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Pop Up Fully Decorated Christmas Tree

How Much Are Pop Up Christmas Trees

Pop Up Pre Decorated Christmas Tree

Depending on your spatial constraints, needs, and even taste, pop up Christmas trees come in a range of budgets.

If your budget is lower, head on over to for a wide, very affordable selection starting from just £30.

Argos is usually around mid-range on the pricing scale, starting from around £100, with Wayfair topping in at a little more expensive, tallying up to £150 and above.

Regardless of how much you spend on it, a pop-up tree is a must-have year-on-year as it’s easy to put up , create no mess and less waste as you’re not throwing it out each year.

Mini Christmas Trees Fiber Optic & Pop Up Trees

Merry, bright, and super-simple decorating is all yours at Miles Kimball! We offer the best selection of fully decorated and fully lighted Christmas trees that will help you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year without blowing your budget.

Our beautiful selection of tabletop artificial Christmas trees, fiber optic Christmas trees and easy to use pop up Christmas trees have been hand-picked with our customers in mind. We want to help you trim your hallways, windows, and entryways with all the festive decor this the joyful season has to offer.

Pop Up Christmas Trees Make It Easy

Our pull up Christmas trees, a.k.a. pop up Christmas trees, will make your holiday decorating easier than ever. Not only are these pre lit Christmas trees complete with a beautiful bow tree topper but are available in multi color light options. They also come in a variety a sizes and themes.

Some of our favorite styles include the Patriotic, Snow Frosted, Plaid and Red Poinsettia pre decorated Christmas trees. They are available in 2 foot, 3 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot and 7 foot variations. So, whether its a big or small pre decorated Christmas tree you are looking for, we’ve got you covered

You wont find an easier to assemble pre lit decorated Christmas tree than what we offer at Miles Kimball. These slim pre lit Christmas trees pop up with ease and are ready to spread holiday cheer in matter of minutes. Don’t worry about untangling the string of multicolored lights or remembering where you stored those old Christmas decorations. Our pop up Christmas trees allow you to go from box to beautiful in no time.

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Fully Decorated Tabletop Christmas Trees

From 4-foot lighted trees to 4-foot fiber optic and color-changing trees in flocked or non-flocked selections, youll find the tabletop, fully decorated trees that will add even more magic to your home this holiday season. Ideal for the homes of the most avid of Christmas enthusiasts to businesses and offices spaces. Our Christmas tree selection here at Miles Kimball will offer an enchanting touch that will get you in the mood for caroling, gift-giving and the entire line-up of your favorite things.

Pop Up Silver Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

BrylaneHome Christmas Fully Decorated Pre

This silver pine pop up tree is available in 2 sizes: 4ft and 6ft. We love that this tree is flocked and has holly leaf decorations sprinkled in for that snowy look.

The tree comes pre-lit with warm LED lights: 100 pcs for the 4ft tree and 200 pcs for the 6ft tree. You can add your own decorations and color theme to spruce up this tree or put it up as it is.

Its a great tree for the office, schools, small spaces or in the bedroom!

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Ft Collapsible Tinsel Tree

Collapsible tinsel trees, like this pop-up tinsel Christmas tree, are an easy solution for last-minute Christmas decorating on a budget.

You can place several of these trees around the house to brighten up small places and corners or group them together. Also, kids love them in their own bedrooms, because theyre bright and sparkly.

These trees are stable and wont fall down.

Best Pop Up Christmas Trees At Christmas Tree World

This pre-lit pop up Christmas tree comes in six- and seven-foot options, with either 80 or 100 warm white LEDs suspended around its central pole.

Ideal for creating an instantaneous festive atmosphere, it’s easy to decorate and stores easily, taking up minimal space.

“So easy to put together, it took about 15 minutes altogether including tweaking the branches, it looks amazing, so happy, excellent buy,” wrote one fan.

Plus, it was even seen onscreen on ITV’s This Morning which is a pretty good claim to fame in our opinion!

6. Pre-Lit Pop Up Christmas Tree , £54.99 at Christmas Tree World – buy here

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Best Colourful Pop Up Christmas Trees At Amazon

Amazon has a great range of pop up Christmas trees and we’ve picked two that tick all the boxes.

The 5-foot PVC tinsel tree is great for brightening up small spaces and is an easy way to give your home a festive makeover.

It features multicoloured cut-out decorations, or you can choose a metallic-look in one bold colour.

Or you might want to go for the 4-foot white artificial tree at Amazon, which has colourful LED lights and snow-covered branches.

It also has a handy base and frame for stability, with reviewers noting that it’s “fantastic value”, “an excellent buy” and “good quality”.

7. WElinks Artificial Collapsible Tinsel Tree, £25.99 at Amazon – buy here

8. Homcom 4ft White Artificial Christmas Tree, £46.99 at Amazon – buy here

Where To Buy Pop Up Christmas Trees

Pop-Up 6Ft. LED Christmas Tree

This year, your best bet is to buy Christmas trees online. It’s delivered to your door in no time, with less hassle heading to the shops in the pre-Christmas rush.

Your first stop to buy a pop up Christmas tree, we think, should be .

Amazon has a wide range of artificial trees that are easy to assemble, and to pack away starting from as little as £30.

It has options for mini pop-up trees, too, for putting on your dining room table during dinner, or even dotted around the hall to give it that extra festive feel.

Otherwise, if you’d rather hit the high-street, Argos has a fantastic selection too. So does supermarket favourite Asda.

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Pink Tinsel Christmas Tree

These pink collapsible tinsel trees are so cute and you can get them in so many colors!

Add 1 on each side of the fireplace for an instant face-lift, or next to the front door on a covered porch. Or combine 2 or more colors and group them together for a colorful decor accent.

So many options and so much fun.

Disney Wondrous Christmas Pop

This 6.5 feet pull-up Christmas tree features Disneys most beloved characters including Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and many more!

The tree comes decorated with artwork ribbons, red and green velvet ribbons, 6 specialty ornaments, and 46 non-breakable, colorful metallic and glittery ornaments.

Predecorated with over 200 sparkly, replaceable lights, this pop-up Christmas tree truly is magical!

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How To Decorate A Pop Up Christmas Tree

If you’re lucky, your pop up artificial tree will come pre-lit and pre-decorated. meaning there’s no time wasted on detangling last year’s fairy lights or searching through broken baubles.

If not, don’t panic. We recommend decorating it like your average Christmas tree, but perhaps with lightweight decorations.

Always start with your fairy lights and decorate from the bottom upwards, wrapping it around the central pole on each level of branch, and as close to the pole as possible. If you’re using tinsel instead, do the same with this.

Then, hang your baubles and decorations as close to the end of each branch as possible. Voila, and get ready to rock around the pop up Christmas tree!

How To Put Up A Pop Up Christmas Tree

Fully Decorated Pre

Pop up Christmas trees are designed to be fuss-free, with minimal effort required.

Most trees come with a plastic or metal stand in a few different parts which click into place. The central pole usually arrives in a few different pieces, too.

Fix it into the stand piece-by-piece, according to the provided instructions, and pop the artificial body of the tree on top.

Some are simple enough and come folded, so you simply open it up and click it into place.

The idea is that they’re easy to assemble and pack away compactly for easy storage.

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What To Look For In A Pop Up Christmas Tree

It entirely depends on your taste and needs when it comes to what to look for in a pop up Christmas tree.

It’s worth thinking about the boring bits first, though like if it’s sturdy enough, and if it has a cable that will reach the mains socket .

We would recommend looking for a tree that has a sturdy central pole, with a metal or heavy duty plastic stand.

Also, it’s worth looking for a tree with at least a 2/3m-long cable, if you’re wanting it decorated.

Most artificial trees come decorated, but will need a fluff of its branches when it arrives. You can still opt for a ‘naked’ option if you’ve got hordes of baubles and lights at home in the loft somewhere…

Pop Up Christmas Tree Decorated

This 6 foot Christmas tree comes pre-decorated with 200 lights, red poinsettias, and red and gold ribbons and ornaments.

Its a pull up tree that you can literally pull up from the floor, plug in the power cord, and have a Christmas tree ready in minutes.

Can you imagine the clean-up after the Holidays? You can just collapse the tree and store it till next year!

If you want to, you can add your own Christmas tree topper, but I think it looks pretty amazing with the bows at the top.

In fact, I think this is one of the best-looking pop up Christmas trees available!

Want a larger pop up Christmas tree? Theres a 7-foot version available here!

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Best Traditional Pop Up Christmas Tree At Wayfair

Let’s face it, some of us just love decorating trees the good old fashioned way, with red and gold baubles paired with red ribbons. It’s simple yet super effective.

Except, with this artificial, pop-up tree from Wayfair, all the decorations come attached so you don’t need to do any of the hard work.

It’s 6-foot tall, and comes with 100 warm white LED lights, as well as 25 4cm red baubles, 25 6cm red baubles and 18 red bows.

The lead is 3m long to reach your mains socket, and it comes with a sturdy stand to keep it supported all festive season long!

9. Pre-Lit Pop Up Decorated 6ft Green Artificial Christmas Tree , £153.99 at Wayfair – buy here

Tabletop Decorated Trees For All Dcor

Best Christmas Tree 2021 | BrylaneHome Fully Decorated Pre-Lit 6-Ft. Pop-Up Christmas Tree

From traditional red and white candy canes to coolly frosted silver and blue décor, youll find something that fits seamlessly into your homes décor. Check out our musical spinning fiber optic Christmas tree for a unique, unexpected sensory experience that will brighten up any dark space. We also offer beautiful Christmas tree skirts that can be monogrammed for yourself or for a wonderfully thoughtful holiday gift for those in your life.

Small Christmas trees or mini Christmas trees as some people like to call them, are becoming more and more popular. One our our most popular tabletop trees is the 3′ White All Seasons Tree by Holiday Peak. The color and size give you an opportunity to add the beauty and timelessness of a decorated tree to any holiday. If you enjoy a classic look to your holiday décor, the battery operated Vintage Ceramic Tree will make perfect addition.

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Best Realistic Pop Up Christmas Trees At Lights4fun

While not strictly a pop up tree, this super convincing, realistic-looking design stores away easily and is convenient to put up.

It’s a must have for those who want the convenience of reusing their Christmas tree, but still love the look of a real tree.

It’s 2.1m tall, and comes with three hinged parts making it easy to assemble, and put down. The provided metal stand will keep it in place, too… withholding any pet or engrossed child!

At around £300, it is expensive – but so are real Christmas trees, right? Instead of forking out for a new one every year, this will ultimately save you money in the long run so is a great investment.

One thing to note is that it comes ‘naked’, so have baubles and lights at the ready.

5. Alberg Fir 7ft Artificial Christmas Tree, £299.99 from Lights4Fun – buy here

People Will Think You Spent Hours Decorating This Gorgeous Christmas Tree

It is decorated with red and gold ribbon going up the length of the tree, with faux poinsettias and red and gold matching ornaments. They have foregone the star, and topped it with a gorgeous big red bow.

Seriously, its beautiful!

This Christmas Tree is a tall 6 feet high, and it is a full 2 1/2 feet in diameter. The lights are UL listed, and completely safe for indoor OR outdoor use.

Designed to easily transform your home into a Christmas wonderland. Simply place the pop up Christmas tree in the sturdy plastic stand, pull it up and plug it in.


It is also totally easy to disassemble. All you have to do is collapse the tree back down to how it came in the box. It only takes minutes, and its super easy to store.

With over 1,100 ratings, this tree gets a 4.6 out of 5 stars, so you know its going to be one spectacular tree!!

This Fully Decorated, Pre-Lit, 6 Foot, Pull Out, Pop Up Christmas Tree runs $120, and you can get it from the Amazon website.

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Best Pop Up Twig Christmas Tree At Etsy

We get it, some of us love to forgo the usual Christmas decorations, and opt for something a little more stylish, and minimalist.

This artificial white silver birch lookalike tree comes in three parts, so it isn’t technically pop up, but has all the same qualities.

It’s easy to put up, and take down, it creates no mess and won’t lose its magic after being reused year on year.

This one from Etsy is 6-foot, and comes with 480 warm LED lights, as well as a 5m long cable.

It’s safe and sturdy enough to even display outside, too!

10. Christmas Birch Tree with 480 warm LED Lights, £75 at Etsy – buy here

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