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Outdoor Decor Vinyl Siding Hooks

How To Hang Outdoor Decorations On Vinyl

VZ Hang Keyhole Hooks for Vinyl Siding

From boring, bare front porch to Welcome Home, folks! Forget the holes, the drill, or the tape. All you need is DécoVinyl to hang your outdoor décor.

Ever feel like its impossible to win with vinyl siding? Its either you cant find the right tool to secure your outdoor décor with or its wrestling with the idea of drilling holes in the siding. Yikes! Neither are ideal. Well, were here to tell you that it IS possible to easily secure your décor on vinyl and without any holes in the making! DécoVinyl hangers are the answer.

Watch this short video and youll see what we mean.

Two Head Styles To Hang All Your Dcor

DécoVinyl hangers come in two patented head styles – button and hook. The button head works well for décor with a keyhole, such as mailboxes and clocks. The hook style head works best for items that have picture wire or D-rings, such as wreaths – and is perfect for hanging string lights. Both head styles securely hold up to 15 lbs on vinyl siding.

-The UTR Team

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Where To Buy Vinyl Siding Hooks

From my research on Amazon, it seems that most vinyl siding hooks claim to hold up to five pounds.

So, if you plan to use them to support window boxes or flower pots, be sure to use a few metal hooks to disperse the weight.

Oh, and make sure your vinyl siding is in good shape and securely attached before you try to hang anything substantial on it.

Now that you know how things on vinyl siding and where to buy the right kind of hooks, its time to start decorating! Be sure to check out my ideas for decorating a small porch as well as my decorating ebook below!

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13.4 x 11.9 x 1.1 cm 84 Grams
Item model number
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Quality You Can Trust

Christmas Mountain VSH05 Vinyl Siding Hook For Outdoor ...

Unlike fragile plastic hangers, weâve designed our no-hole needed vinyl siding hooks using 304 Stainless Steel which is rustproof, sturdy and heavy-duty for years of use. Holds up to 18 lb per hook. Rust-free and will never leave stains on your vinyl siding wherein offering you numerous hanging possibilities at your fingertips for years.

A Must Have in Festivals and Parties!!!Enhance the Look of Your Home and Business Walls Without Any Tools or Drilling Holes!!!

â â â â â â â â â â â â

Premium Quality Stainless Steel 304 Premium Quality Stainless Steel 304 Premium Quality Stainless Steel 304 Metal
Max Load
For Hanging Blink Outdoor Camera For Siding Removal, Installation and Repair For Hanging Outdoor Decor For Hanging Brick Wall Decor

4.6 out of 5 stars

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How To Hang Decorations On Vinyl Siding

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To make your home more beautiful or to celebrate different holidays or seasons, you may want to hang decorations on the side of your house. This can be tricky with a vinyl-sided house because you shouldn’t drill or nail through the siding. Holes can cause water to seep behind the vinyl, creating problems for your home. Fortunately, there are several methods that you can use to hang decorations on the side of your house that do not create any holes in your siding.

  • Hang a vinyl siding hook on your house. This is the most efficient method. Slip the top of the hook underneath a piece of siding and wiggle it until it “snaps” into place. This hooks it onto the bottom of the siding. Then hang your decorations on the bottom of the hook.

  • Attach a cup hook to the side of your house. Clean the area where you want to attach the hook thoroughly with soap and water, then dry it. Dirt interferes with adhesion. Wipe down the area with some rubbing alcohol and dry it. Wet the suction cup, then press it firmly to the siding. For best results, leave the hook for a day before adding decorations.

  • Things You Will Need

    • Pliers


    With each of these methods, you are somewhat limited in the amount of weight you can safely attach to the siding. Vinyl siding hooks, for example, hold about 12 pounds.


    Welcome Home Sign: Dcovinyl Button

    Wooden signs like this one are so popular theyre everywhere. Its no wonder because just look how gorgeous they are! But the downside is that theyre a pain to hang because most of the time, they dont come with any hardware on the back, so youre left wondering how to hang them.

    Not to worry, though. DécoVinyl button hooks work perfectly with this sign and we used two hooks. Why? Our sign is long. If we used only one hook in the middle, the sign would easily go crooked. Every time the door opens and closes or if the wind picks up, the sign could go lopsided. Thats why we placed two hooks on either end of the sign. They dont need to be touching the exact corners – just a few inches apart and itll still work to keep the sign in place.

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    How To Hang Outdoor String Lights On Vinyl Siding Without Damage Or Tools

    Learn how to use this easy, no damage solution to hang outdoor string lights in minutes. We designed DécoVinyl hangers to overcome the challenges of drilling and making holes in your vinyl siding. Use them to hang all kinds of seasonal décor such as string lights, wreaths, clocks, signs, mailboxes and more.

    Make Your Own Hook For Vinyl Soffit Trim

    VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hooks Made in USA

    Your vinyl soffit trim makes for another simple method to hang decorations on vinyl surfaces. The vinyl soffit trim is the trim that connects your vinyl siding and the soffit. If you have access to a short piece of wire and some wire cutters, this method will only take a few moments, but youll have to be sure youre using a wire that wont rust, otherwise, you could damage your vinyl siding.

    Use your wire cutters to make the piece of wire into a hook shape , and if needed, cut the wire down to an appropriate length. Hang the wire from the vinyl soffit trim.

    You have the option now of hanging decorations directly from your newly formed wire hook or you can wrap fishing line around the hook and hang your decorations on that. The fishing wire is a nice trick because it is not only invisible to the eye, but it grants you the ability to position your decorations, too.

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    S To Hang Welcome Home Sign:

    1. Scoop one DécoVinyl under the siding.

    2. See how far apart you want to space your second hook.

    3. Scoop the second hook under the siding and hang the sign.

    Note: Remember that you can always slide the hooks left or right as needed on the siding too.

    Wasnt that easy?

    We werent sure if the sign was going to be centered with the mailbox, so we played around sliding it back and forth to see what looked best. Its super simple to adjust in case you dont love how the way things look the first time.

    It took us almost no time at all to hang these three beautiful pieces on our vinyl wall. And best of all, NO HOLES were made in the process. We love how easy DécoVinyl is to use and its so much fun to be able to decorate your outdoor space as often as you want.

    -The UTR Team

    Create the home you love

    Types Of Dcovinyl Heads

    DécoVinyl comes in two head types: hook and button. So which head should you use? It all depends on what youre hanging and the type of hardware thats on the back of your items. Well show you how we hung our decorations using both types.

    Heres the order in which we hung things:

    1. The mailbox

    3. Welcome Home sign

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    The Wreath: Dcovinyl Hook

    We used the DécoVinyl hook head for our wreath since it was light and we wanted to make sure it didnt fall off from the wind.

    If you had a Christmas wreath with ornaments on it and the wind picked up, the last thing youd want is for your ornaments to break from a fall. Using the DécoVinyl hook head will hang your items safely, so no need to worry about flyaways or breakage.

    Our wreath didnt come with a hook on the back, but it didnt matter. A quick solution is to use a zip tie to make your own hook.

    Once youve made a hook with a zip tie to connect the wreath to the wall, follow these steps:

    How To Hang Things On Vinyl Siding Without Damaging Your Home

    Buy Outdoor Decor Vinyl Siding Hook 3.2 In. W. X 4.2 In. L ...

    May 23, 2018 by Laura Kiernan

    If you want to quickly curb appeal to your homes exterior or decor to your porch walls, then youre probably wondering how to hang things on vinyl siding. Its actually easier than you think to hang decor on vinyl siding without using nails or damaging your home!

    Like many American homes, our garrison colonial has vinyl siding.

    The previous homeowners only installed vinyl siding on the back addition, and not on the main part of the house. So we have this odd combination of wood siding in front and vinyl siding in the back thats not super appealing.

    But do you know how expensive it is to put new, quality vinyl siding on an entire house? Its really friggin expensive. So for now, we work with what we have.

    Our screened-in porch has a wall of vinyl siding, and I wanted to make it look nicer by adding some pretty decor. But I had no idea how to hang things on vinyl siding without damaging it.

    I was super worried about committing to nail holes or breaking the wall until I found the perfect hooks for hanging decor on vinyl siding without nails or screws.

    With the right hooks, decorating your vinyl siding is aneasy DIY projectanyone can do. And its quick!

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    How To Remove Vinyl Siding Hooks References

    How To Remove Vinyl Siding Hooks. Check for other loose vinyl siding panels and repair these panels as needed. Decorate your vinyl sided home properly and safely this year with the outdoor decor j style stainless steel vinyl siding hooks.

    Each siding hook holds up. Easily decorate the outside of your home with vinyl siding hooks, finish trim hooks and our new keyhole hooks.

    Aminigram Vinyl Siding Hooks For Hanging

    If youre looking for a simple and inexpensive solution for hanging things on your vinyl siding, this pack of hooks should be of interest.

    Theyre easy to install, and you dont need to make any holes in your walls or siding they just hook right on. You also wont need any tools to fit or remove them.

    Since theyre just as easy to take off as they are to fit, you can reuse them as many times as you want. We also like the way they are so small and discreet, yet each one can hold up to an impressive 12lbs.

    That said, these hooks arent designed to be super heavy-duty, so they wont be able to hold anything too heavy. However, you can use several together to increase their load-bearing capacity.

    One minor gripe we have is that they dont come with instructions for use you have to work it out yourself. However, this isnt too difficult, so it shouldnt put anyone off buying them.

    All in all, these hooks are a great solution if you need to hang anything on your vinyl siding. Theyre made of quality material, theyre easy to use and they hold a respectable amount of weight making them a possibility thats well worth a look.


    • No holes required attach to your siding without damaging it
    • Hang up to 12lbs per hook hold a good amount of weight
    • High-quality stainless steel will last a long time without rusting
    • Small and discreet not easy to see
    • Easy to remove and reuse versatile hooks
















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    Simple Vinyl Siding Installation Tips Vinyl Siding

    From your finish trim to enhance the look of your home without any tools or holes. Gently wedge vz hang® into the seam of your vinyl siding or under your finish trim.

    19 bungee cord hacks to get hooked on household items. Check for other loose vinyl siding panels and repair these panels as needed.

    2pcslot s shape brass hook removable flat s hook for. Decorate your vinyl sided home properly and safely this year with the outdoor decor j style stainless steel vinyl siding.

    30 tips for painting almost anything painted ceiling. Each siding hook holds up.

    A piece of barn siding crackle painted and 4 old meat. Easily decorate the outside of your home with vinyl siding hooks, finish trim hooks and our new keyhole hooks.

    Associate editor patrick offers an easy to follow. From your finish trim to enhance the look of your home without any tools or holes.

    Command clear outdoor light clips with foam all weather. Gently wedge vz hang® into the seam of your vinyl siding or under your finish trim.

    Command large sized outdoor forever classic metal hook. Great for hanging holiday lights, welcome signs, address plaques and so much more.

    Command outdoor hooks decor hanging wreath garage. Herein, how much does it cost to remove vinyl siding?

    For an easy way to hang stuff on vinyl siding make some. Holds up to 12 lb per hook.

    Garden hose nozzle sprayer heavy duty aluminum spray. Holds up to 18 lb per hook.

    Outdoor Decor Vinyl Siding Hooks

    How to hang decor on vinyl siding with no damage using DécoVinyl

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    S To Hang The Mailbox:

    Two DécoVinyls are needed for the mailbox:

    1. Hang one DécoVinyl on the right side of the siding. Scoop the hook under the siding to insert.

    2. Hook the mailbox on the right side.

    3. Hang the second DécoVinyl on the left side of the siding. Scoop the hook under the siding to insert.

    4. Scoot the hook down to line it up with the second keyhole on the mailbox.

    5. Hook the mailbox on the left side.

    Important: Make sure the mailbox is exactly where you want it, because everything else will be placed in relation to it. Remember, the first item you hang will be the anchor for the rest of your display.

    And thats it! What an easy application, huh? And it didnt require any complicated measuring or fancy tools. Best of all, you can do it all yourself. Save your money and time, and skip hiring someone to do it for you. Its so refreshing to now know that you can update your décor to match the changing seasons without stressing over how to hang them or if any damage that will be done to the siding.

    Plenty Of Great Options To Choose From

    As you can see, if you want to hang things on vinyl siding, there are plenty of great options to choose from that will let you do it without needing to drill a hole in the wall.

    If youve decided youd like to give it a go, but you havent decided which brand to go for, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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    Hanging Decorations On Vinyl Siding

    The easiest way to hang decorations on vinyl siding is by purchasing vinyl siding clips, our first mentioned method. These clips can be found pretty much anywhere, and there are many options online so you dont even have to make a special trip to pick them up.

    Theyre inexpensive, take just seconds to wedge in between the vinyl siding panels, and is the most secure way. Keep in mind that you probably cant hang decorations that are hefty in their weight on vinyl siding, or you might cause some damage, but theres no reason why lightweight decorations cant be supported by any of these hanging methods.

    Hang String Lights In Minutes

    Outdoor Decor: 2 Pack Stainless Steel " S"  Hooks, for Vinyl ...

    Dont be surprised if it takes you longer to unpack or untangle your lights than to hang them! Getting the lights securely hung with DecoVinyl is fast and easy. First, install a number of DécoVinyl hangers along the seam at the height where the lights will hang. Then, place the light strand wire over the hooks, and adjust the position of the hangers along the seam so that the lights hang close to a hook, which provides extra support. Watch this video to see these easy steps.

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