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Pink And Gold Minnie Mouse Decorations

Minnie Mouse Mentos Favors

Pink and Gold Minnie Mouse Party Ideas & Supplies!

These adorably packaged mentos favors are sold in packs of twelve and arrive ready to gift. The pink mentos are stored in plastic jars that are embellished with rhinestones and ribbons. On the top of the jar is an adorable Minnie Mouse cutout. The jars are also available with blue ribbon for a Mickey Mouse themed baby shower.

Minnie Mouse Balloon Arch

The balloon arch entry was supposed to be the focal point. Unfortunately the wind didn’t cooperate so the arch moved inside the garage. This caused some disappointment as the first impression wasn’t as, well, impressive, as she’d intended it to be. She wanted to communicate the party theme immediately. I’m still so impressed with the amount of work these two put into everything to make it just perfect for their little princess!!

Pink And Gold Minnie Mouse Birthday

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Minnie Mouse Table Centerpiece

Every party needs a centerpiece to add a touch of the theme to the main table. This centerpiece comes with five Minnie Mouse themed pieces. The photo shows the pieces sweetly displayed in a tin with shredded paper. The tin and paper shreds are not included, however, this look would be easy to achieve at home. The decorations are made with heavy card stock, so they will last long after the party is over.

Another creative table centerpiece idea would be to create a Minnie Mouse shaped decor using 3 circular foams and painting them black. You should be able to find foams from the art supply shop. Stick them on and add a little polka dot pink ribbon!

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Decors

Pink and Gold Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party

Arches of balloons in soft pink and bright pink with polka dots make a perfect entryway into the party for guests, while keeping with the Minnie Mouse theme. Flag banners in bright pink that spell out the new babys name, black and white streamers cascading from the walls, and big paper lanterns with Minnies image on them hanging from the ceiling all really pull the fun decorations together. There are also many ways you could plan a Minnie Mouse baby shower on a budget!

Cutouts of Minnie Mouse posted on doorways, along with chair sashes in the form of Minnies hairbow look really flirty and fantastic around the venue. Polka dots tablecloths with tiny bow accents on guest plates and cups would compliment table centerpieces.

Miniature diaper cakes wrapped in pink ribbons and topped with Minnie Mouse figures look absolutely fabulous on the gift table. Make a Minnie Mouse wreath out of precious bows, ribbon, and pink buttons.

String up sweet Minnie Mouse baby onesies on clothespins along a clothesline that serves as its own cute garland. Of course, you cant forget a big Minnie Mouse backdrop to go behind the main event table welcoming the guests.

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Minnie Mouse First Birthday Feature Summary

Victoria did a great job with this party, had fun, and most importantly was able to play with and spoil her little princess on her big day. I can’t think of any part detail more important than that. Thanks so much for sharing your special day with us Caroline! And I hope that all you readers come away with some fun new Minnie Mouse first birthday party ideas!

Minnie Mouse Party Food

You gotta start with the healthy stuff and everyone knows that food in a fun shape will get eaten a lot faster! Use a cookie cutter to transform anything like watermelon and pineapple Minnie’s on the fruit and veggie table.

While the the carnivores enjoyed cheeseburger Minnie’s.

And some peanut butter and jelly sandwich Minnie’s for the kids and kids at heart! Cause sometimes there’s nothing better than a good ol’ fashioned PBJ!

Pretzel sticks dipped in light pink chocolate and gold sprinkles rounded out the fabulous menu!

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Minnie Mouse Birthday Theme

Minnie Mouse is a character beloved by many, celebrate your little Princess with a Minnie party!

A Minnie Mouse party theme was a no brainer for this little one. She loves Minnie Mouse gets really excited anytime she sees her and carries her three stuffed Minnie Mouse dolls EVERYWHERE! She’s feeling pretty special on her big day with her I am one highchair banner from Creations by Chrissy Co.

Minnie Mouse First Birthday Details


Victoria made me laugh when she sent over her party vision board and said

Some of our planning stuff is very extravagant, but, she’s our first and birthday’s are a HUGE thing with both of our families. Don’t judge lol.

She asked ME not to judge a crazy extravagant party. HmmmI might need to send her to a few more of my posts!

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Minnie Mouse Favor Gift Bags

If youve already picked out the perfect party favors, these gift bags will help you easily handout out your party favors in style. The bags are sold in sets of ten and work great for storing treats such as popcorn or candy. Each set also includes clear bags with twist ties. You can choose from a variety of colors to fit your party decor.

Minnie Mouse Gift Table

I love the large banner they used above the gift table to welcome guests inside their home and direct them to the gift table. In Victoria’s words:

The welcome to Princess Carolines first birthday massive poster is still hanging up. I cant take it down. I love it. Its ridiculous, I know.

I don’t blame her! It’s super cute and was probably pricey. Banners, backdrops, and large signs can hit the budget hard. I’m always on the lookout for great affordable solutions. I just used VistaPrint and waited for a great sale to order my latest backdrop. They regularly have 50% off sales, but it’s never when you need them, so start thinking ahead to your next event now so you can snag them when they do come around!

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Minnie Mouse Birthday Decoration Pink And Gold

Pink And Gold Minnie Mouse Birthday Decorations

Pink &  Gold Minnie Party Ideas  Birthday Party Ideas

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Did You Know Halfpint Party Design Can Do A Custom Party Invitation Just For You Any Theme You Want

This invitation set the stage for the color scheme she wanted and and I’m happy to announce she loved how it turned out. Victoria was lucky enough to win a free invitation design from the Halfpint Party Design Etsy shop as well as a banner from Cut-It Crafts in an Instagram giveaway to celebrate our half-birthday and opening of our Etsy shop.

Sign In Book & Time Capsule

Having a story book double as the guest book has been the best upgrade to guest books in the last decade! It’ll be so fun for them to read it together as Caroline grows and see all the names of the people that love her.

But my favorite idea just might have to be the time capsule that Caroline gets to open on her 18th birthday! What a cool gift for a teen about to head off to college and the real world. Reading the hopes, dreams, and wishes her loved ones have for her future is a huge a blessing and can help put life back into perspective for the typically self-absorbed teenager. Which of course Caroline won’t be! But I WAS, and I think something like this would have been super fun for me at that age.

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Minnie Mouse Decorations Pink And Gold

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Food

DIY Super Simple Minnie Mouse Balloon arch tutorial How to make a minnie mouse decorations

Try to keep your food table to about three main colors, so that guests dont get lost while looking at all the delicious treats. White, black, and pink are great, standard Minnie Mouse colors to go for. Elaborately detailed sugar cookies in images of Minnie head or with baby onesies are fun to look at and a sweet treat to eat.

Cupcakes with bright pink frosting and dancing Minnie toppers, gummy lollipops in the shape of Minnies hairbow, and rice crispy treat bars dipped in pink chocolate with white sprinkles are all fabulous treat table additions.

A multi-tiered cake with the bottom tier being a frilly design almost like a pretty dress, just like the one created by xtravagant_eventz. Add a fondant design of baby Minnie on top. For an extra touch, some polka dots, and baby hearts is a beautiful way to say congratulations to the mommy-to-be and to wow your guests.

Baby bottles filled with candies and tied with bright pink ribbon and a sticker of Minnie Mouse on the front are also extra creative for guests to grab up. Pink lemonade is a perfect choice for your main beverage, and you can serve this in Minnie Mouse paper cups which the guests can take home with them as favors.

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Minnie Mouse Cupcake Toppers

Serve your guests stylish cupcakes with these Minnie Mouse cupcake toppers. Each topper is made with high quality, acid free card stock, and has a touch of gold glitter. These cupcakes toppers are sold in sets of 24, however, if youre having a larger party, the seller will accommodate to meet your needs. If youre not a fan of cupcakes, you could also use these toppers to easily decorate bars or cookies.

Don’t Miss The 14 Most Stunning Pink Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

There’s not a little girl out there who doesn’t at some point in her life love the color pink and love Minnie Mouse. So one party theme that is super popular on our site are pink Minnie Mouse parties! Here are 14 stunning pink Minnie Mouse party ideas from parties added to Catch My Party.

If you’re planning a fun-packed Minnie birthday party for your little girl who loves pink, don’t miss this!

You’ll find ideas for cupcakes, dessert tables, cookies, decorations, party favors, and so much more…

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1: Minnie Mouse Dessert Table

The backdrop is just so elegant and all desserts are so beautifully placed and who can resist that baby pink tulle table skirt?

It’s such a showstopper and is certain to impress at your little girls at your party.

3: Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

These pretty Minnie Mouse cupcakes, with delicious white frosting, mini Oreo ears and pretty pink fondant bow, tick off everything you need for the perfect cupcake.

There’s no way you can go wrong!

The gold bows decorating each one are gorgeous!

You can just tell that so much love had gone into making them. They are simply stunning!

7: Minnie Mouse Table Settings

The black Minnie ear placemats are a wonderful addition to a table with a gorgeous pink ruffle skirt table cloth.

8: Minnie Mouse Decorations

Get a hold of a Minnie Mouse foil balloon and add it to some pink, gold and white ones to create your own Minnie.

The kids will love her!

They add some fun to your dessert table and your guests are sure to love them!

10: Minnie Mouse Centerpiece

Add a pink bow to finish off the look and place it in a vase full of pink roses.

This Minnie Mouse pinata is a great example of one that kids are going to love.

They’ll love taking a bite out of their own creation!

Be sure to have lots of sprinkles for decoration.

13: Minnie Mouse Photo Booth Props

Bet you can’t wait to get a go at them yourself!

14: Minnie Mouse Party Favors

Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party Favors

Pink and Gold Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party

I love using the favors as decor when I can and these Minnie sugar cookies favors sure looked great as the centerpiece of the dessert table.

A sweet little thank you tag and cookie to show appreciation for all the love and support friends and family have given over the last few years. This little lady is loved by so many and Victoria and Dave are so grateful to all of you!

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Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

With any event planning there’s bound to be a hiccough or two. For was the cake.

I met with a local bakery recommended by a family member. I gave them the picture of the cake I wanted , discussed colors, writing and which details to leave off the pictured cake that we didnt want. They could do everything we asked for, no problem they said. The day of the party, we had friends pick up the cake on the way to our house, since we were cooking all day. The cake arrived and I literally cried. It was horrible not at all what we discussed, wrong color scheme etc. I know its ridiculous to cry over a cake but I was stressed and it happened.

I think there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here! Pick up your own cake if possible so you can make changes or get a discount if you aren’t happy with the result. PRINT out the photo and leave it with them with your explicit instructions of what you want and more importantly what you DON’T want.

At least Victoria found a beautiful Minnie Mouse First Birthday cake topper from Purdy Mays and a few extra custom order cupcake picks from Halfpint Party Design to spice it up! **And if you are the baker of that inspiration cake please let me know so we can properly credit you!!**

Minnie Mouse Name Banner

This Minnie Mouse banner makes an easy decoration for any room at the party. The banner is simple to hang and can be saved for many years after the party. While the banner in the photo is shown in bright pink, you can customize the banner with colors of your choice. Since the banner is hand-stamped using acrylic paint, it will be a one of a kind decoration that will be cherished for years after the party.

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