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Outside Christmas Light Decoration Ideas

Ways To Decorate The Outside Of Your House With Christmas Lights

DIY Christmas Light HACK (looks pro) :: christmas lights decoration ideas outdoor 2020
  • 03 Dec 2021

Although we don’t experience a white Christmas in sunny Australia, there’s no reason to miss out on the fun of with Christmas lights.

WATCH: Taras rustic outdoor Christmas decorations

There’s something beautiful about driving past homes decorated with Christmas lights leading up to Christmas. Whether you plan to go all out with lit-up reindeers on your lawn or timed fairy lights, we’ve rounded up all the inspiration you need to prepare an impressive front-of-house Christmas display this year. Take a look at these shining examples.

Wrap Hedges In Net Lights

Wrapping hedges with twinkle lights may seem like a daunting task, especially when figuring out where to stop and start each strand. Eliminate all of the second-guessing by investing in net lights. Although net lights may cost more than standard strands, the amount of time saved on installation is often worth the investment.

Line Your Roof With Classic Lights


Theres something extremely elegant about a home lined by large, traditional Christmas lights. This is an especially good idea if your roof is pitched, as it creates an interesting shape against the nights backdrop.

Break out some large outdoor Christmas lights like these and get to line the underside of your roof with them. Make sure youre safe! Get a sturdy ladder and enough strong cable ties for the job.

The result looks like something out of a romantic holiday movie, ready for Annie and Mr. Warbucks to move in.

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Clean Modern And Natural


Sometimes its nice to do something a little different during the festive season, and this clean, modern outdoor setup definitely fits the bill.

Combine bright white string lights with loose, natural pine garlands for the Christmas porch of a designers dreams. Combining the clean lightly with an outdoorsy touch is a beautiful contrast.

You can even add a Christmas light projector like this to your display. This adds some life to the look without overwhelming the viewer, something many Christmas displays definitely do!

Love decorating porches? Check out these cute Easter porch décor ideas.

Cascade Lights And Falling Icicles

Outside Christmas Lights Ideas  HomesFeed

Image source: The Perfect Light

How about incorporating a dripping effect with your lights and create the feeling of falling icicles? It will catch peoples eyes, and its fairly easy to do it. Put the lights on your roof, and use the standard C7 or C9 lights. These cascading light tubes can add a lot of value to your design.

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Light Up A Snowy Scene

We love these charming designs from Lights4fun

Delight onlookers by creating a heart-warming festive scene in the corner of your patio, or under a gazebo or favorite tree. Fall in love with one or a group of illuminated characters for us it was a close call between this duck family or an adorable bobble-hat-wearing daschund and nestle them in place.

A potted Christmas tree decorated with lights, a pile of logs, a basket of holly, and a wooden sledge will all help build the scene. Add a final dusting of artificial snow then plug in and set the characters’ built-in timer and you can sit back and enjoy.

Create A Sparkling Welcome

Looking for front porch ideas with a festive feel? The porch is the link between the exterior and interior of your home, and as such it can be given a more decorative treatment. It’s certainly the place to add a playful touch to your outdoor Christmas light ideas.

‘You can decorate your porch with “Merry Christmas” banners and light up your porch with different colored lights,’ says Joel Phillips, home remodeler and Founder of Texas-based Home Guide Corner.

‘Some Christmas lights come with Bluetooth speakers, so you can play carols whenever you want.’

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Bring The Fireworks To Your Front Yard


Letting off fireworks every time you want a beautiful light show is one heck of a hassle, but thanks to modern Christmas enthusiasts, theres another way!

Outdoor starburst lights like these give you the look of a perpetual firework without any of the noise. These are a gorgeous option to hang throughout a huge light display or to use on their own for something more ethereal.

Christmas Lighting Ideas That Will Give Your Home That Magical Glow

Outdoor Christmas lights decoration tour | Best Christmas Light Decorations

Switch on the ambience with these merry and bright Christmas lighting ideas. Sure to light up your home for the holidays.

ByHolly Phillipspublished 19 November 21

Set the scene for a magical holiday season by putting an array of atmospheric Christmas lighting ideas into play. Perhaps the unsung hero of seasonal decor, nothing transforms the ambience of a space more than some considered, indoor Christmas lighting.

Think about that hug of warmth from a roaring fire, the wonderland effects of a fairy light lit-up tree, and the overall happiness that comes from cozying up amongst or getting merry with family and friends, surrounded by a starry scene that twinkles brightly… Get this illuminating and functional feature right in your home to enjoy all the festive vibes.

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Control Lights From Your Phone

Having trouble managing multiple light cords? This smart yard stake from Enbrighten offers a convenient way to arrange and power multiple strands of lights. More impressive is its ability to control and schedule light displays by pairing with your smartphone and smart speaker via Wi-Fi.

BUY IT: Lowe’s, $34.98

Enchanting Christmas Lighting Ideas For Added Twinkle

Christmas is a time of togetherness, rejoicing and relaxing, after all. Its a time to down tools, switch-off the screens, and tune into our intrinsic senses Sounds appealing doesnt it? From mellow, mulled wine moments, to creating the most flattering of lights for kisses beneath the mistletoe, versatile festive lighting can set the mood for every occasion and is easy to incorporate into your main Christmas decoration ideas also, so that you can fill your home with sparkling cheer and warmth.

Theres nothing like coming home after a long day of work and seeing your house bathed in a beautiful light display, says holiday lighting expert, Kelly Fitzsimmons, Light Up Your Holidays. If it makes you smile, thats the goal.

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Pine Cone Christmas Wreath

This could be a fun DIY project for a chilly winter day if you cant find one already madeor if you simply love creating all sorts of Christmas crafts. Gather pine cones, evergreen sprigs, and cranberries and fasten them to a wreath base. Wrap it all in ribbon and you have yourself a simple, rustic wreath.

Turn These Simple Lighting Accessories Into A Holiday Masterpiece

30 Outdoor Christmas Lights Decoration Ideas

No matter what look you want to achieve with your Christmas decor, lighting accessories offer an inexpensive and effortless touch to any holiday scene. They can also be an ecofriendly alternative to other decoration options, if you choose solar powered products. Most lights come with a variety of settings to help them fit your theme. Even better, most are self-controlled or powered on with the push of a button. Whether you prefer classic white or festive colors, there is a strand of lights that you will love. From light-up trees to tiny icicle lights, makes sure you dont just deck the halls, but light them up too!

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Brighten A Gathering Place

Give your outdoor dining zone a festive makeover with some stylish festoon light ideas and pretty lanterns.

Weave clear white festoon lights through overhanging climbers, branches or even a pergola so they cast pools of light on the table below. A group of clear glass lanterns, hurricane lamps or even simple or fluted jam jars look stunning clustered together and filled with flickering tea lights.

Add one of the best fire pits and you can enjoy the space while keeping cozy too it’ll make the perfect backdrop for an alfresco Christmas party.

Chuzzle Ball Christmas Lights

Make your house one of the most unique on the block with these LUCKLED Chuckle ball solar lights. Believe us, they look as unique as their name. These multicolor fairy lights give off a party vibe with their textured ball design. Also, there is no fuss involved. The lights will automatically turn on at night after fully charging each day in the sunlight. Each strand holds 50 Chuzzle-shaped balls in the dazzling colors of red, yellow, blue and purple. A few clever customers have also used these lights indoors by placing the solar panel by a window.

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Candy Canes For A Sweet Christmas


Light up candy canes are very high on the list of ways to add some whimsicality to your front yard this Christmas!

Whether you want a full-on Candyland or a more traditional aesthetic, these candy cane pathway markers have you covered. Compliment them with lower-level path lights, or let them shine alone.

Program Excerpts: Christmas Light Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Lighting Decorations Ideas for Home, Office Back Yard

LED Color:“LED’s are what they call “saturated”, which means they are true red .With incandescents you are changing the color by the coating on the outside of the bulb whereas the LED is only putting out blue light or only red light .”String Lights Together“It’s the wire size that determines how many strings and it’s the wattage used. If you are using 33 watts which is a typical 100 set and its is a typical 22 gauge wire, you can run three.If it is a 20 gauge or 18 gauge wire you can run six – if you go LED you can run as many as 25 but still, conservatively, don’t run a lot together, you can break them up.”Lighting Strategy:“If you are doing a porch, you might want to extend out from the porch and light some things and do some things on some trees to give it depth. “Porch Lighting:“The greenery gives you some extra rather than just having a string of lights out there getting a whole atmosphere. We like to use a lot of wreaths, a lot of garland, and a lot of Santa Clauses, star bursts.”

Inviting Christmas lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
Just had to share this magical scene by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

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Diy Christmas Porch Light Decoration

Diy outdoor christmas light show. Set up the circuit as shown in the diagram and connect an external relay power source. See more ideas about christmas lights, christmas light displays, diy christmas lights. By using basic materials found at any local hardware store, or some you might even have laying around the yard, plus string lights and festive fabric, well show you how to make your own lighted christmas presents!

If you’re a christmas lights novice, light just two or three items, such as trees or bushes, to serve as focal points. Make giant christmas light balls. tis the season for light!

Grab it and dress up your own tree, you will be surprised at how cheap it may be. There can be a lot of variables when it comes to creating outdoor christmas light displays, but there are a few basics. Diy outdoor christmas lights ideas, 31 ideas for the best outdoor christmas decorations on the block.

The location and type of lights you decide on will determine the best method of installation for each. But each year i want to add more and more lights to the outside because i get all caught up in the christmas light displays! Another fun twist on this craft are these diy flower christmas light balls.

Home / diy / the best 40 outdoor christmas lighting ideas that will leave you breathless. Make a magical atmosphere in. Besides decorating the interior of your home for christmas, also you should pay attention to the exterior.

Pin On Christmas Light Show

Splash Holiday Cheer Outdoors With Christmas Lights

Nothing sets the holiday scene like sparkling Christmas lights. Cover your entire home in colourful, prismatic patterns in a single setup with projector lights. The Orchestra of Lights are perfect for those who want to put on a real show! The collection synchronizes your outdoor Christmas lights with jolly music so they appear to be dancing. For a classic look, layer traditional string lights along your rooftop and windows. Remember to test your string lights and replace any burned-out bulbs before you begin decorating. Want more twinkle? Hop on a ladder and carefully lay net lights flat on your rooftop for a more dramatic effect. You can also wrap net lights around porch pillars or trees for a gorgeous glow.

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Old School Industrial Look

These Brightech Ambience Pro are extremely unique and are quickly becoming a trend in lighting home decor. The industrial look of the hanging socket and bulb shape allows you to give your outdoor space a contemporary feel. This brand is also a customer favorite because of its reputation for durablilty. These commercial grade lights will last your through the holiday season and throughout the year, The adorable lights were designed to be arranged in a number of ways and installed quickly and easily. Each light socket has a loop to allow you to place it anyway you like. Get creative and create a chandlier appearance by layering these lights.

Bring Santas Sleigh To You

Outside Christmas Lights Ideas  HomesFeed


This one is a little more whimsical, so its great if you have kids in the house. Or maybe you just love the storybook elements of Christmas and want them in your front yard.

This adorable setup features some wooden elves, Santas sleigh at the top of the yard, some reindeer, and a pathway of lights leading to the sleigh. Arrange the elves to look like theyre loading the sleigh!

This idea is both beautiful and a little campy, so its perfect for a family home. Get the kids to help you with setting up for some extra family fun.

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Circle Bushes For A Modern Christmas


Speaking of your front yard, heres a creative way to bring Christmas into your homes décor while keeping it modern and fresh. If you have a lot of bushes, this is the perfect idea for you.

Trim your bushes into spheres, as this gives them a floating appearance. Then, dress them in net lights with white, green, and red colors. This is Christmas decorations in a whole new way!

Perfect for the trendy house on the block.

Beautiful Christmas Outdoor Lighting Diy Ideas

Tis the season for light! Last years post on gorgeous ways to use Christmas string lights went bananas, so its apparent how much people are embracing light as the days get shorter and the nights longer. These 15 DIY outdoor lighting ideas for Christmas will add that wonderful glow to your home so enticingly that I wont blame you if you dont take them down until spring. If you love an idea, be sure to click the link and visit the sourced website to get the full tutorial.

Love that idea but want them a little smaller? Miss Information shares this tutorial for DIY Outdoor Christmas Ornaments.

Live in a climate where its solidly freezing for awhile? These Ice Luminaries from Henhurst will last awhile, then!

Or get the tutorial for these large Glowing Gift Boxes over at Martha Stewart.

Im obsessed with these DIY Ice Lanterns from Design Mom.

Use your tomato cages year-round with these Tomato Cage Christmas Trees from 17 Apart.

Grab three wreaths and make this Lighted Snowman Decor like this version. Bonus? It can stay up through the winter!

If youre handy, check out this tutorial for DIY Lighted Snowflakes from the DIY Network.

These Mason Jar Prism Lights from DIY Ready would look beautiful lining a walkway, and you can make them from Dollar Store items.

For me, simplicity is key when it comes to Christmas decorations. Put some lights in a galvanized bucket like Laughing Abi with greenery, so pretty!

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Spiral Tree Pathway Markers

If you are looking for an elegant and festive way to make your pathway or decorate your sidewalk, then these light up spiral trees are the perfect choice. Each set contains three spiral trees. Each tree is adorned with a star and measure at 18 inches tall. These trees are sure to light up your yard and are made up of about 60 LED lights. They are extremely durable and designed to hold up in the elements. We think it would be adorable to turn your yard into an illuminated mini tree forest. Past customers have raved about these trees and we can see why!

+ Beautiful Outdoor Christmas Present Decorations Ideas

Light up your Christmas with these outdoor decorating ideas! | Hometalk

This list will give you 50 phenomenal outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that will help you expand your. 260 Outdoor Christmas Decorations ideas in 2021 outdoor christmas outdoor christmas decorations christmas decorations.

Glowing Gift Boxes Christmas Decorations Diy Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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Guide The Way Through A Gate

This birch garland with lights is from Sarah Raven

Pre-lit branches and garlands are a beautiful, quick and easy way to highlight arches or add an extra flourish to your garden gate ideas.

Made from clusters of tiny LEDs woven into a wire form, they can be gently bent into shape to suit your setting. You will need to fix them in place, but the result is stunning, especially when woven into existing greenery and climbers.

Battery powered with a built-in timer, just pop them in place, step back, and admire.

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