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Outdoor Halloween Yard Decoration Ideas

$3 Diy Spooky Skull Ghosts

do it yourself halloween yard decorations

As the title suggests, this project focuses entirely on being the most affordable DIY project. If you play the right cards, this $3 budget can shrink even smaller.

The main material of this decor idea is, of course, the skull, which can be bought for $2 or less. You only need to add onto this skull some cheesecloth, and you will get a spooky accessory.

Project details:

Decorate Windows With Diy Silhouettes

Add some realistic haunted charm to your house by making frightening shadows with these window silhouettes. All you need to do is cut some scary shapes from cardboard, place them on windows, and switch on the lights. Whether its zombies, witches, ghosts, skeletons, bats, or a headless lady, this gallery from Shelterness bundles all such remarkable window DIY Silhouettes to up the spookiness factor this Halloween. And they are so easy, that you can craft them all by yourself.

These hanging spider sacs will surely creep out your everyone who visits you on Halloween. And crafting them is very easy, all you need are a pair of white tights, some plastic spiders, a baseball, and a hot glue gun to achieve this amazing visual impact. You can hang them at your entrance in a creepy manner and it will surely frighten everyone out. Take a look at this quick guide by Hello Paper Moon to learn how you can work out these creepy crawly spiders with utmost ease and effortlessness.

Halloween Graveyard And Fence

There is something about graveyards that just spook you up, no matter how brave you are. That is why they are among the best decorations for your house during Halloween.

You will not need any crazy tools for this project, as a simple hacksaw and drill will do. Use your hacksaw to cut furring strips into parts of the fence and make the tombstones from concrete.

Project details:

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Create A Cozy Glow Around Your Front Door

We love this glowing set-up from Dobbies

Learning how to carve a pumpkin is tons of fun. But, not everybody has the time. For a low-maintenance option, look for ceramic versions, then fill with LED candles for a beautiful display.

Cluster more than one around your front door or outdoor seating zone alongside a mix of real pumpkins and squash in various colors and shapes. A couple of large, statement lanterns, like these striking gold designs, will give the scene additional style points.

And the best part? Jack-o’-lanterns like these can be used again and again, so that’s next year’s Halloween porch decor sorted, too.

Add Witches And Cauldrons

Ghost Halloween Outdoor Decorations

A great theme to work with this Halloween is witches. Theyre always a hit, and you can carry this theme throughout the yard and even continue it to the inside of your house. Using items like a cauldron would be great for the yard. Setting a witchs hat or broom next to it will give it a full effect and look great at night. You could even use a fog machine to give the yard an eerie look, which trick-or-treaters will love.

If youre really going for a wow factor, you can find witch figurines or life-size decor to make it look like a scene from Hocus Pocus. Using smaller items like a witchs hat on the steps, witch shoes in the yard or a broom by the front door can save you money and still follow this fun theme!

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Massive Spider Webs With Spiders

What if there was suddenly a spider infestation and these creepy crawlers took over your house? Thats a pretty scary thought and a great source of inspiration for both indoor outdoor Halloween decorations. You could decorate the trees in your front yard with spider web and cocoons. That will sure make an impressionFind more details on instructables.

Witches Standup Spider Sign Set

These matching signs are equal parts sassy and festive. Printed on boards painted black, the stark white lettering on each declares Its October, Witches. This is of course a play on a phrase involving profanity, but the holiday twist adds wholesomeness.

Some things that set these vertical plaques apart are the additional designs and the different fonts used. Spiders and web grace the upper and lower borders of the larger plaque, while a witch riding her broom among bats and stars is printed atop the other.

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Tower Of Terrifying Pumpkins

This is the perfect idea for those who arent satisfied with carving a single pumpkin completely frame the door with a wide variety of jack o lanterns. Theres a trick to this design idea, though. Using real pumpkins would undoubtedly be too heavy and precarious to safely create the arch. Instead, this homeowner used hallow foam pumpkins from the craft store to carve, then attached them to a frame. Since the foam pumpkins are much lighter, you can really pack them in. Youll also be able to save the decoration for next year.

Carved Pumpkins From Another World

15 Awesome Yard Art & Garden Decoration Ideas | garden ideas

Of course, the classically carved pumpkins are a must, but nobody said that you could not add something new. We suggest you consider unusual carvings on the pumpkins. In this way, you will be a little bit of an artist. You can generate images from different perspectives that will appear both unique and scary.

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Cozy Up Your Seating Space With Autumnal Accessories

Keep it chic with complementary shades and autumnal flowers and foliage, like in this scene styled by Selina Lake

If you love our outdoor living space ideas, then a look like this is a lovely option for a sophisticated Halloween gathering.

‘When I’m styling gardens and outdoor spaces for Halloween and autumn gatherings I always like to combine the colors of the season with an abundance of flowers and foliage,’ says interior and garden stylist Selina Lake . ‘Squashes and pumpkins dotted in between plant pots planted with vibrant pink heathers and vases filled with dried bracken will easily set the scene.

‘It’s a good idea to add some lighting ideas solar-powered strings of festoons add to the party feel,’ she says. ‘And, candles in lanterns will bring a little magic to the space.’

Selina continues: ‘I like to give my outdoor lounge area a cozy, inviting feel so I add an array of cushions and throws to our rattan sofa set and teak wood armchair. Equally, dining chairs and benches will feel more cozy when you add seat mattresses and extra cushions.’

And when it comes to color? ‘To keep the styling coherent, keep accessories in colors which blend with the seasonal tones: rusts, mustard yellows, terracottas and deep pinks,’ Selina says.

Give Your Container Garden A Seasonal Edge

A simple yet effective approach

Don’t forget to bring container gardening ideas into the equation when it comes to your decorating plans.

A simple way to give your planters the Halloween makeover is to surround them with pumpkins great and small in various colors. We’re particular fans of the ‘Crown Prince’ variety with its unusual shade of blue that will lift any display.

If you haven’t done so already, now is also a good time for a seasonal shake-up when it comes to your planting, as your summer blooms have likely faded. Asters, amber-hued violas, deep-toned heucheras and ornamental cabbages are all good picks.

You can make a quick and easy display with existing planted pots, suggests interior and garden stylist Selina Lake . ‘Push the stems and stalks of fresh flowers, foliage, berries and even twigs and branches into the soil to give it a full, colorful look for a party.’

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Jack Olantern Candle Holder Decorative Jars

Whether or not your home has steps, these jars are a fun addition to Halloween decor with candles for the full Jack OLantern effect or without as simple figures.

First, start with any sort of glass jar, such as those used for canning and preserving. Glass is preferable to plastic or other materials in case real candles are added, as the heat from the flame could melt some materials.

Once you have the jars, use durable paint or even colored tape to create the designs. Jack OLanterns, ghosts, or even skulls are fun and spooky ideas. Depending on how many pieces are made, you could create an entire collection of spirited friends. This project allows for plenty of creativity, using orange paint, white paint, or any colors you choose!

Ghoulish Glowing Glass Luminaries

30 Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas

Light up any scary or spooky corner of your yard or home with an assortment of these glowing luminaries that you can construct for only a few dollars or from materials you may already have on hand. Create an assortment of these glowing ghouls from a few canning jars, some paint, and a candle. Arrange them along a dark path, a set of stairs, or light up a room in your home. These clever lanterns will deliver an ambient glow no matter where you decide to put these fun and easy diy halloween crafts.

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Embrace Fall With Your Tablescape

This rose-patterned tablecloth from Celina Digby makes a lovely addition to this alternative Halloween scene

If scary isn’t your style, but you still want to celebrate the Halloween holiday, how about curating a beautiful set-up like this?

An array of small pumpkins and vases of dried flowers and seedpods bring plenty of harvest-time charm. Meanwhile, a floral patterned tablecloth will add an extra layer of visual interest. String festoons overhead and position a fire pit nearby to keep everyone cozy and you’ll be all set for a fabulous Halloween tea party.

You can learn how to dry flowers for your own stunning bouquet in our guide.

Deck Out The Whole House

Now that we showed you quite a few of our favorite scary Halloween ideas, its time for you to pick your own favorites and combine them to create a display that spans your entire lawn and the front of your home. This way your house will definitely be the one to stand out on your block this Halloween! If you need more inspiration to fill your entire lawn, you can find some more ideas on chengallery, or you can keep on reading.

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Add Spiders And Spiderwebs

A great way to get into the holiday spirit is by sticking to a certain theme. Using spiders and spiderwebs throughout your yard as the main components is a great way to make it feel authentic. Spiders are great because theyre scary but not off-putting, and you can add them in many places.

Using a large spider that you can get from holiday stores is a great addition to the yard, whereas smaller spiders are great for the front porch steps, going up the wall of the house by the front door, or on the sidewalk. You can add spiderwebs to other decorations like graveyards, pumpkins, and your front porch rocking chairs.

Halloween Door Mat And Front Porch

35 Best Spilled Stone Decor Ideas to Brighten Your Yard with Style | garden ideas

Even though this project combines into one, its more appropriate to say they are 2 separate projects.

The first one is the doormat. Choose a punny phrase, mark it onto your doormat. Then, paint according to the marks you have made.

A mat alone cannot supply enough Halloween feel, though. So, you can decorate your front door by putting some faux pumpkins there and attach some bat and spider web decorations.

Project details:

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Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas: 15 Spooky Yet Stylish Ways To Dress Up Your Plot

These outdoor Halloween decor ideas will inspire your backyard makeover in time for the holiday season including lighting, accessories, and stunning pumpkin displays

Looking for outdoor Halloween decor ideas? We’ve got plenty of ways to put the spook into your space this fall.

While we all love a good old-fashioned jack-o’-lantern, there are lots of other eye-catching pumpkin displays that are well worth a try. But of course, that’s not the only way to channel the holiday season in your backyard. From twinkling lights and gothic accessories that are more chic than scream-worthy, why not get a little more creative with your decor this year?

Whether you’re throwing an alfresco Halloween bash or want to greet trick-or-treaters with the best-dressed plot on the block, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks that are bound to impress. Plus, they’re super fun to create.

Witches And A Cauldron

Created from a plastic cauldron, some fabric, empty bottles, and a few other elements, this eerie witches creation will send a chill up your visitors spines. The witchs face is made of a green painted bottle. Some tattered cheesecloth are added to make the cauldron appear boiling over. so clever. Tutorial:

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Walking Dead Halloween Decorations: Hershels Barn Pallet Project

What to say about this as the Walking dead series opens amazing concepts during Halloween for inspiration. This walking Dead inspired DIY project can take your Halloween decorations to the next level. You can also make your own version of this Hershels Barn Pallet, perfect to place wherever you want to add that spooky element around your house.

These cool Halloween decorations will take the scary element at your house to a whole new level. Created from foam-heads, cheesecloth, and some Mod Podge, this eerie creation will send a chill up your visitors spines. I recommend to paint it with glow in the dark paint to give it an amazing look in the dark. This would work awesome anywhere around your house or even in the house. Simply designing has a step-by-step tutorial to do this.

Spooky Southern Halloween Porch

Classy Outdoor Halloween Decorations

You only need one trip to the dollar store to gather all the necessary components for this project. Get a skeleton urn, a Halloween sign, some paper rats/crows, and a mini witch statue.

Put some fall flowers into the urn, the sign into a flower vase, and scatter the paper creatures over them. Place them all on your porch, and you are ready for a fun Halloween.

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Create Autumnal Arrangements On Occasional Tables

A spooky set-up from nobunto

A small occasional or coffee table provides an ideal base for a spectacular scene. And, you can get as creative as you like with the arrangement.

Whether carved or not, pumpkins make great focal points. Surround with colorful autumnal leaves for an eye-catching display. We love these cute pumpkin-themed candles too although remember to pop them on a plate to protect your furniture from melted wax .

If you’re after more garden decor ideas for your next outdoor party, whatever time of year, our guide will come in useful.

Go For Gold With Shiny Metallic Paint

Prettify your pumpkins with a lick of paint

Shiny metallic pumpkins are all over Instagram at the moment. And, when they look as good as this set-up, it’s no wonder it’s a trend that keeps on growing.

All you need is metallic spray paint or craft paint and a brush. Although, for extra sparkle, glitter never goes amiss. Apply a thick coat for complete coverage, leave to dry, and you’re done!

Keep them all the same, or mix and match with different colors and patterns, as seen here. Then, position them up steps or along your garden path for a gorgeous fall look.

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Ghost Made From Gourds

If you want to go soft on your trick-or-treaters and neighbors by not spooking them to the extreme. Then making some ghosts from gourds would be the perfect Halloween décor. They are fun to make and also kids friendly.

For the supplies, you need a couple of dried gourds, black craft paint, cheesecloth and small craft paintbrush.

Project details:

How To Decorate Outside For Halloween

Backyard Decoration Ideas || Outdoor DIY Projects That Look Amazing

With interior décor taken care of, it’s time to take the fun outside! October weather holds a magic of its own. Its howling winds and skittering leaves swirl around outdoor Halloween decorations. Fall thunderstorms illuminate Halloween yard decorations planted in garden plots. And a do-it-yourself Halloween decoration looks expertly done at every eerie hour of the day. But with so many decorating options to choose from and a variety of ways to set them up, a list of favorite outdoor Halloween decoration ideas can make discovering the right choice for your home much easier!

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Stacked White Jack Olantern Display

These Jack OLanterns fall into the not an actual pumpkin category. Made of round wooden blocks, the faces are etched into the solid surface rather than being carved into a hollowed-out pumpkin rind. They are painted completely white, which serves a simple minimalist look.

Even though the simple white paint job is attractive, these pumpkins could be further decorated with other colors of paint or even designs and appliques. What decorations are applied depends largely on whether the display is meant to be indoors or outdoors.

Witch Halloween Lawn Decoration

Instead of using high-quality skeletons or paper creatures, this project relies on weak lights to cast silhouettes.

That is why you only need one plywood sheet. Use your jigsaw to cut the witchs shape, sand it, and secure it onto the ground.

The silhouette can be rather spooky, especially during the night. Thus, be careful if you have small children.

Project details:

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