc. Additionally, they dont have to occupy much space as they can be placed underneath your classic tables. What an easy project to be involved in!

    Repurposed Mason Jar Vintage Pendant Light

    How To Decorate My Home / Pottery Barn Decorating Ideas (Without Spending $1000s!)

    I love DIY mason jar home decorating projects. I really love this Pottery Barn pendant light knockoff that uses an old mason jar and lighting to create the most gorgeous hanging light. This one is pretty simple and if you have a mason jar and an old light, you wont spend anything to make it. You can hang this anywhere that you want to add a little rustic charm.

    Tutorial: diyprojects

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    Pottery Barn Knockoff Lockers

    These lockers from Pottery Barn will cost you more than $1,000 but you can make them for less than a quarter of that. These are so perfect for the mud room or a kids room, especially if your little ones share a bedroom. Theyre so roomy and super easy to make even if you dont typically do your own furniture building. Plus, youre going to save hundreds if you DIY them instead of buying them.

    Tutorial: chalkboardblue

    Diy Sicily Writing Desk

    I love a good writing desk and the Sicily from Pottery Barn is one of my favorites. It has such a beautiful look and it fits in perfectly with any décor. Of course, its not cheap, which is why I really love this DIY version. You can make this Pottery Barn Sicily desk knockoff in an afternoon and it costs just a fraction of what youll pay in the store.

    Tutorial: rogueengineer

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    Diy Wooden Sleigh Bed

    You dont want to know how much this wooden sleigh bed would cost at Pottery Barn, or any other furniture store for that matter. Luckily for you, you can DIY this one. Its a relatively easy project, although you will need a few power tools. If you have always wanted a sleigh bed but you think theyre just too expensive, this is the DIY project for you and there are patterns for queen and king sized beds.

    Tutorial: diystinctlymade

    Pottery Barn Inspired Oversized Sand Dollar

    25 Kitchen Christmas Decorations Ideas For This Year

    I love coastal décor and this Pottery Barn sand dollar is absolutely lovely. Of course, the $100 price tag is a bit rich for my blood, so I prefer this DIY oversized sand dollar, that you can make yourself for around $6. Talk about saving money! Plus, this is perfect for pairing with that coastal décor that you have in your home and it makes a wonderful gift.

    Tutorial: completely-coastal

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    Diy Rustic Pallet Headboard

    You can do so many things with pallets and give your home a lovely farmhouse look. Take this rustic pallet headboard from Pottery Barn for instance. It is absolutely gorgeous, although a bit expensive. The DIY version however, is really affordable and so much easier to make than you may think. This would be perfect for adding a rustic touch to your bedroom.


    Diy Pottery Barn Knockoffs That Let You Decorate Your Home For Less

    January 6, 2018 By Vanessa Beaty

    One of my favorite things is decorating. Of course, that doesnt always come at a cheap price. I find that Pottery Barn often has the look that I want, but who can afford to shop their catalog for all of their home décor? I do love Pottery Barn but I also love saving money, so whats a girl to do? Well, Im glad you asked. Recently, I started looking for ways to decorate on a budget and still get that great Pottery Barn look. What I found are 35 DIY Pottery Barn knockoffs that you can make that will let you decorate your home for less.

    I absolutely love a good knockoff. Have you seen these 32 brilliant Anthropologie knockoffs? You can get the exact home décor that you want without spending a small fortune in doing so. Knockoffs are great because they give you the same look that you want but since you are DIYing them, they save you a bundle. Whether you want a new kitchen, something pretty to hang in the den or you want to completely redo your bedroom, I guarantee that there is a Pottery Barn DIY knockoff in here that is going to do the trick, and you are going to save so much money by making them yourself!

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    Kitchen Ideas And Style Inspiration

    As the heart of the home, the kitchen can be one of the most difficult rooms to decorate. It is not only a space for cooking, but also for organizing the family schedule, enjoying good conversation and sharing meals with family and friends. Not sure how to make your kitchen decor vision a reality? Browse through Pottery Barn’s kitchen ideas photo gallery to find a room that suits your style, then click to see the furniture and decor items in more detail. Mix-and-match pieces from the various kitchen collections below to create a room that’s uniquely you.

    The Aaron Classic Kitchen

    This stylish kitchen collection revolves around a set of gorgeous wooden bar or counter stools featuring a classic x-shaped back. The seats can be placed next to a kitchen island or counter to instantly add extra seating to the space. Finishing touches, like white ceramic dinnerware and matching storage containers, ensure the room is as functional as it is pretty.

    Stephen’s Small Spaces Kitchen

    This collection is perfect for anyone who’s decorating a small space. Pairing a small square table with contrasting dining chairs creates an interesting focal point in the room without dominating the small area. Finish the look with hard-working wall organization systems to efficiently use any free wall space.

    The Seagrass Classic Kitchen

    The Shayne Farmhouse Industrial Kitchen

    The Benchwright Kitchen

    Pottery Barn Roman Numeral Art Hack

    Where I Live: Interior Design Ideas, with Victoria Pearson | Pottery Barn

    Roman numeral art makes a great addition to a console table or mantle, and you can get the look for around $10. It uniquely looks artistic placed right beside the picture frame. Plus it is a simple DIY to add to your art collection. The clock emphasizes the roman numeral art and the black and white colors are syncs with each other.

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    Gorgeous Pottery Barn Knockoff Clock Table

    I dont even want to know how much this gorgeous clock table costs at Pottery Barn its actually over $200. You can make it yourself from an old round side table for less than $20, and thats including the cost of the table. If you have a table to use, youll spend much less. This is a beautiful table that is pretty easy to paint and perfect for the living room or den.

    Tutorial: redhenhome

    Knockoff Pottery Barn Console Table

    If you bought this console table from Pottery Barn, it would set you back over $1,000! I cant even imagine spending that much money on a table. Lucky for us, we can just DIY our Pottery Barn furniture. You can build this one for under $100 and it takes less time to build than it takes Pottery Barn to ship it to you. Its perfect for adding that rustic farmhouse look to the foyer or living room, too.

    Tutorial: eastcoastcreativeblog

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    $40 Pottery Barn Knockoff Farmhouse Coffee Table

    We all love our DIY farmhouse furniture and décor, right? Thats especially true when making your own farmhouse furniture can save you hundreds of dollars. You can make this Pottery Barn knockoff coffee table for around $40, which is hundreds less than what you will pay at Pottery Barn. This is such a beautiful table and its much easier to make than you may think.

    Tutorial: shanty-2-chic

    Pottery Barn Crate Dresser Diy

    cottage kitchen ©Pottery Barn

    Working with wood and pallets is an exciting idea that makes me super energized to do it. One such thing to design is a crate dresser a great way to hide toys, as Pottery Barn no longer carries theirs. You dont have to worry though coz you can simply make yours by using crates that are easily available and voila! Your kids will have their own toy storage unit. And there is more functionality for this piece if at all you need it for yourself as an adult.

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    Pottery Barn Media Center Knockoff

    I priced one of these gorgeous media centers at Pottery Barn recently and they are over $2,000. Thats way too much for my blood, but this DIY knockoff is just perfect. And, this is a really easy project, even if you dont typically work with wood. It has so many shelves and drawers for keeping things organized and costs so much less than what youll pay at Pottery Barn for the same thing.

    Tutorial: remodelaholic

    Pottery Barn Scented Home

    Finally, do you want to make your home smell like a pottery barn? Simmer some lemon, rosemary, and vanilla in a pot. Mmm, I can smell it now! Your home will have a welcoming scent to everyone that visits. This scent lasts for a while and you can do the simmering as often as you can.

    As we evolve, our homes should, too. Suzanne Tucker

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    Diy Pottery Barn Decorative Balls

    I love these twine balls that you can get from Pottery Barn or any department store really for around $20 each. You can make them yourself for just a dollar or so each. You just need twine and Styrofoam balls and you can do them in different sizes for an even better decorative effect. These are also great gifts just fill a vase or jar with some of these and tie on a decorative bow.

    Tutorial: vanessachristenson

    Pottery Barn Decorating Ideas Christmas Decoration For Your Home

    Where I Live: Mecay House Interior Design Ideas, with Suzie Mecay | Pottery Barn

    Sometimes we postpone decorations to the last minute and all of a sudden Christmas is a few days away and you are not ready. Pottery barn decorating ideas for Christmas feature an extensive range of products which will give you the opportunity to decorate your home not only easily but in style, especially if you want your home decor to be styled in accordance with the latest trends of the season. The exquisite collections will make it easy for you as you can choose anything from tree ornaments to elegant tableware for the festive Christmas dinner.

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    Pottery Barn Kitchen Decorating Ideas

    pottery barn kitchen decorating ideas

    Coastal Cloche Decor Ideas – Sand and Sisal


    30 Patriotic Decoration Ideas, Union Jack Themed Decor in Blue Red White

    Curtain: Elegant Interior Home DecoratingIdeas With Jcpenney Curtains And Valances

    Decorating: Using Comfy Faux Fur Throw For Lovely Home Accessories Ideas inandamellberg.com

    Wonderful One-Piece Back Splash Behind Stove Content in a Cottage Great Kitchens in 2019

    A Christmas Tour With Williams-Sonoma Warm Hot Chocolate

    Drop leaf dining room table sets, narrow bar height kitchen tables bar height kitchen table sets

    Potterybarn designs, chunky knit throw martha stewart chunky cable knit throw blanket pattern

    Flooring: Dazzling Design Of Jute Rugs For Pretty Floor Decoration Ideas inandamellberg.com

    Dollar Store Pottery Barn Mirror Knockoff

    This gorgeous mirror will set you back nearly $700 from Pottery Barn but you can make it yourself with Dollar Store supplies for less than $100. Thats quite a savings and you get the joy of knowing that you made it yourself. Its a gorgeous mirror, perfect for the bathroom or anywhere you want to hang it.

    Tutorial: housestuffworks

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    Pottery Barn Knockoff Holiday Peace Sign

    I really love wooden signs, especially DIY wooden signs and this Pottery Barn Peace sign is just perfect for the holidays. All you need for this one is a piece of wood and some paint. You could actually hang this all year long if you really wanted to promote peace and it makes a wonderful gift for someone for the holidays.

    Tutorial: itsalwaysautumn

    Knockoff Pottery Barn Moss Letters

    Pottery Barn Kitchen

    I love these moss letters from Pottery Barn. What I dont love is the almost $80 price tag. However, you can make these yourself for just a small fraction of the cost of buying them and they look so authentic. You can actually make these yourself for less than $5 each and use them to decorate anywhere that you want to add a little greenery.

    Tutorial: dearlillieblog

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    Rustic Diy Jewelry Hanger

    This rustic jewelry hanger from Pottery Barn will set you back a pretty penny but you can DIY it for practically nothing. It has a wonderfully rustic farmhouse look and holds so much jewelry. This is a great gift for anyone you know who loves jewelry and its really simple to make. And, it holds all types of jewelrynecklaces, earrings and bracelets.

    Tutorial: reasonstoskipthehousework

    Adorable Clubhouse Fort Bed

    Your kids are going to adore this DIY clubhouse fort bed. It gives them so many things to keep them busy and looks just like the one that youll find in the Pottery Barn catalog for hundreds of dollars. This one does take a little work, but you can easily finish it in a weekend and your little ones are going to love you for it!

    Tutorial: thatsmyletter

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